Wednesday, 2018-10-24

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xtron how to manage the execution sequence of do_install_append(), I define a variable LIBDIR in a <recipe.bbappend> using <do_install_append()>, but the  statement is placed at the end, making no different of the output. do I need to override the do_install in *.bbappend file?05:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding new recipe in yocto <>07:40
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acrapHi, folks!07:42
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acrapMy machine configuration is Mips64 and I use MULTILIB. It works ok, but there is a question...07:43
acrapIs it possible to build a recipe(non library) only for 32bit?07:43
acrapI know about lib32-${libname} notation, but what about non-libraries?07:44
acrapThe sources I have to compile aren't build on 64bit at all (or build but doesn't work because of shitty 'it's normal to keep pointers in int variables' code)07:48
acrapSo, I have to build ONLY 32 bit version.07:49
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joseppcHi, I have this rpm package (kernel-devsrc) that insists in requiring "/bin/awk" when the rpm is built, but I can't figure out why.08:06
joseppcHow are dependencies of an rpm package determined? (It doesn't seem to come from RDEPENDS or DEPENDS in this case, that I can see)08:07
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acrapjoseppc: it can be just more difficult dependency chain than you think. There could be no direct relations between them.08:18
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acrapYou can blacklist recipe with bin/awk and try to run bitbake to get error message with a dependency chain08:19
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joseppcacrap: mm, I am not sure I understand. Do you mean blacklist the recipe causing the trouble?08:29
joseppcacrap: I looked at all rpm specs produced in the build, and only this package requires /bin/awk (instead of /usr/bin/awk which is what is provided by gawk)08:30
acrapjoseppc: nope. Sorry that I can't express my thoughts clearly... So, do you get an error during do_package task for kernel-devsrc?08:32
joseppcacrap: ah sorry, my fault, I didn't explain enough. I get the error when I do populate_sdk08:33
acrapjoseppc: did you customize something?08:35
joseppcacrap: nope, but I am using meta-freescale layers08:35
acrapjoseppc: let's take a look at your log if you don't mind08:36
joseppcI empirically found out that when building a package (at least for rpms), somehow do_package (or some other taks) looks at the shebang of all the scrips installed, and adds automatically that as a requirement08:36
joseppcacrap: ok, this is the error:
acrapjoseppc: have you googled it? I found something:
acrapjoseppc: there is a solution
joseppcacrap: yep, I added the same fix as in yocto mainline, but that didn't do the trick08:40
joseppcacrap: I even went as far as to change all instances of "#!/bin/awk" to "#!/usr/bin/awk" in the kernel =)08:42
acrapjoseppc: Have you tried to use the patch with empty build directory?08:44
joseppcacrap: what do you mean, like removing sstate, cache, and tmp directories? (in that case, yes ;-))08:45
acrapjoseppc: check it (search for awk) :
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joseppcacrap: yep, that's the fix I tried too :-/08:50
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acrapjoseppc: "instead of /usr/bin/awk which is what is provided by gawk" and /usr/bin/awk/ does exist in your rootfs?08:51
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acrapjoseppc: 1. create patch for gawk recipe that will copy awk binary also to /usr/bin/. Add gawk manually to your image. Try to build.08:57
acrapI've forgotten about the numbers after 1, but... You know what i mean.08:58
joseppcacrap: when deploying the sdk, rpm complains that it can't find any package providing /bin/awk, and gawk doesn't. gawk rpm is there and list of packages is fine09:00
joseppcacrap: I thought about it, but we deleted awk from /bin for a reason I suppose.09:01
joseppcAnd I'd really like to understand the cause of the problem now! =)09:01
acrap"gawk rpm is there" but it doesn't provide /bin/awk09:02
joseppcacrap: correct, it doesn't, it provides /usr/bin/awk (among other files)09:03
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acrapI've found gawk.bbappend. It must be helpful for you
acrapit creates symbolic link into bin09:09
acrapit's a part of wrlinux09:10
joseppcacrap: oh, thanks! That would solve the problem. I am still puzzled about its cause :-/09:10
acrapsomething going wrong with your scripts/ver_linux patch09:10
acrapsomehow it wasn't applyed09:11
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: GPU on yocto rocko - kernel 4.14 <> || Installing docker on Siemens Simatic IoT2040 <>09:11
joseppcacrap: it is applied, that I am sure of :-/09:12
acrapjoseppc: how can you be sure? Have you added some output to script and saw the logs?09:14
joseppcacrap: I looked at the package data and files produced, the patch seems to be applied09:16
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acrapjoseppc: oh... the gist of error may be everywhere. Sometimes I chose wrong configs because of too much build dirs I have... Usually, the answer is pretty simple and frustrating.09:19
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joseppcacrap: agree, it must be something I've overlooked, it's very annoying not to know why things happen (I only have one build dir on this machine)09:23
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acrapjoseppc: I know that feel10:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: psplash image does not appear (yocto & qemu) <>12:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: ADV7513 on yocto - kernel 4.14 <>13:12
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angelo_tsi can't understand DEPENDS and RDEPENDS differences13:28
angelo_tsDEPENDS is build time dependences and it seems clear13:29
angelo_tsnot clear RDEPENDS13:29
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: RDEPENDS is stuff that you need at runtime, but that is not necessary during the build process13:29
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: imagine your application calls bc for some calculations, for example. or gnuplot13:30
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: you wouldn't need them during compilation time, your app will happily build without. but they have to be there at runtime.13:30
LetoThe2ndso -> RDEPENDS13:30
angelo_tsok so RDEPENDS requires rootfs will have them13:31
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: almost, RDEPENDS requires that the resulting "whatever" into which your thing is installed has them13:31
LetoThe2ndin almost all cases is a rootfs, but as usual, there are corner cases13:32
angelo_tsmm ok13:32
angelo_tsis there a smart method to determine them ? i guess ldd or objdump for the first, right ?13:32
LetoThe2ndangelo_ts: nah, don't rely on magic there. write down what you need.13:34
angelo_tsfor example13:35
angelo_tsthe app needs a dynamic lib13:35
angelo_tsit should be in DEPENDS and RDEPENDS, right ?13:35
LetoThe2ndno, DEPENDS only13:38
LetoThe2ndthere is propagation from DEPENDS to RDEPENDS13:38
angelo_tsok thanks13:39
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mrk377ALL: Quick question:  I have add IMAGE_INSTALL += "lighttpd php".  How do I get some of the deploy RPMs from lighttpd directory into the final rootfs.  For example I want  the ./tmp/deploy/rpm/x86/lighttpd-module-redirect-1.4.45-r0.x86.rpm installed?14:09
mrk377ALL: Is there a simple _append for this (an example)?14:12
joseppcI believe it should be IMAGE_INSTALL_append14:12
BCMMLetoThe2nd: so, how do you specify that something is needed at build time only?14:17
mrk377joseppc:  The rpm modules from lighttpd can be requested using IMAGE_INSTALL_append?  I will try, but seems like a lighttpd_append would be the correct way.  I am trying to solve this quickly.  Did some quick searches, and some people copy the needed lighttpd module RPMs to target and install.  Seems incorrect.  Right?14:20
joseppcmrk377: I probably misunderstood you, I thought you meant to install the package into the image, not the rpm itself14:23
mrk377joseppc:  I would like the dynamic lighttpd modules installed in rootfs during bitbake.  I don't want to manually install the *.rpms.14:26
mrk377joseppc:  So I would like it to be in the image.  Yes.14:27
LetoThe2ndBCMM: hum, that in the most cases would be something that runs on the host, right? for that, you DEPEND on the -native version. this will not make its way to the runtime, then14:29
BCMMah, thanks14:29
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joseppcmrk377: then just add them to IMAGE_INSTALL, and use _append, += will not work at that stage14:31
mrk377joseppc:  I'm trying now.14:33
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mrk377joseppc:  Yup, just add the dynamic modules needed (i.e. lighttpd-module-rewrite) to the IMAGE_INSTALL.   Works fine.15:15
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OutBackDingowhats the secret to using python3 as default in an image and not 215:37
OutBackDingobesides rm /usr/bin/python ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python15:38
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kergothshould probably start using update-alternatives for that link fi we don't already20:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot install regular files for Yocto using CMake <>22:13
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mrk377ALL:  I have added php to my IMAGE_INSTAL.  When I run "rpm -ql php" on the installed image, it only shows /usr/bin/phpdbg installed.  I am using rocko, and curious if others have seen this.22:35
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bluelightningmrk377: been a while since I did anything with the php recipe, but you may need to be more specific about which package produced by the php recipe that you want installed23:05
mrk377bluelightning:  I have added php-cli, and I don't see a this WARNING: failed for setscene task is  ...php-native/7.1.9-r0/temp/log.do_populate_sysroot_setscene23:15
mrk377bluelightning: The php binary is still missing.  Strange.23:20
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mrk377bluelightning:  Ahah.  php-cli included the /usr/bin/php binary.  Good to go.  Yikes.  Dummy.23:21
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