Friday, 2018-10-12

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ric96What's the status of rk3066 support on meta-rockchip layer from yocto git? I'm looking to build for marsboard-rk306606:26
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LowLanderAnybody that got icecc working with yocto ?06:35
LowLandermy remote iceccd's complain about what "yocto" sends them as toolchain06:36
LetoThe2ndLowLander: we've ahd occaional reports that its supposed to work, yes. are you seeing any particular problems, or was this more of a survey style question?06:36
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LowLanderand localy it gives compile errors as soon as I enable it06:36
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LowLanderthe icecc network works with my ptxdist ( setup06:37
LetoThe2ndLowLander: this is probably not super up to date, but a start:
LowLanderyeah seen taht and that didn't help06:38
LetoThe2ndand suggests that its seeing continueing love06:38
LetoThe2ndJPEW: ^^^^^^^06:38
LowLanderhmmm don't think there is anything relevant commited after "sumo"06:40
LetoThe2ndnot relevant, but maybe some hints to get it working. lets hope JPEW shows up some time.06:40
LowLanderI am a bit surpriced not more ppl use it06:42
LowLanderit seems the way to improve build times06:42
LowLanderwhat timezone is JPEW ?06:42
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LetoThe2ndLowLander: no idea about his time zoen06:57
LetoThe2ndwe just use a bit buildserver and sstate, no need for further tinkering06:57
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EmreTHi there, I need some help. I used devtool modify and update recipe commands and got my patch. But when i start bitbake i got errors. I found that newly added patch somehow broke .bb file licence part. If i commend the patch name from the SRC_URI its working fine. Also if i turn the license CLOSED its working too. Any idea?08:22
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bluelightning_EmreT: depends on what the patch is doing... does it touch any file mentioned in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM ?08:32
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mckoanjostor: is it replacing the original config with your new config08:35
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EmreTIts u-boot patch. I just configured u-boot files (rcw, u-boot board config).In patch there is nothing about License or Yocto config.08:49
EmreTmy error same with on this page08:50
EmreTbut my version i guess diffrent and patch is not compatible with my files.08:51
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LowLanderLetoThe2nd, how do you mean -> we just use a bit buildserver and sstate, no need for further tinkering09:12
LetoThe2ndLowLander: we have a beefy buildserver and utilize sstate cache as much as possible, so we don't need to go to greater lengths for optimizing the build time.09:15
LowLanderah ok09:17
EmreTI changed license file and file path from bb file, after changed it to first license and its working :) so weird.09:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to install a shared library in yocto <>10:44
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jostormckoan: I think so. From what I understand from the warning it does. The image I built with this isn't booting. When I removed the SRC_URI += "file://defconfig" it is booting.12:13
mckoanjostor: I'd run a diff on both to see what's happening12:15
jostormckoan: I am sorry. What should I run a diff on?12:16
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xtron"directories installed but not shipped, /usr/lib/cmst/cmstroothelper" this file is available at this location workdir/image/usr/lib/cmst/cmstroothelper .....    my question is who put this file at this location {workdir}/image12:40
xtronrecipies' makefile?12:40
rburtonxtron: the makefile installed it there. you just need to add to FILES_* to put it in the right package12:41
rburtonif you want those in the main package FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/cmst/" would work, assuming they're all binaries/modules/etc12:42
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xtronrburton: there are alot of other files in workdir/image not being handle by FILES_* so why there is no warning for them?12:42
rburtonbecause FILES has a default value?12:44
rburtonsee bitbake.conf where all the defaults are12:44
xtronrburton: you means values not defined for FILES_* in bitbake.conf have to be define in recipe?12:46
xtronlike additional path?12:47
rburtonFILES_${PN} has a default value, if you want more files in that package then add them to FILES_${PN}12:47
xtronrburton: right, got it12:47
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JPEWLowLander: GMT -5 is my timezone12:59
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JPEWLowLander: What version of Yocto are you using, and what version of iceccd?13:00
LowLanderJPEW tried with sumo13:01
LowLanderand on Centos7 with that icecream13:02
LowLanderwhich is 1.113:02
JPEWLowLander: Ya that should work. Whats the error you see?13:03
LowLanderI know the setup works, because i use it already for ptxdist builds13:03
LowLanderJPEW the remote complains about the toolchain it gets13:03
LowLanderone moment phone13:04
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: configure image sensor device on i2c bus in linux <>13:15
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mckoanjostor: diff old-defconfig new-defconfig13:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: INITSCRIPT_PARAMS not works as expected <>13:45
LowLanderJPEW ping13:47
JPEWj/s :)13:47
LowLanderpesky clients :-)13:47
LowLanderso yeah the toolchain it tries to push to the remote host is not liked13:48
jostormckoan: I got it to work, with some help from agherzan in Renamed the file in my layer from defconfig to can.cfg Now it is working. Looks like when the file was called defconfig it was replacing the original defconfig. I have not quite understood how this is working13:48
jostormckoan: Thanks for your help with this!13:49
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LowLanderresulting in errors like Oct 09 00:48:57 iceccd[6780]: /usr/bin/tar: ./bin/true: Cannot create symlink to `..//usr/bin/true': Permission denied13:51
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LowLanderJPEW it seems it has some weird path setup13:51
JPEWYa, perhaps you can look at the tar file that got generated?13:53
xtronrburton: using FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/cmst/cmstroothelper" still give me warning, and file is not included in packages-split13:54
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JPEWLowLander: tar -tvf tmp/build/ice/<file>13:55
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LowLanderJPEW hang on13:56
mckoanjostor: so your defconfig contanined only portions of modification13:57
JPEWLowLander: Oh I remember why this sounds familiar; do you have sellinux enabled?13:57
mckoanjostor: glad to know it works13:58
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yoctiBug 1479048: was not found.14:01
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rburtonxtron: did you get the path right?  does $libdir match the path? are there other files you're missing/14:02
LowLanderJPEW yes default centos7 setup with SElinux14:04
JPEWLowLander: Ah that would do it. I had to disable selinux, or you can try installing the additional permissions in that bug I filed14:05
jostormckoan: Yes, only the two modifications I wanted to add. I guess defconfig should include all kernel config, and portions should be in a .cfg file.14:05
LowLanderJPEW I'll look into that14:06
JPEWPerhaps you if you also report it they will fix it upstream instead of just closing the bug :)14:06
xtronrburton: that what I'm looking, libdir = /usr/lib64 ... and I need /usr/lib so I've to use prefix14:07
LowLanderJPEW but why is it a problem the same works with ptxdist ( if you don't know that) just fine14:07
JPEWThat icecream toolchain probably doens't have symlinks14:07
LowLanderthe same iceccd hosts14:07
LowLanderJPEW but anyway thanks for the hints, I'll look into that over the weekend14:08
LowLandernow back to pesky client that didn't call for no reason :-)14:08
LowLanderJPEW PS there is very little info to find about ICE+yocto :-/14:10
JPEWLowLander: Ya, I should update the documentation..... I'll throw that on my TODO mountain :)14:11
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LowLanderI have a TODO list with things I need to put on my TODO list ;-)14:13
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rburtonxtron: so you need to tell the makefiles to respect $libdir instead of just throwing stuff in $prefix/lib and hoping for the best14:21
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khemLowLander: it seems you got that idea from hollowchain project16:42
khemwhich is blockchain of blockchains16:42
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kergothat some poine we really need to fix it so bitbake can use -e against skipped recipes17:17
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armpitkergoth, do you know if there is a bug opened for that?19:05
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khemdenix: around ?19:50
denixkhem: kind of :)19:51
khemdenix: I was trying master on bbb and it does not boot19:53
khemknown ?19:53
denixkhem: from meta-ti?19:54
khemyes meta-ti19:54
denixkhem: hmm, should be the same as rocko that we currently productize. the only difference is gcc version... can you try 7.3? and I can check here as well19:55
khem7.3 lets try19:56
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khemdenix: which u-boot should we use for bbb from meta-ti20:07
khemdenix: its using u-boot-ti-staging_2018.01.bb20:07
denixkhem: that's correct20:29
khemdenix: I think there are issues with gcc8 with earlier versions of u-boot20:31
khemdenix: I have recipes where it uses precompiled toolchains for older u-boot/kernels20:32
denixkhem: yeah, officially we use Linaro 7.x for our releases this year20:34
denixkhem, Tartarus: are there u-boot patches to work with gcc 8 that we can back-port to 2018.01?20:35
Tartarusdenix: Depends on target20:35
Tartarusthe xscale thing is hard :(20:35
Tartarusateml has a patch20:35
Tartarusx86 has a patch too20:36
denixTartarus: bbb at least20:36
Tartarusdenix: Well, what's the build error?20:36
Tartarusis what fails out of the box atm20:37
denixTartarus: it builds, but won't boot20:37
Tartaruscan't say then20:37
denixkhem: do you have more input? ^^^20:37
TartarusHaven't done boot test20:37
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bb88Is this an appropriate channel for general yocot/bitbake questions?20:41
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bb88In the context of a .bbappend file, is "SRC_URI_machine += "file://myfile.diff"" the same as "SRC_URI_append_machine = "file://myfile.diff""?20:45
JPEWbb88: They are very similar20:45
JPEWbb88: Although you would want SRC_URI_append_machine = " file://myfile.diff" (note the space)20:46
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bb88JPEW: Would I need that space if I used the += method?20:48
JPEWbb88: No, it is added implicitly20:48
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bb88JPEW: Great thanks.20:50
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bb88I added the SRC_URI_machine += "file://myfile.dff", but it complains: "can't find file to patch at input line 5"20:56
bb88It appears that it does not know what to append to, is there another variable to utilize when using SRC_URI_machine?20:57
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denixbb88: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"21:01
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bb88denix: I am using "FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/diff:"" and I have a diff/ directory containing my patch21:11
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denixbb88: "can't find file to patch at input line 5" - apparently it can't find source file. do you have correct patch level?21:18
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bb88denix: Strange findings... Apparently SRC_URI_machine += "file://myfile.diff" is different than SRC_URI_append_machine = " file://myfile.diff"21:43
bb88Because the latter worked, whereas the former gave me the error21:44
bb88Does "+=" prepend the .bb file instead of appending?21:44
khemTartarus: it build ok, but boot doesnt seem to go past MLO messages,21:48
khemI am building with gcc7 and see if that boots21:49
khemthat will atleast make it a compiler related issue21:49
Tartaruskhem: 7 is OK21:50
Tartarus7.3.0 from is the normal one and I boot my am335x_evm with each push21:51
Tartaruswhich is ~== BBB for what we're doing here21:51
khemTartarus: OK let me see where I endup21:52
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khemdenix: should wic image work for bbb sd-card ?23:41
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