Thursday, 2018-11-01

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TamisWe have an embeeded system that its whole SW (image) is produced by yocto and it PPC based. A subset of this SW runs also in a standard Linux Distro like Debian in x86 and is also produced via that machine. Is there an easy way to use also yocto to produce an x86 image that could be mounted on that distro and run our SW. What I am asking is there an easy to way to replicate / simulate that's distro rootfs via yocto so all libraries much a12:15
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kroonHi. After having done a kernel build, is there a way to get a hold of the vmlinux, besides unpacking the ipk/rpm/deb under deploy/ ?13:14
henriknjkroon: the build dir13:17
kroonI use "rm_work" so build dir is usually wiped. I was hoping there was some oe util that would extract vmlinux from sstate or something like that..13:19
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retoatworkI would like to define a set of applications which will end up in the opkg feed but are not be included in any images. Is there a better way than just running "bitbake $package1 $package2 ... && bitbake package-index"?13:22
kroonhenriknj, I can do "oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files kernel-vmlinux", to list it.. but not extract it13:22
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kergothpkgdata examines the pkgdata that tells you waht's in binary packages, has nothing ot do with sstate13:27
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RPjonmason: meet rburton, rburton meet jonmason (and see email)14:11
jonmasonemail seen14:12
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jonmasonI'm guessing he is west coast and won't see this message for 2 hours or so14:13
Croftonlazy bastards14:13
RPjonmason: He's UK14:13
jonmasonanother one?14:14
CroftonSun never sets ....14:14
jonmasonat least I have Crofton near me14:14
Croftonfunny TZ14:15
Croftonnot many active from it14:15
RPjonmason: not so many active UK people here these days sadly :(14:16
JPEWCould be worse, you could be Central Time (GMT-5) :)14:18
JPEWAt least until Sunday... I hate DST14:19
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jonmasonDST is the worst14:24
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add do_populate_sdk task to avro-c BitBake recipe? <>14:48
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RPjonmason: bug triage is now fwiw, not sure if you were going to join?14:55
jonmasonoh?  did I miss it?14:56
CroftonI hope not15:01
jonmasonI'm on...and somehow my throat has gone dry15:03
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armpitmenuconfig for packages ?15:14
jonmasonI was thinking similar15:17
armpitbitbake bind -c menuconfig15:17
armpitsounds like something to add to a features list15:18
RPjonmason: you sounded like I feel after the conference, whatever bug I picked up is still hanging around :(15:18
RParmpit: nice idea, hard to implement. I was aiming for something simpler15:18
armpitRP i did not see that bug in our list today ?15:19
jonmasonhaha, I haven't spoken to anyone in many hours.  So when I tired, I all of a sudden had an issue15:19
jonmasonyes, I think the menuconfig is going to be a simple idea that is hard to implement.  but I still think it is worth looking at15:20
RParmpit: the conference bug? Its a personal one15:20
* Crofton is very congested still15:24
zeddiiarmpit. clearly you did not visit the establishments near your hotel, so you are bug free!15:25
RPCrofton: yes, congested sounds right :(15:26
CroftonDon't feel that bad, just chest is a mess15:27
RPzeddii: we gave armpit bugs in triage to make up for it15:27
RPCrofton: I'm having trouble breathing :/15:27
uglyoldbobis it crazy to try to build programs targeting windows with yocto by creating a custom machine type like "windoze" ?15:28
RPuglyoldbob: its the kind of thing I'd do ;-)15:28
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* zeddii is chasing go 1.11 fun15:31
armpitRP do you need AB for 2.6 ?15:36
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RParmpit: no, go for it. I've been testing thing for any potential rc2 or master-next15:41
armpitk, I just logged a new bug for 2.6 1297615:42
armpitdo we build multilib images that include os-release ?15:44
RParmpit: you'd hope so15:44
armpiti just got "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'os-releaselib32-glibc'"15:45
RParmpit: append missing a space?15:45
armpithmm, its called out in the image not appended in local.conf15:46
armpitnm, i see15:46
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armpitthat was it15:47
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armpitRP does Thud need to be  added to the AB ?15:50
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* armpit shoot... need to fix rocko eclipse failures15:52
RParmpit: yes, it does15:53
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RParmpit: added the appropriate patch, next restart should pull it in15:56
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armpitzeddii, the new kernel layout is all kvers are in one tree?16:13
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armpitso any 4.14 and 4.8 I need for stable, I need to port over to the other kern repos ?16:15
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zeddii_homecorrect. but you should’t need to port them. i only do -stable updates to the repos once we releaes. no new features, so you can just bump the revs and use them where they are16:29
armpitzeddii_home, k16:33
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