Wednesday, 2018-10-31

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: PCIe link down on R-Car Salvator-xs Yocto AGL <>03:11
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silviofhi #yocto, what is the general way to build an image for a NOR device with UBIFS? I want several partitions in one output file. I know I could do it via multiubi, but I  don't find a example or something like that... Maybe someone has an example for me?07:57
LetoThe2ndsilviof: have you looked through the included wic scripts (a.k.a wks files)?07:59
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mckoangood morning08:00
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silviofLetoThe2nd: Is wks also for UBIFS systems? My understanding is that UBIFS will handle this stuff for me? But Yeaah - can use wks to get the same approach. Thanks LetoThe2nd!08:07
LetoThe2ndsilviof: good luck08:08
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prabhakarladI have custom task in recipe, but for some reason WORKDIR is not accessible to it. Is there anything which needs to be added08:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to get memory address of the FileDescriptor of mmap() function in Linux, for Video4Linux <>08:42
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varjaghas "sdcard" been removed from possible IMAGE_FSTYPES in sumo?09:23
LetoThe2ndvarjag: sdcard has never been an "official" IMAGE_FSTYPE anyways09:25
LetoThe2ndvarjag: some bsps used it for their own custom output formates, namely fsl, and i thing rpi too09:25
varjagoh i see, yes am on fsl09:26
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rburton_do we still need to limit joining? is that spam flood over now?10:26
* rburton_ thought it was quiet in here then realised he hadn't joined10:26
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rburtonRP: good point by gunnar on the yocto list, why doesn't the mirror have mpfr-4.0.1.tar.xz in10:28
rburtonRP: fallout from migration to the new ab cluster, not pushing to the mirror?10:28
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ernstpif I have to packages that wants to use the same group, do I need to create that group with "extrausers" instead of "useradd"?12:04
ernstptwo packages...12:04
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ernstpright, I need RDEPENDS...12:29
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abelloniIs it posible to ask the archiver to only archive source that is actually present on the target ?13:22
abelloniCOPYLEFT_RECIPE_TYPES = 'target' kind of works but also includes packages that are not installed on the target image13:23
abelloniexample: when building perl, the perl-ptest package is built and it depends on db13:25
abelloni  so you end up having the sources for db (which has the sleepycat license)13:25
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rburtonabelloni: turn off ptest?13:45
rburtonarguably the archiver is doing the right thing: the sources needed to rebuild13:45
RPrburton: this is on my list for next week with halstead when he's here...13:48
RPabelloni: you really need to filter the sources by the list of things installed into a given rootfs for that13:49
abellonithe issue the being the staically linked libraries13:49
RPabelloni: that would make it interesting. Perhaps the license of anything statically linked needs to be tweaked?13:50
abelloniI would think we have all the information but it didn't seem trivial to have it all at one time13:54
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armpitrburton, the patches for master-next I just sent passed nightly14:41
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rburtonarmpit: thanks14:41
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RPabelloni: you could argue the license of things with static linked code is currently potentially wrong :/15:25
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tgoodwinI'm trying to use devtool modify against the kernel and when it fails, the log indicates a work directory that no longer exists...  The failure seems to indicate that the work directory didn't get populated with all of my files/folders from SRC_URI.  Has anyone else run into this? (using rocko)17:03
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peniwizeI’ve been using Yocto from my home directory.  Is this the preferred method or is it wiser to install it in a common location like /usr/local or /opt or something?  Are projects that use Yocto usually so closely tied to a specific branch or tag that it makes the most sense to clone poky for each project?20:34
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peniwizeI'm just trying to get a sense of how most people handle this.20:35
JPEWpeniwize: FWIW, I would recommend using home20:36
peniwizeI suppose if I'm building in Docker then it may be easiest to prepare a working directory that contains poky, for each project, since symbolic links don't seem to work well with Docker.20:37
peniwizeJPEW: Are you aware of any gotchas as a result of installing poky to a common location?20:38
bluelightningpeniwize: sharing TMPDIR between users is problematic due to file ownership20:39
bluelightningassuming of course there is more than one user, maybe there isn't going to be in your case20:39
JPEWpeniwize: What bluelightning said. I don't know of anything in particular, other than the gotchas you would have trying to put the source code from any other project in one of those locations20:41
peniwizeI'm the only user, but I have multiple projects that all use the same version of poky.  I'm also doing production builds in Docker to ensure consistency and it seems that I have to prepare a working directory for Docker that can't use symbolic links.  I could use a hard link, but I'd rather not.20:42
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bluelightningpeniwize: you can use symbolic links, they just need to still be valid within the container - they can't point to a path that is not valid inside it20:44
peniwizeJPEW: bluelightning: Ok, so one other unrelated question: how do you typically handle local.conf?  I've been keeping one in version control and linking to it from from build/conf.  Is this unwise?  I need to ensure consistency of production builds so local.conf never changes.20:44
peniwizebluelightning: Right.  I do have some container only links that are working, but it failed when I tried to link to another directory (for obvious reasons, I guess).20:45
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bluelightningpeniwize: you can version control it, but really the less custom stuff you have in it the better20:45
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bluelightningpeniwize: i.e. you shouldn't use it in place of a custom distro config20:46
peniwizeCan I put most things that are in local.conf into my primary recipe file?  I've read that some settings have to be in local.conf.  I haven't made a BSP yet.  Is this where most of my unchanging local.conf settings should be located?20:47
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JPEWpeniwize: It really depends on the value. It can be difficult to divine if something should go in local.conf, distro.conf, machine.conf, or the recipe file :)20:51
peniwizeJPEW: Ok.  Sounds like I'll have to figure it out over time with more experience.20:52
bluelightningwell, there are numbers of variables that cannot be practically set in a recipe, basically anything that needs to affect more than one recipe20:52
bluelightningpeniwize: if you're in doubt feel free to ask here20:53
peniwizebluelightning: JPEW: Thanks.  This channel has been a great help.20:54
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noway96I'm currently using linux 4.4.3. How do I upgrade the kernel on yocto to something like linux 4.15? Or alternatively can I upgrade just a driver while keeping the rest of the linux yocto at a previous version?22:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: PCIe link down on R-Car Salvator-xs Yocto AGL [on hold] <>22:45
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RParmpit: I was going to tell you you're unbalanced but I see you fixed bind in the patch you sent out23:03
armpitI am unbalanced.. that is a given23:04
RP(unbalanced brackets in code in case anyone wonders what I'm talking about)23:05
armpitits amazing an LTS version breaks headers23:12
RParmpit: I'd call it sad :/23:13
armpitglad I did an meta-oe world build that change. it broke postgres23:15
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dorian78hi all23:25
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto project how to add a library to Eclipse with Yocto Plugin <>23:45
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robbawebbahi dorian7823:56
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