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CroftonYes the AB needs to recruit new workers00:08
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KitsokHello all!09:07
KitsokGot a questuin. In one of the recipes I sign the image and my private key is protected by a passphrase. During the bake I've got a error: Enter pass phrase for privkey.priv User interface error unable to load key. The reason is obvious: openssl is ran detached from console. Is there a way how to solve this?09:08
rburtonsee the existing gpg signing code which lets you provide a source for the passphrase09:20
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Kitsokrburton, could you please give me a hint what is the recipe for this?09:24 is where the gpg signing happens.  the key is that you give the passphrase directly to the tool instead of expecting the user to sit there and wait for the passphrase to be entered09:25
rburtonuse a agent, or have it waiting on a pipe, or just put it in the local.conf as a string09:25
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Kitsokrburton, that's what I wanted  to avoid... Will use env variable then. Thank you!!09:27
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rburtonKitsok: env variables will be stripped by default.  safer to use an agent as they're designed for security09:51
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Kitsokrbutton, you mean SSH agent?11:18
angelo_tshi all, question, can yocto run on a debian sid ?11:19
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: run yocto? what do you mean?11:19
angelo_tsLetoThe2nd, mm i mean if it can build on a debian sid host. Debian "sid" seems not in the supported distributions11:21
edcraggangelo_ts: i build on debian testing (buster), but in a chroot11:21
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: it *might* work, and if it breaks then fix it and send patches :)11:21
rburtonangelo_ts: should work but as sid is a rolling target, it may not.11:24
rburtonfor example if you get a new gcc which can't compile an older gcc, then it breaks11:24
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angelo_tsok thanks.11:25
angelo_tsin case, what alternative should be better between chroot or a poky docker container ?11:26
rburtonwell, feel free to try sid11:26
rburtonchroots are trivial though11:26
LetoThe2ndi personally like docker, but hey, thats just me.11:30
rburtonyeah whatever11:30
rburtoni've a pile of chroots that i 'boot' using nspawn11:30
rburtonsame difference11:30
angelo_tsok thanks11:31
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MarcWehi, I had a systemd Breaking ordering cycle by deleting job alignment.service/start. to remove this i removed the startop of the /etc/init.d/ file.11:38
MarcWeI  woold like to know what the consequences are from removing: echo "3" > /proc/cpu/alignment      in the boot process on my arm target11:40
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cquastHi everyone! Noob question: is there any reason why the task do_kernel_configme could not be available for the target  core-image-minimal ?13:39
cquasta.k.a ../ core-image-minimal -c kernel_configme -f13:39
cquastresults in ERROR: Task do_kernel_configme does not exist for target core-image-minimal13:40
rburtonbecause kernel_configme is a kernel task?13:45
rburtonand core-image-minimal isn't a kernel13:45
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cquastI thought it would be kernel compiling + rootfs creation + image creation13:51
cquastI should have verified. Thanks!13:51
rburtonimages are constructed from packages13:51
rburtonall an image recipe does it unpack a load of packages13:51
cquastSo if I want to have a core-image-minimal with my own .config, I need to call ../ core-image-minimal after creating the kernel with ../ linux-yocto?13:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: No Module named 'datetime' in python3 when creating a recipe for Yocto but datetime exists in python2.7 <>14:27
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dkc`in an image recipe, is there a way to append a flag in IMAGE_FEATURES if a flag is already present in this variable without triggering a RecursionError? My use case is to append read-only-rootfs if debug-tweaks is not set in IMAGE_FEATURES14:50
dkc`IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ${@bb.utils.contains("IMAGE_FEATURES"...)}" obviously doesn't work14:51
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andrey_utkinWhat is the difference between "poky" and "poky-lsb" images? Interested in both design and outcome differences. I have built one, but not another yet. Sure can do, but hope to get some clue faster by asking.15:04
andrey_utkinI couldn't track it down on my own - what I see is poky-lsb "overrides" "linuxstdbase" or such, doesn't say much to me, and I haven't dug deeper yet.15:05
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rburtonRP: any objections to a method to identify if a task exists?15:26
rburtoninstead of d.getVar("do_foo", "task")15:26
RPrburton: should that be ?15:38
rburtonerm yeah tat15:38
RPrburton: the other *Task funtions are in there iirc15:38
RPrburton: no objection though15:38
RPrburton: even if you think my feedback is tat ;-)15:39
RPhow rude15:39
rburtontyping failure as usual15:39
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rburtonso archiver.bbclass has a 'configured' mode15:45
rburtonwhich is madness but still15:45
rburtonactually first question is who actually wanted configured mode, and what's the point15:46
rburtonbut other question15:48
rburtoncurrently it just hooks do_ar_configured after do_configure, then re-runs do_configure with a custom WORKDIR15:49
rburtonwhich then has lots of special casing for evertyhing that injects tasks between unpack and configure15:49
rburtonso, alternative15:49
rburtondo_ar_configured depends on nothing but does, do_configure) and runs those itself15:50
rburtonso 1) is there a better way to know the 'first' task than hardcoding do_unpack15:51
rburton2) is there a better way to run tasks directly other than iterating through prefuncs/task/postfuncs15:51
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jdelcan I bbappend a bbclass?17:51
rburtonRP: no17:53
rburtonerm jdel no17:53
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jdelbarf. Is there any way to fix a broken class from a new layer?17:57
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aehs29jdel: you can append to the bb file that inherits the class, if that helps, but you probably should just fix the class instead18:15
jdelhere's a small patch, maybe someone can comment on it:18:22
jdel--- a/poky/meta/classes/package.bbclass18:22
jdel+++ b/poky/meta/classes/package.bbclass18:22
jdel@@ -2158,6 +2158,7 @@ addtask package after do_install18:22
jdel PACKAGELOCK = "${STAGING_DIR}/package-output.lock"18:22
jdel SSTATETASKS += "do_package"18:22
jdel+do_package[depends] += "${POPULATESYSROOTDEPS}"18:22
jdel do_package[cleandirs] = "${PKGDEST} ${PKGDESTWORK}"18:22
jdel do_package[sstate-plaindirs] = "${PKGD} ${PKGDEST} ${PKGDESTWORK}"18:23
jdel do_package[sstate-lockfile-shared] = "${PACKAGELOCK}"18:23
jdeldo_package utilizes objdump to calculate RDEPENDS18:23
jdelbut it's possible for do_package to run without binutils being populated18:23
jdelat least in the crazy qualcom bbclass i've been debugging18:24
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yann|workthe plymouth recipe seems to be essentially designed to work with an initrd - that feature is possible to disable, but then it seems there is no integration whatsoever with the rest of the system (as opposed to pslpash), or am I missing something ?19:29
dkc`oh, nasty circular dependency when systemd is configured with cryptsetup :(19:38
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RPjdel: hmm, you're probably right19:54
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jdelRP: sweeter words have never been spoken23:53
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