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angelo_tshi, by runquemu qem,ux86 (testing sato) i get "ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'ctl failed:'"06:46
angelo_tsseems something related with setup_tap, full error log
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angelo_tsi disabled the config.setup_network() line, now runqemu scripts completes, but cannot find qemu in the path  :
angelo_tsso, using the command line from the script, with just /usr/bin/qemu-system-i386 as a command, all works, image finally run07:08
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mckoangood morning07:43
LetoThe2ndmckoan: morning, at least.08:02
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: :-D08:09
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* JaMa created 2 enhancement tickets for 2.7, lets see how it helps with self-motivation :)09:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Is there a way to remove items of SRC_URI in local.conf? <>09:30
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RPjdel: The variable naming may become a problem and be confusing, that is my main worry :/09:40
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto do_install(): install utility manual <>10:00
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eduardas_mhello, I have updated from Sumo 2.5 to Sumo 2.5.1 and now my u-boot recipe fails to compile10:55
eduardas_mI get a unable to execute 'x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc': No such file or directory when building libfdt target10:56
eduardas_mthis seems related to this commit in poky:
eduardas_mwhat would be the proper solution here?10:57
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: A literal string containing escape slashes on groovy. <>11:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: A literal string containing escape slashes on groovy <>12:01
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stash_I can't make 'combo-layer init' work unless I manually go into the local_repo_dir and 'git checkout rocko'. Do I have something mis-configured?12:45
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JPEWeduardas_m: What target are you building u-boot for?13:08
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cquastIs it possible to treat all warnings as errors in yocto? I feel like things are maybe not working because I don't fix my warnings, but I should.14:37
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JaMacquast: depends on which warnings you mean, the QA warnings are easy to turn into errors, see WARN_QA and ERROR_QA variables (yes, I have all WARN_QA in ERROR_QA in my builds)14:46
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cquastthere is no switch to treat all warnings as errors?15:02
cquastbecause to edit ERROR_QA, I would need to find out all possible errors first, right?15:02
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rburtoncquast: ERROR_QA_append =  " ${WARN_QA}"15:13
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jdelis RDEPENDS supposed to be a super-set of FILERDEPENDS?17:56
frayyes.. FILERDEPENDS is specific to figuring out what is needed and rolls 'up' to RDEPENDS which is at a package level18:00
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jdelso anything in FILERDEPENDS that isn't RDEPENDS triggers a package_qa error?18:06
frayimplementation has changed, so that I'm nto sure about18:07
jdeli'm trying to understand why I'm getting package_qa errors about missing RDEPENDS18:07
jdelit looks like the package routine computes FILERDEPENDS properly, but doesn't update RDEPENDS18:07
fraybasically the 'rpmdeps' program is run, and seeds the system to know what type sof dependencies are present.. that eventually rolls up to RDEPENDS18:07
fraywhat is the error?18:08
fraythere are specific QA checks on RDEPENDS that look for file types and complain..18:08
jdeldo_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/lib/ contained in package configdb requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_configdb18:08
fraythings like shell dependencies..18:08
jdelbut libxml is properly found in FILERDEPENDS18:08
jdeland it's in the recipe sysroot etc18:08
frayok.. yes.. so the issue is that the system found a dependency on a library provided by something that was not other wise 'required' by the system.18:08
jdelright, but that should have been auto-computed via a DEPENDS, right?18:09
frayfile dependencies only work in RPM.. you need to manually specify DEPENDS or RDEPENDS so non-rpm based dependency resolvers work..18:09
frayno.. the system doesn't know what provides it only knows it was provided and no RDEPENDS items are providing it18:09
jdelbut do_package runs objdump on all execs and shlibs to compute RDEPENDS18:10
frayso you need to specify something that provides  (this is where my memory gets fuzzy) if it's in DEPENDS (I need this recipe for sources) then I think it's automatic in most cases..18:10
frayyes.. but it needs to map binary package to binary package and can not always do that..18:10
frayif the dependency is not in DEPENDS, it doesn't know where to look.. and it's entirely possible you have host contamination..18:11
jdelit's in DEPENDS properly, but RDEPENDS gets computed wrong18:11
fray(this is much less likely since recipe specific sysroots has happened.. YP 2.4? I think)18:11
jdelthe mystery deepens because this only happens when building using the sstate cache18:11
frayya, it's an issue where DEPENDS may not be right... or if it is -- then something else makes it unable to be determined..18:11
fraywhich YP version?18:11
fray(or branch)18:12
jdelit's some qualcom repackaging18:26
jdeli think all the issues are with their custom classes18:26
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jdeli thought I had resolved it with the patch I pasted into the channel yesterday18:31
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jdelbut I'm still fumbling around with how all this stuff is supposed to work18:31
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dkcany idea why the NPM fetcher is taking ages? 1200s spent in do_fetch so far, kind of crazy18:45
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jdeldkc: network problems on the build host19:22
dkcnope, I'm tail'ing -f the do_fetch logs, it's moving and checking the dependencies, in a recursive way i'd say19:23
dkcwhat it's doing is not clear to me though19:23
jdelthe do_fetch of npm?19:24
jdelif it's making progress, could it be slow throughput on the download?19:24
dkcit's querying npmjs like hell to inspect dependencies, and there seems to be a pause between command but I got bored and appended noverify=1 on every single npm:// lines19:27
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RPjdel: I suspect you're missing a DEPENDS maybe?22:13
RPthe fact it takes a build from sstate to discover that is worrying22:13
RPI can kind of guess how it may happen though22:13
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ssingh02@here I'm using the meta-security layer to install apparmor but it installs unwanted packages such as the man info, perl, python etc. I tried using PACKAGECONFIG_remove = " perl python man" but the packages are still built and the large binaries present on the rootfs, why is PACKAGECONFIG_remove working?23:09
ssingh02I mean PACKAGECONFIG_remove += " perl python man"23:10
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ssingh02not working* PACKAGECONFIG_remove += " perl python man" is NOT working apparmor bbappend recipe23:20
ssingh02does anyone have any suggestions?23:21
bluelightningssingh02: try bitbake -e apparmor | less and look at the history for the variable23:21
rburtonthey could be coming from other packages too, not just apparmour23:22
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ssingh02@rburton you're right, I suspect that too. meta-security has so many packages in it :O23:26
ssingh02thanks @bluelightnning I'm going to check now23:28
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bluelightningssingh02: in terms of what is pulling stuff into the image see
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armpitapparmor is inheriting perlnative and pythonnative, maybe there may a need for futher recipe clean up ?23:58

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