Thursday, 2018-11-08

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khemarmpit: play some pubg00:20
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la_croix_Hi, I'm new to this, and I have a few questions about the best way to load modules in a yocto build00:26
la_croix_Would anybody have a minute to give me some advice?00:27
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la_croix_Anybody around?00:34
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khemla_croix_: sure, is it a in-kernel module or external01:28
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la_croix_It's i2s support. Essentially I want to follow these instructions:
la_croix_khem sorry I only just saw this02:01
khemis it for rpi ?02:03
khemla_croix_: set ENABLE_I2C = "1" in local.conf02:05
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la_croix_This is i2s, not i2c... Does that matter?02:06
khemah it would02:07
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la_croix_Yes, it seems as though i2s is not included in standard raspbian distro (which I believe yocto replicates for this board), hence the patch02:10
khemla_croix_: I think the module is already part of rootfs02:13
la_croix_In that case wouldn't lsmod reveal it? Currently it doesn't list it02:14
khemcan you create a file /etc/modules-load.d/snd.conf with content02:17
khemand reboot the box ?02:17
khemthen do lsmod | grep i2s02:17
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la_croix_That comes back empty02:19
la_croix_In fact, lsmod only contanis nfsd and ipv602:20
khemcan you try find /lib/modules/ -name "*i2s*"02:20
la_croix_empty again02:21
khemok so it seems your build has not included modules at all02:21
khemhow did you build this image ?02:21
la_croix_Following the instructions on the mender site:
la_croix_It is build on core-img-full-cmdline, with a couple of layers for rpi and mender, as well as one for activating dhcp02:23
khemdid you build core-image-full-cmdline?02:23
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khemcan you add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-modules " in local.conf and rebuild the image ?02:25
khemonce you do that then it will include all modules in image02:25
la_croix_yep, one minute02:26
khemthen you can follow the instructions I gave above to autoload the module02:26
la_croix_Ok, so if I then want to push these out to a load or rpis as mender artifacts, should I be activating i2s in a layer, or do I need to edit the rootfs following the instructions that you have above?02:30
OutBackDingoanyoone done initramffs with a pi 3 ?02:33
khemla_croix_: you can enable it in meta-data02:36
khemla_croix_: in local.conf add KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD_append = " snd-soc-bcm2835-i2s "02:38
khemthat will ensure that its automatically inserted on boot02:38
khemOutBackDingo: yes02:38
OutBackDingokhem: ok im seriously struggling with initramfs on a pi ... so whhats the hhint02:39
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OutBackDingoive read a bunch or raspbian docs oin it... but doesnt seem to be much in the way of yoccto docs02:39
la_croix_Great, thanks02:40
OutBackDingokhem: basically i have uboot enabled on a core-image-weston boots fine02:40
khemOutBackDingo: did you go through
OutBackDingonow id like to get initramffs uup for ccryptffs02:40
OutBackDingoyes and thhats not whats clear02:41
khemwhats not clear02:41
OutBackDingowhats needed for config.txt and cmdline.txt ?02:42
OutBackDingokhem: as in i get an initrd02:42
OutBackDingowell initramfs02:42
khemdid you follow the intructions as listed ?02:43
khemit wont build a final SD card image with just kernel+initramfs02:44
khembut it will build SD-card image with kernel+inittramfs+rootfs02:44
khemyou can use that to flash the SD card02:44
khemwhen you boot it will ignore rootfs on SD card02:45
OutBackDingokhem: this ERROR: ParseError at /home/dingo/WESTON/meta-raspberrypi/recipes-kernel/linux/ unparsed line: 'kernel_configure_variable BLK_DEV_INITRD y'02:47
khemadd it to do_configure_prepend() function02:48
OutBackDingofsck me..... unclear in the doc02:50
* OutBackDingo thhinks his brain is fried02:50
OutBackDingokhem: still failing02:53
khemOutBackDingo: yeah the doc needs some update I have sent a patch02:53
khemyeah the second change about adding INITRAMFS variable should be done in local.conf and not in linux-raspberrypi.inc02:55
* OutBackDingo thinks OMG02:56
OutBackDingoi should have knoown this02:57
OutBackDingoquite diffferent then innitramfs on moosst other devices02:57
OutBackDingokhem: so... do i need to generate thhe image first ?02:59
khemOutBackDingo: once you set the vars correctly just do bitbake core-image-base02:59
OutBackDingo`INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "<name for your initramfs image>"` < is looking for a path to an already generated image ?02:59
OutBackDingoMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['kernel-initramfs', 'virtual/kernel', 'initramfs']03:00
OutBackDingoERROR: Required build target 'core-image-base' has no buildable providers.03:00
OutBackDingoMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['core-image-base', 'kernel-initramfs', 'virtual/kernel', 'initramfs']03:00
OutBackDingoSummary: There were 2 ERROR messages shown, returning a non-zero exit code.03:00
khemNo that just means a variable03:00
OutBackDingodo we need meta-initramfs03:01
khemINITRAMFS_IMAGE = "core-image-weston"03:01
khemthe name should be proper image name03:01
khemthat you want to bundle03:01
OutBackDingoand thats whats missing03:02
OutBackDingothe secret sauuce to naming convetntions03:02
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khemI think <> denotes a variable03:02
khemwe are compiler people so we think whole world knows BNF03:03
OutBackDingoso then bitbake core-image-weston03:04
OutBackDingoafter i set NITRAMFS_IMAGE = "core-image-weston"03:04
khemactually if you want to bundle core-image-weston then bitbake some other image03:04
OutBackDingokhem: great lets see03:04
OutBackDingoso itll inherit it03:05
khembitbake core-image-base may be03:05
khemyes core-image-weston will get bundled into kernel03:05
OutBackDingowhich means remoove my dependency loop now :)03:05
khemideally you dont want same images in initrd and real rootfs03:06
khemthats not usual03:06
OutBackDingoughhh Identifying dependency loops (this may take a short while)...03:07
khemadd IMAGE_FSTYPES_pn-core-image-weston = "${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES}" in local.conf03:09
khemcore-image-weston is not a common initrd image03:09
OutBackDingoi get it so far now, buut now time to backtrack from my meta-build and remove the "dependency loops" as my image name is core-imaage-build-weston which inhherits core-image and core-image-weston ... YAY03:09
khemOutBackDingo: Do me a favor once it works write it down stepwise03:10
OutBackDingorewrite the book huuhh03:10
OutBackDingokhem: done anything withh enncrypted rootfs ? hahhahhahahha03:10
khemyes but I have to leave now03:11
OutBackDingokhem: if youu can catch up with me lateer, meantime lets see if i can get thhrough a initramfs03:12
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OutBackDingokhem: i dont see an sdimg ? i do see a core-image-weston-raspberrypi3-20181108052912.rootfs.cpio.gz05:32
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OutBackDingokhem: bootlooping with ERROR Image tooo large consider increasing CONFIG_SYS_BOOTM_LEN06:26
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OutBackDingoapears u-boot on the pi 3 doessnt like initramfs07:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: version node not found for symbol <>09:19
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zagorwhat is the policy for backporting fixes to old releases? do you accept gcc-8 fixes for rocko?10:41
zagorspecifically, I'm getting alignment crashes in elfutils and python-native. these are fixed in sumo but not rocko.10:50
zagorI'm using bbappend recipes to add the patches locally so it's not a problem for me. just wondering what the project policy is.10:51
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KitsokHi all! I'm trying to add a custom user to the target system. For this I added "useradd admin;" to the EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS var in local.conf.sample, but it fails. I've tried it with different parameters, finally it fails even with the username only. I've also tried groupadd with the same result.  The error is " groupadd command did not succeed" without any other info. What am I doing wrong?11:08
ant_workzagor, gcc-8 was introduced with thud some months ago. I don't think it will be backported.11:09
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lpapphi, why do I need get a prompt when I boot up runlevel one, single user mode?11:44
zagorant_work: I mean when the host machine runs gcc-811:44
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prabhakarladHi all, what is the difference between standard and extensible SDK ?11:57
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RPprabhakarlad: one is a fairly typical standalone toolchain, the other gives access to more tools like devtool12:27
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OutBackDingook, anyyone know whats thhe secret to initramfs size on a PI ?? the build keeps failing12:37
RPOutBackDingo: it sounded like your build worked but it failed to boot? Did you try doing what the error said?12:38
OutBackDingoits seems the disk is ful;l12:41
OutBackDingoits not creating images12:41
OutBackDingoive even had to remove u-boot12:41
OutBackDingowhere thhe initramfs image should be soore-image-minimal12:43
RPOutBackDingo: you could try INHERIT += "rm_work"12:44
OutBackDingoRP: inherit it where ?12:46
OutBackDingoiver already had to set  The initramfs size 245760(K) overrides INITRAMFS_MAXSIZE: 131072(K)12:46
RPOutBackDingo: I guess it depends if your image is full or your host system, its hard to tell from that pastebin12:47
OutBackDingoRP: the host disk isnt the issue12:48
OutBackDingoits when its trying to create the images12:48
OutBackDingo/dev/mapper/newdebian--vg-root  885G  284G  556G  34% /12:48
RPOutBackDingo: sorry, my advice won't help then12:48
RPOutBackDingo: it sounds like its trying to write the whole rootfs into the initramfs which would be why its out of space12:49
RPhmm, maybe not12:50
OutBackDingoRP: and thats what im thinking.... when it shhould only be trying to write core-image-minimal12:50
RPOutBackDingo: best guess is the do_rpi_sdiimge itself doesn't know to include the initramfs size in its size of the sd image it builds12:51
prabhakarladRP: thank you :)12:52
OutBackDingomy config
OutBackDingoand im thhen bitbake core-image-weston12:53
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OutBackDingoi cant believe its this difficult to generate a weston image with initramffs12:57
RPOutBackDingo: likely something simple but I'm not able to page in the right data to help :(13:04
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fsdunOutBackDingo, do you want to have core-image-weston as initramfs?13:17
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OutBackDingofsdun: no i want core image minimal as initrams with encryptfs and ssh13:21
OutBackDingoso i can encrypt rootfs and then boot to weston13:22
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fsdunOutBackDingo, do you have SDIMG_SIZE set?. could you paste /home/dingo/INITRAMFS/rpi-build/tmp/work/raspberrypi3-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-weston/1.0-r0/temp/run.do_image_rpi_sdimg.2466613:30
OutBackDingofsdun: SDIMG_SIZE ?13:36
OutBackDingoi literally think... its trying to pack it all inside initramffs where i only want core-image-minimal in initramfs13:40
OutBackDingoif i literally strip my config down it build core-image-base withh core image-minimal as initramfs13:41
OutBackDingoitll complete i can dd the sdimg and it boots, though no networking... as soon as i tryy to add thhings for the config to get weston, ort my custom packages it fails13:42
fsdunwhat's the size of /home/dingo/INITRAMFS/rpi-build/tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi3/bcm2835-bootfiles/ ?13:45
fsdunI think it's failing in line 141 of you pastebin which is line 121 in sdcard_image-rpi.bbclass13:46
OutBackDingodu -h /home/dingo/INITRAMFS/rpi-build/tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi3/bcm2835-bootfiles/13:46
OutBackDingoi cant be the only one whos done this13:47
OutBackDingoLOL :)13:47
fsdunare you aware that IMAGE_INSTALL_append also applies for core-image-minimal?13:49
OutBackDingofsdun: it shhould be what, to not install / append to initramfs but to install in rootfs ?13:49
fsduncore-image-minimal is a normal image which also uses IMAGE_INSTALL (as core-image-weston does), but is packaged as INITRAMFS_FSTYPES.13:52
jofrI'll probably need to different image recipes.13:53
jofrYou'll probably need to different image recipes.13:53
khemOutBackDingo: set INITRAMFS_MAXSIZE = "262144"13:54
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khemin local.conf, the image that is being bundled is big13:54
OutBackDingokhem: i know you said youve done this beforee but i really cant see how13:56
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yatesdoes a filesystem exist for eeproms?13:58
jofryates: Does cpio fit your bill?  :p13:59
OutBackDingokhem: why is it big, if i only want core-image-minimal to be initramfs with encryptfs to unlock mmcblkk0p2 and then boot to weston ?14:00
OutBackDingoso whhats the secret that im missing hhere14:01
khemI thought you were using core-image-weston14:01
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OutBackDingokhem: i fails to buildd the image14:05
*** tprrt <tprrt!> has joined #yocto14:06
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nrossiOutBackDingo: I used wic last time i did an initramfs boot with the raspi bootloader. One initramfs rootfs image packed onto the filesystem of p1 (via IMAGE_BOOT_FILES), and one disk image. In your case the disk image could include your encrypted root on p2 of the disk. Just a suggestion if the sdcard image type doesn't pan out for you.14:07
khemI see you have IMAGE_INSTALL_append which could be bloating the image quite a bit14:08
khemSD card has two paritions one for boot files where kernel lives and its relatively small14:09
khemnow when you pack initramfs into kernel the size of bootfiles will grow too14:09
khemso you might need to adjust the size of boot partition14:09
khemsomething like BOOT_SPACE ?= "40960" makes is 40M14:10
OutBackDingokhem: thats the default14:10
khemyou might need to set it bigger than that14:10
khemwhats the size of cpio.xz14:10
jofrI have recipeFoo that DEPENDS on recipeBar-native. I thought that if I did a "cleanall" on recipeBar-native, it would cause recipeFoo to get rebuilt the next time. Well, it doesn't. But how can I enforce it?14:11
khemjofr: if nothing changed then it should not since signatures wont change14:12
khemclean both14:13
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jofrkhem: It is changing, but all the changes are in recipe-sysroot-native because recipeBar-native is.. well.. native.  :p14:17
jofrI think I managed to fix it by changing recipeBar to a non"-native", BBEXTENDing native and defining a FILES_ section14:21
OutBackDingokhem: must be the appends14:22
OutBackDingoi have a weston image now im testing14:22
OutBackDingokhem: nope blank screen, not booting14:26
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OutBackDingokhem ok wait... i can ssh into it14:29
*** morphis <morphis!> has joined #yocto14:29
OutBackDingodevtmpfs                171.3M         0    171.3M   0% /dev14:29
OutBackDingotmpfs                   304.8M     92.0K    304.7M   0% /run14:29
OutBackDingotmpfs                   304.8M     48.0K    304.7M   0% /var/volatile14:29
OutBackDingoits booted to tmpfs not rootfs on sdcard though14:29
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OutBackDingonoow, hhot to get it to continue to boot rootfs14:37
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prabhakarladHi , I have built and SDK, and now when extracting I get this ERROR: Sstate artifact unavailable for package, any thought what could be missing ?15:10
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kergothRP: hmm, now that getVar defaults to expansion, indexing and .get() should be expanded, so we should be good to change things like (d.getVar('FOO') or '').split() to d.get('FOO', '').split(), more like a regular mapping, yes?15:56
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RPkergoth: I guess in theory but my preference is to leave getVar as a) its clearer to read somehow and b) the patch churn and conflicts such changes generate make life a nightmare16:38
kergothtrue. i also wonder how it would affect checksum generation, i don't remember if the signature generation checks indexing and .get and friends16:39
kergothprobably *should*, but..16:39
kergothdefinitely easier to do ast analysis when we don't have to differentiate dicts from datasmart objects16:40
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kergothHmm, I wonder if there'd be an interest in going upstream16:42
RPkergoth: getVar is a much nicer expression for the magic ast code to spot16:45
RPkergoth: that might be a good one for meta-mingw16:46
kergothah, good point16:46
JPEWkergoth: I agree (on win_sdk_cull.bbclass). We do something like that already... but I can't find it atm16:47
kergothah, k. will add to my list to check16:47
JPEWI should probably see if anyone is interested in our self extracting python script for mingw SDKs some day too....16:48
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RPJPEW: yes, as a patch to meta-mingw :)16:55
RPmingw really needs to get some maintainers who use that stuff16:55
JPEWRP: Ya I've noticed. We use it pretty heavily, I *might* be convinced to voluteer for that ;)16:56
* RP quicks fires up an editor on the README16:58
frayself extrasking mingw SDKs?  confused17:04
fraywe just create a zip file using the post processing stuff.. and the user extracts the zip and it 'all just works'17:04
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC17:04
fray(seems to be what our customers have expected at least...)17:05
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JPEWfray: There are some post processing steps that we have found necessary (just like on Linux SDKs)17:25
JPEWfray: I don't remember what atm, we've been using it for years17:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: AOT compile system assemblies using Yocto meta-mono <>17:51
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RParmpit: fixed the 2.4.4 artefact publishing and resent the qa email with help from halstead18:25
RPkergoth: did you want to take 12987?18:26
kergothyeah i can do that18:26
RPkergoth: its yours! (thanks018:26
kergothsorry i havent' had more time to help with core work recently, been busy at work and at home. looking to improve that again soon18:27
RPkergoth: np, I've been having my own sets of challenges too...18:28
* RP is getting frustrated with doing QA stuff all the time18:29
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kroonHi. I have a layer that I use together with yocto rocko, sumo and to-be thud. In there I have a linux-yocto_4.12.bbappend, but in oe-core thud there is no longer a linux-yocto_4.12 recipe to append to, which results in errors. Is there a way to have a .bbappend apply only if the recipe exists, and not error otherwise ?19:01
kroonmaybe some trickey with the layer.conf ?19:04
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khemkroon see the concept of dynamic-layers
kergothyou should really be using branches20:24
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kergothi'm rather annoyed i had to homeroll checking for shell parameter expansion modifiers because pysh never got around to implementing them..20:35
* kergoth rolls eyes20:35
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kergothended up pretty easy though:
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RPkergoth: not bad20:48
RPkergoth: as ever I worry about performance and memory storage size of the objects but I'm paranoid20:48
kergothyep, that was my first thought after doing it as well, we do a hell of a lot of shell and python parsing, any changes to it affect performance. no statistically significant impact on parse time, still need to test a few builds20:50
kergothunexpanded ${} in shell is likely pretty rare to begin with, so the # of times it even has to enter this block is pretty low20:51
kergoththere were 12 instances where modified_expansions was non-empty across all of oe-core and meta-oe20:52
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RPkergoth: fair enough. A non-obvious issue is that even an empty set() has memory storage size. Where things were rare, I did notice a big difference elsewhere by using hasattr() and leaving the entry missing20:58
kergothhuh, that's interesting, this would be a good candidate20:59
kergothi'll look into t hat, thanks20:59
RPkergoth: - the removes20:59
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kergothi'm getting spoiled using f-strings in my other projects, looking forward to the next python 3 version requirement bump :)21:02
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RPkergoth: Is that 3.5? I'm looking forward to getting to that21:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Using PREMIRRORS in Bitbake configuration <>23:22
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