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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Read and write in ioctl linux device driver <>04:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can I use Google-assistant library on YOCTO linux? <>08:12
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jkliemannhow are include paths set when using a library in yocto? e.g. I use glibc (more specific eglibc) in a project but I can't see any include path to glibc directories in the build command yet it seems to find the header files08:44
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LetoThe2ndjkliemann: look at the logs of the project, namely the do_configure and do_compile steps. they should be pretty verbose about that.08:47
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kuzulisHi guys. I have added my recipe app, and did: bitbake my-app.. It compiles, BUT: I don't see a release *.ipk package.. I see only my-app-dbg.ipk and my-app-dev.ipg packages.. Why? What is reason?09:49
kuzulisIt is Qt app, mased on qmake09:50
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: probably you didn't set FILES_${PN}. it holds the list of files that is meant to go into the package09:51
rburtonkuzulis: because the app didn't install anything that went into PN09:51
rburtonthe default PN has /usr/bin etc etc09:51
LetoThe2ndrburton: for reasons unknown, "usr bin" just made me think of the trashcan beneath my desk09:52
kuzulisrburton: Hmm.. I did by this wiki: and there are no FILES_${PN} in *.bb file09:55
rburtonthe default is good for stuff which installs to $prefix like it should09:55
banach-spaceHiya! I'm a Yocto noob, but trying my best :-) How could I make Yacto stick to GLibC 2.27: "WARNING: Your host glibc verson (2.28) is newer than that in uninative (2.27). Disabling uninative so that sstate is not corrupted."09:56
rburtonthats just a warning, ignore it09:56
LetoThe2ndbanach-space: this message basically says that the build process need to compile some stuff from scratch for your system and cannot use the prebuilt uninative09:57
LetoThe2ndbanach-space: -> ignore it.09:57
banach-spaceI'd love to ignore it, but the build fails and a bit of googling revealed that GLibC 2.28 can be a bit problematic.09:57
banach-spaceSo I wanted to make sure that GLibC 2.28 (the system one) is not used at all.09:58
LetoThe2ndbanach-space: thats true but unrelated to uninative, AFAIK. its basically that older rleases don't build on systems with 2.2809:58
LetoThe2ndbanach-space: so either build on a host with an older glibc (can be a docker container too!) or try latest master09:59
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banach-spaceOK, FYI I'm using Sumo. Will try downgrading GLibC then, thanks!10:01
kuzulisrburton: I have added this: FILES_${PN}-dbg += "${datadir}/${P}/.debug"10:01
kuzulisFILES_${PN} += "${datadir}"10:01
kuzulis to by recipe *.bb file.. But it generates same dbg and dev packages.10:01
kuzuliss/to by/to my10:01
rburtonkuzulis: don't do that, FILES_PN-dbg is populated magically10:01
kuzulisrburton: Yocto is a full magic )))10:02
kuzulisrburton: I keep only FILES_${PN} += "${datadir}", but the result same.. ((10:03
rburtonkuzulis: so what do you expect it to have installed?10:04
rburtonbecause the problem is almost certainly your app10:04
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kuzulisrburton: I expect that an output IPK files is in /tmp/deploy/ipk directory will be without of dbg suffix..10:05
rburtonkuzulis: sure, but what files in the package do you expect to see10:05
rburtonpresuming you can't share the app and recipe10:05
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kuzulisrburton: I don't know what I expect... I'm just confused with 'dbg' package suffix10:07
rburtonkuzulis: surely you know what my-app should be installing10:07
kuzulisrburton: Yes, It just install own 'executable' file.10:09
rburtonthe dbg package is the debug symbols10:09
kuzulisrburton: Yes, I know that is it.. But I don't understand why bitbake compiled it as 'debug' target10:09
rburtonit didn't10:10
rburtonit did a normal build, extracted the debug symbols, and put them into the PN-dbg package10:10
rburtonthe PN package contains the stripped binaries10:10
kuzulisrburton: Ah..So, so, how then I can say to bitbake to build my app in 'release'?10:11
kuzulisrburton: Do I need .bbappend file for this?10:12
rburtonthis build vs release thing is generally the mindset of someone who has used visual studio10:12
rburtonthere is no build/release toggle in yocto10:13
rburtonerm debug/release10:13
rburtona normal build has debug symbols, these are extracted from teh binaries and put in a separate package10:13
rburtonso the normal package is the binaries, and the dbg package is *just* the debug symbols10:13
kuzulisok, but how then I can create a 'normal' binaries package? ))10:14
kuzulisI don't understand, why it does not creates10:14
rburtonso again, what file do you expect it to have built?10:14
rburton /usr/bin/my-app?10:14
kuzulisHmm.. lett assume, that yes10:15
rburtonthen assuming that your app knows how to install properly, then it would have been installed and you'll have a my-app package10:15
rburtonif that didn't work then my-app is broken10:15
rburtonread the recipe, look at how it does install, look at the my-app rules for install, debug why you don't end up with /usr/bin/my-app installed under ${D} during do_install10:16
kuzulisHmm.. my recipe has not any do_install() scripts..10:16
rburtondoes it inherit any classes?10:16
kuzulisI thought everything would be done automatically.10:17
kuzulisIt inherit only qmake510:18
kuzulisin .bb file10:18
rburtonright, and that class has a do_install10:18
rburtonso now you get to figure out why your my-app's qmake file doesn't install properly10:18
rburtoncongrats you've moved the problem out of the recipe and into my-app itself10:19
rburtonthe qmake5 class will configure/build/install correctly *assuming* the qmake file actually works10:19
kuzulisSo, do I need in do_install() ?10:19
rburtonthe qmake class has a do_install10:20
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rburtonbut if that is failing then you know the problem is in my-app itself10:20
kuzulisDo you mean, that it failing in compile-time?10:21
rburtonwell install time10:21
kuzulisAh.. ok... many thanks for your time :)10:21
rburtonthe class just asks the app to install10:21
rburtonfrom your description, that is broken10:21
kuzulisI will check, thanks ))10:22
kuzulisIs in yocto any logs to see what happens ? e.g. in 'install' time?10:23
rburtonyes in the work dir10:23
rburtonunder your recipe's temp/ there's log.do_install10:23
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jofrI'm bbappending to the recipe, but that recipe already has a do_install_append().. can I have another do_install_append() in my .bbappend?10:38
jofrSo it appends to the append(ix) or does it override it?10:38
jofrNice! Thanks  :)10:39
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kuzulisrburton: A new question, what does this mean:  Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package ?10:43
kuzulise.g. my app has install path as /home/root/10:43
rburtonso that warning was telling you that files were installed (by do_install) but not put into any packages10:44
rburtonideally, don't install apps to /home/root10:44
rburtonif you must add that to FILES_${PN}10:44
rburtonapps should be in /usr/bin...10:45
kuzulisyes, I know about /usb/bin, but I need in custom location..10:46
rburtonthen you have to deal with the fallout of that10:46
rburtonwhich starts with setting FILES_${PN} as appropriae10:47
kuzulisWOW, it works: FILES_${PN} += "/home/root/" .. many thanks )10:47
kuzulisrburton: A last question (maybe). So, what a last step to add my app recipe to an image? Is it just add it to IMAGE_INSTALL_append of my file?10:57
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jkliemannLetoThe2nd: sorry for the late answer, i looked into the do_compile logs and in the whole command only the projects own include paths are set, how does it find the libc? my original problem is that it indeed finds the libc headers but some defines from signal.h are missing yet all signal.h files I could find have them so I have no idea where the include comes from and why it doesnt define some symbols10:58
LetoThe2ndjkliemann: no problem. have you looked into do_configure too, and the environment it sets? specifically the sysroot?10:59
jkliemanndo_configure just shows that there are no errors and everything seems to be fine, this seems to be okay since the original project doesnt need any further configure steps. which sysroot exactly do you mean? i noticed that each library seems to have its own (sometimes?) to build, what still confuses me is that other headers such as stdio.h work fine11:03
LetoThe2ndjkliemann: each recipe gets its own sysroot, indeed11:03
jkliemannshould it be under tmp/work/<target>/<project>/sysroot ?11:04
LetoThe2ndi don't have a suffiently new workdir handy to check, sorry.11:06
LetoThe2ndjkliemann: also look at the run.* files of the stages. those should contain what bitbake feeds into the repective tasks11:08
jofrFWIW, bitbake <recipe> -c devshell is what I normally use for this kind of debugging11:12
jofrjkliemann: FWIW, bitbake <recipe> -c devshell is what I normally use for this kind of debugging11:12
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jkliemannLetoThe2nd: it seems to use the correct sysroot, it has the same sysroot options as all other packages and if I add an #error it fails there. some of the missing defines seem to be missing due to another missing define yet when I add a -D__USE_POSIX it doesnt seem to have any effect11:18
LetoThe2ndjkliemann: hm, no idea right now (and i gotta run, sorry)11:19
jkliemannjofr: when I call make in the devshell it fails to link but the initial error is gone11:20
jkliemannLetoThe2nd: no problem, still thanks, you pointed me into some good directions11:20
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jkliemanngot it! i defined -std=c99 instead of -std=gnu99 which lead to __USE_POSIX being undefined and therefor not including some definitions11:32
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kuzulisrburton: Why my app which I install to custom /home/root/foo directory has not an executable rights?11:34
kuzulisrburton: But in /tmp/work/.../image/../ it has executable rights11:36
jofrDid you do an install -m <mode> in your do_install?11:39
kuzulisrburton: i.e. it has not execurable rights after I flashed an image to target HW.. But if I mount same image via 'mount' utility, then I see an executable rights..11:39
kuzulisjofr: No, I did nothing.. I have not an do_install() script in my .bb file11:40
rburtonkuzulis: is /home mounted with executable mode allowed?11:41
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can I use Google-assistant library on YOCTO linux? [on hold] <>11:43
kuzulissorry, guys.. all ok.. it is my inattention..11:44
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ernstpcan I print a warning from just parsing a file?12:25
ernstpthis is a .conf file actually, I guess that's different from recipes12:26
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lukmaDear all,13:04
lukmaWhat is the scope of PACKAGE_EXCLUDE when used inside a recipe (to build image)13:04
lukmado I need to add PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_pn-${PN} = "foo" to not pollute the name space?13:04
lukmawhen I do want to exclude "foo" ?13:04
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rburtonlukma: image-scope, just set it in the image recipe13:27
lukmarburton: Is this somewhere written?13:32
rburton_pn-foo is for when you're doing a recipe-specific change from a global config such as local.conf13:32
rburtonso PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_pn-core-image-base = "foo" in local.conf would exclude foo from core-image-base13:33
rburtonbut if its your image, just put PACAKGE_EXCLUDE=foo in it13:33
fancerHello folks13:36
fancerI've got a question about SDK.13:36
fancerIs it possible to embed source code of all applications installed to a distro to eSDK, so it would be used for offline builds?13:38
fancerI wanna have an autonomous SDK, which would need an internet to fetch sources when image rebuild is requested by the SDK user.13:39
fancer* wouldn't need an internet13:39
fancerIs it possible to create something like this based on for instance eSDK?13:40
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ernstpok I just created a recipe with an __anonymous function13:47
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uglyoldbobis it possible to append a string to a variable only when it is set?13:50
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armpitRP, rburton  I started a build. you can kill it if need be14:34
rburtonmy son's birthday dinner shortly, so i'm outta here.  However, I do have an almost-working nfs-ganesha recipe in case anyone fancies continuing it and eventually moving runqemu to using that instead.14:37
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armpitrburton, have fun..15:09
armpitrburton, i have a fancy15:09
armpitwhere can I find it?15:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Install Tensorflow on yocto linux for R-CAR H3- ARM -SOC <>15:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to enable tc command when building a kernel using Yocto recipes <>15:44
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rohanmahyHi, I modified a recipe yesterday to use some complicated python macros to set PN. Basically, if you are building a release the PN is a bare version string like 0.4.5 pulled out of an include file. If you are building out of the git develop branch, add a suffix with the git commit ID. This part worked with other recipes. But this recipe has a SRC_URI += "file://somefile". Now when I run that recipe I get16:40
rohanmahyan error that bitbake can't calculate the checksum on somefile.  Any ideas?16:40
kergothit can't find the file at all, most likely. if you put it in a bbappend, amke sure you also adjusted FILESEXTRAPATHS16:41
kergothor put the recipe in the right place on disk16:41
rohanmahyIt has no problem finding the file in do_fetch. It is only when it goes to checksum that it no longer finds it16:43
kergothfiles are checksummed at parse time16:44
kergothlong before tasks are run16:44
rohanmahyI was thinking it might be specifically related to the logic to checksum with PV16:44
rohanmahysorry. I meant to say I modify PV, not PN16:45
kergothwhere exactly is the file? if it's in a path that includes pv, of course changing pv would make it no longer find it..16:45
rohanmahywhere the recipe is recipes-foo/foo/foo_%.bb16:46
rohanmahyI also tried FILESEXTRAPATHS and that did not change anything.16:47
kergoth_% makes no sense, i hope that isn't the actual path on disk16:47
kergothfirst i'd suggest postoing the actual error message you're seeing, and when it's happening, rather than summarizing16:47
rohanmahyI am including a version number centrally from an include file, so yes, I am actually using _% (and later replacing PV.16:48
kergothi'd just use in th at case, rather than using the same character used in bbappend wildcards, just to avoid confusion16:50
kergothbut i doubt that's the issue, just worth noting16:50
rohanmahyok. i will give that a try. Thanks16:50
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jcal93Hey guys, I'm new to yocto, and I'm looking for some info about LSB and Yocto.16:55
jcal93I found this wiki page about LSB and Yocto, but it looks dated. ->
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jcal93Is there somewhere I can find out about LSB compliance by version on Yocto?16:56
rohanmahy@kergoth, same error message:16:58
rohanmahyWARNING: /home/rohan/plt/fsl-release-bsp/sources/meta-plantronics-marmot/recipes-tools/foo/ Unable to get checksum for foo SRC_URI entry VERSION: file could not be found16:58
rohanmahyWARNING: /home/rohan/plt/fsl-release-bsp/sources/meta-plantronics-marmot/recipes-tools/foo/ Unable to get checksum for foo SRC_URI entry VERSION: file could not be found16:58
rohanmahyERROR: An uncaught exception occurred in runqueue##########                                           | ETA:  0:00:0016:58
rohanmahyTraceback (most recent call last):16:58
rohanmahy  File "/home/rohan/plt/fsl-release-bsp/sources/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 948, in RunQueueData.prepare():16:58
rohanmahy                         (mc, fn, taskname, taskfn) = split_tid_mcfn(tid)16:58
rohanmahy    >                    self.runtaskentries[tid].hash = bb.parse.siggen.get_taskhash(taskfn, taskname, procdep, self.dataCaches[mc])16:58
rohanmahy                         task = self.runtaskentries[tid].task16:58
rohanmahy  File "/home/rohan/plt/fsl-release-bsp/sources/poky/meta/lib/oe/", line 139, in SignatureGeneratorOEBasicHash.get_taskhash(fn='/home/rohan/plt/fsl-release-bsp/sources/meta-plantronics-marmot/recipes-tools/foo/', task='do_fetch', deps=[], dataCache=<bb.cache.CacheData object at 0x7f4742f92978>):16:58
rohanmahy         def get_taskhash(self, fn, task, deps, dataCache):16:59
rohanmahy    >        h = super(bb.siggen.SignatureGeneratorBasicHash, self).get_taskhash(fn, task, deps, dataCach16:59
kergoththat should have failed at parse time, not runqueue generation time, unless you have something which changes from one parse to the next16:59
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rohanmahythat's what i thought too if there was an error17:02
kergothRP: interesting,
rohanmahykergoth: should I paste the recipe?17:06
rohanmahyLICENSE = "CLOSED"17:08
rohanmahyS = "${WORKDIR}"17:08
rohanmahySRC_URI += "file://somefile"17:08
rohanmahydo_install() {17:08
rohanmahy        echo ${PIKA_VERSION} ${PV} | cat - somefile >>VERSION17:08
rohanmahy        install -d ${D}/home/root17:08
rohanmahy        install -m 0644 VERSION ${D}/home/root17:08
rohanmahyFILES_${PN} += "/home/root/VERSION"17:08
rohanmahyrequire recipes-tools/version/pika-version.inc17:08
rohanmahy# this just has one line: PIKA_VERSION = "0.4.5"17:08
rohanmahyPIKA_BUILD_SOURCE ??= "git"17:08
rohanmahyLOCAL_PV = "${PIKA_VERSION}-local"17:08
rohanmahyGIT_PV = "${PIKA_VERSION}+git${SRCPV}"17:08
rohanmahyRELEASE_PV = "${PIKA_VERSION}"17:08
rohanmahySRCREV = "${'AUTOREV',d,1) if'PIKA_BUILD_SOURCE',d,1)=='git' else'PIKA_VERSION',d,1)}"17:08
rohanmahyPV = "${'LOCAL_PV',d,1) if'PIKA_BUILD_SOURCE',d,1)=='local' else'GIT_PV',d,1) if'PIKA_BUILD_SOURCE',d,1)=='git' else'RELEASE_PV',d,1)}"17:08
kergothRP: too17:11
rohanmahykergoth: Any suggestions about something I could try next?17:12
kergoththe first thing worth noting is oe-core already provides a mechanism to do what you want, so you don't have to do this yourself at all17:27
kergoth — if you follow the steps in the comments, you'll have two versions of your recipe available to be built, and you can select which using PREFERRED_VERSION as though you had two recipe files for the two versions17:27
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kergothalthough, i think both would be parsed, and if upstream isn't available for every user, maybe that wouldn't be ideal.. hmm17:28
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mrk377IRC check.  Is this received?17:39
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mrk377Hello all.  IRC check.  Is this received?17:44
Croftontest failed17:44
mrk377The new authentication makes IRC login more cumbersome.  Ugh :(17:45
kergothnew authentication?17:46
kergothif you're just talking about nickserv, use a decent irc client and it'll auto-login17:46
mrk377msg NickServ identify blahblah17:47
mrk377All: I deployed an embedded application using jethro a few years ago.  I got krogoth compiling project, and am now jumping to morty.  What are benefits of jumping to pyro->rocko->sumo?17:57
mrk377I hold the kernel fixed due to hardware.17:58
JPEWmrk377: pyro added recipe specific sysroots, which are reallty nice18:07
Croftonalso, like updated versios of stuff18:08
Croftonsome CVE's fixed, new ones introduced18:09
Croftonalso, people will laugh at you for using ancient versions18:09
Croftonolder kernels need patches to compile with newer gcc18:09
mrk377JPEW/Crofton - The CVE's are important for the Information Assurance junkies.  Having updated packages is also a requirement too.  My recipes have required small tweaks for Morty.18:13
mrk377I wonder if leap frogging to pyro->rocko->sumo is best, or jump straight to sumo?  Is one way better for sanity.18:13
*** fischerm <fischerm!~mfischer@> has joined #yocto18:16
Croftonold kernels can hav eissues also18:17
CroftonI'd go all the way18:17
Croftonand try to track new releases18:17
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mrk377thx crofton.  I will try sumo next.18:28
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mrk377All - Is there a way to override checking QAPATHTEST[host-user-contaminated] = "package_qa_check_host_user" in insane.bbclass.  Our docker swarm runs as uid 0, and creates a ton of "is owned by uid 0... contamination"18:38
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JPEWmrk377: I wouldn't recommend it, but you can do WARN_QA_remove = "host-user-contaminated"19:10
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto19:10
JPEWThere are legitamate and serious problems that QA warning can find :)19:11
mrk377thx JPEW19:11
JPEWIt would be *much* better to run as any user other than root :)19:11
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mrk377What are impacts from your experience?19:11
JPEWThat particular QA warning can find cases where recipes are written incorrectly, and the files end up on the rootfs with the UID of the user running bitbake instead of the correct UID (which can be very bad)19:12
mrk377Oh, that is important.19:13
JPEWRunning bitbake as root confuses it because there are *lots* of files on the rootfs owned by root (on purpose), so it cant distinguish between ones that are supposed to be owned by root and those that are accidentally owned by root19:13
mrk377I appreciate your time/input.  It is very helpful for me.19:16
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tgoodwinIs there any package that provides the rest of sysvinit functionality like "service"?19:52
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rburtontgoodwin: service is a ubuntu-specific thing iirc20:03
tgoodwinrburton: I was going off this:
rburtonah, fedora ship it too20:04
rburtoneither way its not standard sysvinit20:04
tgoodwinalright, thanks20:04
rburtonarmpit: poky-contrib:ross/mut.  their cmake files are nonsense, and it fails to link natively right now20:06
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armpitrburton, thanks20:07
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mrk377I didn't get this error with Krogoth, but now it shows on Morty      **QA Issue: core-image-project: Recipe file fetches files and does not have license file information (LIC_FILES_CHKSUM) [license-checksum].  I have about 19 IMAGE_INSTALL packages in my that I don't control (packages from internet).  Must I create LIC_FILES_CHKSUM for the culprits??20:51
mrk377Kick me.  I had a blank (i.e../recipes-connectivity/remserial/ = "")20:56
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fancerFolks, one more time the question regarding SDK.21:10
fancerIs it possible to embed source code of all installed to the image applications into eSDK, so the SDK would be used for offline builds/rebuilds?21:10
fancerI wanna have an autonomous SDK, which wouldn't need the Internet to fetch sources when image rebuild is requested by the SDK user.21:10
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