Sunday, 2018-09-23

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distsysGood Morning Yocto Community09:03
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distsysOur company works with an external partner, who is taking care of developing the hardware as well as the linux image embedded into it. Then he deliver to us the hardware with installed OS as well as the linux image itself09:06
distsysIn our turn, we start developing applicative Java, C/C++ modules based on that image09:07
distsysfor each new version of the developed apps, we set up an update system (a small java web application), that will take the uploaded new deb application package, and thne will take care to install it09:08
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distsysnow, my question has Yocto some functionalities that can help us modernize our update mechanism09:09
distsysi mean replace all the update web application with some yocto APIs ?09:10
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yannRP: yes the compile result is not stored, but the siginfo for the compile step is.  My statement was unclear, I mean I have siginfo for the latest compile step, but for the ealiest one I don't.11:04
yannI thought that maybe it would get removed with the build tree, as to be reused by several install steps. But then there was a subsequent rm_work for this package :)11:05
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khemyann: every unique sha means a unique stamp16:52
nerdboyhmm, not having much luck with meta-intel on actual intel x86_64 hardware...17:12
nerdboydoes anyone actually use that with linux-intel kernel on new-ish hardware that's not edison/galileo?17:13
nerdboy* in this case it's Elo touch PoS hardware...17:14
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nerdboycore-image-minimal does boot, but default kernel config is useless, after updating that and building sato image it boots to a black screen and does nothing17:16
nerdboysome kernel spew, a flash of splash, then black17:17
khemnerdboy: does linux-yocto work better ?17:35
nerdboyi was trying to get gpio working on this box, with something more intel-ish17:52
nerdboymainline does work on this hardware, but i did not try a different kernel in my poky/meta-intel test build yet17:53
nerdboygot any gpio tips for this scenario?17:54
nerdboythe terminal has a little 6-wire gpio connector but i get nothing in sysfs except 3 pins for the power button17:54
nerdboy# cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio17:55
nerdboygpiochip0: GPIOs 509-511, parent: platform/INT0002:00, INT0002 Virtual GPIO:17:55
nerdboy gpio-511 (                    |ACPI:Event          ) in  lo IRQ17:55
nerdboythat's it so far ^^17:55
nerdboyalso my searches are null so far, as all the hits are edison/galileo/udoo-x86 etc17:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake build cmake perl project <>20:45
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derRichardi'd like to have systemd as my service manager. it works great when i add "DISTRO_FEATURES_append = \"systemd\" to my local.conf, but why does yocto ignore this setting when i put it into my image recipe?21:16
derRichardmy goal is having as few settings in local.conf as possible21:16
derRichardhmm, ok.
ant_homederRichard, hi21:47
ant_homeat image level you can choose the packages to install and more21:48
ant_homebut DISTRO_ vars are set at the very beginning: in fact you set the distro in your local.conf21:48
derRichardant_home: well, i'll set them in my distro config21:49
ant_homecheck this if you want systemd *only*21:49
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ant_homederRichard, that manual is pretty old, sorry22:12
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ant_homestill valid :)
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khemuse latest instead of 1.8 in that ursl22:27
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