Thursday, 2018-10-25

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: do_compile: oe_runmake failed and do_compile: Function failed: do_compile error while building yocto project <>07:15
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armpithas ypdd started ?07:42
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LetoThe2ndarmpit: technically yes08:06
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Crofton__LetoThe2nd, how do you get in ?08:23
Crofton__any guards?08:23
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LetoThe2ndCrofton__: just the usual. orcs, ogres, a hungry balrog and some lf folks </SCNR>08:27
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Crofton__as always, I forget to register as staff08:27
Crofton__I think :)08:27
LetoThe2ndCrofton__: well the usual door bouncers asking for badges are still there08:28
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RyanMeulenkampHi guys. Question: how should I create library symlinks? If I do this in the image_postprocess step they disappear before the image is built..08:33
RyanMeulenkampAt least, the symlinks that I place in /lib or /usr/lib do. If I place them in another location they do remain. Which step causes them to disappear?08:34
mns_Anyone else observing extreme slow uninative downloads ?08:35
RyanMeulenkampI meant rootfs_postprocess instead of image_postprocess by the way.08:36
LetoThe2ndhalstead: ^^^^^^^^ (mns)08:36
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LetoThe2ndRyanMeulenkamp: hum, why are you jumping through those magic hoops anyways, instead of getting stuff straight during do_install?08:37
halsteadThanks LetoThe2nd08:38
halsteadmns_ which region is the download happening in?08:39
mns_Denmark (Europe)08:40
RyanMeulenkampBecause the recipe it actually 'belongs' to has it's IPK's generated externally.08:41
LetoThe2ndRyanMeulenkamp: huh? you have a recipe that takes externally packaged ipks? or is it actually not a recipe, but something you just inject in the package feed08:42
LetoThe2ndRyanMeulenkamp: despite the fact this sounds extremely painful, the standard approach would be to do repackaging in the recipe. there's examples on doing that for debs, for example08:43
halsteadmns_ thank you. I'm checking a few things.08:43
mns_halstead: Tracepath available here: - don't know if it makes any sense to you08:43
RyanMeulenkampLetoThe2nd: Hmm alright, I'll have a look. Thanks!08:46
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angelo_tshi, how can i skip do_compile step ? I just need a do_install08:55
halsteadmns_, I'm seeing between 64-100mbps to Amsterdam and the UK. Can you run 'tracepath' and e-mail the result to
LetoThe2ndRyanMeulenkamp: i think there was some doc or example but can't find t right now too.08:55
LetoThe2ndand rburton is offline. i'd suggest to poke him08:56
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: here you go:
angelo_tsLetoThe2nd, thanks !08:59
mns_Ok, I am seeing <10kbps. I'll start by trying through my LTE connection - could be our corporate network. I'll get back with the observations09:01
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mns_Hmm, it works fine on a LTE connection and issue must thus be in our corporate network - sorry for the noise09:10
mns_But thank, halstead09:21
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FrostEyesmns_: FYI the speed looks good from Frederiksberg. Just out of curiosity, where in DK are you working with Yocto?09:57
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halsteadmns_, Thanks for reporting. I'm always glad to check in.10:16
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mns__FrostEyes: Aalborg (Gomspace)11:13
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LetoThe2ndok now i have a weird one: when i try to use as SRc_URI for the kernel, it goes for a tableflip with "bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable PKG_kernel-image, expression was ...."12:04
LetoThe2ndwhy on earth is that?12:06
LetoThe2ndand where is zeddii when you need him12:10
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LetoThe2ndgah paulbarker sorted it out12:14
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T_UNIXdoes bitbake somehow block network access besides its own SRC_URI fetch related tasks?12:36
T_UNIXi.e. meson has a wrap system that allows to download missing dependencies on the fly during configuration stage12:36
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neverpanicT_UNIX: No. But if you want, you can do fetchall first and then run bitbake in a network namespace without internet access12:38
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: nope it certainly doesnt12:39
LetoThe2ndat least not by default12:39
T_UNIXokay. Weird. Cause configuring the project works fine on my host. But fails during fetch w/ bitbake12:40
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T_UNIXdamn corporate proxy sh*$12:46
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T_UNIXfetching via urllib in python: works; fetching via meson (urllib) inside bitbake: fails -.-'13:19
kergothsounds like that recipe needs fixing regardless. bitbake doesn't block fetching from buildsystems, but it'd be awfully nice if it did, since all fetching belongs in do_fetch13:20
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kuzulisHi guys. Is in yocto any variable which contains a name of current git-branch? E.g. I want to use a git-branch name as a 'suffix' for generation of a name of my image.13:33
kuzulislike: my-image-blabla-$${GIT_BRANCH_NAME}.ext313:35
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T_UNIXkergoth: does it clean the enviornment variables it passes when it runs the stages?13:44
T_UNIXi.e. removing `https_proxy`?13:44
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kergothit does filter the environment, but iirc those should already be in the whitelist unless you're running a very old version13:45
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kuzulisguys, is it possible to call a system shell comamnds and to parse its output to some variables?13:55
kuzulise.g. I tried GIT_BRANCH_NAME='git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD' but then ${GIT_BRANCH_NAME} returns 'git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD' instead of, e.g. 'master'13:56
kuzulisI'm not a python expert.. From that doc I see similar: DATE = "${@time.strftime('%Y%m%d',time.gmtime())}"  ... But I need to do similar only for 'git' command..14:01
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kuzulisI found it: GIT_BRANCH_NAME=$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD) :))14:11
T_UNIXkergoth: it is in the whitelist and fetching source via SRC_URI works. I just thought that bitbake might clean the environment prior to executing the compiled scripts (tasks)14:12
kergothif it's set in the recipe metadata, it'll be set for hte tasks. i.e. run bitbake -e somrecipe | grep 'https_proxy='14:13
kergothfiltering happens pretty early on, when setting up the global configuration metadata14:13
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T_UNIXI've now added all the subprojects of the meson project as explicit SRC_URI (dublicating the checksum). That works.15:02
kergothah, nice15:04
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T_UNIXif this question reoccurs: the workaround is to download all the files (disabling unpacking `;unpack=0`) and then append e.g. `do_configure_prepend` to copy the zip files from the `${WORKDIR}` to meson's packagecache dir (typcally: `${WORKDIR}/git/subprojects/packagecache`). From there it'll pick'em up, assuming it fetched it on its own.16:05
T_UNIXbtw. I would have preferred `do_unpack_append` but, it seems, it is interepreted as python (i.e. indentation parsing errors, etc.)16:09
kergothdo_unpack[postfuncs] += "my_unpack_function"16:20
kergothwill do it16:20
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T_UNIXis there a reasoning behind?16:30
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kergothI don't understandt he question16:36
kergoththe do_unpack function is python. bitbake's _append just concatenates you can't concatenate shell onto a python function16:36
kergothwhereas prefuncs/postfuncs are additional separate functions called, no string concatenation involved16:37
kergothdoes that make it clear?16:37
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T_UNIXkergoth: I didn't know one couldn't "mix". I thought commands were glued together and python snippets moved to tmp files and executed accordingly16:52
T_UNIXso yes, that makes it clear.16:52
kergothit's not that granular. and wouldn't be possible in all cases. i.e. we can't just execute each fragment of an append/prepend separately, as later appends often reference earlier appends variables16:54
kergothcould break it up at each python/shell boundary, but no one has bothered to make it happen16:54
T_UNIXthat's just what I assumed. Didn't mean to complain :)16:55
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kergotheh, it's a long standing limitation that occasionally irritates me, so.. :)16:55
jdelwhen is it appropriate to use work-shared?16:56
jdelnotably kernel headers seem to get installed there by default16:56
jdelbut they are not preserved in sstate16:56
jdel(at least not in my recipe)16:57
jdelis it reasonable to add work-shared directories to sstate output dirs?16:57
kergothwork-shared is highly special cased and is pretty much only used by the kernel and gcc sources16:57
kergothyou really shouldn't be trying to use it for anything else16:57
jdelmy kernel recipe installs the produced uapi headers there16:58
jdelbut when the kernel is restored from sstate those headers are not16:58
kergothsounds like you're installing them wrong16:58
jdeli guess this is covered in the libc-linux-headers recipe, which is to add explict dependencies on do_install16:58
kergothdo_install should only ever be installing to ${D}16:59
kergoththen our other functions and tasks and sstate are responsible for putting it where it belongs16:59
jdelthe recomendation in linux-libc-headers is to add #    do_configure[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir"17:00
kergoththat's if you want to depend on the kernel headers, not write to them17:01
jdelerr, yeah17:01
jdeli think my kernel recipe doesn't do the headers installation at the right time17:01
jdeland my recipes don't depend on it properly17:01
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jdelit's sadly easy to write terribly broken bsps17:02
jdeleither that or qcom puts a lot of effort into making their bsps terrible :p17:03
jdelthx for the help17:03
kergothi'd suggest reading do_shared_workdir to see how the files get deployed into workdir, but likely you just need to install the headers in do_Install to ${D}${includedir}17:08
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uglyoldbobin a bbappend file, if I set SRCREV_thing = "${AUTOREV}", can I do PV += "${SRCPV}" to get a specific SRC_URI to always fetch when the repository is updated?21:08
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noway964.4.3-yocto-standard corresponds to which linux kernel version? 4.4.3?21:31
robbawebbanoway96: yup! The output of uname -r on a yocto-built kernel is a combination of the LINUX_VERSION LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION variables. Your LINUX_VERSION seems to be 4.4.3 and the default value of LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION is "-yocto-standard"21:48
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noway96ok thank you robbawebba.21:58
mrk377ALL: On rocko, my read only filesystem has most of the files with uid:gid 1000:1000 and not root:root.  Is this normal or indication of a recipe issue?  I didn't see this with my kergoth release.21:58
noway96I know that linux 4.4.3 standard has NVMe support. Namely, it knows where to find the linux/nvme_ioctl.h command. But why when I try to build against 4.4.3-yocto-standard does it not compile and say unknown headers linux/nvme_ioctl.h?21:59
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robbawebbanoway96: Was the kernel definitely compiled with nvme support? IIRC the config options are CONFIG_NVME and/or CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NVME22:09
robbawebbanoway96: linux/nvme_ioctl.h doesn't seem to appear in linux kernel 4.4. There is NVMe support, but the only relevant header file I see in include/linux is nvme.h22:15
noway96oh ok. how to I get the most recent yocto linux kernel version??22:16
noway96also I found nvme_ioctl inside linux-4.4.0 headers for ubuntu but I must have done something wrong22:16
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noway96what does the =m flag mean?22:17
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robbawebbanoway96: ahh, I think I'm mistaken. the file appears at include/uapi/linux/nvme_ioctl.h. SO it should be available. I'm actually unfamiliar with the uapi subdirectory22:19
noway96=m means module22:20
noway96anyway why won't this find nvme_ioctl then?22:20
noway96do I need to do a rebuild from scratch?22:20
robbawebbathe =m flag instructs the kernel build system to build the nvme driver as a loadable module, rather than built into the kernel. If it was built-in, you wouldn't be able to insert or remove the module on-demand. It is built into the kernel if you choose =y, and it won't be included at all if you choose =n22:21
robbawebbanoway96: not sure why it won't find it. I'll brb, going to do some googling about uapi22:22
robbawebbanoway96: aokay, that's just the location of userspace API headers. That makes sense. Are you compiling on the target device, or are you compiling on your host PC?22:23
noway96host PC22:26
noway96thanks for the explanation22:26
noway96conf/fatal error: linux/nvme_ioctl.h: No such file or directory22:28
robbawebbaIs this being built with bitbake?22:29
robbawebbanoway96: Okay, so it sounds like your recipe might not have access to the shared kernel source that is provided by the virtual/kernel recipe22:32
robbawebbanoway96: The virtual/kernel do_shared_workdir task populates ${STAGING_DIR_KERNEL} (which is often tmp/work-shared/${MACHINE}/kernel-source), which your recipe would need22:33
robbawebbanoway96: what tsak is your recipe failing at? do_configure? do_compile?22:34
noway96do_compile: Function failed: do_compile22:35
noway96but I found nvme_ioctl.h: tmp/work-shared/genericx86-64/kernel-source/include/uapi/linux/nvme_ioctl.h22:37
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robbawebbanoway96: yup! Thats it :)22:45
robbawebbaSo we have to make sure your recipe has access to those files22:45
robbawebbaadding do_compile[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir" might be a start22:45
noway96yeah still getting the same bug: fatal error: linux/nvme_ioctl.h: No such file or directory22:45
noway96I'll try that22:46
noway96doesn't look like it worked. still getting an error22:52
noway96same error*22:53
robbawebbanoway96: could you try making the do_configure task depend on the do_shared_workdir task? instead of do_compile22:55
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noway96yeah it could be a race condition. but I'm getting the same error still22:57
robbawebbanoway96: this dependency declaration should prevent the race condition, meaning that it should gaurantee that the linux kernel source is available in work_shared. But it seems like your recipe still cannot find the sources :/22:58
robbawebbaand you verified that they are there in the work-shared directory22:58
noway96they're in the path I shared with you earlier22:59
noway96or rather, that's the path for nvme_ioctl.h. Is that what you're referring?23:00
noway96fatal error: linux/nvme_ioctl.h: No such file or directory. Maybe not linux/nvme_ioctl.h but some other path?23:02
robbawebbanoway96: I think that's the right include statement. Since linux/nvme_ioctl.h is located under include/uapi, we have to make sure include/uapi is able to be found by the compiler23:04
noway96any ideas? is there something I can depend on to ensure that linux headers are there?23:17
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noway96robbawebba, so turns out that it's something to do with Cython. Built my C++ code just fine using a Makefile with bitbake. So the issue is with using cython's for building.23:41
noway96My python code wraps some C++ code that uses linux/nvme_ioctl.h23:41
noway96C++ code compiles just fine by bitbake. But when wrapped by python, it doesn't23:42
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robbawebbanoway96: ahhh okay. I'm unfamiliar with how python/cython accomplishes this. It it's documentation, does it mention anything about adding more directories to look for when including headersw?23:43
noway96well my build command works just fine right now when not used by Yocto, but I'll take a look23:47
noway96there's an include_path variable which I can define to the kernel headers. Question is, what path should I use?23:50
robbawebba${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} might be what you're looking for23:51
noway96it's empty inside the devshell23:52
robbawebbashoot, that might only be available to kernel recipes :/23:53
robbawebbanoway96: huh, I'm definitley seeingnon-kernel bb recipes and classes use the KERNEL_STAGING_DIR variable23:55
noway96PREFIX = os.path.normpath(sys.prefix).replace( os.getenv("BUILD_SYS"), os.getenv("HOST_SYS") )23:55
noway96TypeError: expected a string or other character buffer object23:56
noway96So I need to set some variable in my recipe?23:56
robbawebbano, that's usually set by the kernel recipe I believe23:56
noway96can I set it? Is it BUILD_SYS ?= "" or something?23:57
robbawebbaso you would use the ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} variable in your yourto recipe23:57
robbawebbayocto *23:57
robbawebbaI'm not sure if you can set it, without interfering with the kernel recipe at least23:57
robbawebbaI'm kind of lost for ideas at this point :/23:58
noway96unparsed line: 'BUILD_SYS = ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}'23:59
noway96let me just try to get to build inside the devshell23:59

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