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nrossimithro: yep, that recipe needs a riscv toolchain to build the firmware as such it needs a machine to configure the for the target04:36
mithronrossi: I got stuck at this04:38
nrossimithro: sorry stuck where? at building picosoc-hx8k? it should build fine once you set the MACHINE in local.conf04:42
mithroHelps if I paste the link :-P04:43
nrossimithro:  oh right your using poky... poky has some strong sanity defaults. Just find "DISTRO = "poky"" in local conf and comment it out for now. Should make that error a warning and let you keep going04:45
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mckoangood morning07:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: nmap version 7.60 failing to compile with yocto version 2.4 (rocko) <>08:14
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florianhi likewise09:36
likewiseflorian: hi there09:36
kanavinRP: anything for me to look into?09:38
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dimtassHi everyone. Has anyone noticed if `bitbake -c fetchall core-image-minimal` (or any other image) works on the sumo branch? It works on rocko, but on sumo it fails with an error that "Task do_fetchall does not exist for target".09:45
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RPkanavin: I don't think so right now, thanks. -next should be looking about ready to merge09:52
kanavinRP: glad that python 3.7 issue is getting some attention at last09:53
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RPkanavin: yes!10:02
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rburtondimtass: fetchall doesn't exist in sumo )10:25
rburtondimtass: bitbake --runall=fetch10:26
dimtassHi rburton, thanks for the reply. Is there any source or documentation that I can find those changes between the branches/revisions?10:37
rburtonthe release notes should have mentioned it10:39
rburtonannoyingly doesn't format properly on the new web site10:39
dimtassrburton: Many thanks. I now see also the `--runall` addition in the latest mega manual, too in 25.13.4. I wasn't aware of this option.10:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Library built but not part of rootfs <>10:45
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RPkanavin: the gettext-native depends for glib-2.0-native will hurt buildtime a bit :(11:12
nayfeHi, for the record, I wanted to split /data from current image to separate partition, i managed to do that with "part / --source rootfs --exclude-path=data/ ................. part /data --source rootfs --rootfs-dir=${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/data" and to make it work, wks file needs to be renamed as wks.in11:14
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rburtonRP kanavin: awwwww damnit11:19
rburtonkanavin: what breaks?  we --disable-nls so it shouldn't be gettexting11:19
rburtonoh we don't for glib do we11:20
RPrburton: hmm, I wonder why not? I thought we did that for all native?11:22
kanavinrburton: it does some msgfmt magic at do_configure time to determine if it works11:37
kanavinI think disable-nls has no bearing on that, but I didn't look very close tbh11:38
kanavinor actually now I'm not sure anymore :)11:39
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rburtonkanavin: when they move to meson we can't avoid it at all13:03
kanavinrburton: they will in the next release, 2.58 is the last one with autotools13:04
kanavinso we might as well switch to it before it happens (but not right now)13:05
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RPdoes anyone here happen to know coffeescript? I'm strggling with the yocto_console_view plugin :(13:42
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davenportenHey All, would someone tell me where to find the toolchain that's generated (I assume it's generated by default) from a build. If that makes sense16:34
rburtondavenporten: if you want a standalone toolchain to use outside of bitbake you need to build that explicitly16:34
rburtonif you want to poke around the generated toolchain then its in tmp/sysroot-components (or just tmp/sysroot if you're on an old release)16:35
davenportenrburton: Ok cool, I appreciate the help16:35
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davenportenrburton: would the command be   bitbake <image> -c populate_sdk16:40
davenportenrburton: that's what it seems from googling around, but I'm not sure16:40
davenportenrburton: great, thanks!16:40
rburtonif you want *just* a compiler then you can use bitbake meta-toolchain, but that is just gcc+libc+a few other bits, where as populate_sdk gives you a complete toolchain for everything that is in your image16:41
davenportenOk, good to know, thanks16:44
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jdeldoes anyone know how native perl modules are used during building?18:12
jdela perl script in a recipe is attempting to use a perl library that appears to be building18:12
jdelbut the perl include paths are only looking at my host18:13
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rburtonjdel: inherit perlnative in the recipe18:47
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jdelrburton: how about include paths for perl modules?19:23
jdeli have an XML perl include that shows up in recipe-sysroot under usr/lib/perl-native/perl5/vendor_perl/5.24.1/XML19:24
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jdelbut when some perl code tries to use it, it fails to find the module19:31
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jdelerror message is `@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.18.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.18.2 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.18 /usr/share/perl/5.18 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .)`19:35
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tgoodwinAny recommends for using device-mapper within image creation?19:36
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tgoodwinWould I need to build the dm_mod kernel module for -native?19:44
jdelrburton: I got it!  Thansk.  I was confusing inherit perlnative from DEPENDS="perl-native"19:50
denixRP, rburton: any issues with wayland/weston update?19:51
RPdenix: I've just been struggling to get the patches in -next into some stable state19:52
denixRP: ok, np. just making sure the patches are not lost and don't cause any breakage19:53
RPdenix: its a good reminder thanks, I'm getting lost off with patches19:55
denixRP: would you prefer pull requests instead?19:55
RPdenix: no, its fine thanks, that isn't the problem. The problem is just trying to fix the bugs, I can't keep up and its proving hard to isolate things to specific changes from people20:01
RPI also can't fix a bug in the new autobuilder code :/20:01
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khemRP: have you seen extended build times on centos7 ?20:16
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khemI see it spinning in runqueue preparation for long time20:16
khemI have all meta-oe layers in mix but it works faster on ubuntu 14.0420:17
RPkhem: that could be the fact that ubntu is pgo optimised python20:27
kergothi switched to using pyenv python2 and python3 on every machine i work on. i don't trust the system installed python to be recent and performant. i pass the CONFIGURE_FLAGS to enble lto and pgo20:30
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kergoththen add $PYENV_ROOT/shims to the PATH if you don't want to call out to pyenv every shell init20:32
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aehs29Does anyone know if we can upgrade a release using dnf?20:52
aehs29not that its recommended, just asking if its technically possible or why is it not20:53
RPaehs29: in theory yes. In reality we don't test it. I've always wanted to20:53
aehs29I notice we do have releasever set to sumo for example20:53
aehs29but I dont believe we have the plugin to do the system upgrade on dnf20:53
aehs29RP: alright then I'll take a closer look20:54
kergothpackage upgrades are decidedly non-trivial. someone has to care about and test it, which we really don't right now20:54
kergothkoen used to do a ton of work on that for angstrom iirc, but i think he got tired of being the only one that cared20:54
aehs29I feel like we could have a list of packages and version numbers for a certain release, and force to update to those versions if we do a whole system upgrade20:54
kergothcertainly theoretically doable, just requires resources to maintain20:54
aehs29kergoth: yeah makes sense20:54
aehs29testing compatibility of everything is certainly a concern20:55
RPaehs29: I think key would be automated testing20:55
kergoththere are a lot of compexities. if packages upgrade in the wrong order, you can get into a state where things are non-functional, breaking postinst scripts of other packages, preventing their installation.. badness. of course, rpm is pretty good about backing out of situations like that, but still20:55
kergothdatabase schemas can need upgrading, file formats change, etc20:55
kergothi'm sure we could swipe upgrade handling from other distro package scripts20:56
aehs29I'll look at the system upgrade plugin for fedora (might be the easiest to fork) and check if theres parts that we can use20:56
aehs29maybe we could support it to an extent20:57
kergothif you're upgrading the system as a whole at once that certainly would make things slightly less messy. if something horks half way through, just force everything through, in the end it should be functioning, in theory..20:57
aehs29I just stumbled upon the fact that we pass the artifacts to qemu directly, so my test environment would have to be hardware20:59
aehs29as in we dont have access to the boot artifacts from qemu20:59
RPaehs29: doesn't that depend on how you use qemu? wic images might work20:59
aehs29RP: I think runqemu still passes the kernel right?21:00
aehs29ill give it a shot21:00
RPaehs29: I'd have thought with a bios then wic images should work for x86 but I haven't touched that in a while21:02
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aehs29RP: well I seem to remember booting the genericx86 images straight from wic on qemu when I was maintaining those, so there must be a way21:04
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RPaehs29: right, I think we just never "improved" qemux86*21:06
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aehs29RP: interestingly, wic images dont work, gets stuck at booting from hard disk, but hddimgs actually get a little further22:40
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aehs29I got it to work with ovfm + systemd-boot23:34
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