Tuesday, 2018-10-23

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Using PREMIRRORS in Bitbake configuration <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52940431/using-premirrors-in-bitbake-configuration>03:05
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angelo_tshi, what does it means exactly " oe_runmake failed " ?06:41
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kasper150Hi, i'm looking for some help with meta-qt5. I'd like to change default libs path (/usr/lib) to custom (/opt/lib) on the target. I've been trying for 2 days and still have problems with building (yocto-sumo).09:05
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jofrkasper150: But... why?  :p09:14
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boucman_workyeah, that would also be my first question...09:21
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angelo_tshi, building a C application, library includes (.h) are not found while building. I see the headers in the temp build sysroot, could you point me to some docs to solve this ?09:29
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sherlock_stoneslo all, need some help with debugging a process hanging up systemd09:33
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kasper150jofr boucman_work I use a kernel with bundled initramfs and overlayfs. I'd like to add qtwebengine but the size of initramfs is too big. Thats why :D09:35
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hitendraI tried to build latest openjdk-8 (V 162b12) . It successfully compiled for armv7 processor, But when I run java on imx6 module (Toradex) , it give me core dump Error.09:46
hitendraI used sumo branch09:46
hitendraanyone have any idea on this ??09:49
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hitendraany help on this issue?09:59
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hitendraactually i created linux os with yocto  latest (sumo), and clone letest meta-java banch and truing to build openjdk-8 . it compiled successfully , when i run the java on hardware (imx6 module (Toradex)) it casue core dump error10:07
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hitendraany solution friends??10:08
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magicmooncan anyone help me with this: i want to install meta-ros to my image that is going to be flashed on a jetson tx211:24
magicmoonwhere can i tell bitbake to get the packagegroup-ros-comm into the image11:25
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: just add it in the IMAGE_INSTALL of your image recipe11:25
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: if you do not have an image recipe, step #1 of any yocto project based thing: create an image recipe11:26
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magicmooni do have an image recipe11:26
LetoThe2ndwell then add it there.11:26
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magicmoonits image-xfce.bb11:27
magicmoonthen i add IMAGE_INSTALL_append =+ "packagegroup-ros-comm"11:27
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: that sounds wrong.11:27
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: sounds like you are modifying some image in an upstream layer11:28
magicmoonyes i added it to an existing image11:28
LetoThe2ndbad idea. better always have a layer of your own where you do stuff. imagine you need to update said layer for an update or bugifx. what happens to your modifications?11:29
magicmooni will have to add it again11:30
LetoThe2ndsse, thats why it is a bad idea.11:30
magicmoonwell as u can see i am a noob11:30
magicmoonactually i got this yocto build and just want to add the meta-ros to the build11:31
LetoThe2ndin general, when ever you are modifying something in a layer that you downloaded (and that you do not maintain yourself), it is almost certainly wrong (exception, you are preparing a patch to submit)11:31
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: "just want to" often goes astray, sorry.11:31
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joseppcI get the error "nothing provides /bin/awk", when building kernel-devsrc. Any ideas how to solve this?11:32
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: so the appraoch should be to add meta-ros to your build, and add a meta-magicmoon to hold your personal stuff11:32
submuxI've managed to build a raspberry pi image with docker... but I'm pretty sure I'm missing something pretty big. Should I be making a recipe instead of just modifying layers and local.conf?11:32
LetoThe2ndsubmux: depends on what you want to do.11:33
submuxLetoThe2nd, I am hoping to make an image that I can use for managing centrally. I have written some kernel modules and also want to configure SSH keys in the image.11:34
magicmooni will flash the device now with the updated image11:34
magicmooni'll be back in a few min11:34
LetoThe2ndsubmux: i don't get the point. "an image i can use for managing centrally"11:35
LetoThe2ndso what is it that you want to do? add your drivers? add some software? rebuild it with alternating configurations?11:36
submuxLetoThe2nd, I'm planning on doing something like ResinOS if you know that platform11:36
LetoThe2ndsubmux: ah11:36
submuxAnd also have some form of CI/CD in place so I can write tests against it11:36
LetoThe2ndsubmux: well then why not just use their stuff (and fork it if you really need substantial modifications)11:37
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submuxLetoThe2nd, I agree that would likely be the best solution, but for the moment, I know Docker quite well but I don't know Resin.IO. Also, their stuff really works very well against their cloud platform, and I can't really use that11:38
LetoThe2ndsubmux: hum well ... i just sense that you are basically still working the steep learning curve of openembedded technology.11:39
LetoThe2ndsubmux: you'd need one or more layers to hold your stuff. you'd need recipes for everything you want to add, you'd have images for things to biuld11:39
LetoThe2ndplus, extra machines etc..11:39
submuxAnd to do anything meaningful with that, I need to better understand openembedded tech as you said. It'll be a steep learning curve, but I believe it is worth the investment. Yocto is some pretty impressive technology from what I've experienced thus far11:40
LetoThe2ndif the resin.io is too much for you maybe also look at oryx (i think its called like that) from tagon labs. its basicall the container tech without cloud foo11:40
LetoThe2ndanyways, l√ľnch.11:40
submuxThanks for the info!11:40
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hitendrai created linux os with yocto  latest (sumo), and clone letest meta-java banch and truing to build openjdk-8 . it compiled successfully , when i run the java on hardware (imx6 module (Toradex)) it casue core dump error11:53
hitendracan anyone help me on this?11:53
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kuzulisHi guys.. How to add the 'u-boot-fw-utils' package to the image? I have added PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot-fw-utils = "u-boot-fw-utils" and EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS += "u-boot u-boot-fw-utils ..."11:59
kuzulisBut I did not see the fw_setent files in my rootfs12:00
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kuzulisI see that this file is in working directory12:01
kuzulisbut it does not installs to the rootfs12:02
uglyoldbobkuzulis: EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS: A list of recipes to build that do not provide packages for installing into the root filesystem.12:10
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kuzulisuglyoldbob: Do I need to add this to RDEPENDS_${PN} ? e.g. to my packagegroup-xx.bb?12:13
uglyoldbobkuzulis: that should work12:13
kuzulisok, many thanks12:13
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LetoThe2ndrather, IMAGE_INSTALL12:33
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: ^^^^^12:33
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kuzulisOhhhh.. I already added it to RDEPENDS... let's be there )))12:36
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: i cannot properly argument if RDEPENDS works properly for images, but if it does not, don't be surprised.12:37
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: the general idea is like this: an image specifies what packages to install through IMAGE_INSTALL12:37
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LetoThe2ndkuzulis: packages (respectively their recipes) specify what need for being built (DEPENDS) and to work at runtime (RDEPENDS)12:38
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: where you actually only need IMAGE_INSTALL and DEPENDS about 90% of the time12:38
kuzulisAhh.. ok, thanks, I will use IMAGE_INSTALL then12:39
LetoThe2ndno magic involved. we usually hide the arcane stuff at completely different locations :)12:40
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kuzulisthx for yours, times, guys12:40
LetoThe2ndjust alsways remember: if you ask here and get no aswer, then it means that either a) nobody knows or b) nobody has time to spare.12:42
LetoThe2ndif sombody answers, then ... well, thats the point of a support channel12:42
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magicmoonhi again13:24
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acrapHi, guys!13:34
acrapI have an answer. Can I add qemu binaries to image? The goal is using qemu on target machine.13:35
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acrapI've found meta-virtualization, but that's not what I am searching for.13:36
submuxacrap try meta-virtualization13:36
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acrapsubmux: I've added virtualization to DISTRO_FEATURES, but that doesn't add qemu binaries to rootfs13:37
LetoThe2ndacrap: erm, have you tried just doing IMAGE_INSTALL += "qemu" ?13:39
acrapLetoThe2nd: yep, I've tried it (local.conf), but it looks like it just ignored. No errors, no qemu in rootfs13:40
LetoThe2ndi mean, qemu has a boatload of options to tune, but basically looking at the recipes suggest it should be installable like any other thing13:40
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magicmoondid anyone here had success with integrating meta-ros into his yocto project?13:41
LetoThe2ndacrap: for a quick hack test (to be poured into proper code later) you can just do BBCLASSEXTEND =+ "native nativesdk" in meta/recipes-devtools/qemu/qemu.inc13:42
LetoThe2ndacrap: (instread of the '=') thats already there13:42
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: well did you already follow the steps i gave you? create your layer to contain your steuff, add an image recipe in there?13:43
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LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: or are you stuk even earlier?13:44
acrapLetoThe2nd: seems like I used a wrong local.conf (too much build directories...). It is compiling now.13:46
LetoThe2ndacrap: local.confusion13:47
LetoThe2nd(i hereby declare that to be the official #yocto pun)13:47
submuxacrap... good to see you got it, I was looking and just figured it out :)13:50
magicmooni did13:51
magicmoonbut its still not working13:51
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angelo_tsbuilding a CPP app by yocto, for ARM, i get full of " #error "Unknown __WORDSIZE detected"" , what could it be ?13:51
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: ok, now try to be precise. what is "not working"13:53
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magicmoonok in the image i get by bitbake when i look into it there is under /opt a ros folder14:01
magicmoonwhen i flash this image to the target this doesn't get into the opt folder on the target14:02
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: does your board have a mount overlaying /opt, maybe?14:02
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magicmoonhmm can u tell me how i can check that?14:03
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: on your board, run "mount"14:03
LetoThe2ndif in doubt, copy-paste it to a pastebin and share the resulting link for us to have a alook14:03
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magicmooni just typed mount14:07
magicmoonand the the result is at pastebin14:07
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: line 22, clearly an overlay mount14:07
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: so something is totally messing up your board, the numbering suggests that there are almost 20 partitions in mmc block device14:08
LetoThe2ndi seriously suggest to yell at your supplier to provide a proper setup including documentation14:09
LetoThe2ndwhat kind of hardware and board is this?14:09
magicmoonthis is an ecu with the nvidia jetson tx2 som14:14
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magicmoonthe board is up and running but i don't see the ros stuff on the system and i am wondering why14:17
LetoThe2ndmagicmoon: seriously, go yell at whoever gave it to you.14:17
magicmoonyeah ... well ... u know ... yelling will not help me to solve this14:18
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LetoThe2ndit sounds very much like you are an intern or such that was just handed the gear and are supposed to get something working, but you are lost in so many ways that just trying to beat it into shape here forever will not going to solve it either14:18
magicmoonwell u can definatly say that ... i have to solve it so i can push out ros messages from the system14:19
LetoThe2ndan ecu is pretty specific hardware, and the nvidia stuff is not exactly a prime example for good board support either. this means, either tell your supervisor that you need seirous assistance in real life (instead of just IRC) or that this thing will not work14:19
LetoThe2ndso you are actually fighting a couple of battles at once: 1) you seem to be quite a linux novice 2) probably even more an embedded novice 3) you have hardware nobody knows 4) you have a setup that is probably super specifc (for a reason or not, i don't know) 5) and for all chances, a broken board support package14:22
LetoThe2ndi mean, one can patch out at that mount. but why is it even there? somebody probably put it there for a reason. and unless you know who that was and why, just beating at the thing will do more harm than good.14:23
LetoThe2ndsorry to say, but ask for proper assistance.14:23
LetoThe2nd(off for coffee. much coffee)14:23
magicmoonok will do that14:24
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jofrI'm trying to build some code using the SDK + CMake, but CMake completely ignores the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in my CMakeLists.txt and only uses the ones provided by the SDK. Is there some method to define those that I'm not aware of?15:15
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jofrDo I need to specify the flags in a recipe before I populate_sdk?15:16
neverpanicjofr: How do you set the flags in your CMakeLists.txt?15:18
jofrneverpanic: set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-Wno-psabi")15:20
jofrneverpanic: When I "make", I do indeed get those psABI warnings, and a "cmake -LA <path-to-CMakeLists.txt>" shows that the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS is the Poky-SDK default ones: CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:STRING= -O2 -pipe -g -feliminate-unused-debug-types15:22
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jofrI've tried deleting everything from my build-folder to make sure CMake is regenerating everything, but it doesn't matter..15:26
jofrBut, It's not critical or anything.. It's just annoying.  :-)15:27
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bachpjofr: I can only recommend to follow modern CMake practice and don't set CXX_FLAGS like you did. https://pabloariasal.github.io/2018/02/19/its-time-to-do-cmake-right/ gives a good overwiew how to do it.19:32
scgmdHaving an issue with the external linaro recipe duing do_install.  Has the cp -a ${TOOLCHAIN_PATH}/${ELT_TARGET_SYS}/bin/{ld*,objcopy,strip,nm,ranlib,as,ar,objdump}  the {ld*,objcopy,strip,nm,ranlib,as,ar,objdump} portion is being treated as a single filename19:33
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scgmdAhh...finally realized I had dash enabled still on the system21:33
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