Monday, 2018-09-24

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bmck_yo is there anyone in here?00:41
bmck_reckon you could help me with a build error I'm having?00:46
seebsprobably not, honestly, i'm way out of practice at this point00:46
seebsbut general practice for IRC is, go ahead and post a link to a gist/pastebin/whatever and some background on what you've tried, and then leave your client around overnight, and sometimes you get lucky :)00:46
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* nerdboy rebuilding with the (upstream) recommended local.conf snippets for multilib/other, so i guess we'll see...02:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: aptina camera interface with gstreamer <>06:46
derRichardkhem: well yes. but this doesn't change the fact that i have to use either local.conf or a distro config, right?06:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Will install_requires in setuptools work without explicit yocto-recipe for certain packages <>09:17
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RPrburton: should we wait for the meta-yocto non-IA bsp bumps or cut M3?10:00
rburtonany idea when the non-ia bumps will turn up?10:01
RPrburton: no10:01
rburtonlets do m3rc1 today then10:02
RPrburton: agreed. Its gone on long enough. I'd take those other bumps in M410:02
rburtonRP: musl bump on the list which looks kind of useful to have10:02
RPrburton: risk just merging and build?10:03
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rburtonjust fired a quick build with musl to see if it at least builds something10:05
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RPrburton: I've set the AB at those...10:07
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rburtonRP: the fribidi thing that khem/jama reported is real and might break a build on centos7.  working on a fix now.10:42
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RPrburton: ok, thanks!11:18
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rburtonok just did a test and it appears to work on our centos box so might not break anything11:18
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RPrburton: does raise some questions about what the differences are...11:22
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RPI've also just remembered to change LAYERSERIES11:32
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RPrburton: rc1 building...11:54
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ernstpI want to use  SRC_URI file:///foo in a postprocess hook in an image recipe, is that possible?12:26
ernstpI guess I need to enable a fetch step then... seems very hard :-)12:27
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ant_workrburton, so the multithreaded xz can break packaging for rpm and opkg (oom)12:31
ant_worknormally for small files <16MiB xz compression level 2 or 3 is more than enough, I bet we still have default 612:33
ant_workI think the multithreading code in xz is not mature enough (it wasn't last I've looked at the manual)12:34
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sveinseWhat will the result of VAR ?= "something" and VAR_append = " else" be?14:00
sveinse"something else" or " else"?14:03
JPEWsveinse: I'm pretty sure it will be "something else" because ?= is evaluated immediately and _append is deferred until the end of parsing14:03
sveinseMy reason is that conf/bblayers.conf is by default setup with BBLAYERS ?= and I need a programmically way to add new layers. Concatenating lines with BBLAYERS_append= is the simplest naïve approach14:05
RPsveinse: ?= means set if not already set so its immediate in that it will always have a value after that14:06
RPsveinse: ??= is the deferred version14:07
sveinseRP: thanks.14:08
JPEWRP: I found the (undocumented) PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE = "debug-with-srcpkg". You think that should be the default?14:09
sveinseBTW that is the use case for BBLAYERS ?= in conf/bblayers.conf? I.e. when is it expected to be overriden by anything? This being the top-level config and all.14:09
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RPJPEW: er, it was probably introduced with a plan in the back of my mind to switch :)14:13
JPEWRP: Ya makes sense... I *think* it might still have a few holes w.r.t. IMAGE_GEN_DEBUGFS. I haven't seen anything that would lead me to believe the -src packages would get added to the debugefs image. A change for 2.7 perhaps?14:15
RPJPEW: definitely 2.7 and yes, may need work but I'd be happy to see it14:17
RPJPEW: maybe an ehnancement bug for 2.7?14:17
JPEWOk. Do you think this would be two different tasks potentially? The first would be the (possible, still verifiying) bug where the -src packages aren14:19
JPEWoops.... aren't in the debugfs (which might need backported) and the second being to change the default?14:19
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armpitRP the 'enabled warnings' in the AB is showing up on the wiki. is that something we can turn off for older stable branches ?15:00
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RParmpit: hmm, I think we need to tweak the wiki code to separate warnings from errors15:04
armpitat a minimum we need to warn swat15:04
RParmpit: yes, I'd not realised warnings would show there as errors15:05
RParmpit: need code changes to the wiki plugin code15:05
armpitRP btw stable/sumo-next is good to go15:06
* armpit rocko has build failures needing correction15:07
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rburtonRP: obviously pulling on the fribidi thread has revealed RAZOR WIRE15:27
rburton<insert rest of quote here>15:27
RPrburton: :(15:28
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RPrburton: sadly I'm not surprised, it looked at risk of that :)15:28
RPer, :(15:28
rburtongot a few fixes for our class and upstream are engaging with fixing assumptions in their code15:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Use python3-pytz for an Application in Krogoth branch in yocto <>15:48
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RPrburton: glad they're being responsive :)15:57
andrunkohi o/ - I am working on a recipe for electron that depends on another recipe for libchromiumcontent that is built separately. The thing is libchromiumcontent is usually built as part of electron itself, but electron also allows using an external build by passing the dir where to find the libchromiumcontent static lib (2GB) and sources/headers to it. Given the libchromiumcontent build artifacts are only needed to build electron, is16:11
andrunkothere a way to use the build artifacts from it from the electron recipe? I thought of using something like the kernel shared_workdir for that but wonder if there is a more "proper" way to do it?16:11
andrunkoany tip here?16:11
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tgoodwinHas anyone seen wic generate a fat16 partition when fstype is set to vfat?17:15
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peniwizeI’ve created a git repository for my recipes (meta-sockeye-gm) and cloned it in the poky directory alongside the other meta-* directories.  When I try to execute ‘devtool update-recipe sockeye-gm-process’, I get the following error:
peniwizeWhat am I doing wrong?20:07
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yannon sumo, what could cause the fetcher not to honor downloadfilename and subdir ? (here waf download in meta-oe's mpv)20:51
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yanneven -vDDD does not seem to give much insight of what the fetcher is doing20:53
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yannI'm not sure what the hell is going on - if I append to do_unpack to copy the download waf to the correct place, the build proceeds, and my copy is replaced by a symlink to the waf-1.8.12 I had originally copied, but if I do nothing it just fails complaining it cannot find waf21:39
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jdelis it possible to inherit a class in a bbappend?21:43
yannjdel: yes21:44
JPEWyann: There were some changes to waf.bbclass to try and detect the version, it is possible they broke the recipe?21:44
yannpossible - looks like do_configure creates the symlink, but waf_preconfigure runs first and expects that symlink to be present21:46
JPEWyann: That would do it21:46
yannOTOH, the SRC_URI seems to request waf-1.8.12 to be renamed to git/waf, which it is not (fortunately for do_configure, it would seem)21:47
JPEWyann: It is *really* weird that recipe downloads waf independently21:48
JPEWyann: It's supposed to be included in the source (although a lot of distros balk at that.... long argument that I'm not a part of :)21:48
yannJPEW: ok, digging that21:48
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yannI must say I was surprised, but then when I saw that waf.bbclass does not do anything to get a waf into place...21:49
yannin fact, mpv ships a which is tasked with downloading waf...21:50
JPEWyann: Hah. I guess thats one way around it.21:50
* yann hates those build systems with silly ideas21:50
JPEWyann: Ya waf is.... different...21:51
yanntheir downloads 1.9.8 - guess the packager found that to be too old21:51
yannand well, doing a download separately from the fetch step is evil anyway21:52
JPEWyann: I give waf points for trying new things. It does solve some of the problems in a unique way, but it makes some more in the process :)21:52
JPEWyann: Anyway, hopefully that gets you headed in the right direction, I have to go.21:53
yann"oh, those n build systems all have problems, let's make a new one!" ?21:53
yannok thx!21:53
yannJPEW: damned, I had missed that meta-rockchip was overloading the mpv recipe...22:14
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peniwizeDoes anyone know what I need to do about this cmake related warning?  SkippingbecauseOE_QMAKE_PATH_EXTERNAL_HOST_BINSisnotdefined22:25
peniwizeI'm getting a build error because Qt include paths aren't on the command line and I'm wondering if this is related.22:26
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jae1Hi, what is the best way to rerun configure if a local file has been changed? I have tried manually adding to src_uri all the files in this directory, and tried setting do_configure[file-checksums] to the list of files in the directory. Both of these ways works if I ADD a file but not delete. any ideas?23:15
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bluelightningjae1: if you're trying to build from a local source tree that's not really the right way to go about it. I would recommend using the externalsrc class, or if this is just for local development use "devtool modify"23:37
jae1bluelightning: I need some other files in addition to a source tree(which i am defining just like other recipes)23:49
jae1( it is files that need to be provided by the user so will be provided locally)23:51

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