Monday, 2018-10-22

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woutervhHello, In my image file, I generate a tarball. In this tarball, I want to add a specific script. Now I add it by doing an echo "" > in my do_generate_tarball method itself07:23
woutervhbut can I put it somewhere and rely on it in while generating my tarball?07:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe fails at do_compile <>07:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Update a recipe that was previously based on master branch but now is released with version <>08:31
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magicmoonanyone willing to help me with a do_rootfs fail?09:53
magicmoonchecked the log files and this is the error09:54
magicmoonConfiguring libgCollected errors: * check_data_file_clashes: Package python-nose wants to install ../rootfs/usr/bin/nosetests But that file is already provided by package * python3-nose09:55
magicmooni checked the web for problem solutions but without any luck09:55
magicmoonit would be really nice if someone can help me solving this issue09:56
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jofrmagicmoon: Seems like you're trying to install both a Python 2 and 3 version of the same package..10:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How imaging and recovery is done in Yocto <>10:32
jofrmagicmoon: Are those packages a part of your definition or are they being pulled in by stuff you're installing from other layers?10:37
jofrmagicmoon: i.e. have you explicitly defined python-nose or python3-nose in an IMAGE_INSTALL somewhere?10:38
magicmooni did a bitbake-layers show-recipes10:38
magicmoonand there is python2 and python 3 in meta10:38
magicmoonwhen i remove the packagegroup-ros-comm i included to the image build everything works fine10:39
magicmoonwhen i include it i get the do_rootfs fails error10:40
jofrshow-recipes shows you a full list of all the recipes that are at your disposal. That doesn't mean it's going to build and install all of them.10:40
magicmoonhmm is there a way to show only the one i build?10:41
jofrYou're building both. That's your problem.  ;)10:42
magicmoonno what i mean is there a bitbake command where i can see only the used recipes10:43
magicmooni did the command bitbake-layers show-recipes image-xfce10:47
jofrI'm not sure.. You could do a bitbake -g <your-target-name> and then look through the generated dot-file10:48
jofrThat only shows you which layer provides the recipe you pass in10:48
magicmoonhow is it possible to find out where python-nose and python3-nose is being used?10:49
jofrI'd to the -g solution10:50
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jofrPerhaps someone can chime on with something better10:50
jofrso in your case: bitbake -g image-xfce10:50
magicmoonok did that10:51
jofrand then grep "python-nose" and "python3-nose" from the resulting recipe-depends.dot10:51
magicmoonok so the python3-nose is in packageroup-d-dev10:54
magicmoonand python-nose is in packagegroup-ros-comm10:54
magicmoonwhen i remove the packagegroup-ros-comm and do the bitbake -g no python-nose is to find11:00
magicmoondo i have to tell packagegroup-ros-comm to use python3-nose?11:01
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jofrmagicmoon: Here's what I would do, and I'm not saying it's best practice or optimal and someone might correct me: I'd go through your layers and see what recipe is installing this package. For that purpose I would probably "ack" for the package name (ack-grep) and see what recipe exactly is installing it. Then I'd probably create a .bbappend and override the dependencies for that recipe to depend on the same version as the other one.11:24
jofrI'd probably leave in the python-nose dep, and remove the python3 one. Furthermore, I'd probably change the recipes that depend on python*-nose and replace those tests with something else and push those patches upstream, because according to the nose website, this software has been in maintenance mode for several years and they recommend people write their tests using something else.  :)11:27
jofrNormally I would always recommend getting rid of "legacy" python (anything <3) but in this case, according to their website, nose has "python3 support" .. but it looks a little bit like it's something that's been thrown in using 2to3.. But I'm not sure.  :)11:29
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magicmooni found a workaround11:55
magicmooni put these :PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-opencv = " python3"11:56
magicmoonPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-opencv = " python" in the local.conf11:56
magicmoonnow it compiles and does the rootfs11:56
magicmooni will try to flash the hardware and see if everything else keeps working11:56
magicmoonand hopefully i can then finally use ros11:56
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banach-spaceHello! Would you know what ROOTFS_RO_UNNEEDED is? I'm struggling to find any references in the documentation.12:08
banach-spaceI'm trying to get update-rc.d to work on a READ_ONLY rootfs and was hoping that ROOTFS_RO_UNNEEDED is relevant here.12:09
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uglyoldbobI'm having difficulty with a basic barebones gtk+3 app not going fullscreen on my yocto image. Does anything look retarded for a basic demo in this?14:13
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kuzulisHi guys. How I can to know what of linux kernel recipe will be applied for specific image? When I run, e.g.: bitbake-layers show-recipes | grep linux it shows for me a lot of recipes..14:22
uglyoldbobkuzulis: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel14:24
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Ahh.. many thanks14:25
kuzulisThen a next question: What is a best way to provide an own *.dtsi files? 1) Add additional linux-kernel recipe with a required patches... or 2) Provide an own custom *.dtsi file?14:27
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uglyoldbobkuzulis: there are several options. Creating a bbappend file for your kernel would work well. Then you can either have a patch to add your custom file, or directly copy your file with the bbappend recipe. The latter may be easier14:32
kuzulisuglyoldbob: Ok, many thanks14:33
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uglyoldbobwhat happens when i run gtk3 programs without a manager?15:37
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lpapphi, is it possible to run samhain via ash?16:09
lpappit seems to come with new Yocto, but bash is a bit too much for a resource constrained platform16:09
lpappotherwise we might need to disable samhain16:10
kergothexactly how resource constrained are you?16:15
kergothevery board i've tested for the past 8 years can probably handle bash :)16:15
lpapp32 MB flash16:17
kergothoh wow, that brings back memories of zaurii and the like :)16:19
lpappand we are using quite resource hungry services already, which is not going to change overnight16:19
* kergoth nods16:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Editing an already existing patch file <>19:03
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peniwizeI need to configure my Yocto image to include an initramfs and I need to add some scripts to the initramfs.  Are there any tutorials or blog posts that explain how this all works?  I’ve done some digging and it appears that I need to create a recipe to build a kernel that includes an initramfs and then reference that recipe in my rootfs recipe.  Is this correct?20:31
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T_UNIXis anybody using bitbake in combination w/ gitlab-runner (CI)?21:21
T_UNIXI'd be interested in how to configure bitbake to integrate nicely with the notion of 'canceling' a job21:21
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