Thursday, 2018-10-18

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rokmH, what I should set in my recipe If I want to have my lib in target SDK ?06:18
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rokmall parameters with "nativesdk" results that lib is available on x86_64-nativesdk .....06:21
rokmbut I see that I have to have this lib + includes into ../core-image-base/1.0-r0/sd/image/ ....06:22
rokmto use these files in SDK after populate_sdk command06:23
rokmSo the difference between other lib and my is that my is missing in this sdk/image path06:24
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T_UNIXI generated a sdcard image and it fails to mount the kernel's `debugfs`, as well as `/tmp`, `/var/volatile` etc.06:38
T_UNIXis this a known problem?06:38
T_UNIXthis happened on rocko06:38
learningcIs it possible to see the compile messages when building a package?06:44
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T_UNIXlearningc: whilst building a package or afterwards?06:46
T_UNIXafterwards you'll find the log in `build/tmp/work/$architecture/$packagename/$version/temp/do_compile.log` (or similar)06:47
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T_UNIXit appears to be host-contamination. I.e. all core utils are owned by the bitbake executing user -.-'06:59
rokmHi, I solved problem with missing lib in my SDK but I don't know how to populate includes07:03
rokmI have them on target image07:04
learningcT_UNIX, Can we view it while building?07:04
rokmbut I don't see them on target SDK, do you know how to configure my recipe that it will copy includes to target SDK ?07:05
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T_UNIXlearningc: you might be able to do that by invoking more verbose output (`-D flag`) on the compile task. I.e. `bitbake -DDD -c compile $mypackage`07:06
learningcI see07:06
learningcI want to do that for the kernel07:06
T_UNIXmy `coreutils` (v8.27) stay host-contaminated even after cleansstate + rebuild07:13
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rokmIs it possible to prevent package do_fetch, do_compile ?07:35
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rokmbut I want to parse package recipe to build RDEPENDS packages07:36
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rokmmckoan: hello :)07:39
rokmyour workaround for libinih versioning works07:40
mckoanrokm: nice07:40
rokmalso I added some parameters which populates to target SDK07:40
rokmbut I can't force to populate includes07:41
rokmincludes are on target image07:41
rokmbecause I added it in do_install07:41
rokmbut I don't see them on SDK image07:41
mckoanrokm: please share your actual recipe07:42
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rokmadditionally I added TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK in core-image-base.bbapend07:45
rokmand in my local.conf SDKIMAGE_FEATURES = "libinih"07:49
jofrnokm: -dev?07:49
rokmfor SDKIMAGE ?07:50
jofr(Keep in mind: I'm a n00b who's just trying to be useful..  :p  )07:50
jofrrokm: But for my images, I'm doing TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK += "libstdc++-dev libstdc++-staticdev"07:51
rokmwill try07:51
jofrrokm: In order to get the C++ stdlib into the SDK07:51
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jofrrokm: So I'm just guessing you need something similar (i.e. -dev and/or -staticdev, depending on how you intend to link)07:53
rokmI've added -dev but I will take a while07:55
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jofrWhat is the correct way to specify that my do_configure() step should happen within my ${S}?08:04
jofrIt's currently being executed within "build".. (also, this recipe inherits cmake)08:05
rokmI think that there is no specific path to build08:08
rokmI also used in my recipe ${WORKDIR}/build/...08:08
rokmor I think ${S}/../08:08
jofrThe build directory becomes ${B} .. which is fine for most of it.. I'm just relaying on a tool for the do_configure(actually do_configure_prepend()) that needs to be executed with CWD=the source directory08:09
rokmuhh :|08:12
jofrI can have my do_configure_prepend() do: cd ${S} && <custom in-house toolname> && cd ${B} .. but it seems.. ugly...08:12
mmircea3948What is the best way to provide a different file in SRC_URI (eg. a conf file for nginx) based on the image being built. In one image I need a conf file, in another image I need a slightly different one. One of the image has IMAGE_FEATURE =" production " - can I use this somehow in the nginx.bbappend ?08:22
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jofr(Pretext: I *know* it's not how it's supposed to be done.) Is there a way to have a recipe use particular tools from the build-host system?09:09
ak77jofr: what kind of tools? you can have native build the tools, then DEPEND on that package and it should be available in the PATH09:17
jofrMy situation is that I'm building an in-house application, but its build requires an in-house tool, a compiler for building protocol files (custom in-house equivalent, but not at all the same as, protobuf). This compiler is written in C# and needs to be executed with Mono. Since Mono isn't required on the target system at all, I was just wondering if I could take a shortcut and use the mono-installation from the host-system, instead of having my recipe depend on m09:19
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ak77mmircea3948: but DEPENDS doesn't make files available on the target (that's RDEPENDS), it makes them avaiable for compile09:21
ak77oh. wrong user09:21
ak77jofr: it was for you what I wrote to mmircea394809:21
ak77jofr: so, you make native package that gets this tool and does do install to ${bindir}, then in your recipe in DEPEND on this -native package, and you should be able to use a tool09:22
jofrak77: I know. It's working fine when I have my recipe depend on mono-native. It just takes a huge amount of time to fetch and build mono .. which just seems like a waste of time to me, since I already have it on the host-system. And the output of this build-step is .cpp files, but not actual binaries that will get installed into the target.09:23
ak77jofr: ?09:26
jofrak77: Aha! Seems like what I'm looking for.  :-)  Thanks!09:27
jofrak77: Now I just have to make up my mind on whether I actually want to do this or not..  ;)09:27
ak77jofr: i, personaly, would not. building mono-native is one time thing, and then it's available09:28
jofrak77: I'm on the fence, because depending on mono-native feels "correct"09:28
jofrak77: Exactly.09:28
kuzulisHi guys. I tried to create a skeleton of an own image_type_my.bbclass. Which contains only IMAGE_CMD_myimg () {09:30
kuzulis    bbnote "Create MY image"09:30
ak77mmircea3948: something like this maybe ?09:30
ak77mmircea3948: this is from bbappend file09:30
kuzulisAlso I have added IMAGE_CLASSES += "image_type_my" and IMAGE_FSTYPES = "myimg"09:30
kuzulisHow I can know that my changes were applied?09:31
mmircea3948jofr: I have thins in local.conf: HOSTTOOLS += "java" ...09:31
ak77mmircea3948: this pastebin shows how to add multiple lines to FILESEXTRAPATHS with custom subdirectories,09:31
ak77kuzulis: do you see bbnote output? try bbwarn09:32
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kuzulisak77: Where I should to see that message?09:35
ak77ak77: when you do bitbake image09:35
ak77ak77: when you do bitbake `image`09:36
kuzulisak77: No, I do not see it09:36
ak77ak77: did you change it to bbwarn09:36
kuzulisak77: Yes09:36
ak77ak77: stop talking to yourself09:36
ak77kuzulis: then it's not applied :O09:36
kuzulisak77: Maybe I need to see it from a some log file?09:37
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ak77kuzulis: bbwarn should be seen during bitbake `image`, do bitbake `image` -c cleansstate, bitbake `image`, if that doesn't work question is over my head09:37
kuzulisak77: Ahh.. I see now: WARNING: blabbla-m-image dp_image_myimg: Create MY image09:41
kuzulisak77: Many thanks09:41
kuzulisHow I should specify a dependency of myimg type from the ext3 image type? Is IMAGE_TYPEDEP_myimg += "ext3" a correct way?09:46
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ak77kuzulis: looking at (which I believe is battle tested stuff), it seems a right way to do09:49
kuzulisak77: Ok, many thanks09:52
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kuzulisGuys, another question: How to use a nested functions inside of a IMAGE_CMD_myimg {} ?10:28
kuzulise.g. I have created an empty function: _deploy_foo () {10:29
kuzulisand add it into:10:29
kuzulisIMAGE_CMD_мимг () {10:29
kuzulis    bbwarn "Create МЫ image"10:29
kuzulis    _deploy_foo10:29
kuzulisbut bitbake 'my-image' fails than10:30
kuzulisthen, with a strange errors10:30
kuzulislike: '/run.do_image_myaimg.13211: Syntax error: "}" unexpected10:31
jofrThe proper way to append to SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE, is to to add ${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/my-directory?10:45
jofrIn the manual, I can't see another variable that contains the prefix I need to match the entries that are aready in SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE..10:46
jofrAlso the "Note" below it seems to indicate that this is the proper way to do it10:47
rburtonkuzulis: look at run.do_image_* and have a look at line 1321110:48
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jofrStill having problems with my -native recipe (A). It installs stuff into ${D}${bindir} but also into ${D}/opt. I then have a recipe (B) that depends on A. Recipe B's recipe-sysroot-native has all the things I installed into ${D}${bindir} in recipe A, but not /opt. I've been trying all kinds of combinations in recipe A, in order to add /opt to SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE in order to get /opt over to recipe B, but none of it works. What I've tried goes along the lines of: S11:19
jofrIf I do SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE_append = "${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/opt" and in recipe A's do_install step do a: echo "${SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE}" > /tmp/sysroot.txt, I can see that my line has been added to SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE and it looks just like the other ones.. but for some reason it's not being copied (or symlinked or whatever) over to recipe B's recipe-sysroot-native11:21
jofrOr do I have to append to SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE in recipe B? Seems counterintuitive...11:22
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no_such_userPotentially contentious question : I'm setting up a new build server - until now, most of our build machines have run Ubuntu LTS, but Ive been aware that a few tools tend to be maintained with distribution for debian only... Any particular pros/cons to changing? Im pretty much distribution agnostic myself but prefer to use longer supported releases11:50
LetoThe2ndno_such_user: run your server on what ever you are comfortable with, and use containers suiting the build needs.11:50
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kuzulisWhy IMAGE_TYPEDEP_myimg = "ext3" ignores/11:58
kuzulisI have added IMAGE_FSTYPES = "ext3 myimg"11:59
kuzulisbut seems that myimc calls before than ext311:59
kuzulismyimg runs before than ext312:00
kuzulisin my IMAGE_CMD_myimg script I try to copy the rootfs.ext3 file to another location.. but this rootfs.ext3 file does not exists12:02
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kuzulisbut it I do comments out 'myimg' in IMAGE_FSTYPES = "ext3" , thwn the rootfs.ext3 creates12:02
kuzuliss/but it/but if12:03
kuzulishow to make the image types dependency order?12:03
kuzulisI have looked an example from:
kuzulisand created an own bbclass by analogy with that.. but seems, IMAGE_TYPEDEP_xx does not work.. wtf?12:04
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zagoruhm, how do I tell bitbake to create new image files (tmp/deploy/images/*) when I stupidly deleted mine?12:12
zagorrunning "bitbake <image>" gives me "Attempted 1789 tasks of which 1789 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded."12:12
zagorI tried cleaning some packages, and -c do_rootfs but same result12:14
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uglyoldbobthe -f flag forces a step to run12:15
zagorright, but I'm guessing there are lots of steps to run to recreate all these files12:16
zagorI find it a little puzzling that it doesn't detect that the output files are in fact not there12:17
kuzulisWhy this doc: lies?12:22
kuzulisThe IMAGE_TYPEDEP ignores at all12:23
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zagorhaha. "bitbake -f -c do_rootfs <image>" produces ... .testdata.json :)12:27
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tgoodwinIs this invalid syntax: do_install_class-native[cleandirs]?  It doesn't seem to be getting parsed (the directory is not cleaned ahead of the install task).13:12
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to copy content from .repo/manifests during repo sync? <>13:12
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uglyoldbobis it possible to have an optional file in SRC_URI?13:19
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tgoodwinuglyoldbob: yes, use an inline python expression like ${@bb.utils.contains('your variable', 'some value', 'if true', 'if false', d)}13:20
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uglyoldbobthat's useful but not quite what i meant. I was thinking something like SRC_URI += "file://blabla". If blabla is found then great, if blabla is not found then oh well keep going.13:23
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tgoodwinuglyoldbob: oh... hmm.  Well, you could still do something similar still using that method but instead making it an if statement using the os python package to check for the file.13:24
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tgoodwinThat could get dicey though since I think you would want to scrape all of the file paths for that recipe.13:24
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tgoodwinuglyoldbob: so, it would be something like ${@'file://somefile' if os.path.exists('path to somefile') else ''}13:26
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uglyoldbobtgoodwin: thank you13:29
tgoodwinuglyoldbob: sure thing :)13:29
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kergothbb.utils.which() against FILESPATH would probably be needed as well unless you hardcode the path you're checking13:35
tgoodwinkergoth: is there a correct way to use "class-native" and varflags together?  I'm using 1.36 and it throws no error when I have "do_install_class-native[cleandirs] += ..." but it also does nothing to those directories.13:42
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kergothremember that until overrides are applied, do_install and do_install_class-native are separate variables with separate flags. application of overrides can bring over certain specific flags, iirc, but not all13:43
kergothi'd suggest an indirection13:43
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kergothMY_CLEANDIRS = ""; MY_CLEANDIRS_class-native = "foo"; do_install[cleandirs] += "${MY_CLEANDIRS}"13:43
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tgoodwinkergoth: thanks!13:51
kuzulisGuys. I don;t understand, why my IMAGE_CMD_myimg called before than the *rootfs.ext3 file created? I have added IMAGE_TYPEDEP_myimg = "ext3"... IMAGE_FSTYPES = "myimg" and IMAGE_CLASSES += "image_type_my"13:53
kuzulisMy CMD is:13:56
kuzulisIMAGE_CMD_myimg () {13:56
kuzulis    bbwarn "Create MY image"13:56
kuzulis    cd ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}13:56
kuzulis    mkdir my-out13:56
kuzulis    cp ${ROOTFS} my-out/rootfs.ext313:56
kuzuliswhy roots.ext3 not exists when IMAGE_CMD_myimg() called?13:56
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uglyoldbobbitbake -e imagename | grep ^ROOTFS14:01
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kuzulisuglyoldbob: ?14:12
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woutervhHello, is there a possibility to collect all sources for an image?14:12
woutervhso I end up with a bunch of tar.gz's or something?14:12
woutervhI still have the sources in like 10 years, when half of the git-repo's stopped to exist (I don't know)14:13
LetoThe2ndwoutervh: here you go
woutervhgreat, thankss14:16
uglyoldbobkuzulis: that command should tell you what the value of ${ROOTFS} is. If it is the location of a folder or blank, the plain cp command will not work14:17
kuzulisuglyoldbob: This returns an expected file path.. But in reality this file not exists yet when IMAGE_CMD_xx called.. It is a problem14:19
kuzuliscp fails because the file not exists!!!14:20
kuzulisbut why rootfs.ext3 creates after the IMAGE_CMD_xx? it is magic for me14:20
kuzulisbecause I already created a dependency IMAGE_TYPEDEP_myimg = "ext3"  !!!14:21
kuzulisas I understand, in this case IMAGE_CMD_myimg shoul be called after the ext3 created.. but this not happens!!14:22
kuzuliswtf? I spent a lot time to understand.. why.. but it is not clear to me14:23
uglyoldbobkuzulis: have you looked at the notes for IMAGE_FSTYPES?
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC14:30
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Yes14:31
kuzulisuglyoldbob: But I did't use inside of IMAGE_FSTYPES14:31
kuzulisuglyoldbob: But I did't use IMAGE_FSTYPES inide of image recipe.. I use it inside of a .conf file14:32
*** OutBackDingo <OutBackDingo!~quassel@unaffiliated/outbackdingo> has quit IRC14:38
uglyoldbobkuzulis: it looks like meta/classes/image_types.bbclass has an oe_mkext234fs writes its output to "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.$fstype"14:41
uglyoldbobkuzulis: maybe ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.ext3 would work ?14:42
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!~bunio@2a02:a313:433c:cd00:510d:6b8e:5a80:d6e4> has quit IRC14:42
kuzulisuglyoldbob: I construct my ROOTFS name in image_type_my.bbclass as: MY_IMG_ROOTFS = "${IMAGE_NAME}.rootfs.${MY_IMG_ROOTFS_TYPE}", where MY_IMG_ROOTFS_TYPE ?= "ext3"..14:43
kuzulisbut bitbake -e <image> | grep ^MY_IMG_ROOTFS_TYPE returns: *-20181018144110.rootfs.ext314:44
kuzulisbut bitbake -e <image> | grep ^SDCARD_ROOTFS returns: *-20181018144001.rootfs.ext414:45
kuzulisuglyoldbob: So, as you can see that its timestamps is different14:45
kuzuliswhy? :)14:46
uglyoldbobkuzulis: the filesystems were built at different times. it looks like they were generate 9 seconds apart from each other14:47
uglyoldbobor 1 minute and 9 seconds. lots of 0 and 1 there14:47
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kuzulisuglyoldbob: No, yor suggestion does not helped..14:50
kuzulisuglyoldbob: CP fails with:14:51
kuzuliscp: cannot stat 'irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6-20181018144833.rootfs.ext3': No such file or directory14:51
kuzulisbecause the *.rootfs.ext3 is not exists in that time14:51
kuzulisbecause (as I said before) IMAGE_CMD_myimg runs before than ext3 dependency completes14:52
kuzulisbut why?14:52
uglyoldbobkuzulis: what is ls -la (deploy dir here)/irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6-*ext314:53
kuzulisuglyoldbob: There are (in deploy dir) no any *.ext3 file14:53
kuzulisuglyoldbob: But if I make the IMAGE_CMD_myimg empty (e.g. with a simple 'echo' command), then *.ext3 creates14:55
*** OutBackDingo <OutBackDingo!~quassel@unaffiliated/outbackdingo> has joined #yocto14:56
OutBackDingogrrrr struggling with file /var/www/index.html conflicts between attempted installs  of A and B14:57
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has joined #yocto14:57
kuzulisuglyoldbob: So, the ext3 creates too late14:58
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Is any other way to defer the IMAGE_CMG_my ?15:00
uglyoldbobkuzulis: can you pastebin your image_type_my.bbclass ?15:00
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*** kaspter1 is now known as kaspter15:07
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kuzulisuglyoldbob: Is any workaround to do not use IMAGE_TYPEDEP ?15:16
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has joined #yocto15:18
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Is it a but in Yocto?15:24
*** Carton__ <Carton__!~jo@2a02:120b:7ff:51a0:b534:6cc1:9ea4:820f> has quit IRC15:25
uglyoldbobkuzulis: i'm examining the custom image type on my system15:26
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dreynaHi Ross, I have started my meeting15:32
rburtondreyna: bug triage overran, joining now15:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: conflicting requests error while building SDK <>15:43
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uglyoldbobkuzulis: what does ls -la tmp/work/machinename/imagename/bla/temp/log.do_image_ext3 and ls -la tmp/work/machinename/imagename/bla/temp/log.do_image_miaimg say?15:44
*** aratiu <aratiu!~adi@> has joined #yocto15:44
kuzulisuglyoldbob: first: tmp/work/apalis_imx6-poky-linux-gnueabi/irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_image_ext3 -> log.do_image_ext3.2796215:47
kuzulisuglyoldbob: second: tmp/work/apalis_imx6-poky-linux-gnueabi/irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_image_miaimg -> log.do_image_miaimg.2923115:48
uglyoldbobkuzulis: what is the timestamp reported?15:49
kuzulisuglyoldbob: How I can see it?15:51
kuzulisuglyoldbob: cp wants this ts: cp: cannot stat 'irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6-20181018154537.rootfs.ext3': No such file or directory15:51
kuzulisuglyoldbob: but on FS placed a previous file: irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6-20181018153543.rootfs.ext315:52
uglyoldbobkuzulis: ls -la shoudl show something like "lrwxrwxrwx 1 tepperson tepperson 25 Oct 18 11:35 tmp/work/de0nano-poky-linux-gnueabi/bh-de0-nano-1/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_image_miaimg -> log.do_image_miaimg.21152"15:52
kuzulisuglyoldbob: ahh.. first: lrwxrwxrwx 1 denis denis 23 окт 18 18:3715:53
kuzulisuglyoldbob: second: rwxrwxrwx 1 denis denis 25 окт 18 18:4515:54
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kuzulis23 and 25 october o_O15:55
uglyoldbob23 and 25 are filesizes15:55
kuzulisahh.. yes15:55
uglyoldboblooks like the recipes are being called in the correct order. it matches my results as well15:56
kuzulisuglyoldbob: It is strange15:56
kuzulisuglyoldbob: any other ideas why ext3 does not exists in reality?15:56
uglyoldbobtry adding ls -la ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE} into your IMAGE_CMD_miaimg, then check the log.do_image_miaimg log15:57
kuzulisuglyoldbob: First:
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Second: lrwxrwxrwx 1 denis denis 25 окт 18 18:58 tmp/work/apalis_imx6-poky-linux-gnueabi/irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_image_miaimg -> log.do_image_miaimg.2952416:00
uglyoldbobkuzulis: it looks like the image name contains a variable that depends on the current system time. it would seem this is regenerated within your image generation function, resulting in a different filename.16:03
kuzulisuglyoldbob: ok, many thanks.. I will try to find that..16:05
uglyoldbobkuzulis: find a variable that resolves to irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6.ext316:05
uglyoldbobkuzulis: it symlinks to the latest image created, which is most likely what you want16:05
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kuzulisuglyoldbob: Is this variable related to adding the '2018101815437' value?16:07
*** Crofton_ <Crofton_!~Crofton@> has joined #yocto16:07
uglyoldbobkuzulis: try echo "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${IMAGE_NAME}.ext3"16:09
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kuzulisuglyoldbob: I tried 'bbwarn ${IMAGE_NAME}' and it returns: irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6-2018101816102416:11
kuzulisuglyoldbob: So, as I understand, I need to get the  irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6 instead of irp-embedded-qt5-x11-image-apalis-imx6-20181018161024 ?16:13
uglyoldbobkuzulis: that is correct16:14
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kuzulisuglyoldbob: Previously I had this: update_file_timestaps() {16:14
kuzulis    # Update file timestamp to 1 second since Epoch time.16:14
kuzulis    TZ=UTC find ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} -exec touch -h -m -t '197001010000.01' {} \;16:14
kuzulisROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND += "update_file_timestaps; "16:14
kuzulisbut I have removed it16:15
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Do I need delete whole build-<blabla> directory and to start bitbake <image> from scratch?16:16
uglyoldbobkuzulis: not likely16:17
*** Hoolootwo <Hoolootwo!> has joined #yocto16:17
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Hmm..16:18
uglyoldbobkuzulis: try this: echo "${IMAGE_NAME%-*}"16:19
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kergothkhem: nice, vscode settings sync extension supports vscodium, code portable, and now has per-platform/per-hostname settings. much more useful now18:10
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xtron1how to start a build then detach from the bitbake server, later can connect to see the progress19:46
bluelightningxtron1: don't think it can work that way right now, I believe it is expected that there is at least one active UI19:48
bluelightningxtron1: the practical way to do such a thing is GNU screen / tmux19:48
bluelightning(I use screen for this all the time)19:49
xtron1bluelightning: there is option " --server-only " which will start without UI, I never used that19:50
frayactive UI can be the web one for toaster19:50
fraythen you can effectively 'detach'19:50
xtron1but don't know how to re-connect :P19:50
xtron1--server-only         Run bitbake without a UI, only starting a server19:51
xtron1i should give it a try19:51
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kergothi use tmux myself20:01
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nowayyI can't use linux/nvme_ioctl ? I have to use linux/nvme? And even then I'm getting error: aggregate 'nvme_admin_cmd cmd' has incomplete type and cannot be defined. It's struct nvme_admin_cmd.20:36
nowayyuname -r: 4.4.3-yocto-standard20:36
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