Saturday, 2018-10-13

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tlwoernerbb88: i believe it's a bad idea to mix += and overrides00:19
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denixkhem: yes, if it boots, wic should work01:44
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khemdenix: So I switched u-boot to one from oe-core and its working, I also added copy wks file from meta-yocto-bsp01:50
khemdenix: so it seems something is hosed in TI u-boot01:51
denixbb88: VAR_machine += "val" is not the same as VAR_append_machine = "val"! first one is 2 step process - 1. evaluate += and add to VAR_machine first (which basically sets it, as it was empty) and 2. evaluate VAR_machine by overriding VAR if MACHINE=machine01:51
khemgcc8 or gcc7 is not an issue01:51
denixkhem: ok, I'll dig further. someone was saying beaglebone config had issues, while am335x was fine01:52
denixTartarus: see above ^ - bbb seems to be slightly different than am335x01:52
khemshould I send my patch01:53
denixkhem: which patch?01:53
khemthe one I am using for switching u-boot01:53
Tartarusdenix: oh?01:53
khemdenix: I will send them to ml for reference01:56
khemwhile you debug the issue in ti-staging version, this can unblock master01:56
denixkhem: using latest u-boot from oe-core?01:56
khemdenix: patches are on ml now01:57
denixTartarus: this is 2018.01 base. I had a report someone was getting much smaller SPL when building "beaglebone" compared to "am335x"01:58
TartarusOh yes01:58
TartarusThey're configured differently01:58
TartarusBut ti shouldn't matter wrt runtime failure01:58
khemif you want all the changes then look here
khemdenix: bbb should probably use upstream u-boot since its a community board01:59
khemmay be even kernel01:59
denixkhem: use meta-yocto-bsp02:00
denixkhem: that was specifically configured to be all upstream02:01
khemdenix: I am interested to get it from meta-ti02:01
khemsince there are more TI boards of interest02:01
khemyocto BSP is not of that interest to me02:02
khemOK now everything is working, let me for once switch the PROVIDER to check if it was some other config that fixed it02:03
denixkhem: when I was setting up reference BSP for bbb in meta-yocto-bsp, we wanted all pure upstream, while meta-ti provides TI BSP with few additional pieces02:03
denixkhem: community uses TI kernel and u-boot, FYI02:03
khemI dont think yocto bsps should provide h/w support,02:03
khemit should be purely emulators02:03
khembut thats my opinion02:03
khemit just confuses people02:04
denixkhem: pure emulation is oe-core, not meta-yocto-bsp02:04
khemyeah even that, moment people fork BSPs chaos ensues for new comers02:05
khemI wasnt happy with meta-beagleboard either02:06
khemdenix: there are enough beaglebone variants now to have a meta-bone similar to meta-rpi02:11
denixsure, lets fragment it even further...02:11
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denixkhem: pretty much they are all covered by different dtbs, the rest is the same02:12
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khemdenix: yeah I see that02:14
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khemdenix: I can confirm that only when I comment the highlighted lines
khemMLO breaks02:15
khemso definitely ti-staging-uboot needs to be looked at02:16
* khem goes back to reading animal farm02:17
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denixkhem: yes, understood, looks like same SPL issue someone else mentioned recently...02:30
denixkhem: ah, just realized, since am335x-evm machine config can be booted on bbb, the simplest fix for now would be to change UBOOT_MACHINE :)02:33
denixkhem: btw, am335x-evm is tested on a daily basis, so known to work02:34
denixkhem: but I'll look into figuring out why beaglebone u-boot config breaks SPL02:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: including python in openembedded <>16:50
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