Friday, 2018-11-09

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ds2what is the name I need to use to pull in the busybox httpd into an image? I have tired httpd, busybox-httpd, and lighthttpd and all of them fail because it can't find a provider for it00:23
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OutBackDingodemonimin: lighttpd is in meta-openembedded/meta-webserver00:47
OutBackDingoas is nginx and others00:48
OutBackDingowhooops he left00:48
OutBackDingowrong guy00:48
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OutBackDingokhem: okk, what would be affecting libinput from initramfs ? weston wotrked fine before we added initramfs07:34
OutBackDingonowe it dosnt load on boot, X11 seems to have lost its tocuh input which also worked07:35
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derRichardhi! i'm facing a strange build error when trying to generate the sdk on yocto sumo. nativesdk-glibc-locale fails in do_package(), but the log does not tell much :(08:55
derRichardany ideas?08:55
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prabhakarladHi all, Is there a way to  conditionally run  a task ?08:57
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derRichardhmm, my problem seems to be that localedef is missing09:46 is not here09:46
derRichardjust tried in devshell and veryfied unsing strace09:46
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Mono Cross Platform AOT (Ahead Of Time) compiling <>09:54
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snoSince I updated poky, I get a very confusing error message when building an image11:46
snoWARNING: Manifest /home/sno/gpw-community-bsp/gpw-yocto-platform/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-prd-flash-emmc.package_write_ipk not found in wendy cortexa8hf-neon cortexa8hf-vfp armv7ahf-neon armv7ahf-vfp armv6hf-vfp armv5ehf-vfp armv5hf-vfp allarch x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk (variant '')?11:46
snoERROR: No manifest generated from: prd-flash-emmc in /home/sno/gpw-community-bsp/sources/meta-jens/recipes-multifs/prd/prd-flash_2.90.bb11:46
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snobut there're manifest - e.g. tmp/sstate-control/manifest-wendy-emmc-prd-flash-emmc.package_write_ipk11:48
snonay idea what goes wrong here?11:48
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KitsokHi all!11:48
snoHi Kitsok11:48
KitsokGurus, I need a help. I would like to stop storing root password, even hashed, in the repo, so I would like to dynamically generate/fetch from external system/read from file that hash. The only place (except of dirty hacks) to do it is to set EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS in local.conf.sample of the platform layer. But I can't get how can I insert an output of the shell script into this var11:50
KitsokThis doesnt work: usermod -p $(/usr/bin/openssl passwd -1 blablabla) root11:51
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snoKitsok: I can say what I did - I created the root user without login password (hashed pw as * like in default) and added a new user (qbrqry) with sudoers for it11:57
snothe password for qbrqry user can be set from a python sub in recipe reading the external source11:58
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Kitsoksno, so you didn't use EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS?12:02
snoKitsok: I used it with ${@...}" call in the string12:03
Kitsoksno, and then python code?12:03
snoKitsok: yes - maybe see meta-java/recipes-core/openjdk/ (grep for jdk_configure_options) for a public example12:05
snoit's not exacly the same but should be close enough to get it solved12:06
Kitsoksno, thank you very much,  will read this file12:06
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eduardas_mhello, where can I take a look at the GCC compiler flags being applied on Yocto 2.6 Thud?15:06
eduardas_mi.e. what is supposed to be the specific metadata/configuration file for this?15:06
derRichardis it known that nativesdk-glibc-locale-2.27-r0 does not build?15:07
derRichard(yocto sumo)15:07
derRichardthe makefile seems to reference locale-tree/bin/localedef, but locale-tree contains no bin/ folder15:10
eduardas_mkergoth: thank you15:11
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OutBackDingonrossi: ping... can you elaborate on thhis wic image ?15:35
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nrossiOutBackDingo: I will just  point you at my meta, machine ->
nrossiOutBackDingo: disk image (or alternatively your primary non initramfs image) ->
armpitRP should I open a bug for QA packport effort for sumo ?15:41
OutBackDingonrossi: interesting.... ok let me see if i can alleviate thee loss of my touchscreen / pointer with the initramfs image i have... everything else is good15:51
OutBackDingoscreen works... just no input on the touch capabilities15:51
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RParmpit: I'd really prefer to have some specific work items but I guess16:02
RPkergoth: any ideas on where the resource warnings in come from? I can't even reproduce them on that machine :/16:03
kergothhuh, not offhand. unclosed file in the parsing code somewhere? those filenames and line numbers aren't particularly helpful..16:04
RPkergoth: I think they're bogus as its the same number repeated with different files/linenumbers16:05
RPkergoth: can't help think its something to do with the reconnection codepaths but what/where...16:06
armpitRP with need a second patch16:10
RParmpit: ?16:12
armpitits missing the change to the bb file16:13
armpitI just noticed16:13
RParmpit: ah. yes, well spotted16:13
armpitbug is patchtest ?16:15
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la_croix__Would somebody have a moment to give me a hand with adding alsa-utils to a yocto build?16:16
RParmpit: yes :( probably need a bugzilla entry for it16:16
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neverpanicla_croix__: it's in oe-core, what's the problem?16:17
la_croix__I'm building core-image-full-cmdline, and the command 'arecord' doesn't seem to exist. I tried adding a recipe from a layer that I found on openembedded. it built, but the command is still not there16:18
rburton_la_croix__: you'll need to add it to IMAGE_INSTALL remember16:20
fsdunarecord is provided by alsa-utils-aplay16:22
la_croix__rburton it's in my bblayers.conf16:23
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OutBackDingonrossi: so with youur environment, still requires initramfs16:25
nrossiOutBackDingo: not sure what you mean? the setup i linked is purely to boot a initramfs that is not embedded in the kernel16:26
OutBackDingoahhh ... i see...16:27
OutBackDingonrossi: ive also got some FIT code for pis and u-boot.... have to sort throughh that also....16:28
armpitRP found another one16:29
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RParmpit: :(16:32
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rburton_armpit: how embarasing16:39
rburton_build-testing curl now already sent a fix for unzip16:40
armpitrburton_, saw the unzip thanks for the quick turn around16:44
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OutBackDingonrossi: question17:21
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cdgarrenAnyone able to help me solve an issue building chromium?17:52
Croftoncdgarren, post the problem17:53
rburton_plenty maybe but you'll never know if you don't post the problem17:53
cdgarrenI'm running into a failure during compile, complaining about no such file for gdk/gdkx.h17:54
cdgarrenI'm guessing my recipes are missing a DEPEND, but I can't figure out which package it would be.17:54
cdgarren ../../chrome/browser/ui/libgtkui/ fatal error: gdk/gdkx.h: No such file or directory17:55
rburton_possibly you've disabled x11 but chromium is still looking for the headers?17:55
cdgarrenThat's what I thought, but the chromium-x11 recipe has gtk+317:55
cdgarrenI'm intending to build with X11 support.17:55
cdgarrenI was able to build for a different machine with the same recipes too.17:56
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OutBackDingochromium-ozone-wayland shouldnt iit be?18:01
OutBackDingoor chromium-x1118:01
OutBackDingoive buuilt both fine recently18:02
OutBackDingorburton_: can we post work for pay to the yocto list ort is thhere naother?18:03
OutBackDingocdgarren: from
OutBackDingothats what i used18:05
cdgarrenYes, that's what I'm using.18:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: what is the good way to edit the device tree ? and where is it ? (meta-sunxi) <>20:26
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