Tuesday, 2018-11-20

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abelalmorning folks06:56
abelaldo we know when the linux-yocto 4.19 branches are coming up?06:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: use static library of other recipe, <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53387809/yocto-use-static-library-of-other-recipe>07:18
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T_UNIXLetoThe2nd: remember my question about `OVERRIDES` and `do_image_tar` yesterday? Turns out it was because of the chosen variable name (`STORAGEMEDIUM`). It breaks bitbake. Another name doesn't O.o08:30
LetoThe2ndT_UNIX: interesting indeed. but no idea why. if you are interested in the inner workings, you can of course grep poky for other uses of the expression "STORAGEMEDIUM"08:37
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T_UNIXalready did. No luck though :-/09:04
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T_UNIXI was wrong. Turns out that the (wrong) value that was set for `STORAGEMEDIUM`did apparently match something unintended.09:10
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ejoernsHi, as I couldn't find any reference on this maybe you could give me a hint09:31
ejoernsWhat is the point in having the LICENSE field set in image/packagegroup recipes? Actually it describes the license of the source code used for the respective package, but, for an image or packagegroup?.. Is this more than a 'we don't have anything better' default?09:31
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BlauskaerMI have a recipe that creates a user and its home directory, /home/user. I also want to create a second recipe that puts some other files in this users home directory, /home/user/somefiles. But when i try to build my image I get a conflict that both recipe A and B tries to install /home/user. Am I using the wrong approach or is there a way to handle this?09:51
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RPBlauskaerM: have one create the user and the other DEPEND on it09:55
BlauskaerMRP: Does DEPENDS and DEPEND hade the same meaning? I tried that but stille get the same error09:56
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RPBlauskaerM: I mean DEPENDS sorry10:01
BlauskaerMHmmm... Will I always get this confligt if i try to install a file in a directory that was created by another recipe or is it because I try to make a new directory (install -d) inside /home/user from recipe B?10:05
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RPBlauskaerM: I'm not sure, this does sound like an odd bug and something we should really have a test case for10:06
BlauskaerMDont know, get the feeling that its just me who dont really know how to handle things :P10:09
RPBlauskaerM: If we had a testcase it would also give you an example...10:12
BlauskaerMKind of new, where can I find the test-cases/examples?10:13
RPBlauskaerM: in this case it would probably be something in meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases10:17
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BlauskaerMRP: Found them. See if they can give me some insight10:24
BlauskaerMThanks for your time10:24
RPBlauskaerM: we don't have a test case right now, I'm just thinking/wishing we had10:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto project, try to add my device driver config into the Linux kernel configuration file <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49298338/yocto-project-try-to-add-my-device-driver-config-into-the-linux-kernel-configur>11:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to setup an Yocto recipe to build from a local git source? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49535881/how-to-setup-an-yocto-recipe-to-build-from-a-local-git-source>11:49
BlauskaerMRP: Seems to work if I just use mkdir -p /home/user and not install -d11:58
BlauskaerMIs there a reason to use install instead of mkdir to make a directory11:59
BlauskaerMQuestion goes to everyone11:59
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RPBlauskaerM: that seems very strange as they should do the same thing12:51
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BlauskaerMRP: Yes I forgot to save one of the recepies -_-13:04
BlauskaerMSame problem as before13:04
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yateskhem: not sure yet - i'm testing now - should know in a few more minutes13:34
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yateskhem: yes.14:05
yatesbeware that file://thumbdrive won't work - should be file:///thumbdrive. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_URI_scheme14:07
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RPBlauskaerM: I just wrote something to test what you're talking about, http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=de3ed9f49fe255e72ac31b7a0d73656c54413529 works14:24
yateswhat recipe type (recipes-extended, recipes-support, etc) should the wxWidgets library be placed under?14:26
BlauskaerMRP: Its almost the same situation. In my case I create the home directory in useradd-example (install -d 755 /home/user) and later tries to add a folder in the other recipe (install -d /home/user/somefolder)14:28
RPBlauskaerM: right, the same thing should apply though?14:28
RPBlauskaerM: are you saying it only breaks if its /home?14:29
BlauskaerMDont know tbh14:29
BlauskaerMIn the other recipe I do the same thing for /home/root and that seems ok14:29
BlauskaerMOnly seems to be problem with the "new" user14:30
BlauskaerMHave to see what useradd-example does14:30
BlauskaerMI use that as a template when creating the user but was some time ago so I forgot what it said14:31
BlauskaerMJust a sec14:31
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RPBlauskaerM: what FILES are you setting? Does it try and include /home/xxx or just the files under /home/xxx/ ?14:31
RPBlauskaerM: I just tried http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=4b92d150322e07f098f7c5bd2300c058d953884d which also works14:32
BlauskaerMI the recipe that adds the user I have FILES_${PN} += "/home/user" and in the other recipe I have FILES_{PN} += "/home/user/somefolder /home/user/somefolder/file1"14:34
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RPBlauskaerM: that should be ok. rpm backend?14:35
RPBlauskaerM: I wonder if its because they have conflicting ownership on /home/user14:36
BlauskaerMrpm backend, sorry dont know that. Is it important to know?14:37
BlauskaerMfile /home/user conflicts between attempted installs of recipe2.aarch64 and recipe1.aarch6414:38
BlauskaerM(I changed the names so its not exactly the same error message)14:38
BlauskaerMBut you're right. t222&id=4b92d150322e07f098f7c5bd2300c058d953884d applies to my situation..14:39
BlauskaerMThen it must be that im doing something crazy14:39
RPBlauskaerM: I mean in both cases is the ownership of /home/user really user:group rather than root:root14:41
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RPBlauskaerM: I wasn't using rpm to test to I'm just rebuilding. rpm is a bit more picky about ownership14:41
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RPBlauskaerM: I can't seem to make it break, sorry :/14:45
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BlauskaerMI appreciate your effort. As I said, I know the problem is on my end so Im gonna remove some code and restart a little bit14:46
BlauskaerMYour examples should be what I need14:47
RPBlauskaerM: Just noticed there isn't an RDEPENDS in my example. I'll fix that14:48
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RPBlauskaerM: still worked...14:49
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BlauskaerMI think the difference is that I create /home/user in useradd-example and then tries to create the other directory /home/user/somefolder in useradd-example-depends14:56
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BlauskaerMDoes that work for you?14:56
BlauskaerMSo in useradd-example i do install -d -m 755 ${D}/home/user1 and in useradd-example-depends I do install -d -m 755 ${D}/home/user1/somefolder14:57
BlauskaerMAnd set FILES_${PN} += "/home/user1" in useradd-example and FILES_${PN} += "/home/user1/somefolder" in useradd-example-depends14:58
BlauskaerMI migt be a little bit late to add this but Im using 2.414:59
BlauskaerMIf that makes any difference14:59
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RPBlauskaerM: I tried that locally too :/15:05
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BlauskaerMThe h*ll im doing wrong :P15:07
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BlauskaerMIts time for refactor man15:08
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BlauskaerMJust one more thing. You might have said it before but if you do chmod -R user1:group1 /home/user1 in useradd-example and chmod -R user1:group1 /home/user1/somefolder in useradd-example-depends, it still works?15:14
BlauskaerMsorry chown*15:15
BlauskaerMIn both commands15:15
RPBlauskaerM: yes, seemed to15:25
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* BlauskaerM puts down his glases, buries hes face in his hands and screams a little bit15:28
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BlauskaerMRP: Will try again tomorrow, thank you very much for your time today15:40
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RPBlauskaerM: might be an idea to try and build a test case like mine...15:51
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BlauskaerMRP: Get the same issue when I apply some changes to the examples to commited. I can send you a patch tomorrow if you have time and see if you get the same error16:06
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RPrburton, kanavin: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/27/builds/230/steps/7/logs/step1c :(16:34
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yatesi'm trying to create a recipe for wxwidgets (v3.0.4). their license is "wxWindows Licence" but apparently yocto doesn't know this license: WARNING: wxwidgets: LICENSE value "wxWindows Licence" has an invalid format - license names must be separated by the following characters to indicate the license selection: &|()16:47
RPyates: are you sure someone hasn't already written a recipe for that?16:48
kergothhttps://hashrocket.com/blog/posts/vim-magic-with-abolish-vim - random, but any vim users that don't have this installed should fix that, cause it's fantastic16:48
yatesi see it now16:48
kergoth(as are most of tpope's plugins, but still)16:49
yatescoreutils_6.9.bb has LICENSE = "GPLv2+" but i don't see that file in poky/meta/files/common-licenses. how does that work? how do you map files in common-licents to .bb file license strings?16:52
yatesi see the file WXwindows, which i guess is the wxwidgets license. so is that simply "WXwindows"?16:52
yatesLICENSE = "WXwindows"?16:53
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yatesapparently the answer to my last question is "yes"16:55
RPyates: yes16:55
yatesthank you RP!16:56
RPyates: I'm fairly sure someone has written a recpie for that before. Have you checked layers.openembedded.org?16:56
yatesRP: don't have to, it's here in my project16:56
RPyates: not license, *recipe*16:57
yatesyes, i did - only 2.9.516:57
yatesand it looks like that version had some  autoconf quirks. so i'm creating a new one.16:58
*** rburton_ <rburton_!~rburton@> has quit IRC16:58
RPyates: still probably useful as a reference16:58
* yates facepalms16:58
yatesget the license out of there?16:58
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has joined #yocto16:58
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RPyates: just an idea...17:00
* yates turns red17:01
Croftonis there a wx recipe?17:05
yatesfor 2.9.5, whichis getting old now: https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/recipe/20507/17:06
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yatesfor a git SRC_URI, REV is the desired hash of the commit you want, right?17:14
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@mue-88-130-97-198.dsl.tropolys.de> has quit IRC17:15
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake VMWare Crashes <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53397799/yocto-bitbake-vmware-crashes>17:20
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:31
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kergothhmm, oe-selftest wiki page is out of date. setting SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS = "" in local.conf does not work, and the default PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel won't do either, since it's linux-yocto for qemux8617:59
RPkergoth: I'm sure our autobuilder sets SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS18:02
kergoth190:        if "SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS" in self.tc.td:18:04
kergoth191:            self.tc.logger.error("Please unset SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS in order to run oe-selftest")18:04
kergothwhich sets the exit code to 1, which fails the tests18:04
kergothafaict, anyway18:04
* kergoth shrugs18:04
RPkergoth: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/28/builds/242/steps/7/logs/stdio - sets   SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS = ''18:06
RPkergoth: I'm guessing empty vals don't make the d -> td transition18:07
RPwhich is accident rather than design18:07
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khemRP: https://8n1.org/14048/3f9918:41
khemthats latest master-next18:41
JaMakhem: RP already reported it to the author18:42
khemJaMa: ok,18:42
khemoh so it is not revertable ?18:43
khemI thought it was still hanging in master-next18:43
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khemah curl still went in18:45
*** dv_ <dv_!~dv@62-178-50-190.cable.dynamic.surfer.at> has joined #yocto18:47
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RPkhem: I haven't reported the nativesdk issue, only a different one19:36
RPkhem: curl had an issue? :/19:37
khemRP: I reported that it regresses recipes in meta-oe19:37
khemfor once when the build finished in time19:38
RPkhem: I see the email, somehow I missed this :(19:39
RPkhem: sorry :/19:39
khemno worries, usually its good to hold such patches for sometimes so we can sync the changes19:40
RPkhem: I do for a while but usually once all the tests pass there isn't any followup :(19:41
JaMaanyone else seeing postgresql failing to build since last oe-core/sumo update?19:41
RPkhem: will try and do better19:42
khemRP: I regress master-next with meta-openembedded and bunch of other layers which is a good test for oe-core especially libs19:42
RPkhem: yes, agreed19:43
RPkhem: I'm working towards resorting out the autobuilder targets too19:43
khemright now my build round trip is in excess of 24 hrs19:45
khemthats way more than oe-core19:45
khembut I am hoping to improve with some new CPUs that Tom is on lookout one of builder is become better19:45
RPkhem: I'm wondering if we can have some basic tests on the main ab19:46
khemSure that will be good, if AB has cycles19:46
*** tprrt <tprrt!~tprrt@ram31-1-82-234-79-177.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #yocto19:48
RPkhem: working on it :)19:55
*** behanw <behanw!uid110099@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-wvgxqzfereazydko> has joined #yocto20:02
yatesi'm getting stuck on this recipe at the fetch stage: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/i9E-ATTKOfalab6TkBTu0g20:02
yateshere's the recipe (so far): https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/t-8KL~lsKd8-y3NNWFsfVg20:02
yatesif i specify the hash, then isn't the branch irrelevent? so master should be fine?20:03
*** peacememories <peacememories!~textual@t196-091.demo.tuwien.ac.at> has quit IRC20:08
yatescan anyone take a look please?20:10
JPEWyates: Specifying the branch can reduce the amount that has to be cloned from the server20:11
JPEWyates: SRC_URI[sha256sum] is not necessary for a git fetch20:11
yatesi have that repo cloned in a separate directory - how can i find the has for a specific tag?20:11
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*** cslcm <cslcm!~cslcm@ns19281.115-189.caspernet.co.uk> has joined #yocto20:17
cslcmHey - are there "devel" packages available in yocto for installing libraries and headers?20:18
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has joined #yocto20:23
JPEWcslcm: There are -dev packages20:23
JPEWyates: FYI you probably need to do: S = "${WORKDIR}/git"20:24
cslcmi'm trying to find one for gstreamer but i can't see any listed20:24
JPEWcslcm: Where are you looking?20:24
JPEWcslcm: Ah, they aren't going to show up there... the recipes create the -dev packages20:25
cslcmah, so i can just add -dev to a recipe name?20:26
JPEWcslcm: Thats the default, so most of the time, yes :)20:26
JPEWJaMa: still here?20:27
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cslcmJPEW: any idea about gtk+-dev which doesn't seem to exist20:50
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has quit IRC20:50
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kergothcslcm: the layer index search recipes, not packages.20:52
kergothdev packages are split off by default, for everything20:52
kergothas part of the build process20:52
kergothyou're t alking about runtime, but this is a build tool20:52
cslcmi need to develop an application on the target device20:52
cslcmi've found -dev recipes for most of what i need but not for gtk+20:53
kergothagain, every recipe splits off development files into a -dev package by default20:53
kergothit's not a separate recipe20:53
kergoththe regular gtk recipe emits -dev packages, just like everything else20:53
cslcmright but gtk+ is found by yocto and gtk+-dev isn't20:53
cslcmmaybe the plus is an issue?20:53
kergoth"found by yocto" makes no sense20:53
yatesJPEW: the tag i'm interested in is not associated with any branch.20:53
kergothyocto is an umbrella project that encompasses many tools, including bitbake+oe+poky, which is used to build distros20:53
cslcmi know20:54
bluelightningcslcm: describe what you did and the messages you received20:54
cslcmadded gtk+ and gtk+-dev to IMAGE_ISNTALL_append, ran the build, it said nothing provides gtk+-dev20:54
cslcmexcuse the typo20:54
JPEWyates: That is.... strange. Not impossible, but strange.20:55
bluelightningcslcm: that is very odd... the gtk+ recipe clearly does define an ${PN}-dev package20:55
yatesJPEW: "git branch --contains v3.0.4" reports nothing.20:57
yatesso apparently that is the case here.20:57
bluelightningcslcm: yep just tried it here, adding gtk+-dev to an image did not give me such an error20:57
bluelightningcslcm: can you paste your *exact* IMAGE_INSTALL_append line?20:58
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yateswhere is the git fetcher?21:00
kergothyates: bitbake, as with all the fetchers21:00
yatesi'm coming up with nothing here..21:00
yateskergoth: you mean it's internal to bitbake? not a class anywhere/21:00
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yatesi'm completely stumped. i'm not good enough at python to read that, but thanks kergoth. i tried.21:14
bluelightningyates: did you try git branch -r --contains v3.0.4  ?21:15
yateswhy NOT?!?!? ERROR: wxwidgets-3.0.4-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://github.com/wxWidgets/wxWidgets.git;protocol=https;tag=v3.0.4'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.21:16
bluelightningyates: if the tag really isn't on any branch then use ;nobranch=121:16
kergothit's actually fairly common for a tag to not be contained by any branch. it's not good practice, but common. not everyone merges back the version bumps into mainline21:16
kergothwhich tends to break git-describe, etc21:16
yatesbluelightning: ok, lemme try that21:16
yatesbluelightning: no, i did not, and that worked. https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/v0oVC5ParjTs3h-QwYgfDw21:18
yatesbut.. the nobranch=1 worked. got past the fetch stage. only took 3 hours...21:19
bluelightningok, so I guess branch=WX_3_0_BRANCH is what you really want there21:20
yatesbut without specifying a branch, nobranch=1 worked21:20
yatesdo i really need the branch?21:20
bluelightningright, that is an alternative21:20
bluelightningFYI, devtool upgrade will take care of this kind of stuff for you21:20
yatesdoesn't devtool upgrade require an old recipe to work with?21:21
yatesi didn't want to use the old one - it seemed to have some autotools tweaks that i don't think are necessary any longer.21:22
CroftonYou can't upgrade nothing to something :)21:22
bluelightningah ok I figured you were upgrading the old one, nm21:22
bluelightningCrofton: no kidding :D21:22
yatesno, np - thanks for the help and ideas21:22
yatesCrofton: Billy Preston says "Nothing from nothin' leaving nothin'"...21:23
yateswould it be that hard to give a github url and a tag or hash to devtool and just let me create a brand new recipe???21:32
yatess/let me/let it/21:32
yates"devtool create-github-recipe ..." ?21:33
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rburtonyates: doesn't devtool do that already?22:03
rburtonyates: also why not just use https://github.com/wxWidgets/wxWidgets/releases/download/v3.0.4/wxWidgets-3.0.4.tar.bz222:05
rburtoni prefer fetching tarballs if possible: faster, easier to mirror, and checksummable22:07
rburtonfwiw $ recipetool create git://github.com/wxWidgets/wxWidgets.git -B WX_3_0_BRANCH  -S v3.0.4 appears to be doing the right thing22:07
rburtonyou do need to know what branch/tag22:07
yatesrburton: which version of recipetool are you using? mine does not have a -B or a -S option22:17
rburtondevtool should be used instead but i was being lazy22:17
rburtonbut just using that tarball solves all the git woes22:18
rburton(the git fetcher likes to sanity check the sha/branch to be sure you know what you're asking for)22:18
yatesi'm past my git woes NOW. i guess that's good to know for the future..22:20
yatesalso, it seems like a git repo is more reliable than a tarball22:21
rburtonother way around imho22:21
rburtontarball was generated by the maintainers to be built, doesn't change, has checksums22:21
yatesreliable in the sense that it'll be there and be the same tomorrow and in 5 years.22:21
rburtonha haahahahhaha22:21
rburtonyou're aware we have a fork of distcc because upstream literally deleted the release tag we were using?22:22
rburtonat least for tarballs, they'll be in the source mirrors22:22
yateswell, no22:22
rburtonboth suck if the maintainers do something stupid, or just disappear22:23
rburtonat least a known tarball with a known checksum can be found in someone's disk and put online again22:23
yatesyeah, or we have a nuclear war22:23
yatesrburton: could you not say the same about a repo?22:24
rburtonfewer people have a complete clone to hand22:24
yatesyou mean a bare repo?22:24
yatesor you mean they don't regularly pull?22:25
rburtonits just easier to share around a tarball, it's just a single file22:25
rburtonanyway its late!22:25
*** rburton <rburton!~rburton@> has quit IRC22:25
yatesexit, stage left!22:25
yatesgotta run22:25
*** yates <yates!~user@rrcs-96-10-234-158.midsouth.biz.rr.com> has quit IRC22:25
*** yates <yates!~user@rrcs-96-10-234-158.midsouth.biz.rr.com> has joined #yocto22:27
yatesjust joking..22:27
yatesis there an "inherit" for source that already has a ./configure, so that you can bypass the autoconf/etc. steps?22:29
yates"inherit autotools" runs autoconf and that seems to be hosing things22:30
yatesor do i just implement my own do_compile() in that case?22:31
RPyates: we run autoconf for a reason22:38
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JPEWRP: I see 1e8623ce6b7 ("poky.conf: Add MACHINE to SDK_NAME")... I ran into a similar problem while building SDKs for MinGW and worked around it locally by adding ${SDK_OS} to SDK_NAME22:44
JPEWIt starts making the SDK name really long to add all those in :)22:44
RPJPEW: yes, there has to be a better way :/22:46
yatesRP: why?22:48
yatesis it because we are cross-building instead of natively building?22:49
RPyates: basically yes, make sure all of our tweaks take effect and it cross builds well22:49
JPEW"cross-compiling is hard" - Sun Tzu22:51
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chandana73I am trying to run devtool modify gcc but it errors out with the following message:23:29
chandana73ERROR: Task do_patch does not exist for target gcc (..../meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc_8.2.bb:do_patch). Close matches:do_fetch23:29
chandana73Is this the right way to call gcc with modify ?23:29
*** nighty- <nighty-!~nighty@s229123.ppp.asahi-net.or.jp> has quit IRC23:29
chandana73* ERROR: Task do_patch does not exist for target gcc (..../meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc_8.2.bb: do_patch). Close matches: do_fetch23:30
JaMagcc sources are provided by gcc-source recipe23:41
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chandana73I tried with devtool modify gcc-source_7.3 and it errors as well. the error i see is ERROR:  Unable to find any recipe file matching "gcc-source_7.3"23:46
RPhalstead: the non-release structure on pub on the autobuilder is horrible, I'm tweaking it to better match the other releases. We may need to clean up pub23:49
kergothchandana73: it's devtool modify gcc-source-7.3, not _7.323:51
*** geissona_ <geissona_!~geissonat@45-18-127-186.lightspeed.austtx.sbcglobal.net> has joined #yocto23:56
chandana73@kergoth: I tried that as well and i get the same error of unable to find any recipe file matching gcc-source-7.323:57

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