Friday, 2018-10-19

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ak77jofr: did you solve your /opt case?06:36
ak77kuzulis: this is known, the ext3 image is not not yet in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE06:41
ak77kuzulis: it's in the IMGDEPLOYDIR06:42
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JaMaRP: last round of _remove bitbake changes seems to have unexpected change in behavior, ping me when you're around to discuss (or I'll send it to list after gathering more data008:19
banach-spacehello! Does the order in IMAGE_INSTALL matter?08:19
LetoThe2ndbanach-space: it basically should not08:20
banach-spaceSo would you say that alphabetical order is a good practice?08:20
LetoThe2ndbanach-space: *shrug* i tend to group by functionality. i would say that any understandable order is a good practise.08:21
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banach-spaceTa LetoThe2nd !08:22
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kuzulisHi all08:43
kuzulisak77: What do you mean about "this is known, the ext3 image is not not yet in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE" ?08:44
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: this means that DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE is a pure output dir that you're not supposed to rely on.08:45
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Hi. Many for your help. Sorry for delay..08:46
kuzulisuglyoldbob: I tried bbwarn  "${IMAGE_NAME%-*}" and it returns an empty string08:46
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: the imagetypes you depend on are provided in IMGDEPLOYDIR08:46
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Ahh.. do you mean, that I need to take the *.ext3 files from there (from IMGDEPLOYDIR)?08:49
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: eeeexactly08:50
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: actually its just infrastructural enforcement of an already known best practise08:51
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: and it removes undeterministic reliance of your builds on the deploy-dir08:51
LetoThe2nd(but yeah, i got bitten by that too.)08:52
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kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Many thanks. Hmm.. but it does not work too.. because I construct that path as $DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.ext308:56
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Where ${IMAGE_NAME} returns a path with the timestamp08:57
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: e.g. irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6-20181019085311.rootfs.ext308:57
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kuzulisbut, seems I need in  irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6.ext3 which is symlink to thet file08:59
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: well, inspect the variables and the respective directory contents. but IMGDEPLOYDIR is certainly the correct starting point.09:01
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: seems I need to use the IMAGE_LINK_NAME instead of IMAGE_NAME to generate a full ext.3 path09:03
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Do I need to use an equivalents of IMGDEPLOYDIR but for the U-Boot, Linux Kernel and other stuff by analogy?09:15
kuzulisif I want to copy an U-Boot, Linux Kernel's stuff to another location09:15
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LetoThe2ndkuzulis: no idea, our system is a bit different there.09:20
kuzulisok, many thanks for your time09:21
LetoThe2ndnp, good luck09:21
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RPJaMa: hi, around now. Just looking at your email09:36
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: I have another question: my yocto does not generates the mbr.bin && boot.vfat files. Do you know where is it?09:37
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: nope. those are not generically known files, but something the is probably either board or bootloader specific09:39
kuzulisok, clear09:39
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RPJaMa: I reproduced with just OE-Core and a bbappend09:41
RPJaMa: what is interesting is that code uses OVERRIDES to apply pkgname so it does d.getVar("RDEPENDS")09:43
RPJaMa: now I know that I can try and write a simpler test case09:44
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RPJaMa: patch in -next and on the bitbake list11:28
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JaMaRP: thanks, cherry-picked to my builds to test it12:04
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JaMaRP: I'm still a bit surprised that it caused QA error only in these 2 cases and not in all RDEPENDS_${PN}_remove case I have (a lot)12:06
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uglyoldbobwhere do i look to troubleshoot my pkg_postinst_blabla functions?12:12
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banach-spaceWhat happens (or should happen) if two layers contain recipies for similar package/git-repo (yet 2 different versions). Is there any overriding taking place is it basically a FIFO?12:26
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kergothbanach-space: layer priority controls that in the absence of a PREFERRED_VERSION13:18
rokmHello I have one question, why on one VM during extracting SDK I got "exec: /usr/bin/env: argument list too long"13:22
rokmon another PC It works OK13:22
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no_such_userLetoThe2nd: Sorry for the delay replying! Thanks - is there a standardised way of using containers for Yocto? Im quite interested in this as I was already thinking about using a more virtualised environment to standardise my builds (was originally thinking vmware)13:29
no_such_userLetoThe2nd: I was also looking into using toaster - can it work with containerised builds?13:30
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kuzulisGuys, how I can add the 'truncate' command to my script?13:36
kuzulisbecause a script fails with: run.do_image_miaimg.31444: truncate: not found13:36
kuzulisI tried to add : do_image_miaimg[depends] = "truncate" or 'truncate-native' but it fails too13:37
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kuzulisAhh.. I need in coreutils-native.. sorry13:45
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mrk377All Question:  sumo and sumo-next are different SHA-1.  Is it best to go with sumo-next due to bug fixes or should I stick with sumo for a release?13:50
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jofrIs there a difference between "FOOBAR +=" and "FOOBAR_append"?13:55
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jofrSorry. it's in the manual.  :P13:57
BubuIICdoes anyone know what could be the reason why  do_deploy task doesn't deploy anything until I manually clean the sstate cache?13:57
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mrk377I see cross-compiler changes and using the host gcc instead of the cross-compiler.  That is necessary.  I need sumo-next14:03
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banach-spaceThank you kergoth !14:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: tree of dependencies for python library in yocto build <>14:47
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banach-spaceIf I have a recipe for a package, say foo (which is 100% sure parsed), does this mean that foo is going to be installed? Or do I have to add it to IMAGE_INSTALL (or somewhere else as a dependency)?15:55
kergothno, adding a recipe makes it available to be built, that's all15:55
kergotheither bitbake foo or add foo to IMAGE_INSTALL or otherwise add it to a dependency of something you're building15:56
banach-spacegot it, thank you kergoth !15:56
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uglyoldbobanybody know what might cause a gtk+3 demo program to no properly go fullscreen?20:09
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rburtonuglyoldbob: maximise or full screen? maximise will keep the title bar if you're using matchbox, proper fullscreen should work though21:03
uglyoldbobfullscreen. I'm getting black borders around the program. matchbox-terminal doesn't do this21:04
uglyoldbobgtk reports window size of 200x20021:04
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rburtonmatchbox-terminal is a gtk+ app, so i'd be looking at what your demo app is doing21:07
rburtonmaybe it has size restrictions in the code21:07
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* uglyoldbob will be back monday21:33
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