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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Loading my own device driver as builtin in Yocto on my own meta layer <>03:58
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mcfriskhi, I have a persistent error from a recipe where creating sysroot fails on sumo. Any ideas how to fix this locally without wiping sstate cache completely. I don't see fixes related to this issue in master. something in sstate cache is corrupt because this persists also after tmp is wiped.
mcfriskor I'm hitting a race condition in creating recipe-sysroot-native/installeddeps08:14
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mcfriskok, it's something in our bbclasses, nothing in poky side08:28
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dawod___HI, I need for your help,11:09
dawod___I built image depend on wayland weston without x1111:09
dawod___I added meta-qt5 and used qtwaykand module, in order to run qt5 apps11:09
dawod___the apps run well, but the text is too small in each textfield component11:09
dawod___and is too small in the title bar also11:09
dawod___there is another problem11:10
dawod___keyboard is not response at all with qt5 apps only. so i can not type any thing in any text box in the app11:10
dawod___can any one help ?11:10
kanavindawod___, I think you should seek help from qt5 community, not from yocto community11:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Apply and commit a patch from bitbake recipe <>11:29
dawod___kanavin, i think that the problem is not with qt,11:32
dawod___the app run well with out any problems in my host machine11:33
dawod___but in the target machine in the new image, the problem appears11:33
rburtonsounds like weston thinks your DPI is huge11:35
rburtonask the weston people how to set that?11:35
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dawod___ok, thank you.11:46
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mcfriskanyone else seen ".../7.3.0/ld: cannot find /lib/" kind of errors from bitbake lately? On my sumo build they seem to come and go, and executing do_compile task again makes this go away which is freaking me out a bit..12:24
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kuzulisHi guys. How to create a specific symlink at image creating. I have added the new recipe to my layer /recipes-core/glibc/glibc_%.bbapend13:01
kuzuliswith this content:13:01
kuzulisdo_install_append() {13:01
kuzulis    ln -s /lib/ ${D}/lib/
kuzulisand when I do bitbake my-image, then the resulting image has not this symlinks..13:01
kuzulisWhat I doing wrong?13:01
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g0hl1n_Hi - anybody else experiencing that is down? I'm getting fetch errors for xf86-video-armada from meta-freescale and I'm unable to ping
zagorit's unreachable for me too (in sweden)13:13
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g0hl1nDoes anybody know any mirrors for All I found at github is outdated...13:25
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mcfriskhmm, svn fetcher is not safe when multiple recipes share the same repo in their SRC_URI. I have bad feelings about git submodules having similar issues. They could explain some of the weird build failures I've seen on sumo lately..15:08
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bezeeeI'm just getting started with Yocto and having an issue getting an image built which will connect to my network and register itself with a locally-running Mender server. I've included meta-openembedded/meta-networking as a layber but it's not getting an IP lease from my router.18:56
bezeeeare there some other layers I need to add in to get this working?18:56
bezeeemy full bblayers.conf is here:
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kergothmeta-networking provides tools, not configuration. you don't need it to get an ip19:35
bezeeeso what do I need then? I'm still a noob with this stuff so the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together, but not completely there yet.19:37
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uglyoldbobbezeee: if you are using systemd, it has what you are looking for20:42
bezeeeis there an example I can look at somewhere? I appreciate the answer but I need some more details to grok this.20:44
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noway96Is there a way to add suspend functionality to my image?21:03
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seebs <-- this is why embedded linux developers need to exist more22:29
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peniwizeI’ve created a recipe named godot that creates “godot_1.0-r0_amd64.deb”, “godot-dev_1.0-r0_amd64.deb”, “godot-dbg_1.0-r0_amd64.deb”.  I have another recipe (named “gm”) that contains “DEPENDS += godot”, which seems to be causing “godot-dev_1.0-r0_amd64.deb” to be expanded in the recipe-sysroot directory, but the “gm” recipe also needs to have “ godot_1.0-r0_amd64.deb” expanded in order to build.  What do I need to do?22:45
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rburton_peniwize: depending on godot will put the staged parts of the entire recipe into the sysroot22:51
rburton_this is basically /usr/include /usr/lib22:51
rburton_if you need more bits of the recipe then extend SYSROOT_DIRS22:51
rburton_(see the top of staging.bbclass)22:52
rburton_note that it *does not* unpack packages22:52
peniwizerburton_: I don't fully understand.  Do I need to modify SYSROOT_DIRS is the godot recipe or in the gm recipe that depends on the godot recipe?22:54
peniwizeThe .deb packages created by the godot recipe appear to be correct and contain the expected information.22:54
peniwizeI just need to get the non-dev (primary) package to install/expand for the gm recipe before it's configured.22:55
peniwizeCurrently, the gm recipe is only expanding the godot-dev deb package.22:55
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rburton_no, it's not22:57
rburton_what file are you missing?22:57
rburton_you generally only need headers and libraries to compile against something22:57
peniwizerburton_: The gm recipe builds a cmake project that requires the godot process executable in order to build (like referencing a .so, but godot is a regular execuable).  "godot_1.0-r0_amd64.deb" contains "/usr/bin/godot" but "godot-dev_1.0-r0_amd64.deb" does not.  It only contains the godot headers.22:59
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rburton_if you want to run a binary during the build you need to depend on godot-native23:00
rburton_can't run a target binary during a build23:00
peniwizeI didn't create the cmake project so I don't know the reason why it's dependent on the godot executable.23:00
rburton_find out if it needs to run the binary, and why23:01
peniwizeI don't think the godot process will be executed during the gm recipe build.  I think the gm build only references the godot executable - maybe for some dynamic linking issue.23:02
rburton_makes no sense to refer to the binary during a build23:02
peniwizeI didn't make the cmake build system so I don't know the details.  I'm just supposed to make the yocto recipes.23:03
rburton_is this recipe public or is it your companies code?23:09
rburton_project, not recipe23:09
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peniwizerburton_: The project is company code.23:12
rburton_ask whoever wrote it to explain why it needs the binary.  if it wants to run it for some reason then you'll need to depend on godot-native (and add BBCLASSEXTEND=native to your godot recipe so that exists).  that will build godot for the *host* that cmake can then execute23:13
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peniwizerburton_: Will do.   Thanks.23:14
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