Tuesday, 2018-09-11

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peniwizeWhat do I do to rebuild a specific recipe in an image?  I'm trying to build whatever package builds /usr/bin/Xorg twice so I can compare the binaries.02:45
peniwizeI tried deleting everything returned by "find . -name Xorg -print" in my build directory and I deleted everything in "./tmp/deploy/images/", but "bitbake core-image-minimal" doesn't do anything after this.  I expected the missing artifacts to be rebuilt.02:48
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bluelightningpeniwize: bitbake -c cleansstate xserver-xorg will clear it out02:52
bluelightningpeniwize: deleting files under the build directory manually is generally a bad idea02:52
peniwizebluelightning: Thank you very much.  This helps a lot.  I'm just starting with Yocto and I have a lot to learn.02:54
peniwizeI see now that I whacked only part of the build artifacts, which I assume created an inconsistency with the shared state cache and broke by build environment.  "bitbake -c cleansstate xserver-xorg" seems to have corrected it.02:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: gnu/stubs-soft.h no such file or directory when build qml for yocto <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52268853/gnu-stubs-soft-h-no-such-file-or-directory-when-build-qml-for-yocto>05:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: QBackingStore::endPaint() called with active painter on backingstore paint device <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52271240/qbackingstoreendpaint-called-with-active-painter-on-backingstore-paint-devic>08:19
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RPkanavin__: could you have a glance at the openssh openssl 1.1 patch on the list please?09:16
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TessHullHi All!  I've a question that I've not found an answer for with quick searches;  Is there a method to tell bitbake to skip all QA checks? Reason is that I am currently making small iterative changes to test things for our hardware team on a tight time schedule and the qa checks are taking a lot of time.09:40
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rburtonTessHull: you can disable the tests that are slow by removing them from WARN_QA and ERROR_QA09:41
TessHullThank-you rburton. Can I do this by overriding WARN_QA and ERROR_QA in my local.conf?09:43
rburtonuse _remove to surgically cut out the bits that are a problem09:44
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TessHullMany Thanks. that is going to make today go much faster.09:44
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RPrburton: so, 2.6. Just the allarch multilib stuff left?09:48
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rburtonand stealth openssl 1.1 fallout (ie python's ssl test suite fails)10:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake list of targets <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37742243/bitbake-list-of-targets>10:19
eduardas_mhello, what is the best way to get USB MTP responder functionality in Yocto?10:24
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kanavin__RP: NAK I am afraid10:30
kanavin__RP: I looked into taking this patch, and decided against10:30
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RPkanavin__: thanks, I figured you had looked at it10:52
RPkanavin__: lets see if any discussion ensues10:53
RPrburton: have you looked at test-result-log ?10:56
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kanavin__RP: meanwhile JaMa's concerns were a bit overblown. a large chunk of meta-oe does indeed build with openssl10. Khem is a hero.11:10
RPkanavin__: even in core we have problems like python3's ssl usage being bust11:11
RPkanavin__: but yes, khem has done an amazing job there11:12
kanavin__RP: python is notorious for quietly regressing :(11:14
kanavin__RP: something to improve in testimage perhaps11:15
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rburtonkanavin__: i have a plan to run the test suite during build with qemu-user11:23
rburtonthere's a reduced test suite which is fast, and the full test suite passes now apart from ssl so that can be ptest'd11:24
rburtonit does take about 30 minutes to run on my xeon so maybe not in every testimage :)11:24
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RPrburton: I want to add some new targets to the autobuilder, not as part of nightly for this kind of thing11:32
rburtona run that selectively added known good ptests and failed if anything didn't pass would be great11:32
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retoatworkI just realized that the U-Boot recipe builds U-Boot with the same compiler as it does build the rest of the system. E.g. the tread model is posix (Yocto) and not single (x86_64-gcc-8.1.0-nolibc-mips-linux.tar.gz).14:20
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acrapHi, folks!14:21
retoatworkI noticed that binary compiled with the Yoco compiler is *very* buggy, while the same source with the nolibc one (from a kernel.org mirror) works perfectly fine14:21
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retoatworkIs using the "generic" compiler of the Yocto env expected to be able to build U-Boot?14:21
acrapIs it possible to patch dts in kernel sources. I've noticed that dts files are placed only in work-shared, so...14:21
acrapDoes do_patch for kernel modify tmp/work or tmp/work-shared?14:23
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acrapOh, I know the answer on my last question...14:26
acrapIs there any method how to write patch for .dts?14:27
acrapAnd make yocto use the patch...14:28
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mcfriskgrh, udisks2 depends on libblockdev which depends on parted which is gplv3. sigh.14:44
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RPretoatwork: There are plenty of people using it to build uboot so it should work...14:54
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mcfriskwhat alternatives to udisks2 exists in yocto? use case is just mounting an external USB disk automatically and notifying users of the mount/link status15:20
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rburtonmcfrisk: pmount?15:21
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mcfrisksorry, notifying SW users of the external disks, not real users so pmount is out as a command line tool.15:24
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kergothif all you need is basic mounting, pretty sure you can get away with just a mount.sh called directly by udev15:25
* kergoth shrugs15:25
mcfriskkergoth: yea, that could work. or I'll just continue using the old udisks2 version from jethro or so..15:32
JPEWmcfrisk: I haven't done so yet, but I was going to look into udevil, not sure if that will do what you want15:36
mcfriskJPEW: thanks, that's interesting15:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: create symbolic link in bitbake recipe <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48167601/create-symbolic-link-in-bitbake-recipe>15:50
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JPEWmcfrisk: Ah, sorry, udevil is GPLv3 also15:52
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khemkergoth: I would like to have a git mirror fallback for some recipes in my layer, is own-mirrors the best approach ? its only for few recipes16:02
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kergothdepends on who's hostng the mirrors, really. could put direct PREMIRRORS/MIRRORS alterations in the recipe or a bbclass the recipes inherit if it's appropriate to do so16:08
kergothi've done that for official mirrors before16:08
kergothif it's distro, i'd put directmirrors/premirrors changes in the distro .conf16:09
kergothbest to leave own-mirrors to the user, unless you're doing this in local.conf only16:09
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kergotheven then, own-mirrors is best used as a fallback, since it adds entries for every fetch method and url, not just git and your hosts16:10
khemkergoth: good idea16:11
khemthis is particular to one layer16:11
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khemso maybe adding a bbclass in that layer alone and inherting it in recipes which need this will be best, do you have example for me :)16:12
kergothi'd either use a bbclass inherited directly by the recipes, or even _prepend/_append mirrors/premirrors in layer.conf, though that's a bit heavy handed16:12
kergothown-mirrors itself is a decent example of mirrors/premirrors usage. iirc poky alters it for the yoctoproject.org mirrors too16:12
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mbetterswondering if I can get help with something18:47
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tdonahuehi all, does anyone have any pointers for compiling asterisk on yocto? I am getting a bunch of errors with autotools19:26
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mithronrossi: "NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 500 tasks of which 0 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded."19:42
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peniwizeI need to patch configure.ac in the xserver-xorg recipe and I don't know the correct/proper way to do it with Yocto.  Is there a way to "inject" or append a operation to the "patch" task in an existing recipe or do I need to create a new recipe?20:52
peniwizeI'm currently building core-image-minimal.  If I have to create a new xserver-xorg like recipe then do I also need to create a new core-image-minimal like recipe that uses my new xserver-xorg like recipe?20:53
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aehs29peniwize: unlikely, you should probably use a bbappend to the original xserver-xorg recipe22:06
aehs29peniwize: and if you want to modify configure.ac, you create a patch with your modifications, and add it to SRC_URI on your bbappend, then when the do_patch function runs, configure.ac will contain what you need22:07
peniwizeaehs29: thanks.  I'm reviewing https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.5.1/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#using-bbappend-files22:11
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jdel{/win 523:01
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