Sunday, 2018-10-14

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto raspberrypi showing default splash instead of raspberrypi splash <>15:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Kernel selection using yocto <>16:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Running a Qt App on imx8 fsl-imx-xwayland DISTRO <>17:54
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litbhello all19:31
litbi got the zedboard19:31
litbcan I use the poky distribution with it? or do i have to use petalinux?19:31
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Croftonpoky should work20:00
Croftonyou need to add meta-xilinx-bsp20:01
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FrostEyes_P1litb: and you will typical start with repo and their manifest
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litbFrostEyes_P1, i just built a poky image minimal for the zedboard20:47
litbbut i'm confused. why should I use petalinux instead of poky+whatever-i-would-need-for-xilinx ?20:48
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litbCrofton, other folks on the internet say that I need to install a minimal fpga bitstream myself, which instantiates the PS7 IP and passes it the board's clock signal21:22
litbhowever I couldn't find that on the official meta-xilinx's README21:23
litbI would think they would mention this, if that's really true21:23
Croftonmeta-xilinx-bsp should have the ps7 files patched into u-boot21:23
litbah i see. so they include a minimal bitstream by default21:23
Croftonno bitstream, just enough code to setup DDR MIO and a few other things21:24
Croftonwhen you make a real design, you may ned to use your own ps7 files21:24
litbi remember, i think it'S a ps7.c file with some lowlevel inits21:24
Croftonthe actual values are in .h21:25
litbCrofton, but if i don't provide such a bitstream, the PS7 hard-IP on the FPGA won't get clock-signals and won't be connected to the DRAM-controller21:25
litbhow will this work without the bitstream?21:25
CroftonTH FCLK"s you get some defaults21:26
CroftonZyng arm runs runs with empty bitstream21:26
litbah i see. nice21:26
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Croftonvery helpful21:26
Croftonget it booting then worry about customizing21:27
litbso what this guy says is incorrect:
litbhe could have installed the ubuntu without any bitstream aswell21:28
CroftonI stopped reading when I saw Patelinux 2016.321:28
litbI imagine when they connect things to M_AXI_GP0_ACLK and configure FCLK, this whole PS7-IP is just a dummy-IP in the diagram which gets translated into corresponding ps7.h values21:30
litblike, calls to configure the PLLs21:31
Croftonthe platform init stuff has morpedh ove the years, but sedboard from meta-xilinx-bsp should make something that boots21:31
Crofton(or it did last time I worked on it)21:31
litbCrofton, i wanna get some experience in the embedded world. figured i would start with zedboard and riscv21:32
Croftondamn it, need to send them a ptch to generate wks images to save screwing with sd cards21:34
litbah, that's what the wic tool uses to create bootable images21:37
litbCrofton, maybe I will add it if it's not too difficult21:44
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