Monday, 2018-10-01

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto build succeeds, but warning about missing RDEPENDS <>03:17
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Aptina camera interface with gstreamer [on hold] <>03:47
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angelo_tsgm, question: built a m68k kernel 4.18 by yocto, i get a 900 KB binary. Building the kernel by simple make in the mainline source tree with same defconfig i get 1,5 MB. How can yocto produce half of the size ?07:01
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mckoanangelo_ts: which layer is providing your BSP ?07:32
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angelo_tsi just created one, there is no m68k support in yocto, so i created the architecture too07:45
mckoanangelo_ts: are you using the same toolchain?07:46
angelo_tsmckoan, no, yocto uses a more recent 6.xx, in the other case i was using 5.1 . Also i was not stripping07:47
angelo_tsmckoan, ok, still cannot have the smaller yocto kernel running btw, trying to understand the reason. If i can get it running, then Yocto forever since it produces half size  :)07:49
mckoanangelo_ts: so it looks like you have found the answer07:51
mckoanangelo_ts: what about trying to create a meta-toolchain and then use it instead of yours07:51
angelo_tsmckoan, yes, will try07:52
mckoanangelo_ts: YW, let me know if it works07:54
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JaMaRP: what about image-artifact-names.bbclass to be consistent with kernel-artifact-names.bbclass ?12:17
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RPJaMa: I was actually thinking this could make more sense as a .conf file. Not something we've done much of but it would seem to make a lot of sense. In particular it enforces variables not code12:19
RPJaMa: we have too many bbclass files really and the structure is messy and unclear :(12:20
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JaMaRP: ok, I've noticed the .conf just after sending my reply and wanted to confirm that it wasn't a typo12:26
JaMaI'll hardcode .rootfs in few more places to unblock 2.6 for us, then will add imagevars.conf for 2.7 together with #1293712:28
RPJaMa: sounds good thanks. I like the .conf idea as I think it will scale better than what we've been doing so far12:32
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tgoodwinI ran a cleansstate on my image recipe (uses wic) which now will no longer run since mkfs.ext4 isn't being installed into the native sysroot (but mkfs.vfat, for example, is).  Has anyone seen that occur?14:14
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mckoantgoodwin: I usualy avoid carefully to run cleansstate on a whole image14:15
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tgoodwinmckoan: this is hasn't caused issues for weeks...I basically walked through the door this morning and my build environment was broken.  Do you have any other recommendations?14:16
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mckoantgoodwin: no clues, I'd rebuild the image deleting sstate and tmp14:19
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tgoodwinmckoan: alright, thanks14:24
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tgoodwinmkcoan: unfortunately a complete rebuild didn't fix it.15:55
tgoodwinWeird.  I've been using "WKS_FILE_DEPENDS += ..." in this recipe for a while and it has worked fine.  Now that line is overwriting the dependencies completely; that was the problem.  Switching it to an _append resolved it.16:02
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tgoodwinIs there a way to use something like "include ${@bb.utils.contains(..." in a machine definition against a variable post-expansion?16:24
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mckoantgoodwin: maybe did you update the layers?16:30
mckoantgoodwin: however _append is the best practice instead of +=16:30
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tgoodwinmckoan: No, I don't think so.16:31
tgoodwinmckoan: it's funny.  I ran one more build and booted it on the device before I left last week.  I came in and ran the clean before heading into the next feature which was completely unrelated to that variable and the build broke.16:32
tgoodwinI'm now having the same problem where checking IMAGE_FEATURES from a machine is no longer being evaluated once it was expanded (or least last week it appeared to behave that way; it must have been something else messed up in the environment).16:32
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tgoodwinI feel like I've seen a way to do this before using one of the bb utilities like process, cooker, etc. that will allow you to re-evaluate a recipe after a variable is expanded.16:36
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angelo_tshi, need to call mkimage to generate kernel uImage, where is the proper place to invoke mkimage ?19:05
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tgoodwinIs it not possible to specify systemd with PACKAGECONFIG set to include cryptsetup?  It comes back with circular dependencies.19:25
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robbawebbaangelo_ts: Are you interested in running mkimage outside of the Yocto build system, or would you like yocto to create the uimage for you?19:36
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angelo_tsrobbawebba, would like yocto to create it for me19:58
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angelo_tsanother curious thing is that linux.bin generated from yocto is a gzip compressed file20:10
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FrostEyes_P1Hi folks. Is there anybody using iwd - internet wireless deamon with yocto, together with connman?20:27
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rburtonFrostEyes_P1: is it feature complete yet?20:31
rburtonthere isn't a iwd recipe afaik20:32
rburtonwriting the recipe will be trivial20:32
rburtonpresumably connman can just use iwd instead of wpa_supplicant20:32
rburtonso theoretically, it should just work :)20:32
FrostEyes_P1Was thinking on using iwd instead of wpa_supplicant. Though as you write - no recipy yet.20:33
FrostEyes_P1rburton: :) it would be nice if some had tried it, and knows "you should not do it yet"20:34
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robbawebbaangelo_ts: I haven't done this before, but I would recommend checking out the KERNEL_IMAGETYPE variable, which defaults to zImage20:49
rburtonFrostEyes_P1: if you want to try iwd, is the start of a recipe :)20:51
rburton(it fetches at least)20:56
FrostEyes_P1rburton: cool. Though seems to be an issue with Connman and iwd and scanning for network. So will go with wpa_supplicant untill iwd is more complete.21:00
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