Thursday, 2018-10-11

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cramalhoHi folks! The  gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-opengl package moved to  gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-opengl in gstreamer 1.14 (yocto master). In meta-webkit, we currently link with -bad but we would like to link with -base if gst >= 1.14 instead. How could I put this logic in a recipe? Currently we have `RDEPENDS_${PN} += " ${@bb.utils.contains('PACKAGECONFIG', 'gst_gl', 'gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad-opengl', '', d)} \"`02:56
khemcramalho: you should just track release branches and match them with oe-core release branches03:21
khemmakes it easy03:21
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cramalhokhem: ok. Thanks!03:28
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sagnerHow get ipk's copied from the work dir to the deploy dir?08:24
sagnerAnd in case sstate is in use, I guess sstate package_write_ipk gets written somewhere before it gets deployed to deploy dir?08:25
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sven^is there any way to install the extensible SDK with internal/non-public git repos used in recipes?08:49
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jostorHi! I am building a yocto image for Raspberry Pi. I want to include support for CAN bus. I think I need to add these parameters to the kernel configuration: CONFIG_CAN=y CONFIG_CAN_GS_USB=y. But I am not sure how to do it. Can anyone help me with this, please?09:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: If else statement using external variable in a bitbake file <>09:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: best approach of image versioning in yocto <> || gcc7 with older kernel 2.6.35 <>09:39
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mckoansven^: eSDK recipes are the same as normal Yocto ones, they can use local repos09:41
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wadim_Hi, I just noticed that the report-error tool is not handling Errors generated by the, e.g: around parseConfigurationFiles:10:07
wadim_ERROR: Layer gstreamer1.0 is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: thud (layer is compatible with sumo)10:07
wadim_Is it possible to fire events for such errors and catch them in the report-error tool?10:07
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jostormckoan: Thanks! I have created a layer, and added /recipes-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi%.bbappend with FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" SRC_URI += "file://defconfig" in defconfig I have added CONFIG_CAN=y CONFIG_CAN_GS_USB=y. Does this look correct?10:41
jostorI get this warning: WARNING: linux-raspberrypi-1_4.14.68+gitAUTOINC+8c8666ff6c-r0 do_kernel_metadata: defconfig detected in WORKDIR. bcm2709_defconfig skipped. Is this OK, or is it replacing the original config with my config instead of appending it?10:42
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kuzulisHi guys. What is a right way to change a content of, e.g. the /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file ?11:36
kuzulise.g. I need to add there the start of my app instead of xclock and so on11:36
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sven^mckoan|away: yes, but I cannot install the SDK because the eSDK installer cannot access the private repos without authentication and ignores ssh-agent or keys I try to provide12:54
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sven^I am having trouble building my kernel via devtool. If I just do devtool modify my-kernel && devtool build my-kernel I get an error that silentconfig failed and I should run make oldconfig. When I go to workspace/sources/my-kernel and copy my defconfig there (as defconfig or .config) I get the same error. (same for workspace/sources/my-kernel/oe-workdir/my-kernel+git999)13:08
sven^I also tried building it manually with "make O=oe-workdir/my-kernel+git999", but get the same error13:11
sven^so what's the correct way to do this?13:11
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banach-spaceHiya! Shouldn't  "$ bitbake-layers show-layers" give similar output to what's in bblayers.conf?14:07
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matman1Has anyone tried building two linux kernels as part of an image. One to boot and another to kexec into for crashkernel?14:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: populate_sdk fails when multilib enabled <>14:40
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opelloif i have a layer that only contains bbclasses i get a warning about BBFILE_PATTERN_layer not matching any files, should BBFILE_COLLECTIONS and BBFILE_PRIORITY_layer also not be set if the layer only contains classes?14:52
rburtonmatman1: latest release can do multiple kernels14:53
matman1rburton, Thanks! i'll take a look at how its done14:54
matman1Do you just add the second kernel as a package?14:56
RyanMeulenkampHi, quick question: using opkg, upgrading busybox makes many of the upgrades after it fail. This is because, int the prerm, busybox removes all it's links, that are required in the control scripts of other packages. After all packages were upgraded, the links are created again. Is there a way to make all packages install sequentially? Or is there some other workaround? I could still do it in a for-loop, but I14:57
RyanMeulenkamprather have some built in config in opkg or busybox, so people are less prone to break the system because busybox happens to be one of the packages to be upgraded.14:57
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matman1rburton, I think I found it. This patch seems to be how it's implemented.
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rburtonshould be in the docs tbh15:25
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RPFiling a bug to document that would be good15:55
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mrk377All: I am porting from Morty -> Pyro.  In my do_rootfs for (core-image-myproj-1.0-r0), it succeeds in my RHEL7 Host OS.   When compiling in docker on a server, it fails on -> Could not invoke dnf. Command '/home/jenkins/workspace/project/bb-layers/poky-pyro-build/build/tmp/work/myproj-poky-linux/core-image-myproj/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/dnf  -y -c .....16:08
mrk377The dnf binary is in the directory.  Any ideas?  I'm stumped.16:08
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matman1What happens when you try to run  the command manually?16:47
mrk377matman1:  In my native RHEL7?16:48
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mrk377For the docker builder - I have just modified our jenkins docker builder to not delete workspace.  After it fails, I can ssh and check if dnf really there and runs without errors.16:51
mrk377I found this ( - Trying another build with "inherit setuptools"16:51
mrk377If this is the issue, then why would it fail in docker but not native RHEL7 OS.  Must be environment (if so).16:53
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matman1It could be a race condition? Perhaps more cores in docker env?17:00
mrk377Hmmm.  Checked docker virtualization.  Has 4 cores.  Could run with BB_NUMBER_THREADS=1 to verify. I suppose.17:07
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tlwoernermsg dreyna_ ping19:40
tlwoernerhalstead: out of curiosity, when you setup build machines, do you use ext4?19:43
halsteadtlwoerner, Yes. The build directory is on an ext4 filesystem.  When CentOS changed to xfs by default we used that for a year or so but experienced reoccurring errors that were hard to reproduce.19:46
tlwoernerdo you enable journaling?19:46
mrk377halstead: I'm still debugging.  It's type overlay.19:47
halsteadtlwoerner, I do on the AB workers but raise the commit time.19:48
mrk377halstead:  Could overlay filesystem be of concern for our docker build machines?19:49
halsteadtlwoerner, Makes recovery easier if it crashes.19:49
tlwoernerhalstead: do you have notes somewhere? because my next question is: to what do you set the commit time? 6000?19:49
halsteadmrk377, We haven't tested overlay much. I've setup training using docker and overlay2 and it worked for the day.19:50
tlwoerneri've generally disabled journaling on my oe build disk, but have had yucky post-power-glitch surprises, so i've grown a tendency to have config/dl/layers outside the build disk, and symlinked in19:51
halsteadmrk377, I wouldn't expect overlay to work well long term unless some care was done during setup to mitigate problems.19:51
mrk377halstead:  Thanks for info.19:52
halsteadmrk377, But I am curious to know if it works well for you and how you are using it.19:52
tlwoernerhalstead: you say "the build directory is on an ext4 filesystem", what other areas/directories do you define?19:52
halsteadtlwoerner, no recent notes. was written when we used 6000. I think it is set to 300 now.19:53
halsteadtlwoerner, We use whatever the distro defaults to for everything except the build filesystem. ext4 on debian, xfs on CentOS, btrfs on opensuse, etc.19:54
tlwoernerhalstead: excellent, thanks. i'll leave journaling off for now then and continue on with my current system of symlinks19:56
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mrk377halstead:  Top level:  We have a jenkins master w/ 10 swarm slaves (RHEL 7) configured/managed using Ovirt using 6 Hosts for generating custom RHEL7 OS deliveries.  The 6 hosts also have local SSDs for caching, but get stored off hosts once complete.  All swarm slaves have 4 cores each.  That is it in a nutshell.20:00
halsteadmrk377, And how are you using overlayfs?20:01
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mrk377The entire filesystem is overlaid with the overlayfs (from ram disk), except for the builder workspace.  It is now completely stateless so Ovirt never creates or tries to recover state.  Reboot time is a few seconds.  When you kickoff a new swarm slave, it automatically registers with the jenkins master.  Sorry if I mentioned that the build is being done on the overlayfs.  It is the opposite.  It is ext4 for the workspace.20:26
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