Saturday, 2018-09-15

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likewisegood morning11:05
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likewiseotavio: Hi, is there an existing i.MX platform that boots directly into Linux using a dcd.cfg in meta-freescale*?11:15
otaviogood morning likewise11:16
otavioit does not. I made it for a specific customer11:17
otaviogenerally speaking, you will prefer U-Boot Falcon mode instead11:17
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likewiseotavio: thanks. Unless boot time is really most important.11:21
likewiseI'm investigating how to use eMMC dual hardware-boot-partitions, e.MMC fast boot, eMMC ack'd fast boot, eMMC 8-bit etc under i.MX11:22
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likewiseI was first thinking: nice to have A/B kernel+initramfs in both boot partitions, but the iMX does not have a fall-back mechanism AFAIK11:23
likewiseso yes I think SPL mode is more flexible, as there I can take into account bootcnt etc.11:24
otaviolikewise: in fact, U-Boot will likely be faster as it enables cache11:25
otaviolikewise: the use-case we added the dcd boot support for a in-field recovery tool11:26
likewiseotavio: with U-Boot you mean; the full monty, not just SPL?11:26
likewiseok SPL11:27
otavioin fact both. But SPL is faster of course11:27
likewiseotavio: did you ever play with the eMMC fuses for eMMC boot modes?11:27
likewisei.MX fuses that are eMMC related I mean11:28
otaviosome time ago11:28
likewiseI guess it doesn't help much only loading the SPL.11:28
likewisefrom there on, eMMC settings are already under software control11:29
otaviowhat do you mean?11:30
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likewiseotavio: initial boot rom reads from eMMC at slowest speed, 1bit, this can be enhanced with fuse settings.13:19
likewiseotavio: but as the SPL is so small, increasing the boot load speed using fuses is of little use.13:20
likewiseotavio: the SPL will configure the controller to load U-Boot or Linux kernel at maximum speed anyways.13:20
likewiseotavio: setting the fuses for optimal eMMC read speed would certainly be needed when loading the max BootROM capable image: 32 MB13:21
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