Monday, 2018-11-19

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khemcslcm: what do you need from that layers ? nodejs is now in meta-oe03:36
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to know who is included a particular recipe in yocto <>03:42
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LetoThe2ndcslcm: meta-nodejs is kinda outdated anyways, i'd support massive breakage on newer revisions.07:29
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T_UNIXare rootfs image creation tools (i.e. `mkfs.ubifs`) expected to be provided by the build host system or by yocto?10:37
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: they are provided by the build10:37
T_UNIXthat's weird then... I'm facing `run.do_image_tar.1067: mkfs.ubifs: not found` using `crops/yocto:ubuntu-16.04-base` docker image to build10:39
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LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: can't comment on crops10:41
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: or maybe your imagetype is not properly set up, if you are using something custom10:42
LetoThe2ndbut i'm certain we are building ubi images here too, and that mkfs for ubi is not available in the host10:42
T_UNIXLetoThe2nd: that's a good start then :)10:44
pouet_foreverT_UNIX: do you have mtd-utils-ubifs ?10:46
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T_UNIXI do. But, I guess, never mind. There seems to be some kind of inconsistency weirdness. `IMAGE_FSTYPES` is set to `tar.gz`, yet  `do_image_tar` executes `mkfs.ubifs` on its first line O.o10:53
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: sounds like somebody hacked up your image creating. thats the one to blame10:53
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T_UNIXyeah. Probably pebcak :-D10:57
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kuzulisHi guys. How choose a required kernel version to build? e.g. I use own layer, which depends on meta-toradex-nxp layer. That 'meta-toradex-nxp' layer provides multiple kernels, like: meta-toradex-nxp/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-toradex-3.14.52/4.1/4.1.15/4.4 and so on.. When I compile my image, it creates a kernel with version 4.1.44... I don't understand, how the Yocto know which version t compile?12:24
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: if nothing specific is set, then its the highest version of all recipes that provide virtual/kernel and are marked as compatible with your given machine.12:29
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LetoThe2ndkuzulis: typical places for such things to be set is the .conf file of the machine.12:30
la_croix_Hi I'm trying to add some extra config to uboot/config.txt, using the following in the local.conf: RPI_EXTRA_CONFIG =  "dtparam=audio=on \n dtparam=i2s=on". The problem is that it seems to have no effect at all...12:38
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: because the u-boot build process does not know anything about your bitbake/recipe settings.12:40
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: here's a pretty detailed rundown:
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la_croix_LetoThe2nd Great, thank you12:41
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: sepcifically, the EDIT / ADDEDNDUM part.12:41
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la_croix_LetoThe2nd So, is this wrong?
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: no idea. it looks pretty hackish, and is certainly layer specifc.12:43
la_croix_LetoThe2nd Fair enough, thanks :)12:45
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: this is something that relates to the gpu thing, not to u-boot. i seriously suggest avoiding it.12:46
la_croix_LetoThe2nd Ok, I'll do that. Thanks :)12:46
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kuzulisLetoThe2nd: Hmm.. ok. thanks.12:51
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: But, can I set another custom kernel version ?12:51
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: e.g. pull a latest from the repo ?12:52
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: sure, why not?12:52
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: how I can do it tnen? :)12:52
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: just modify the recipe accordingly, respectively create your own based on those that are already there.12:52
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: so, just in my layer try to 'override' a kernel recipe with own *.bbappend, where puth to the SRC path a desired kernel version (e.g. from GIT?)12:54
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: s/puth/put12:54
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: if you look at this for example, you can pretty much easily see where SRCREV is set:
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: so in your append, just override that line12:55
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: So, as I understand, there are a two ways to pull a newest Kernel version: 1) it is just clone a fresh 'toradex' layer (e.g. master), 2) it is just override required recipe with my recipe?12:57
LetoThe2ndnot "create a fresh toradex layer". you should do all your work in your custom layer anyways. so, if oyu need bigger modifications than juser one or two variables, then you should copy over the starting point you want into your own layer and then modify it according to your needs.12:58
LetoThe2ndif you need to just tweak SRCREV, then put an append into your layer and, well, tweak SRCREV12:59
kuzulisLetoThe2nd: ok, many thanks13:00
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T_UNIXLetoThe2nd: I found the culprit. I appended another `DISTROOVERRIDES` variable (`STORAGEMEDIUM`). That mysterically lead to inclusion of ubifs rootfs code. Even though the `IMAGE_FSTYPES` variable says `.tar.gz`13:53
T_UNIXdoes one need to remove and rebuild everything if one modifies DISTROOVERRIDES?13:53
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: no idea, i can jsut tell you it sounds nasty.13:55
T_UNIXsure. But since it takes a few hours to rebuild everything, I was wondering whether it's inevitable.13:55
LetoThe2ndno idea, sorry. i've never had to use one of those OVERRIDE things so far. to me its got the feeling of "JUST MAKE IT WORK NOW I DON'T CARE ABOUT BREAKAGE LATER"... and now you seem to have reached that "later"13:57
T_UNIXI use OVERRIDEs to leverage bibakes FILES search path mechanism in context of multiple image/product/hw combinations.14:00
LetoThe2nd @ 0:2214:01
yatesif i have a svn://blah SRC_URI, is the SRCREV the revision number to grab?14:05
LetoThe2ndyates: probably the revision number14:06
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yatesLetoThe2nd: thank you!14:08
LetoThe2ndyates: have fun.14:08
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la_croix_LetoThe2nd Hi, do you remember that custom module thing that you helped me with? I've discovered that it works, but only if I ssh in and run 'modprobe my_loder'. Do you know how I would get it to load on boot? conf.local contains both IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " my_loader " and KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append = " my_loader ", but neither of them are doing it...15:15
yateswhy doesn't "export" work inside of a do_compile()? isn't it bash?15:15
JaMala_croix_: KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append is wrong15:16
JaMala_croix_: the variable is called KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD and -append isn't anything, you need underscore15:17
yatesnm. my mistake15:18
yatesit does work15:18
JaMaand the package name probably doesn't match with the actual module filename, so you need to specifi it as described in docs15:19
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la_croix_JaMa Oops, so fix that, and remove IMAGE_INSTALL_APPEND?15:20
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yateswhat directory does do_compile put you in when it is invoked? in terms of ${S}, etc.?15:36
yatesis it simply ${S}?15:36
LetoThe2ndyates: i'g guess {B}15:36
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yatesLetoThe2nd: in that document on svn repos you referred me to earlier, does the "module=" translate to a variable in the build environment? i need to cd inside my do_compile() to ${B}/${MODULE}15:40
LetoThe2ndyates: no idea, sorry. i'd have to try, tinker and findout myself15:40
yatesok, np15:40
LetoThe2ndyou can always do ls, pwd, whatever in do_compile, and abort with exit 115:40
LetoThe2ndso you'd directly see your debug output instead of having to go through the log file stuff15:41
yatesi know the directory, but i'd rather not hardcode it in, in case i change my module=15:41
LetoThe2ndyates: bitbake -e your recipe, and see if the module thing translates somewhere. if not, do it the other way round: define a variable and use that for module= and your do_compile15:42
RPyates: then pass it as a variable15:43
LetoThe2ndRP: i think the core question is if the module= setting from the svn fetcher already ends up in a variable15:43
RPyates: SVNMODULEDIR = "xxx" and use ${SVNMODULEDIR} in both SRC_URI and do_compile15:43
RPLetoThe2nd: right, I'm suggesting to use it as a variable in SRC_URI15:44
yatesmakes sense15:44
LetoThe2ndexactly, just what i said (without picking names, though)15:44
RPLetoThe2nd: right, I think we overlapped, sorry :)15:44
LetoThe2ndRP: i'm always happy to technically overlap with you. makes me feel less stupid :-)15:45
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to clean populate_sdk in yocto <>15:45
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RPLetoThe2nd: you're definitely not stupid15:45
yatesi have yet to achieve "technical overlap with RP"-dom...15:45
LetoThe2ndooooooh *sighs*15:45
cslcm@khem the version of node in meta-oe is out of date, unfortunately15:57
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yatesyocto downloads the source controlled files into a recipe-name-based location. what if my source control files provide a number of different recipes? it is redundant to download the source controlled files for each recipe. is there an alternative?16:24
kergothno, tht's not correct. downloads go to DL_DIR regardless of recipe nme16:25
kergothit's not isolated by recipe at all16:25
kergothand it's not re-downloaded if it was completed once, even if the do_fetch task re-runs16:26
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yatesi'm seeing my files at <build>/tmp/work/tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi/server-6300/1.0-rc0-r0/tags/production-server-1.0-rc0, and server-6300 is my recipe base_name and tags/production-server-1.0-rc0 is my module string16:29
yatesis that a symlink?16:29
yates(remove one of those tmp/work/ above)16:30
yatesor did i somehow screw up the recipe?16:32
yates(so far)16:32
yateskergoth: ^^^^^16:34
kergothfiels are downloaded in do_fetch from upstream into DL_DIR (see your local.conf), then they're "unpacked" from DL_DIR to WORKDIR in do_unpack, then patched in do_patch16:34
kergothin the case of files which don't need extracting (i.e. not a tarball, zip, etc), it's just copied16:34
yatesok, thanks16:35
kergothhuh, mentions the behavior, but doesn't explicitly call out what unpack does if it isn't extracting anything, and the description of do_unpack is pretty weak at all, specifically covering S but not WORKDIR16:38
kergothshould probably improve the docs on that16:38
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yatesi have another issue: at the beginning of my do_compile task my pwd is <build>/tmp/work/<arch>/<basename>/vers-r0/<full-recipe-name>16:44
yatesyet my files are at <build>/tmp/work/<arch>/<basename>/vers-r0/<module>16:45
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yatesi could cd, of course. but is there a reason yocto is expecting the build to be done in the original pwd?16:46
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JPEWyates: It's the default starting directory when building (${B}). You can change it if you have a different "build" directory16:48
yateschange what? B? S? the current working directory?16:49
yatesi could get it to work, but what's the "right" way to do it?16:49
JPEWyates: I think the "right" thing to do is change B16:49
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yatesok, thanks16:50
JPEWyates: However, by default B = ${S}, so if you aren't doing an "out-of-tree" build, it might be easier to set S and let B get picked up from it16:51
yatesis there a variable at do_compile() time that shows the directory the unpacker unpacked to?16:53
kergothyes, set S16:54
JPEWThats what "S" is for... it defaults to a commonly correct answer, but is frequently overridden (e.g. for recipes that use a git fetcher that doesn't follow the normal rule).16:54
JPEWyates: You see a lot of S = "${WORKDIR}/git" for that reason16:54
kergoththis *is* mentioned in the link ijust pasted, fyi16:54
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yatesis there an emacs mode for .bb files?17:15
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yatesdo_compile() success!17:22
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yatesthanks for all the direction/pointers/help17:27
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yatesthis has been valuable:
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denixwhy am I getting these from master:18:19
denixWARNING: core-image-base-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: locale-base-en-us.postinst returned 1, marking as unpacked only, configuration required on target.18:19
denixERROR: core-image-base-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Postinstall scriptlets of ['locale-base-en-gb', 'locale-base-en-us'] have failed. If the intention is to defer them to first boot,18:19
denixthen please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} ().18:20
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denixthis is oe-core master in distroless/no-distro config. I can't seem to find any misconfiguration in local.conf...18:21
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deviosityHello, trying to build linux-intel-rt on thud, and keep runnning into the dreaded: Unsupported relocation type: R_X86_64_PLT32 (4) error, which usually is resolved by downgrading binutils to 2.30 versus 2.31. Should I just bbappend all the binutils recipes or does someone know of a better solution off hand.18:22
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yateswhy am i getting this warning:
yatesor more to the point, why is my key getting overridden/replaced?18:43
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JPEWyates: Not sure... would need to see the recipe18:51
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kergothyates: you defined FILES_server-6300 when you should be setting or appending to FILES_${PN} instead19:10
kergothexpansion of variable references in variable names occurs at a specific point in the parsing process, from bitbake's perspective they're two entirely different variable names until it's expanded19:11
kergothat which one the latter replaces the former, as described in the message19:11
kergothif we expanded it immediately, it'd cause problems with use of variables that aren't yet defined at hte time that line is parsed19:11
yatesthat's deep19:14
yatesi actually had already changed it to FILE_${PN} before i read this and noticed it worked, and was mildly bewildered.19:17
yatesdo the path/files specified in FILES have to be in the corresponding paths in ${D}?19:23
yatesif have a FILES_${PN} = "${bindir}/myfile", does that have to have previously been installed into ${D}/${bindir}/myfile? or can it be in ${D}/myfile?19:26
yatesdo_package works now19:29
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yatesi did a "smart install server-6300" on my target device - works!19:55
yatesi'm starting to like this project..19:55
yatesit's powerful19:56
yateswith the old smart package manager, can you specify multiple package feed uris so that it will try one after the other?19:59
yateslike dnf/yum?19:59
yatesPACKAGE_FEED_URIS = " file://thumbdrive/repo"19:59
yatestias you say?20:00
bluelightningyates: that should work yes20:16
bluelightningdenix: I don't see any postinstall scripts for those packages - have you enabled anything in your configuration that might have added some?20:16
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denixbluelightning: YOCTO #1302820:17
bluelightningoh right, yes20:18
bluelightninglooks like it was never adapted :/20:20
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yatesis there recipe for version 3.0.2 of wxWidgets? i see 2.9.5 but we need 3.0.221:23
JPEWWhat layers does the AUH scan?21:34
yatesJPEW: are you talking to me?21:40
JPEWyates: Not specfically21:40
yateswhat is AUH?21:41
khemJPEW: AUH is primarily for layers that poky uses21:41
khemother layers havent yet adopted it21:41
JPEWyates: AUH = Auto Upgrade Helper21:41
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yatesi've updated my package feed uris like this: PACKAGE_FEED_URIS = " file://run/media/sda1"22:10
yatesi did a cp -r tmp/deploy/rpm /thumbdriveroot22:11
yatesthen i booted the target without enabling the wifi, and inserted the thumdrive, which gets mounted at /run/media/sda122:12
yatesi can "smart update" just fine - it appears to run and update the cache22:12
yatesbut when i "smart install server-6300", it tries to pull it over the network and fails, never attempting from the thumbdrive:22:13
rburton_JPEW: ask nicely and it can be extended to scan others layers. maybe don't ask for meta-oe first :)22:14
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yateswhy isn't it pulling from the thumbdrive?22:15
rburton_JPEW: i think the yocto-hosted auh can easily be told to do other layers, or alternatively the source is open so anyone can host their own22:15
JPEWrburton_: Sure, I was looking more at meta-mingw for the mingw-w64 headers/libraries... but it looks like devtool doens't handle nativesdks in a completely automated manner yet22:16
rburton_filed a bug for that?22:16
JPEWrburton_: Sure22:16
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yatesshould it be file:///run/media/sda1 instead of file://run/media/sda1?22:34
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khemrburton_: its ok to include meta-oe layers but I will ignore them for the mails which send updates and fixes22:38
khembut it would be good to have an account of pending package updates for meta-oe I agree22:39
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khemyates: do file URIs work with smart ?22:40
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