Thursday, 2018-10-04

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: User application gets killed when string is passed to kernel device driver <>00:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: meta-debian errors for cl-som-imx7 <>06:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO (MORTY) activate bash completion <>09:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Write a recipe in yocto for a python application <>09:31
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jofrDo native recipe-names have to end with "-native"? i.e. is it a keyword or a convention?10:32
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rburtoneffectively, keyword10:33
rburtoneasiest to make a general-purpose recipe and use BBCLASSEXTEND=native10:33
jofrOk. I named it <foobar>-native_<version>.bb and inherited native.. is that wrong?10:34
rburtonthat's the alternative if you'll never need a target or nativesdk version10:34
rburtonthe usual case is that there's a chance you'll need a nativesdk or target variant at some point10:35
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jofrNice. I won't.  :)  It's for a tool that generates boot-images, which require the deployed image-artifacts (tmp/deploy/images/<machine> stuff)10:36
jofrs/I won't/It won't/10:36
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kuzulisHi guys. I have created own layer 'foo'. And I want to create an image which requires from the image of another layer 'bar'. So, I have added this line required recipes-qt/images/ to my
kuzulisBut I got an error like: unparsed line: required recipes-qt/images/bar-image.bb10:54
kuzulisAll my layers are listed with bitbake-layers show-layers10:55
kuzulisA path is in: meta-bar-distro/recipes-qt/images/bar-image.bb10:57
rburtondid you really put 'required'?10:58
kuzulisA path is in: meta-foo/recipes-images/images/foo-image.bb10:58
rburtonthe keyword is 'require'10:58
kuzulisrburton: oops.. sorry. you are right.. many thanks :))10:59
sagnerIs a shared DL_DIR (running multiple independent bitbake at the same time with the same DL_DIR) safe?11:06
sagnerLooking through ML history seems to suggest so...11:07
sagnerWe currently see issues with a particular git repo, and it seems quite reproducible...11:07
sagnerFrom what I read is that the lockfile should make sure that downloads are synchronized. But reading lib/bb/fetch2/ seems to suggest that not all fetchers use locking.../?11:08
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kuzulisGuys, is it possible to use a custom build systems to compile a recipes? e.g. I need to compile my application using QBS (from Qt).. Is it possible?11:22
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: it certainly is, but be aware of cross-compilation issues and pollution11:28
kuzulisAs I understand, I need to add my custom /recipes-dev-tools/qbs, and then to build my application recipe, just write: inherit qbs ?11:31
kuzulisIs it?11:31
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: nah, this is no direct inheritance situation.11:32
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Is any guide/wiki to read about?11:32
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: I mean how to create and use a custom build systems11:33
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: if you just want to resort to two recipes, then need 1) the one for qbs, and make sure that it is native enabled. so it can run on the buildhost. and 2) the application recipe, which would DEPEND on qbs-native11:33
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: What do you mean about 'depend on qbs-native' ? What is it?11:35
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: hum, do you know what a DEPEND (the uppercase is intentional) in a recipe is?11:36
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Do you mean DEPENDS?11:39
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Do I need to add: DEPENDS = 'qbs-native' to my foo application recipe?11:40
LetoThe2ndexatly. that tells bitbake that it needs to build qbs for the build host so your recipe can use it.11:40
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: And, how then tell to my app to use the qbs? Do I need to write a some script in do_compile() of my foo application then?11:41
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LetoThe2ndkuzulis: exactly, thats what you need to do.11:42
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Ok, many thanks11:42
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: here should be plenty of documentation:
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Ok, thanks11:45
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jofrHow can I define a recipe that depends on the built artifacts from another recipe(package)?12:40
jofrdo_install[depends] += "other_package"?12:40
jofror rather do_compile[depends] actually...12:41
zeddiithat's what DEPENDS in the recipe does12:47
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jofrOk, I've tried that. Added both "virtual/bootloader" and "u-boot" (not at the same time) to DEPENDS, but I can't figure out how I can get those artifacts for my recipe to use them.. (u-boot.elf more specificially)12:49
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zeddiiaha. so yes, it does depend on how you are using them.12:53
zeddiiif it is a library/build dependency, DEPENDS takes care of that.12:53
RPjofr: its more likely that only certain kinds of build artefacts make it into the sysroot, headers libraries etc12:54
jofrAhh, I see. But if I have an exact file dependancy?12:54
RPjofr: for u-boot you may want the output of its do_deploy task12:54
zeddiiif it is something else, you may have to populate the sysroot and have a different depends line12:55
* zeddii lagged the answer there :D12:55
RPdo_compile[depends] += "u-boot:do_deploy"12:55
RPor if its not a deploy artefact what zeddii said12:55
zeddiikind of like we do in make-mod-scripts as another reference12:55
zeddiirecipes-kernel/make-mod-scripts/[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir openssl-native:do_populate_sysroot"12:55
RPzeddii: FWIW DEPENDS works on do_configure, not compile ;-)12:55
zeddiibut will be in place for compile, since configure is first. which is what I was thinking :D12:56
RPzeddii: indeed12:56
jofrOk. But I don't get any u-boot artifacts to the packages WORKDIR.. Do I reference those files (in the case the u-boot-files) differently?13:02
jofrs/in the case/in this case/13:02
RPjofr: it depends which task you're depending upon. do_deploy would put them in DEPLOY_DIR_xxx and the populate_sysroot would put them in ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot or recipe-sysroot-native13:04
jofrI see. In my case, ${DEPLOY_DIR_u-boot} resolves to "boot" .. that's not something my package can reference, can it? From my packages perspacitve this is WORKDIR/../../u-boot/1_2018.01-r0/image/boot or WORKDIR/../../u-boot/1_2018.01-r0/package/boot..13:16
jofrThis is interesting. DEPLOY_DIR_u-boot and DEPLOYDIR_u-boot are both "boot". But DEPLOYDIR and DEPLOY_DIR are not at all the same path. DEPLOY_DIR is actually my tmp/deploy directory. So I should be able to use ${DEPLOY_DIR}/images/u-boot.elf13:20
jofrSorry. ${DEPLOY_DIR}/images/${MACHINE}/u-boot.elf. Or is that horrible?13:22
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JPEWjofr: ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE} is probably a better choice, but FWIW I've written recipes that pull things out of there before.13:46
tgoodwinAnyone familiar with systemd-initramfs? I've installed it into my initrd image as well as an /etc/initramfs-release (per the docs, required for initrd detection), but systemd doesn't switchroot; instead it drops to a prompt like it reached multi-user.13:49
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jofrJPEW: Good point. Then I don't have to formulate the path myself with by adding the images/${MACHINE} myself. And it's good to know that there are other people who have pulled stuff from there  ;)13:53
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JPEWjofr: I can't comment that it is really the "right" way to do things, but it seems to work OK for us, as long as you add the do_<task>[depends] += "u-boot:do_deploy"13:55
jofr"If it works, it ain't stupid."  ;)13:55
jofrBut I know what you mean.13:55
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kuzulisGuys, I'm try to add my custom recipe with Git access.. A Git URL in our private repo, like: "git@<host>:<user>/<project-name>.git". But when I add this as SRC_URI = "git://git@<host>:<user>/<project-name>.git;branch=${BRANCH};protocol=ssh" then bitbake fails with: ssh: Could not resolve hostname <host>:<user>: Name or service not known15:21
kuzulisIf I run same URL from the server's command line then it fine15:21
kuzulislike: git clone git@<host>:<user>/<project-name>.git15:21
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JPEWkuzulis: Are you using SSH when you clone locally: git clone ssh://git@<host>:<user>/<project-name>.git ?15:25
kuzulisJREW: Ahh.. I found out why it fails15:26
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kuzulisJREW: Need: SRC_URI = "git://git@<host>/<user>/irp-touch.git;branch=${BRANCH};protocol=ssh" .. i.e. replace : with /15:27
JPEWkuzulis: Ah, that would do it :)15:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS compatible with Yocto Sumo 2.5.1? <>15:33
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khemRP: whats tools do you use to merge bitbake and oe-core to form poky16:10
rburtonkhem: combo-layer16:16
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* armpit aren't we all tools ?16:18
frayarmpit, some of us are finely crafted...16:19
kergothha, today's free packt ebook is about yocto -
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RPkhem: as rburton says, combo-layer16:20
rburtonkergoth: "updated for morty"16:20
* Crofton has grown to not hate submodules16:21
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kergothrburton: ha16:23
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JaMaCrofton_: looks like you've sent whole sip patch as one line :)16:52
khemrburton: my distro uses gitsm16:52
khemand it works fine16:52
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JaMakergoth: thanks! sent to colleagues to fetch it while it's free :)16:57
CroftonJaMa, git send email?17:15
Croftoncut and paste from readme17:15
CroftonJaMa, seems ok to me17:16
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JaMaCrofton: "[oe] [meta-oe][PATCH 2/2] sip: Add python3 version of the sip recipe." looks OK, but "[oe] [meta-oe][PATCH 1/2] sip: Update to
JaMa" has the patch as attachment and the whole body is shown as one really big line in gmail (looks ok in mutt)17:32
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JaMaCrofton: both are text/plain, not sure what caused gmail to mess it so badly17:34
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Croftonone has a huge patch17:35
Croftonthat was basically updating versus their Hg17:36
CroftonNow back on real release that builds without silly patching :)17:38
Croftonthe ptyhon3 API var confuses me17:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - can not execute debug package <>18:03
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derRichardis broken in openembedded-core sumo? it fails with depends upon non-existent task do_compile_kernelmodules...20:49
derRichardadding a dummy do_compile_kernelmodules task to solves the problem20:50
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lukmaIf I may ask21:58
lukmaWhat is the scope of PACKAGE_EXCLUDE when used inside a recipe (to build image)21:59
lukmado I need to add PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_pn-${PN} = "foo" to not pollute the name space?21:59
lukmawhen I do want to exclude "foo" ?21:59
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peniwizeStep 5 in section 3.30.13. "Debugging With the GNU Project Debugger (GDB) Remotely" in the Yocyo mega manual says "source the correct environment file".  Does anyone know where that file is or where I might start looking?22:58
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