Wednesday, 2018-09-19

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khemRP: couple of patches in pull into master-next when you setup new queue03:59
khemthey are already on ml for few days03:59
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rob_wguys, i am confused , DEPENDS forces a package to be build prior to the other , but it doesnt force it to get installed in a image , correct ?09:02
rob_wnever mind .. RDEPENDS ... hehehe09:07
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egavinHi all!10:14
egavinI have created a recipe just for add a new file in DEPLOY_DIR, We don't need a package, but Yocto try to install the package (that not exist) and generate the error "Package 'xxxxx' has no installation candidate". We don't need this package in our target system. How can avoid that the system add this package in rootfs?10:15
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bluelightning_egavin: where did you add a reference to the recipe?10:31
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egavinbluelightning, into the image recipe10:33
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bluelightningegavin: presumably you mean IMAGE_INSTALL in there?10:35
bluelightningegavin: if so, that is the cause of the error - you need to use do_rootfs[depends] += "yourrecipe:do_deploy" instead10:36
egavinbluelightning, thanks a lot, I will try.10:39
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bachpfirst boot10:40
bachpI wanted to ask if somebody has some guidance on how to debug errors like "Postinstall scriptlets of ['busybox'] have failed. If the intention is to defer them to first boot,10:42
bachpthen please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} ()." I'm struggling to find out what exactly went wrong and caused the postinstall to fail because I didn't really find where the logs for these are.10:42
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kuzulisHi guys. I tried to create an own layer for iMX6 board with X11 support. I have added IMAGE_FEATURES += x11-base and IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "twm".10:54
kuzulisBut when I run startx, then X-server fails with this error:10:54
kuzulis Failed to load module "vivante" (module does not exist, 0)10:54
kuzulisWhere I can look on a vivante dependency?10:55
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bachpkuzulis: Did you have a look at the layer index:
kuzulisupd: The  dmesg | grep drm shows that vivante module is loaded: [    1.274560] [drm] Initialized drm 1.1.0 2006081010:58
kuzulis[    1.279626] [drm] Initialized vivante 1.0.0 20120216 on minor 010:58
zagorkuzulis: does it say "Unloading vivante" above the "Failed to load" line?11:00
zagorif so, someone else had that problem here:
kuzuliszagor: No, I did not see any 'vivante' mentions..11:01
kuzuliszagor: any other 'vivante' mentions..11:01
kuzuliszagor: Ahh... do you mean X-org log file.. Yes, there are the 'Unloading ..' mention11:02
kuzuliszagor: Is following trick makes sense: ?11:05
kuzuliszagor: Is it right way?11:05
zagorkuzulis: I don't know I'm afraid. I just found that and thought I would point you in the right direction.11:05
egavinbluelightning, It works, thanks again!11:07
bluelightningegavin: np11:11
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rburtonJaMa: is v4 the last one?  every time i apply your glibc patch i switch back to my mailer and find a new revision :)11:27
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kanavincan someone send a msg with my nickname in it? want to see if hexchat can notify me reasonanbly when I am away :)11:50
mario-goulartkanavin: hi11:51
mario-goulartDoes it work?11:52
kanavinstill unsure how to tell if someone mentioned me when I'm back in the morning, but nevermind11:52
kanavincan you try once more?11:52
mario-goulartkanavin: sure11:52
kanavinright, the channel name goes green11:53
kanavinfair enough, thanks :)11:53
mario-goulartyw. :-)11:53
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kanavin A couple of surprising things happened in the kernel community on September 16: Linus Torvalds announced that he was taking a break from kernel development to focus on improving his own behavior12:01
kanavinno, this is not a prank :)12:02
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kanavinlooks like we might get a Linus 2.0 with reduced swearing?12:02
zagorI sure hope so12:07
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kuzulisGuys, is it possible to create a Yocto image without of -lic packages?12:19
kuzulisit takes ~24 MB12:19
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rburtonkuzulis: they're not in images by default12:27
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rburtonhave you set COPY_LIC_DIRS=1? don't do that.12:29
kuzulisrburton: Ahh... ok. many thanks12:29
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sven^is there any way to see which bbappend files have been used during a bitbake?14:09
kanavinsven^, bitbake -e recipe14:09
sven^uh, that's a bit much :)14:13
ntlsven^: bitbake-layers show-appends <recipe>14:17
sven^my bbappend is not there. Is there any way to debug this? I added a bbappend in the same directory as the .bb and it just gets ignored14:31
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sven^is there a way for a package to prevent bbappends?14:41
sven^nvm, I think I got it14:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Camera driver interfacing using yocto projects [closed] <>16:26
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aehs29kanavin: I think more developers should take time to work on their behavior, I know at least a couple haha18:04
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tlwoernerkanavin: i guess it's official: hell has frozen over ;-)18:24
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tlwoerneri.e. the torvalds thing18:27
alimonaehs29: kanavin haha18:32
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aehs29alimon: haha not you Anibal19:12
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dkchello there, did some people experiment with a dedicated partition for /var/log with systemd in Yocto?20:42
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