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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to build poky recipes: /poky/meta/recipes-core/ncurses/ failed <>04:02
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zagorHi people! Long time no see. I'm curious if anybody knows anyone toying/experimenting/working with adding nommu support to yocto.07:00
zagorI found the 2016 patch removing cortex-m tuning files. And I know about emcrafts work. What more should I look at?07:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Camera driver interfacing using yocto projects <>07:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto build succeeds, but warning about missing RDEPENDS <>08:02
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MarcWehi, im getting error creating the root file system ERROR: Function failed: make_bootfiles_symlinks_relative. i like to get some more output to solve the error but adding -D did not help08:13
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MarcWeARG.. still did not reconfigured my system correctly had to do a  sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash and select no08:31
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ak77specifying recipe in DEPENDS causes it to populate this recipe's sysroot... but how that actully works? how do the header files end there?11:28
ak77I have non c program in a recipe, that provides one set of files for its package, and another set of files if used in DEPENDS by other recipes11:29
ak77how to specify what "dev" files recipe provides if used in DEPENDS by other recipe11:30
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nrossiak77: Have a look at SYSROOT_DIRS11:50
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to detect changes in local files in bitbake? <>12:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to init sound properly on QEMU for root? <>12:33
ak77nrossi: thank you12:46
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kanavinRP: I'll try to find out if openssh plans a release soon13:07
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tgoodwinHas anyone had luck mounting wic's disk image files in read-write?13:13
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tgoodwinNever mind... it can be done using a combo of parted -sm to read the partition start offsets in bytes and then running that through mount.13:27
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rburtonhuh when did automake get installcheck as a taget13:34
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khemrburton: RP thats world build with musl+clang on (oe-core+meta-openembedded+meta-qt5+meta-browser)14:16
khemon qemux86-64 its no errors yay14:16
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khemI will if we could some weekly builds of extended layers on ab14:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: When does do_configure run or re-triggered? <>14:34
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uglyoldbobwhat is a good way to use perl in a recipe implementing cmake? I have tried "PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS="-DPERL_EXECUTABLE=perl"" but no success during do_compile (cannot find ../perl)14:59
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uglyoldbobhmm apparently "PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS="-DPERL_EXECUTABLE=`which perl`"" works, not sure if it is the best solution though15:08
armpitrburton, the xorg-server update passes with the fix from wind. I will be sending set of patches. did you need the fbdev set too ?15:14
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sveinseHas it ever been considered making bitbake independent of its oe environment. E.g. by supporing a --oe-env /path/to/oe-init-build-env or similar. I find myself repeating this shim all over when building yocto images
sveinseor is this already implemented perhaps?15:48
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tgoodwinIs there a way to specify a variable as having only some number of valid values like an enumeration?16:19
tgoodwin(some undocumented varflag that helps do a little sanity/QA at parsing?)16:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: i.Mx6Quad add simple audio card to ALSA <> || Camera driver interfacing using yocto projects [on hold] <>16:34
rburtonarmpit: please16:53
rburtonkanavin: \o/ \o/16:53
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armpitrburton, done16:53
kanavinrburton: arms in the air regarding what? :)16:55
rburtonkanavin: ssl16:56
rburtonalso just hacked up a unittest runner that has output like ptest-runner looks for16:56
rburtonso that's good16:56
kanavinrburton: not sure what to do next, continue draining the perl swamp, or look into the new dnf stack16:57
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rburtonkanavin: both?16:57
kanavinrburton: they're also pressing me here at luxoft to teach yocto to people here in berlin, even though I have no teaching skill whatsoever16:57
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kanavinthey can't send everyone to devday in edinburgh :)16:58
kanavinI just registered for ELC-E though16:59
kanavinwill be there saturday to friday16:59
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kanavinso 'full stack' experience17:00
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symson_yocto_hi ! Is there any known problem with ? My clone seems very slow17:21
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kanavinsymson_yocto_: where are you located?17:22
kanavinI had similar issue the other day, but it went away after I tried a different ISP17:23
kanavinso I raised this with our local IT dept17:23
symson_yocto_ok, i'll try @home. Here at work, it very very slow. Is there any known and verified mirror ?17:24
kanavindepending on what you want to clone17:26
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symson_yocto_time to go : i'll try home. Hope it will clone faster ;-)17:31
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khemhalstead: are we running patchwork version >= 2.0 ?18:07
halsteadkhem, We are running a fork. let me see where it branched from.18:09
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khemhalstead: I was trying to use
khemand it seems it needs 2.0+18:14
halsteadkhem, Looks like we forked before version 2.0.18:16
halsteadkhem, Tracking it down it appears This fork happened just after v1.0.0 and we forked from that.18:21
armpitopen a bug ; )18:23
khemah well forks are always bad18:23
halsteadUsually... there are some exceptions Jenkins, MariaDB, OpenBSD, probably more that aren't as well known.18:26
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khemyeah it that fork done by intel person who was trying to do CI with patchwork ?18:35
khemdid a presentation in fosdem as well18:36
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armpitkhem, should we be updating ?18:39
abellonikhem: I have something that should work with older versions of patchwork18:41
mattsmhas anyone seen an issue with older yocto/OE with building python:18:48
mattsm| NameError: name 'sys_platform' is not defined18:48
mattsm| ERROR: python build_ext execution failed.18:48
mattsm| WARNING: /local/jenkins_builds/workspace/mv2-master/build-arrisatom/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/python-distribute-native/0.6.32-ml5/temp/run.do_compile.1885:1 exit 1 from18:48
mattsm|   exit 118:48
mattsm| ERROR: Function failed: do_compile (log file is located at /local/jenkins_builds/workspace/mv2-master/build-arrisatom/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/python-distribute-native/0.6.32-ml5/temp/log.do_compile.1885)18:48
mattsmI can't seem to find what is causing this... it happens *sometimes*18:48
mattsmsame exact build env in a docker container18:48
mattsmI suspect something in this release of ubuntu got updated and started to cause this?18:49
mattsmspecifically ubuntu:14.04 and oe16 (*gasp*)18:49
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halsteadarmpit, Any reason to wait on I think at 28 we can say it failed on some level.19:27
rburtonhalstead: when you've finished on the ABs, can you fire a ross/m3 please?  fingers cross that is green and we can tell RP to merge and do a m3rc119:33
halsteadrburton, typhoon is ready if you want to start one yourself.19:34
halsteadrburton, Kicked
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halsteadarmpit, I killed the test process and let the build finish.19:44
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armpithalstead, sorry, was out buying Oktober fest beer20:22
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halsteadarmpit, Nice! no worries.20:23
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rburtonhalstead: thanks21:37
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