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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to edit the kernel files using yocto recipe <>06:51
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prabhakarladWhen is exactly WORKDIR populated? For every alternative time I run my recipe I get file not found for the SRC_URI09:56
prabhakarladhere is my bb file
rburtonyour sd_version_inc is racing with do_unpack09:59
rburtonbecause it doesn't depend on do_unpack09:59
rburtonaddtask sd_version_inc after do_unpack09:59
prabhakarladrburton: thank you very much for that it works now :)10:00
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sagnerWe bake a build number into os-release, which works well. However it causes systemd/udev and hence initramfs to get rebuilt. Can we somehow prevent a rebuild of those when we just update the build number?10:25
sagneros-release is a RRECOMMENDS of systemd, I guess that is what is causing it...10:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Linux installation failed <>11:22
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bentechJust wondering on this dtsi does / { mean the section is commented out?
hireakiHi, I have a native recipe foo-native and another recipe bar. bar depends on foo. Foo-native is correctly placed under tmp/sysroots-components/foo-native as I expected. When they do bar or other recipes want to call foo they say foo isn't available, isn't this managed through the SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE variable?12:07
hireaki* When bar or other recipes...12:10
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rburtondoes bar depend on foo-native?12:29
rburtonsysroots-components is where the sysroot components are stored but that's not where they are exectuable from.  each recipe gets it own sysroot by hardlinking pieces from the sysroot-components12:30
hireakirburton yes, so If I understood bar will have it's own sysroot composed of the necessary sysroot dependencies?12:33
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hireakiThanks rburton, will do a triple check :)12:36
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bentechSorry, i was having internet issues. Did anyone reply?12:51
sagnerHow can I see the reason a particular task got executed?12:56
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RPsagner: "bitbake <target> -g"  will generate a file which will show the tasks which depend on it13:17
RPsagner: or maybe bitbake <target> -u taskexp13:18
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sagnerRP: -g and looking at definitly helps, thanks!13:25
sagnerAltough, now the next question arises, where do those dependencies exactly come from :-)13:25
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sagnerOk found the dependency chain I was looking for: my initramfs got rebuilt whenever systemd got rebuilt, altough I use no udev or systemd in my initramfs. The reason is that run-postinsts inherits systemd, so that is where the dependency came from.13:55
sagnerWhat I am now wondering why is run-postinsts even necessary in initramfs... That typically get removed fro ro rootfs...13:56
sagnerHm, I guess technically initramfs is not read-only..13:57
sagnerOk, kinda makes sense, but still, do we want run-postinsts in initramfs?13:57
ant_worksagner, it's a whiule I don't look at this, I was aiming at a lean initramfs14:00
ant_worklast addition was # disable runtime dependency on run-postinsts -> update-rc.d14:01
sagnerant_work: yeah that works.. But why is ROOTFS_BOOTSTRAP_INSTALL even part of an initramfs14:05
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Croftonuh oh14:05
*** RP sets mode: -r 14:06
ant_worksagner, it's a long war against cruft :)14:06
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ant_workI have to check today0s situation, should just have a couple of empty dirs14:07
sagnerant_work: Hm, ok, I am actually not really about size, I try to figure out why I have systemd dependencies when building initramfs14:10
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ant_workbasically my target cpio should just just have an init and a couple of binaries14:22
JPEWJaMa here?14:27
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yannI'm struggling to find a lightweight tool to load an image into X11 root window, any hint ?14:29
yann(xloadimage would require to resurect imake build support, it seems)14:30
yann(hm, looks like I was looking at an old version there is autoconf support, yay)14:35
angelo_tshi, need to apply an extra CXXFLAGS -Dblabla to a recipe build14:42
angelo_tswhat's the proper way ?14:42
neverpanicCXXFLAGS += "-Dblabla", but depends on the type of the build system14:44
angelo_tsbuild system is gcc14:46
angelo_tsok, so seems easy14:46
neverpanicGCC is not a build system, but a compiler. Build systems are autotools, cmake, meson and others.14:50
banach-spacehiya! do you guys whether Yocto has anything against file globbing? e.g. SRC_URI = "file://some_dir/*"?14:50
banach-spaceI've noticed recently that when updating files (and using file globbing), the files are not copied to the build dir. Not using file globbing fixes that, but what jsut wondering whether it's me doing sth wrong.14:51
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angelo_tsneverpanic, so gnu-make, simple make an no autotools14:53
angelo_tsand, it doesn't work14:53
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neverpanicwith simple make, you'll unfortunately have to check whether CXXFLAGS is exported and whether the Makefile actually uses it14:56
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zeddii_homeRP: odd ball question. Can you fathom a way that the git fetcher could clone my upstream, checkout the right commit from the right branch, but yet leave the workingdir of the git clone invalid ?15:44
kergothwhat exactly does 'checkout' mean if you don't have a working workdir?15:44
zeddii_homeit is leaving it on the right commit, but yet the files on disk are not the same as the commit gets when you clone and set that same commit as the head15:45
zeddii_homethis is exactly the same as the other 100 git based recipes I have, so I’m at a loss to what is going on.15:46
kergothwhat's the difference between the HEAD and checkout files? if it's just that status shows a difference, but diff doesn't, it could well be that you have autocrlf enabled or something15:47
* kergoth shrugs15:47
RPzeddii_home: shallow clones or normal trees? This is after the unpack step?15:47
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zeddii_homeRP.  I’m forcing an exit at the top of configure, and see the difference. normal clones, no subgits. it’s just an uprev of an existing recipe.15:48
RPzeddii_home: any subdir= option? See unpack() in lib/bb/fetch2/git.py15:48
zeddii_homethe go 1.11 changes forced me into a docker/runc/container* uprev cycle15:48
zeddii_homeand of course, I’m on my last recipe and it is going nuts.15:49
zeddii_homewhich is making me go nuts :P15:49
zeddii_homejust this: git://;branch=18.09;name=docker15:49
zeddii_homeSRCREV_docker = "ccef7c659bcb1503ba6768e3af91cdc79a4fd56d"15:49
zeddii_homeand yet, what you get on that commit in the build dir, is drastically different from when I clone and check that out by hand.15:50
zeddii_homeow-dellw-ag [/home/bruc...src/import]> git status15:50
zeddii_homeOn branch 18.0915:50
zeddii_homeYour branch is behind 'origin/18.09' by 6741 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.15:50
zeddii_home  (use "git pull" to update your local branch)15:50
zeddii_homeif I actually do that git pull, I get what I expect15:50
zeddii_homebut the top commit is correct in that same directory:15:50
zeddii_homecommit ccef7c659bcb1503ba6768e3af91cdc79a4fd56d15:50
zeddii_homeAuthor: Anshul Pundir <>15:50
zeddii_homeDate:   Wed Oct 31 16:03:15 2018 -070015:50
zeddii_homeI’ll go instrument the guts of the fetching a bit more15:51
RPzeddii_home: I'd instrument unpack() and see where that gets you15:51
RPzeddii_home: the commands should already be logged in WORKDIR/temp/log.do_unpack15:51
kergothyeah, the clone from upstream doesn't involve checkout at all, so it's not a factor, it's the clone from dl_dir that matters15:51
RPzeddii_home: see if you can repoduce them?15:52
zeddii_homesomeone else here at work, was able to see the same thing. If I clone manually from the dl_dir, it is also good. and I’ve cleanall’d about 15 times :D15:52
* zeddii_home goes to consult the log files15:52
zeddii_homethis is a pretty normal use case, so there’s something stupid I’m doing. I’ll figure it out. you have bigger fish to fry. I’ll lag the thud branch of meta-virt until I get it sorted.15:54
* RP is wondering how to automate menuconfig testing15:56
* RP suspects it involves screen or tmux and expect 15:56
JaMaJPEW: pong15:59
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rburton_RP: can't we assume the kernel people test menuconfig?16:03
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RPrburton_: we can assume lots of things and drop most of the remaining manual tests ;-)16:03
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rburton_hell yeah16:04
rburton_i guess what i meant is menuconfig isn't really integration testing16:04
RPrburton_: but it is functionality testing and we do a fair bit of that16:05
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peniwizemsg NickServ identify 5p33d@20:25
peniwizesorry guys20:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Overwriting Yocto Classes through meta-layer <>23:24
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