Wednesday, 2018-10-17

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NU-SlackerSay you have a SRC_URI_machinename override in a recipe, and you are making an append.  Is there a way to remove or mask that override from the append?01:04
NU-SlackerSpecifically, having the machine variable override makes the devtool flow more manually intensive and error prone.01:05
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seebs <-- possibly one of the most painful security bugs i've seen recently01:33
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robbawebbaNU-Slacker: Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding your situation, you're trying to have different appends depending on the machine?01:46
kergothsounds like they want to undo a machine override01:46
NU-SlackerYes to both.01:47
NU-SlackerThe base recipe is inside a vendor BSP layer and I'm making a board-specific layer01:48
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robbawebbaahhh okay, The solution that comes to mind is to have a separate directory within your `files` search path for each machine.01:49
robbawebbaI'm not sure if it will fully "undo" the machine override though01:49
NU-SlackerThe annoyance comes with devtool updating SRC_URI but not SRC_URI_machinename when updating or finishing.01:50
kergothdevtool is never going to be a complete replacement for manual recipe/append changes. overrides add a great deal of complexity to source modification01:50
robbawebbaSo you want to append the file for all machines, but one machine (your specific board) has a special file that needs to be appended?01:51
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NU-Slackerkergoth: Understood that devtool cant automate everything.  Just checking to see if Im not missing an easy solution.01:52
NU-Slackerrobbaweba: Pretty much, except that the base recipe from the vendor BSP layer has the override.  I want to make what I have in the append apply to all.  With the current situation I would need to set SRC_URI and SRC_URI_machinename in the bbappend to work01:57
NU-SlackerI guess I could just create a new machine and that would "fix" it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯01:59
robbawebbaNU-Slacker: ahhh i see. In that case, I'm not sure how to cheat the machine override system. Sounds like a manual job :/02:01
robbawebbaNU-Slacker: although I've never used devtool, so I'm not quite sure what I'm mising lol02:01
NU-Slackerrobbawebba:I had never used devtool either until relatively recently.  And of course the first recipe I tried it on had this odd case making it fail.02:03
NU-SlackerIt definitely removes a good portion of the more monotonous tasks.02:05
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robbawebbaNU-Slacker: I'll try and give it a show sometime soon!02:19
robbawebbaUnrelated, I've got a question about switching between two kernel versions for the same image, distro, and machine.02:20
robbawebbaI have two separate recipes for the kernel (4.9 and 4.19). our custom machine.conf file declares PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel, and that's the mechanism we're using to switch between kernel versions. We modify PREFERRED_PROVODER_virtual/kernel in  our custom machine.conf file when we want to switch kernel versions.02:23
robbawebbaIs this the correct way to switch between kernels when all else is held constant? Or is there a better way to switch kernel versions?02:24
NU-Slackerrobbaweba: FWIW that is the mechanism I've used in the past.  Though we usually set it in local.conf (generated by a source controlled setup script)02:30
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robbawebbaNU-Slacker: How could I configure the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel from local.conf? Do I have to use late assignment ( ?= ) in the machine.conf ?02:57
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NU-Slackerrobbawebba: I dont recall specifically, but yes I think we used late assignment03:11
NU-Slackerrobbaweba: I think you can also PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_yourmachinename="your-preference" from local.conf and that will work03:15
NU-Slackerrobbawebba: though thats pretty gross03:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Rocko bitbake process reboot on Ubuntu <>05:06
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RPrburton: bitbake datastore cache is broke for remove operations :(10:04
RPMy patch to fix remove checksumming just proves it :(10:05
RP(and is also bust)10:05
LetoThe2nd(picking up the keyword)10:07
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rburtonRP: doh11:13
OutBackDingook question whats the best way to deal with our custoom package conflicting with a standard yocto package say nginx... we boothh include index.html and well... build ffails11:16
mcfriskOutBackDingo: for config files, bbappend the yocto recipe to not install the file11:17
rburtonbonus points for patching the recipe to split out stuff like that so you can not install them, and sending the patch in11:18
OutBackDingorburton: ohhh goodie11:23
OutBackDingomcfrisk: i was thinking more a bbapend to overwrite / remove theirs and use ours11:23
mcfriskOutBackDingo: yea, that works too11:24
OutBackDingosince id prefer not to much with their tree as we have all metas setup as submodules11:24
mcfriskyay, welcome to git submodule hell.. :)11:25
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RPrburton: I've put revised patches into -next, lets give those a try. Not the kind of changes I like making at this point in a release cycle :(11:26
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OutBackDingothinks we should devices a high level DONT_INCLUDE REGEX  local.conf DONT_INCLUDE=nginx/index.html whicvh basically says recipe nginx doont include file index.hhtml11:33
jofrWhat is the right way to change the PATH for recipes?11:37
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: you can probably construct that relatively easy using a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND11:37
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kuzulisHi all. Is it possible to modify a default script which which generates the sdcard image to copy the rootfs file on single partition?11:41
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: actually a good idea11:41
kuzulisA problem is that the default script creates a two partitions: "boot" and "rootfs".. But I need to have an one partition with both 'boot stuff' and 'rootfs.ext3' file..11:42
kuzulisIs it possible?11:43
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kuzulisI need the rootfs.ext3 file placed on some single partition with the uImage, u-boot and other files..11:44
kuzulisF.e. this script: creates a two partitions... But I need in one...11:46
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jofrI'm writing recipe A. A depends on B-native (also mine). B-native installs some executables to a "non-standard" location(i.e. not ${bindir}) that A needs for its do_configure(). How can I add something to A11:47
jofrI'm writing recipe A. A depends on B-native (also mine). B-native installs some executables to a "non-standard" location(i.e. not ${bindir}) that A needs for its do_configure(). How can I add something to A's PATH?11:47
rburtonjofr: by extending PATH :)11:48
jofrrburton: Thanks! But is PATH a string or a list?11:50
rburtonstandard $PATH, colon-separated string11:50
rburtonnote that if the location is non-standard, its most likely not even in the sysroot11:50
jofrAhh. Ok  :)11:50
rburtononly select bits of a package go into the sysroot, the stuff needed to build11:51
rburtonyou can add more, SYSROOT_DIRS11:51
jofrWhat about environment variables? Can is just set them in my recipe like you mention with PATH? Or is there a predefined list of environment-variables (including "PATH") somewhere?11:52
rburtonif you put 'export' in front of a variable assignment, it gets exported11:53
jofrAnywhere or in do_configure() specifically?11:54
jofrI mean.. Is "export" a bitbake keyword? I seems to me that anything in do_whatervers() are basically just executed as shellscripts (from ${S}), so I assume I can do basically whatever shell-commands in there..? But what I'm thinking about is the rest of the recipe11:56
rburtonoutside of functions, export is a bitbake keyword11:56
rburtoninside a shell function, its shell, so does what you'd expect11:57
jofrNice. Thanks!11:58
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ernstpwith COPY_LIC_DIRS=1 the files in /usr/share/common-licenses on target have the wrong owner, they're owned by the buildsystem user12:02
rburtonernstp: urgh.  bug please.12:02
ernstpI filed a bug about it, but in the meantime I'm trying to work around it12:02
rburtonah ok, what #?12:02
rburtonthe fix is most likely fairly simple, just a chown in the right place12:03
ernstpI guess not many people enable that flag12:03
ernstpadded a FILESYSTEM_PERMS_TABLES with /usr/share/common-licenses             0755    root    root    true    0644    root    root12:04
ernstpbut that didn't take unfortunately12:04
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ernstpThey're a bit tricky perhaps because they're linked and not installed.12:06
rburtonyeah that's ugly12:06
rburtonthe code should just copy12:06
rburtoni thought there was a better way of doing this anyway12:06
ernstpvery much a microoptimization :-)12:06
ernstpah, I guess I could just add a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND to fix it for now12:07
rburtonwell if you turn on LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE you get a PN-lic package for each package installed12:07
rburtonthen you can use complementary packages to pull all those in12:07
rburtoni guess thats not great if a package has complex licensing12:08
rburtona patch i'd positively review would replace the initial link with a copy so the ownership in the rootfs is right12:08
ernstpwill that automatically fix it, even if that code is not running under fakeroot?12:09
ernstp(can you run python code under fakeroot?)12:10
rburtonits a rootfs postprocess12:10
rburtonyeah i dont like this code one bit :)12:10
ernstpbut then again, no one really likes to work on licensing stuff :-)12:12
rburtonfwiw, setting COMPLEMENTARY_GLOB[lic-pkgs] = '*-lic' and LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE="1" and IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " lic-pkgs" might be an interesting experiment12:12
rburtonadd a new image feature, turn on license packages, install them12:13
ernstpfrom the LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE docs it sounded like you don't have to do anything special, it adds RRECOMMENDS12:13
rburtonso it does12:14
rburtonassuming you install PN12:15
ernstpwell those are the licenses you should ship so...12:15
rburtonnot if you have a package that breaks into PN and PN-foo but you only ship PN-foo12:16
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rokmHi, I'm trying to add libinih (meta-oe/recipes-support) to my SDK12:43
rokmdoes anyone know how to handle this ?12:43
rokmand also this package has ALLOW_EMPTY = 112:46
LetoThe2ndrokm: the simplest way is to have your image that you create the sdk for depend in it (e.g., IMAGE_INSTALL)12:48
rokmbut I need lib file and includes in SDK to use it in apps12:49
LetoThe2ndyeah, so what?12:49
LetoThe2ndthe sdk matches the image. so if your image contains the lib, the sdk will include the lib and headers too12:49
rokmye but image contains lib and includes but when I look into SDK there are missing12:50
rokmI use populate-sdk12:51
rokmand even I have this on target12:51
rokmI need them on SDK for cross-compilation12:51
LetoThe2ndyesyes, thats obivous. just saw that it is static lib only. hm, let me check12:51
rokmthat I asked about this ALLOW_EMPTY12:52
rokmTOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append also didn't help12:52
LetoThe2ndthe allow_empty is not the problem. the problem is that the static lib probably is not packed into anything else too.12:53
rokmalso I tried BBCLASSEXTEND = nativesdk12:53
rokmI think all what I found in the internet12:53
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rokmLetoThe2nd: So it there any solution for this ?12:58
mckoanrokm: probably the recipe is not specifying FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/lib*.so.*"12:58
rokmyep original recipe doesnt have this12:59
rokmbut I don't think that this will help in SDK issue13:01
LetoThe2ndmckoan: well the recipe explicitly states that its static only. so the question is a bit, was this intentional (because upstream means it that way) or just lazyness (because submitter likes only static, doesn't care about the rest)13:01
mckoanLetoThe2nd: indeed13:01
LetoThe2ndok, upstream seems to be quite unmaintened, last commit 4 or 5 years ago, but definitively shared-capable13:04
mckoanLetoThe2nd: rokm: in fact it is creating only libinih.a, no .so13:04
LetoThe2ndprobably one should remove the ALLOW_EMPTY, and pass some extra cmake arguments to build the shared version13:05
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: you need to run cmake -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=y .13:09
mckoan[ 40%] Linking C shared library libinih.so13:09
mckoanrokm: please add this into the recipe EXTRA_OECMAKE = "-D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=y"13:11
rokmok will try13:11
LetoThe2ndand remove the ALLOW_EMPTY13:12
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rokmNOTE: make -j 4 -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=y13:18
rokmmake: invalid option -- 'D'13:19
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rokmSo my make doesn't support this13:26
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LetoThe2ndyour make?13:26
rokm  -w, --print-directory       Print the current directory.13:27
rokmmake: invalid option -- 'D'13:27
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LetoThe2ndyeah but that should not even get to make, its for cmake13:27
rokmI run bitbake libinih13:27
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rburtonrokm: did you set EXTRA_OEMAKE or EXTRA_OECMAKE?13:28
LetoThe2ndrburton: ++13:28
mckoanrokm: as I said, you need to run cmake -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=y .13:29
mckoanrokm: and then make13:29
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rokmdoing this from devshell -> OK13:37
rokmfrom bitbake -->  libinih-0.0+gitrAUTOINC+25078f7156-r3 do_package_qa: QA Issue: -dev package contains non-symlink .so: libinih-dev13:40
rokmcould this be related to missing FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/lib*.so.*" ?13:41
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LetoThe2ndrokm: you shouldn't need the FILES_${PN}, actually once the EXTRA_OECMAKE is working properly13:42
rburtonno, because thats the default13:42
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rokmSo is there any parameter that will force to create symlink for this lib ?13:51
rburtonrokm: can you share your recipe?13:52
rburtoni suspect you have more than that13:54
rokmonly these which is in meta-oe13:54
rokmoriginal bb file13:54
mckoanrokm: what is this a .bbappend?13:54
mckoanrokm: not sure ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "0" is correct, I'd remove the whole line13:55
rburtonthats because the recipe has ALLOW_EMPTY=1, because its wrong13:56
rburtonwhy are you passing ${S}/lib in extra_oecmake?13:56
rokmbecause it needs path to sources13:56
rokmwithout this i got error13:56
rburtonthat's passed before EXTRA_OECMAKE though13:57
rburtonand is ${S}13:58
rokmwhen I remove lib at the end i got this linux-gnueabi/libinih/0.0+gitrAUTOINC+25078f7156-r3/build/BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=y" does not exist.13:59
rokmfrom devshell I also had to put lib/ at the end14:00
rokmto be able to compile14:00
rburtonsounds like you need to remove the space between -D and BUILD_SHARED_LIBS14:00
rburtonbecause it thinks BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=y is a path14:00
rburton(yay cmake, always worse than you imagine)14:01
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SaurIf I have two packages foo and bar that both provide virtual/foobar, am I supposed to be able to do EXCLUDE_PACKAGES = "virtual/foobar", or must I do "EXCLUDE_PACKAGES = "foo bar"?14:02
rokmgot the same results -> -dev package contains non-symlink .so: libinih-dev14:02
SaurWe just upgraded to Sumo, and it seems the former worked with Rocko, but not with Sumo...14:02
rokmit works witkout /lib at the end14:02
rokmbut the result is the same14:03
rburtonrokm: so guessing the cmake file is broken and the shared library isn't versioned14:03
rburtonwhich is bad form14:03
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rokmI assume that it is not possible to fix this from recipe14:08
rokmlibinih is under "new bsd" So I think it will be faster, easier and legal that I will just compile it into my app14:13
rokmanyway thanks for support14:13
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rburtonrokm: the wiki page i linked to tells you how to work around14:32
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kasper150Hi, i'm looking for some help with meta-qt5. I'd like to change default libs path (/usr/lib) to custom (/opt/lib) on the target. I've been trying for 2 days and still have problems with building (yocto-sumo).14:37
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mckoanrokm: use this
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rokmmckoan: thanks I will try it15:13
rokmmckoan: do_install will put libs on target which I dont need15:14
rokmbut now I hope thet there will not be a problem since so are generated15:16
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mckoanrokm: good luck!15:20
mckoanrokm: I wonder how you can not to use on the target if your app is using them though15:21
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rokmhehe ;) now I have too, still had in mind .a lib15:23
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kuzulisHi guys. Why I got:  No IMAGE_CMD defined for IMAGE_FSTYPES entry ... mesage when I try to create an own image type?15:49
rburtonpresumably because you didn't set IMAGE_CMD for your image type?15:50
kuzulisI have created a new class file "foo-image.bbclass" and put it to 'foo-layer/classes15:51
kuzulisIn this image I have added: IMAGE_CMD_foo() {}15:51
kuzulisIn this class-file I have added IMAGE_CMD_foo() {}15:51
kuzulisAnd I have added to IMAGE_FSTYPES = "ext3 foo"15:52
kuzulisDo I need to 'register' the 'foo' typename elsewhere?15:53
rburtonyou need to actually inherit foo-image15:54
rburtonjust putting it in the folder doesn't do anything15:54
kuzulisdo you mean in my file?15:55
kuzulisAhh... it work15:57
kuzulismany thanks15:57
rburtonbest to inherit it at a distro level so any image can use it15:57
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kuzulisrburton: Do you men via INHERIT += 'foo-image' inside of a *.conf file?16:03
rburtonkuzulis: presumably you have your own distro, as poky is an example.  put it in that16:04
rburtonit being INHERIT, yes16:04
kuzulisNow I got:  Variable do_image contains tabs, please remove these16:06
kuzulisbut I don't see any tabs16:07
kuzulisI use only spaces16:07
*** cquast <cquast!~cquast@> has quit IRC16:07
kuzulisMaybe I need in: IMAGE_CLASSES += "foo-image" ?16:10
kuzulisinstead of inherit?16:11
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kuzulisWhat does this means: "Variable do_image contains tabs, please remove these " ?16:17
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has joined #yocto16:18
kuzulisMy foo-image.bbclass is simple: inherit image_types and IMAGE_CMD_foo () {}16:19
kuzulisBut I got an errors, related to tabs16:19
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kergothuse bitbake -e yourimage to examine the actual final do_image task16:45
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rburtonRP: just sent a patch to add PACKAGE_EXCLUDE to opkg backend.  it replaces the previous warning patch.16:50
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RPrburton: great, thanks17:15
RPkergoth: this remove change is proving to be a right pain to get working correctly :(17:16
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uglyoldbobIm writing a recipe for a shared library (libfoo) and a recipe to use that shared library (junk). My junk recipe give me a QA issue of "requres, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_junk". How might i fix this?17:50
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uglyoldbobit looks like it is examining /bin/junk, determining it needs, and complaining that it's not in rdepends. how might i fix this?18:00
kergothadd libfoo to the recipe DEPENDS to begin with. beyond that, it'll get added to RDEPENDS automatically if you link against it normally. if you dlopen it, you'll need to explicitly add libfoo to RDEPENDS_junk in the junk recipe18:02
uglyoldbobi'm linking normally. I add libfoo to DEPENDS, I still get the QA issue18:03
kergoththe do_pcakage task examines all elf binaries and maps them to the recipes that provide them and adds them to rdepends for you18:04
kergothso either it wasn't able to pick up that libfoo provides it, or wasnt able to pick up that junk needs it18:04
kergothyou can examine the shlibs directory in tmp18:04
kergothor actually i think thats under sysroots now18:04
kergothbut that's how it maps elf shared libarries to the packages that provide them18:05
uglyoldbobsysroots/blabla/pkgdata/runtime-rprovides/libfoo ?18:07
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uglyoldbobi think i found my problem. I didn't provide a libfoo.spec file in my libfoo recipe (I used pkgconfig in that recipe)18:18
kergothbitbake doesn't care about .spec files, it's not used for shlibs at all18:19
rburtonuglyoldbob: quite possible that the library is built weirdly and doesn't conform to expected behaviour18:20
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rburtonpresumably you can't share the source?18:20
uglyoldbobrburton: correct. it is built with autotools and generates pkgconfig data as well18:21
rburtonusing libtool to build the library?18:22
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uglyoldbobyes. lib_LTLIBRARIES = libfoo.la18:22
rburtonweird :)18:23
rburtonif you read the log.do_package for both you'll see what it scans as the library provides, and then the library depends18:23
uglyoldbobadding a libfoo.spec file in my libfoo source made the QA warnings in junk (user of libfoo) go away18:24
uglyoldbobwait nevermind, i did a bitbake -c cleanall libfoo, and that apparently resolved my problem18:28
rburtonso just needed a rebuild18:29
rburtonweird, but works now i guess :)18:29
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