Tuesday, 2018-10-02

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: cp can't stat file: no such file or directory <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52602688/yocto-cp-cant-stat-file-no-such-file-or-directory>06:22
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nayfeHi, I added ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-security/meta-tpm to my bblayer.conf and it warns me with "No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_tpm-layer", and I can't see why, BBFILES contains /yocto/sources/meta-security/meta-tpm/recipes*/*/*.bb, and ls that gives me some bb files. Any idea?08:37
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acrapHi folks!10:27
acrapCould you help me with multilib?10:27
acrapI need to add lib32 packages to my rootfs and I found MULTILIB mechanism in Yocto can perform it10:28
acrapI added this lines to my local.conf:10:29
acrap#Add 32-bit libraries to image10:29
acraprequire conf/multilib.conf10:29
acrapMULTILIBS = "multilib:lib32"10:29
acrapDEFAULTTUNE_virtclass-multilib-lib32 = "mips32r6el"10:29
acrapBut i got an error from sanity checker : "Tuning 'mips32r6el' has no defined features, and cannot be used"10:30
acrapI need a clue10:30
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tgoodwinHas anyone attempted to use systemd with cryptsetup?  I'm getting hanging after the devices are unlocked.11:21
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gunnarxCan I ask a meta-raspberrypi question here?  One of JaMa commits, btw12:26
JaMayes you can12:32
gunnarxThans Just a bit confused about which package to provide linux-firmware-bcm43455 now. You know the 05f21ad commit12:33
gunnarxnothing rprovides it here now, I assume it's after 05f21ad12:33
gunnarxso I'm missing a openembedded-core package?12:34
JaMayou're probably missing the corresponding changes in oe-core repo12:34
JaMaupdate to latest revision in the branch12:34
gunnarxthought I got them all, let me check.  I'm aiming for tip of sumo on all12:34
JaMayou're missing oe-core commit 2053213120112:35
JaMa27fc32b6c52 in sumo branch12:36
gunnarxYep thanks for the confirmation and where to look.  Turns out we had poky on sumo but not the latest sumo.12:39
gunnarxAll good now :)12:39
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angelo_tshi, trying to build a mainline kernel for m68k, the only KERNEL_IMAGETYPE that works is "vmlinux" , other wise, if i set zImage, i get "| install: cannot stat 'arch/m68k/boot/zImage': No such file or directory"12:48
mckoanangelo_ts: probably m68k doesn't generate a zImage12:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't build bootlader and kernel image for my DE0-Nano-SoC board <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52608372/cant-build-bootlader-and-kernel-image-for-my-de0-nano-soc-board>12:53
angelo_tsmckoan, building from the linux tree, make zImage is accepted, then it just generates a linux.bin btw12:54
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angelo_tsi can set KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "vmlinux" and m68k build works, but strangely, the binary generated is half of the expected size12:55
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angelo_tsif i try  the yocto-generated m68k toolchain building kernel by make in his tree, size comes corrrect, 1,8M. If i build by "bitbake linux-coldfire" (same toolchain) i get a binary of half of the size12:57
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tgoodwinHas anyone tried getting a systemd debug shell to work through a UART?13:05
tgoodwinFor example, setting systemd.debug-shell=1 in bootargs and then ...somehow passing CTRL+ALT+F9 through a terminal session (like screen)?13:06
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RyanMeulenkampHi. I try to install a library link in `/usr/link`. When I do this from the `ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND`, it does not end up in the rootfs. Trying to create another file that is not a link does work. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this?14:56
RyanMeulenkamp`/usr/lib` I meant14:56
armpitYPTM armin in on14:58
npongratz_YPTM: good morning, Nick is on the call14:59
smurrayYPTM scott murray is on14:59
RPYPTM: Richard joined14:59
mdickoppYPTM: Martin Dickopp is on15:00
tlwoernerYPTM: Trevor Woerner is on the call15:00
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JPEW_YPTM: Joshua Watt here15:01
moto-timoYPTM: TIm Orling15:02
halsteadYPTM Michael on the call15:03
RPYPTM: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15jB6nUJU2wrtnu6w07L9RZpNlj6AoxSTPEX5aELts1g/edit?usp=sharing_eel15:05
vmesonYPTM Randy MacLeod is on the call15:06
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vmesonarmpit: https://github.com/nfs-ganesha/nfs-ganesha15:14
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dl9pfYPTM: Jan-Simon Möller15:27
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kuzulisHi guys, how I can remove xinput-calibrator from an image (at image generating)?15:34
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kuzulisI tried DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "... xinput-calibrator ..." but it does not work15:35
tlwoernerRDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-x11-utils_remove_pn-packagegroup-core-x11 = "xinput-calibrator"15:35
kuzulisAhh... many thanks15:35
kuzulisCan I ad this line to image.bb ?15:36
tlwoernerit's in my conf/local.conf15:36
kuzulisok, clear15:36
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JPEW_armin: I'll hook you up with some sweet boat electronics ;)15:43
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RParmpit: there are some good islands out in the bay there...15:53
armpitYPTM - is over15:53
RParmpit: former prisons, fortifications, hosptials and so on...15:54
armpitall good places to find volunteers15:54
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jkConsGood day all;  I am trying to get some information on the Yocto user base size (ie the how widely used Yocto is), and I was wondering if there are any statistics around user-base size that someone could point me to.19:22
JaMajkCons: there was the same question recently on the ML, check it there, but nobody knows exact numbers19:23
rburtonjkCons: pretty much impossible to measure: some of the largest deployments are very hard to measure19:24
JaMa[yocto] Yocto userbase in numbers?19:24
rburtonhow many machines does facebook have running yocto-derived firmware?19:24
JaMaor Tesla :)19:24
rburtonor LG :)19:25
alimonndec: RP what is the case in the compat layer script that gets into a infinite loop?19:26
jkConsI will check the ML - thanks19:26
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jkConsChecked the ML, the particular question there seems to be about deployed units, I was more looking for the number of companies using the system to generate devices.  The estimate mentioned in the ML msg chain of 700+ companies using Yocto gives me a starting point. Thanks JaMa and rburton for the pointers.19:49
alimonndec: RP i think i get the problem, there is an error on meta-python for build world and the whole execution is aborted19:50
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ndecalimon: i sent a patch for this issue, see http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2018-September/156083.html19:52
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ndeclooks like it was merged too.19:53
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alimonndec: ok, cool, i found other problem, i'm fixing it19:55
kroonHi. Any wic experts here ? I was wondering if during image creation I could tell wic to add extra partitions to the partition table, without actually putting those partitions in the resulting image file19:56
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kroonI guess if its possible to add post-wic-creation hooks, I could use that..19:59
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kroonThink I can just append to IMAGE_CMD_wic()20:08
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peniwizeHi all.  I need to build a Yocto image that supports OverlayFS to I can have a read-only system image that never changes and a writable overlay.  I also need to clear the writable overlay each time the system boots so changes are never carried over (unless it's a RAM disk that is lost anyway).  Where should I start to accomplish this?  I currently have a working system image based on "core-image".20:33
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RPalimon: nico did sent a patch20:54
RPalimon: ah, missed ndec replying above :)20:54
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alimonRP: yes i found other error, when fail to get signatures in every layer (bitbake -S world) the whole execution is aborted20:55
RPalimon: ah, good catch20:56
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RPkhem: any thoughts on that binutils linker debug path issue?22:10
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khemRP: I havent paid attention22:17
khemRP: point me to thread22:17
armpittoo many squirrels22:18
khemwe are a distracted lot, aren't we all22:19
RPkhem: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2018-October/156355.html22:20
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RPkhem: basically we've a reproducibility problem on non-IA :(22:20
khemRP: it seems crt1.o is generated by assembler right22:22
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RPkhem: no22:22
RPkhem: its made of csu/{start,abi-note,init,static-reloc}.o22:23
RPkhem: abi-note looks to be assembler, the others aren't22:24
RPkhem: even if I fix that file manually as in the link, the effect comes in elsewhere :/22:25
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khemRP: they seem like .file directive in asm files23:16
khemso may be they are .S files which are still preprocessed by gcc but are essentially asm fles23:16
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