Tuesday, 2018-10-16

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: New Yocto Recipe Builds but Work Directory is Deleted after Compilation <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52826437/new-yocto-recipe-builds-but-work-directory-is-deleted-after-compilation>01:00
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learningcIs there any pppd support in Yocto?01:14
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kergothlearningc: http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/recipes/?q=ppp01:28
tlwoernerwhat's the best way to terminate a runqemu (sumo, qemuarm specifically)? doing a "reboot" or "shutdown -h now" in the VM doesn't stop it01:48
kergoth^a x is how i usually do it, shuts down qemu01:54
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dimmu1313hello, is anyone available to chat?02:05
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khemkergoth: +102:21
khemtlwoerner: I am trying to flash a new firefly rk 3388 board and flash utilities are not recognising the image, do you know if I need ot flash some special kind of firmware/bootloader first ?02:22
tlwoernerkhem: s/3388/3399?02:23
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tlwoernerkhem: when i get a rockchip board, the first thing i do is put it into MASKROM mode and delete the first couple blocks of the eMMC. this lets me work with the device via SDcard, which i find easier02:26
khemsorry 328802:26
khemtlwoerner: I see02:26
khemtlwoerner: can I erase these blocks otherwise ?02:27
khemof MASKROM is the only option02:27
tlwoernerit also lets me work with the board without having to use a pre-compiled binary application02:27
tlwoernerMASKROM is the only way, putting it into RECOVERY mode only lets you access certain parts of the eMMC02:28
khemI see02:28
tlwoernerwhich tool are you using? upgrade_tool? rkdeveloptool?02:28
khembut this means one would need serial connection02:28
khemI am using rkdeveloptool02:29
khemno sorry its upgrade_tool*02:29
khemtlwoerner: I am not interested in wiping out everything, its ok if I can install my own kernel + rootfs02:30
khemany good way to do that alone02:30
khemI am able to upgrade kernel ok02:31
khemso want to find out a way to upgrade rootfs02:31
tlwoernerokay, using upgrade_tool should work02:32
tlwoerner(i'm just looking through my notes...)02:32
khemupgrade_tool is not happy with the gpt image02:44
khemtlwoerner: which image is meant for upgrade_tool02:45
khemit can download ubuntu.img fine02:45
tlwoernerkhem: the output from https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-rockchip/tree/classes/rockchip-update-img.bbclass is usually what's used for upgrade_tool, but looking through it, i only see kernel stuff02:46
tlwoernermaybe the ext4 is just dd'ed raw?02:47
tlwoernerlike i said, i usually just don't bother with the eMMC and create whole images for the SDcard02:47
tlwoerner#linux-rockchip might help02:47
tlwoernerare you using the upgrade_tool's DI command?02:50
khemtlwoerner: whats difference between *-boot.img and *-gpt.img02:51
khemyes di cmd02:51
tlwoerner*-gpt.img is one file containing all the parts needed to boot a rockchip from start to finish (pre-u-boot, u-boot, kernel, kernel-cmdline, rootfs) all munged just the way a rockchip expects it02:53
tlwoerneri'm not sure what a *-boot.img is?02:54
tlwoernerboot.img is the output of mkbootimg which includes the kernel and ramdisk02:55
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tlwoerneri.e. just one part of a full gpt file02:58
khemtlwoerner: so gpt.img is one which I can use with upgrade_tool  uf ?02:58
tlwoernerkhem: hmm, not sure. like i said, i dd the gpt.img to an SDcard, and that's all i need02:59
khemok DI <-p|-b|-k|-s|-r|-m image>02:59
khemwhich one is for rootfs ?02:59
tlwoerneri'm not sure if a gpt is aka firmware02:59
tlwoerneri thought DI was for rootfs03:00
khemdi has many options, it can flash each partition based upon above options03:00
khemI guess -s would be for system image03:00
tlwoernerah! http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Upgradetool03:01
khemillegal hardware instruction  sudo ./Linux_Upgrade_Tool_v1.2/upgrade_tool di -s03:01
tlwoernerwow, not nice03:02
tlwoernerodd, thought, the page i linked says the device must be in maskrom mode to use upgrade_tool, but i'm pretty sure that's not the case03:02
tlwoernermaybe you have to be in maskrom mode to use the DI command of upgrade_tool?03:03
khemupgrade_tool uf says Loading firmware...03:03
khemLoading firmware failed!03:03
khemso it does not like gpt image03:03
tlwoerneri spent a long time trying to sort all this mess out... which is why i just avoid it all by not bothering with the eMMC03:04
tlwoernerthey've put so much effort into being special03:05
tlwoernerbut then don't follow through with open tools or clear instructions03:05
tlwoerneri have 3 different binaries called upgrade_tool that i've found in various places on the internet, none two are the same, no idea how they differ03:06
khemso I guess I need to put the board into maskrom mode03:12
khemany tips on how to do it safely03:13
khemI dont have serial access03:13
khembut its connected to monitor03:13
khemtlwoerner: https://nopaste.xyz/?66272efa3471228b#BkYfoZNg49NAtLuDmmWGGL+AFQmtb7zgkf2C/wgIu5Q=03:15
khemmay be I can use upgrade_tool EB ?03:15
tlwoernerkhem: you don't need serial access to put the board into maskrom mode, just a USB OTG cable and upgrade_tool or rkdeveloptool to zero the flash03:20
tlwoernerbut you do need a wire to short out two points on the back of the board while you insert the barrel jack03:20
tlwoernerkhem: however... if you zero out the eMMC on the firefly-rk3288, you need a gpt image which means you have to build u-boot03:23
tlwoernerfor the last couple months, the latest u-boot hasn't been working on the firefly-rk3288 and nobody has had the time to dig into it to figure out why it stopped working03:23
tlwoerneruser "<vagrantc>" in #linux-rockchip or #u-boot has been working on it off and on, but hasn't found a solution03:24
tlwoernerso if you zero out the flash on your firefly-rk3288, you'll need to build an older image, or play around with the u-boot recipe to build an older u-boot03:25
tlwoernermaster images work fine on the tinkerboard and the vyasa, both of which have rk3288 SoC03:27
tlwoerneri haven't had time to play with my vyasa board yet (after ELCE!) but apparently there's a button on the board to put it into maskrom mode (finally!)03:27
khemI have older images03:29
khembased on pyro03:29
khemthey worked ok so once I figure out way to flash it it might work03:30
khemtlwoerner: I am looking for a non physical way03:30
khemto erase flash03:30
khemwhat is idbloader.img I see that also in deploy dir03:31
tlwoernerodd, i don't have that in my deploy dirs03:50
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learningcI'm trying to add uclibc-staticdev to my build but get's error nothing provides this package. Is this package not included in Yocto?04:22
tlwoernerlearningc: uclibc was dropped a couple releases back, try musl instead04:31
learningcok. thanks04:33
learningcI get the same kind of error with musl04:42
learningcERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'musl-staticdev'04:42
learningcWhat to do?04:43
learningcI'm on morty04:43
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dreynatlwoerner: hi04:49
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lpapphi, is meta-linaro really required to build for arm with morty?06:30
lpappsome colleague pulled in, but I do not really like to have one additional layer at all.06:30
LetoThe2ndlpapp: i have been building forever for arm without meta-linaro06:35
lpappdo you guys use repo to manage your own stuff06:48
lpappopenembedded-core and poky layers, your own vendor layers, meta-linaro, etc, whatever we need?06:48
lpappor just simply git submodules? What is the standard practice?06:48
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LetoThe2ndwe use a custom solution, but in general i'd suggest to use kas06:54
LetoThe2ndif kas was already available when we needed something, i would've used it06:55
lpappwow, never heard about kas06:56
LetoThe2ndyou can certainly use repo too, but repo is more like a upstream source management thing. whereas kas is a one-shot setup solution to reproduce an OE build06:57
LetoThe2ndand i totally prefer the latter.06:58
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RPalimon: it supports the idea of override config files so you can add in your own local-config.json which would override06:58
lpappLetoThe2nd: perfect, but then can I have another question please, namely...07:00
lpappI have this issue with repo, not sure if I had the same issue with kas, that when I pull these repos and their branches together for a complete build, sometimes the build fails... because some repos have issues to come together... now then for example, in my layer, one repo, I fix one thing, and I want to commit from there right away... rather than in another clone separately... but with repo, it is a mess07:01
lpappas it detaches each inner repo from their desired branches...07:01
LetoThe2ndkas does not manage your upstream, simple as that.07:02
LetoThe2ndi don't know ad-hoc if it uses detached heads, but even if it does, its trivial to commit anyways.07:02
lpappwhat exactly do you mean by that07:03
lpappdo I not have to specify where each layer should come from, a github kind of source url of some sort?07:03
LetoThe2ndof course you have to specify that, how would it build?07:03
lpappit is not so much trivial... you have to remember to be always in the right branch07:03
lpappand we humans well ... fail at that thing07:03
lpappis it using containers by the way07:04
LetoThe2ndas i already said, i don't know how the checkout state of kas looks. give it a try and find out.07:04
lpappyeah, looks like it uses docker07:04
LetoThe2ndand no, it does not use docker.07:04
LetoThe2ndthere is a premade docker container that has kas installed, but thats it.07:05
LetoThe2ndby itself, kas is a standard python thing, can be installed through pip07:05
lpappthis is not strictly true07:06
lpappit does use a build environment to avoid host contamination07:06
lpapp"launch minimal build environment, reducing risk of host contamination"07:06
LetoThe2ndreally, i'm totally not into nitpicking. you asked for hints, i gave some.07:06
LetoThe2ndcoffe, now.07:06
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lpappthis configuration thing is a bit complex07:10
lpappI thought most of these are already in the conf directory of the specific layer07:11
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lpappLetoThe2nd: so is there an example kas configuration file somewhere?07:30
lpappoh, https://github.com/siemens/meta-iot2000/blob/master/meta-iot2000-example/kas.yml07:31
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mckoangood morning07:43
zagortgoodwin: I didn't use an initramfs, just a plain rootfs. the wrong UIDs broke my boot since among other things /bin/mount was owned by 1000 instead of root07:44
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lpapphow can I force yocto and bitbake to put the u-boot binaries again in ./tmp/deploy/images/${machine}?08:00
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mckoanlpapp: I usually run bitbake -c cleansstate u-boot and then bitbake u-boot again08:17
mckoanlpapp: http://wiki.kaeilos.com/index.php/Bitbake_options08:20
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RPrburton: systemtap upgrade isn't so straightforward :(08:29
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jofrI have an image that pulls in lots of packages, those packages have library-dependencies.. if I populate_sdk for my <imagename>, will it include those library-dependencies?08:43
LetoThe2ndjofr: yepü08:45
jofrLetoThe2nd: kas. Interesting. I'm doing "repo" but only because it was there and I didn't want to roll my own. Thanks!08:45
jofrLetoThe2nd: And thanks again  ;)08:45
LetoThe2ndjofr: :-)08:45
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sven^uh, when I build my kernel and later do a -c menuconfig it seems the patches are missing. Is there a way to patch the sources and then run menuconfig? I want to create a new defconfig08:48
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jofrsven^: I normally do a -c configure, -c devshell, make my_own_defconfig && make menuconfig08:52
jofrsven^: Because normally I want to menuconfig from my current defconfig.. not totally from scratch.. and finally I copy the .config out of the build directory and put it in my layer  :)08:53
sven^I just did bitbake mykernel -c configure -c devshell and when I run make menuconfig my patches are not there08:53
sven^options I added are missing08:53
jofrDoes bitbake accept multiple -c's?08:54
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sven^not sure. I tried splitting it as well08:56
sven^I mean the devshell is executed, but I am not sure if it screws up in between08:56
jofrErrr.. sorry. The last bit was incorrect, that's what I do with u-boot. My kernel config is in pairs of .scc and .cfg files. I only use menuconfig to get the names of the CONFIG_'s08:56
jofrIt shouldn't..08:56
jofrPerhaps I'm missing a step there. I'm actually not patching my kernel at all.08:57
jofrAnd anyone who actually knows more about this, please chime in  ;)08:57
sven^well, it seems that the order of defconfig is important, so I wanted to use menuconfig to create a proper .config before running savedefconfig08:57
jofro_O  I've never known the order to matter...?08:58
jofrIn any case, -c listtasks ..08:59
jofrIt's got some specific "kernel_" steps09:00
jofras well as "patch"  :p09:00
sven^"Also, it should be mentioned that kernel build system keeps very specific order of options in defconfig file, so it's better to avoid to modify it by hand. Instead you should use make savedefconfig rule."09:01
sven^taken from some so answer09:01
RPrburton: thoughts on whether we should test ftp urls at all in bitbake any more? I think the firewall is breaking the autobuilder :/09:01
jofrsven^: Interesting! I have never stumbled upon that!  :-)09:01
sven^I am not sure if it's true, but I didn't want to take any risks. There are enough knobs to turn that can lead to failing builds :)09:02
sven^it seems that bitbake silently ignores all but the last option given by -c Oo09:04
jofrsven^: I know exactly what you mean.  :-)09:04
jofrsven^: Ahh.09:05
sven^at least it seems like this. I get into a devshell as soon as I do -c menuconfig -c devshell09:05
jofrsven^: So it's just sequentially overriding. Makes sense.09:05
sven^... without a warning or notice -.009:06
jofrsven^: Yeah.. But it's probably just doing a range-for on sys.argv, and if it sees a "-c" it grabs argv[current+1]. Perhaps bitbake needs a patch!  :-D09:08
jofrsven^: I'm also assuming bitbake is written in Python. Which I have actually never checked  :p09:09
sven^lots of the scripts need a patch :)09:10
jofrNow. Has anyone here written a recipe for a package that requires libstdc++fs? I've created a .bbappend for gcc_7.3 where I'm trying to add it, but I'm not sure if I'm going down the right path.09:13
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sven^oh my god. I think I found my problem.09:18
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sven^haven't added the new patch to the recipe's files -.-09:19
woutervhhello, I have a gstreamer-plugin, which is not in bad/ugly/good/base/.... So an own independant gst-plugin, from which I have the source and which is build through meson. the only thing I want to achieve is one .so which is placed in /usr/lib/gstreamer1.009:21
jofrsven^: And you're a bigger man for admitting it.  ;-)09:21
sven^I am already pretty tall09:21
sven^but ok09:21
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woutervhcan somebody point me to a simple bb-recipe for such library? Now I get QA error because I get 3 versioned SO's, which are nowhere to be installed09:21
rburtonRP: it seems that the best idea is to fix the proxies so that codepath gets exercised...09:22
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jofrsven^: I had a collegue who's name is Sven. And he's tall. You're not him, are you?  ;-)09:22
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sven^depends on who you are :)09:22
sven^I have collegues09:22
jofrThis Sven was my colleague at Sennheiser Communications here in Denmark.09:24
sven^that's not me then09:24
rburtonwoutervh: 1) a gst module shouldn't be versioned, as libraries are versioned but not modules.  2) just add ${libdir}/gstreamer1.0 to FILES_${PN}09:24
woutervhrburton, I agree they shouldn't be versioned, but it's yocto which does it, that's why I was asking for an example bb which does not do that. And for 2, will try that09:26
rburtonwoutervh: no, it's not09:26
rburtonthe meson.build file will be saying 'build a library' not 'build a module'09:27
woutervhah, ok, like that09:27
woutervhI think you're right, cause I now added this (2), and now it doesn't complain about the .so anymore, only about the versioned ones09:28
rburtonrule of thumb: yocto just moves files from place to place, and tells other things to do stuff09:28
rburtonso compiling is just "run make"09:28
rburtonif the makefile creates versioned libraries, then its the makefile's problem09:28
woutervhcan I add a rule in the recipe to ignore these versions? And only get the .so? without having a qa issue? So I don't have to change the sourcetree?09:30
rburtonmuch easier to fix the build09:31
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woutervhrburton, well, I don't know. Cause the source is not mine, and also used by other build systems. I prefer not touching it if I can fix it locally. I can also create a patch, but then I can have issues in the future09:35
rburtonif you fix it once upstream then you never have to deal with it again. if you work around it locally when upstream does fix, your workaround breaks.09:36
rburtonwhat recipe is this?09:36
rburtoni'll say again: if this really is a gstreamer plugin then versioning is just wrong09:37
woutervhplugin: https://github.com/woutervanh/gst-plugins-rtp09:37
woutervhbb what I'm currently working on: https://gist.github.com/woutervanh/d270df647be0849fa7edeacb11bcaba809:38
woutervhbut the plugin itself is forked from another one, of which I don't know how they are using it... And I don't want to force them to do it differently then they do know09:39
rburtonit's a bug in their build system09:40
rburtonprobably due to passing version to the shared_library call09:40
rburton"version a string specifying the version of this shared library, such as 1.1.0. On Linux and OS X, this is used to set the shared library version in the filename, such as libfoo.so.1.1.0 and libfoo.1.1.0.dylib. If this is not specified, soversion is used instead (see above)."09:41
woutervhyes, they are indeed passing "version: pkg_version" to therir shared_library call09:42
woutervhbut again, maybe they intended to do it that way, that I don't know...09:42
rburtonwhich is wrong.  delete it. demonstrate that 1) the build works better and 2) the plugin still works. then send that one-liner upstream.09:42
woutervhOk, I can try. Will see if they accept it upstream09:43
woutervhbut I keep the shared_library? Or I change it to shared_module? Do the other arguments still apply?09:45
rburtonthe rest is good09:49
rburtonmodule is relatively new, keep as shared_library09:49
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ak77how to generate only -native package?10:11
ak77... not generate... provide10:11
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woutervhrburton, I have an issue again, and I think I had it before, but in one way or another was able to fix it in the past (I think by intervening directly in the tmp folder) I think it's again related to this meson build. Would you mind to have a look?10:22
woutervhI updated my gist: https://gist.github.com/woutervanh/d270df647be0849fa7edeacb11bcaba810:22
woutervhit's the log at the bottom10:22
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rburtonkergoth: good news!  the boost people have written another build system http://stefan.seefeld.name/faber/10:32
rburtonwoutervh: looks like the meson.build is broken and is passing an empty filename to gcc10:34
rburtonyes, see '-fPIC' '-pthread' '' '-MMD' '-MQ'10:35
rburtonyou'll have to figure out where that is coming from10:35
*** AndersD <AndersD!~AndersD@> has quit IRC10:35
rburtonif something else that uses meson works then its most likely the meson.build in this project10:35
jofrak77: inherit native10:37
ak77jofr: thank you. but then better to have xy-native.bb file because it wont add -native10:37
ak77jofr: yes?10:37
jofror at least that's what I do. I don't know if it has just a naming-convention or if the "-native" part of the name actually has any side-effects...10:38
rburtonif you inherit native directly its expected that you call the recipe foo-native10:39
rburtonthe alternative is to call the recipe foo, and use BBCLASSEXTEND to magically generate foo-native10:39
jofrrburton: But is it a convention or is there something that checks or in some way enforces it?10:39
jofrOhh. Nice.10:39
rburtonif you have a recipe called foo that isn't native then you'll break lots of code which checks for nativeness by looking at the recipe name10:40
rburtonusing class extending is preferred if you have a recipe which you need for target, native and or nativesdk10:40
jofrBut would you do that (the BBCLASSEXTEND version) for something that you will never install unto a target?10:40
rburtonwell, is it possible that it makes sense? or in a sdk?10:40
rburtonif its a tool that has no use outside of native then sure, foo-native and inherit native10:41
rburtonplenty of those in oe-core10:41
jofrI only have one such recipe, and for that particular one: No.10:41
tgoodwinzagor: Ah, I see.  Thanks for clarifying :)10:41
jofrrburton: Thanks for the tip and clarification.  :-)10:43
ak77rburton: yes, thank you10:44
ak77how could I see which recipe/package placed a file in recipe_sysroot_native ? npm of wrong version is installed in recipe_sysroot_native, but as far as i can tell, nodejs-npm is not being installed (which would provide such a file)10:49
ak77(checked dep. graph and manifest file)10:49
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ak77I have found the guilty one, nodejs-native, although it defines nodejs-npm(-native) package that should contain npm executable11:06
woutervhrburton, ah, thanks, missed that one, I'll have a look11:06
rburtonRP: https://github.com/boostorg/python/commit/d4d41d94aecc9f8098aabd3587fcb95458451f71#diff-42dd6ec1330a7c47aaccf2ab2b8f1e0211:10
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RPrburton: so the other application needs updating?11:16
woutervhrburton, thanks, you rock ;-)11:17
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto11:17
rburtonRP: yes11:18
rburtonfedora/debian don't have this as they haven't updated11:19
RPrburton: makes sense, thanks for digging into it :)11:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to solve the problem running ufw-init? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52834330/how-to-solve-the-problem-running-ufw-init>11:33
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ak77of course, DEPENDS doesn't work through packages, but with do_sysroot_populate... how to prevent specific files do be used in do_syroot_populate ?11:44
ak77to describe my issue a little bit more: my recipe depends on nodejs-native, but nodejs' do_populate_sysroot provides old npm, I want to provide my own with npm-native,... there's a clash because sysroot's /usr/bin/npm is already there11:48
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rburtonak77: sounds like node needs to be split so npm can be shipped/upgraded independently11:58
ak77rburton: currently, I added --without-npm to nodejs configure... but looking how to install new version of npm.. without npm :)12:00
ak77rburton: does alternative mechanism work for native as well ?12:03
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: linux extended partition types <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52834625/linux-extended-partition-types>12:03
rburtonak77: no12:03
woutervhI have a question of an application I'm building. I have as common 2 shared libraries, and 3 static libraries, all with their own git repo. Then I have one main application, also with it's own git. Now I want to build the application using yocto12:13
woutervhthe shared libraries are easy to add, but how do you do that with static libraries?12:13
woutervhI just need them at compile time...12:14
RPrburton: Just understood why _remove is behaving oddly, there are two bugs :/12:14
RPit is at least deterministic12:14
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jofrWhy "git-replacement-native" but not just "git-native"?12:28
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RPrburton: should TEST = "A B" TEST_remove = "A" give " B" ?12:30
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RPrburton: currently it doesn't and to do that we have to rewrite the tests but I think we may need to12:49
rburtonit doesn't?!12:49
*** ntl <ntl!~nathanl@nat-wv.mentorg.com> has joined #yocto12:55
rburtonoh do you mean the leading space13:00
rburtonremove does listification doesn't it, so it drops the whitespace13:00
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ernstpRP: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#removing-override-style-syntax13:06
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sveinseIs there a way to add tasks that execute after all other tasks (each)? And is there a way to setup a task that will be run regardless if the previous (before) task fails?13:16
sveinseMy use case is to build a system for collecting log files from specific recipe tasks. Either I implement it in a bbclass that adds log collection tasks (that must run even if the task fails in order to collect the log from it), or I build the framework for this outside of bitbake13:19
jofrdo_package_qa: QA Issue: package <my-own-package> contains bad RPATH <full-path-to>/buld/external/lib in file <full-path-to>/packages-split/<my-own-package>/usr/bin [rpaths] .. I'm a bit lost13:23
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rburtonsveinse: a class that hooks onto build completed?13:31
rburtonie https://github.com/rossburton/meta-ross/blob/master/classes/timer.bbclass13:31
sveinserburton: does the bb.event.BuildCompleted fire even if the build stops/fails?13:33
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jofrI'm writing a recipe that compiles and installs a CMake-based package. But it complains with the message I wrote above: do_package_qa: QA Issue: package <my-own-package> contains bad RPATH <full-path-to>/buld/external/lib in file <full-path-to>/packages-split/<my-own-package>/usr/bin [rpaths] ..13:57
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tgoodwinIs there a correct way for a user recipe to insert a file into /etc/sudoers.d that will not cause a packaging conflict when using RPM packages?   The user recipe inherits from adduser and includes only its home and sysconfdir/sudoers.d/<file> in FILES_${PN}.  When making an image, the packager throws a conflict that sudo also provides the "sudoers.d" directory.13:59
jofrThe executable is a statically linked one. I can manually scp it from the build-directory to the target and run it. My recipe has a do_install() that just installs the executable to ${D}${bindir}and then has FILES_${PN} that lists ${bindir} and ${bindir}/<name-of-executable>14:00
jofrThe "external/lib" folder is one of the artifacts when building the package, but it then statically links that library. i.e. this library should just be discarded and never has to go to the target..14:01
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tgoodwinNever mind, I just found a comment from bluelightning on SO about DIRFILES = "1".  It would be nice if this were in the megamanual.14:04
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jofrSeem to have solved it by adding an: chrpath -d ${B}/<my-executable> to my do_install14:15
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kergoth.. why does bash install a .pc at all, and why is CC included in it?15:28
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ravotusHi all, I had a quick question about the new python manifest file in Sumo (python2-manifest.json and python3-manifest.json).15:43
ravotusI'd like to be able to customize that file in my layer, but it looks like the python recipes (such as meta-devtools/python/python_2.7.14.bb) pull it in by referencing THISDIR in an anonmymous Python function. Is there any official way to customize that file other than editing it in the meta layer itself? The reference manual only talks about how you can edit the file directly.15:43
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RPernstp: thanks, think we may need to edit that...16:16
RPkergoth: would you agree we should preserve whitespace in remove operations?16:16
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RPkergoth: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?h=master-next&id=10f651b7aa4c45a109d7ad490b7b40da1825dfa9 and http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?h=master-next&id=0baeadf4c65da7b70da27dca3d98da7209c1974816:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: linux extended partition types [on hold] <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52834625/linux-extended-partition-types>16:33
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JaMaRP: thanks for those bitbake fixes, small nitpick in "data: Ensure task checksums account for remove data" is typo comibed16:40
kergothRP: I'd agree with that, at least until we get proper typing in bitbake itself, otherwise we have checksums changing when we shouldn't16:42
kergothlooks good to me16:42
RPkergoth: right, I wrestled with it and without typing we can't really do anything else, thanks16:43
kergothi'm not sure we can even do typing without changing the file format — the semantics of when conversions happen to/from string is non-trivial16:44
* kergoth shrugs16:44
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* kergoth yawns16:44
RPJaMa: thanks, tweaked16:45
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RPkergoth: its the performance overhead that scares me :/16:46
kergothoh yeah, that'll be a tough one to deal with16:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: *.bb file error: parser error when using if else condition in yocto sumo <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52840781/bb-file-error-parser-error-when-using-if-else-condition-in-yocto-sumo>17:34
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simple_crafterWhat is the best way to check why a preservice bumped a pr?19:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error on building Openembedded for Intel Quark <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52844178/error-on-building-openembedded-for-intel-quark>21:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to clone a private git repo from within a BitBake recipe? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34596774/how-to-clone-a-private-git-repo-from-within-a-bitbake-recipe>23:05
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