Thursday, 2018-11-22

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Connect Arduino to local MQTT broker using loopback <>03:27
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DvorkinI have a problem applying patches to yocto-linux kernel tree. I'm getting "Patch needs to be refreshed ... .git/rebase-apply/resolve_rejects". I know the patch is nice06:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake Glibc Build Fails <>08:58
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ernstpI think I ran into and have a pretty good solution...09:11
yoctiBug 12107: normal, Medium, 2.7, JPEWhacker, NEW , useradd-staticids: groupadd: GID already exists09:11
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ernstpor maybe not...09:32
ernstphi rburton, ran into , trying to build a solution...09:36
yoctiBug 12107: normal, Medium, 2.7, JPEWhacker, NEW , useradd-staticids: groupadd: GID already exists09:36
ernstpso for example my dbus recipe fails, because it has an old etc/group in it's sysroot, and do_prepare_recipe_sysroot: Skipping as already exists in sysroot: ['base-passwd', bla bla... ]09:38
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rburton_RP: just realised that HOSTTOOLS and BUILD_CC conflict10:33
rburton_if the user sets BUILD_CC to something like gcc-8 then that won't be in the path10:33
RPrburton_: in what way?10:33
RPrburton_: right, you'd have to tweak both10:33
RPrburton_: I'm now thinking "a-quick" and "a-full" so the UI works better fwiw10:34
RPnot ideal but10:34
rburton_presumably there's no hidden sort-key tag10:34
RPrburton_: there could be but I kind of doubt it and I'm not in the a mood for a day of playing with coffeescript :/10:35
RPI'm getting worried about supporting the older releases with all these changes. I guess I finish piling stuff in and then try and sort it out...10:36
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RPrburton_: is -next ok?10:44
RPrburton_: clean build apart from missing maintainer which I fixed10:44
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rburton_RP: -next isn't based on master10:57
RPrburton_: it is now10:58
RP(was a couple of bitbake tweaks different)10:58
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rburton_huh the buildhistory git repo is huge, even a week of commits on just one branch is quite a lot to fetch11:00
RPrburton_: its why I was wondering if we get it to summarise in the results11:00
rburton_would be useful11:00
RPrburton_: I'm limiting build history to just qemu* going forward btw11:01
rburton_do you have 12f1b114db4ec4952aed8131e5f88c3e6e559659 in your poky clone?11:02
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RPrburton_: yes11:02
rburton_what is it?11:02
rburton_that's what the buildhistory last did but i don't have that sha11:03
RPrburton_: buildhistory was a bit unreliable as not all the workers had the right ssh access but michael is working on fixing that (I think he may have done so)11:04
rburton_might explain why that sha doesn't bare much relation to current net11:04
RPrburton_: no, that wouldn't explain that11:05
RPit just explains why some branches were updating and others weren't11:05
rburton_yeah i just fetched origin/poky/master-next/nightly-x86-6411:05
RPrburton_: ah, it would explain why it was perhaps missed on the last -next11:06
RPrburton_: oh, last -next used the new names11:06
rburton_of course!11:06
rburton_erm should ross/mut be pushing to the buildhistory repo?11:07
RPrburton_: sure, we configured it to11:07
rburton_ok, just checking11:07
RPrburton_: that basically says ross/mut is to be a rebased history against the last poky master11:08
rburton_you can delete for-ross now11:09
RPrburton_: gone :)11:09
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RPrburton_: care to glance over - the split between quick and full11:10
RPrburton_: btw, the UI displays "Start a-full Build" which is quite nice :)11:10
rburton_oddly i'm seeing openssl changing in the buildhistory11:16
rburton_packages/core2-64-poky-linux/openssl/openssl-engines: FILELIST: added "/usr/lib/engines-1.1/"11:16
RPrburton_: that seems strange :/11:17
rburton_apart from that reviewing the buildhistory from the ab was good11:18
rburton_yeah merge away11:18
rburton_shall quickly look at openssl11:18
* rburton_ starts to giggle manically at what he suspects is happening11:20
rburton_coffee first :)11:20
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RPrburton_: curious now!11:41
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rburton_RP: openssl doesn't think its cross-compiling so it looks at the host kernel version to decide whether to build this module12:14
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RPrburton_: oh dear :/12:17
RPyay buildhistory though12:18
RPand rburton_++ for spotting it :)12:18
rburton_of course, tell it we're cross compiling and it just force-disables that modue12:18
no_such_userHiya... I'm trying to put together a workflow for managing multiple projects - I'm using as a starting point as it seems sensible. It references and - is there any info about how these are populated or any publicly available scripts that show that?12:18
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RPrburton_: 37 minute oe-selftest with hot sstate!12:22
RPrburton_: now we can run per distro we can compare speed too12:23
RPrburton_: sorry, 34 mins:
RPathough we do seem to be skipping signing tests when we shouldn't be12:24
RPrburton_: I still have mingw to think about on the AB, anything else I need to tweak whilst I'm thinking about it? I added ptest. I guess maybe other layers?12:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error: cannot register alternative groups while executing bitbake rootfs command <>12:29
rburton_RP: yes, but what layers i'm not sure yet12:29
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OutBackDingorburton_: i thoughht thhis was fixed ?  openssl:Error: 'rehash' is an invalid command.12:40
rburton_it was12:41
OutBackDingohrmmm... in whhich version of 1.0.2? im using 1.0.2p12:41
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RPrburton_: just reconfigured the AB 'live' which is rather scary12:56
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* RP was surprised something didn't break12:57
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RPrburton_: to test with wine did you have to add i386 packages to your host?13:11
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rburton_RP: debian ships a wine64 package13:25
rburton_so i couldn't test the 32-bit stuff, but i built a 64-bit sdk and that worked13:25
RPrburton_: that is enough to make the tests work?13:25
RPrburton_: I could install the 32 bit junk onto an AB worker I guess13:25
rburton_with SDKMACHINE = "x86_64-mingw32" yes13:25
RPrburton_: its just the normal -c testsdk right?13:26
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rfriedHi There. created SDK using "-c populate_sdk" and installed it. sourcing the environment  file replaces the PATH environment variable completely instead of appending it. is that the expected behaviour ?14:02
rfriedI don't recall that I saw this before.14:02
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JaMarburton_: do you already have openssl-1.1.1a upgrade in queue?14:19
rburton_JaMa: nope14:19
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LetoThe2ndby the way, strange idea. has anybody thought about an IMAGE_FSTYPE "directory"? basically so the build output can be used directly to feed a nfs boot14:29
rburton_sounds sensible14:30
rburton_do it14:30
rburton_not sure what you'd do about ownership though14:30
LetoThe2ndrburton_: if neither you nor RP scream "jehova" i'd actually try14:30
rburton_you writing != merging ;)14:31
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rburton_also looking forward to your ownership problem14:31
rburton_tbh probably easier to just chain off the tar fstype and then sudo tar xf in a task :)14:31
LetoThe2nd"jehova" in terms of "stupid idea, cannot work because of XXX"14:31
rburton_well, .... file ownership14:32
LetoThe2ndthats what came to my mind too14:32
RPI thought we could already use unfs to share a rootfs directory and boot off it by using it with pseudo14:32
RPI think armpit has an open bug related to this14:32
LetoThe2ndRP: ?14:33
rburton_yes, we can use unfs to start a user-mode nfs for nfs-booting a qemu14:33
rburton_armpit has the bug for extending that for real hardware iirc14:33
rburton_i suspect that code just unpacks the tar14:33
RPLetoThe2nd: is a test which does this in the SDK14:34
RPLetoThe2nd: meaning we already have the permissions issue solved with pseudo and a working user space nfs server14:34
LetoThe2ndRP: \m/14:34
RPLetoThe2nd: its not an IMAGE_FSTYPE but...14:34
LetoThe2ndRP: i know what you mean14:37
RPLetoThe2nd: I guess I'm saying it should be possible14:37
LetoThe2ndok, then i'll put it onto the "weird ideas to try"-pile14:39
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rburton_LetoThe2nd: if you do, ping armpit  first14:40
* LetoThe2nd bites keyboard in order to resist jokes about odour14:40
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la_croixI have a recipe that builds scipy, which depends on numpy. I also have a recipe that builds numpy, which works correctly. I am getting a dependency issue when it tries to build scipy. I've added DEPENDS = "python3-numpy" to my scipy recipe, but it still fails...14:48
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no_such_userWhen creating sstate mirrors, is it best to create a new mirror per poky version or per poky version and distro/machine target?14:52
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RPno_such_user: only matters in that it helps you being able to remove things later14:56
RPno_such_user: the system can cope with anything all together14:56
ernstpno_such_user: I run --remove-duplicated every now and then..14:56
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jeciakMay I have a question? I would like to use docker in order to build our images using bitbake on MacOS. I have two problems/questions14:58
jeciak1) I prefer run building process as root in docker container. I would like to disable bitbake's sanity check "Do not use Bitbake as root."14:59
jeciakIs it possible to disable only one sanity check?14:59
RPjeciak: if you do that there are some file ownership tests which would fail to work properly so its really not recommended15:00
LetoThe2ndjeciak: in short: change your preferences. building as root is discouraged for good reasoning - and what would you gain, besides that warm, rooty feeling in your guts?15:00
* LetoThe2nd actually does it the complete reverse style - my containers are all users unless absolutely needed.15:01
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jeciak2) MacOS has case insensitive file system in default. Is it safe to disable sanity check for checking whether filesystem is case sensitive or not? If I disable this sanity check then I will have some unexpected problems later? (e.g. duplicatation in sstate)15:01
LetoThe2ndjeciak: yes you will have problems. been there, done that.15:01
RPjeciak: no, its not safe at all and it will break15:01
LetoThe2ndRP: hey we overlap again!15:02
jeciakthank you for your help :)15:02
LetoThe2ndjeciak: usually you can't even build the kernel.15:02
LetoThe2ndjeciak: so either use a vm, or switch to an OS (pun intended)15:02
jeciakI'm new in yocto (I have used it for 2-3 months)15:02
nayfeHi, I'm trying to create recipe for I manage to create it for one tool (ie mongoimport) but when I add a  new GO_INSTALL, it overwrites build/bin/main as every tools folder are named "main", do you know any way (or I duplicate my recipe?)15:03
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la_croixBuilding scipy fails, claiming it has no module named 'setuptools'. The recipe clearly includes 'inherit setuptools3', and I have now built a number of python packages in this manner. This is the first problem...15:04
ernstpdoesn't docker on MacOS already use a vm... ?15:11
jeciakLetoThe2nd: May I ask why I can't build the kernel using root account (inside docker container). I know that building using root account is a bad practice, because for example if we have a bug in our makefile then we can break our system. Also security. It's reasonable, but I wonder whether these arguments are still true if we use containers (our environment is isolated)15:12
jeciakernstp yes the docker on MacOS uses hyperkit (lightweight vm), but if we use docker volumes then the volume will have the same filesystem as host15:13
jeciakI mean under the hood there is NFS share between MacOS -> HyperKit (Linux VM) and our container15:13
ernstpjeciak: you should build on a native filesystem and then only copy the artifacts to the shared volume after the build...15:14
jeciak$ docker run --rm -ti ubuntu mkdir dir Dir   # works well15:15
RPjeciak: Its not supported ,its known to break.15:15
jeciak$ docker run --rm -ti --volume $(pwd)/foo:/foo ubuntu mkdir /foo/dir /foo/Dir15:15
jeciakmkdir: cannot create directory '/foo/Dir': File exists15:15
RPjeciak: you can of course try it you were warned...15:15
jeciakernstp good idea, thank you15:15
jeciakRP I don't want :) I just wonder, because all the people say that it's not recommended but unfortunately they are not able to give an example - why it will create a problem.15:17
jeciakI'm just curious15:17
RPjeciak: taking one specific problem, we detect "user" contamination leakage by checking that nothing in the generated output is owned by the build user/group. If that is 0:0 (root:root) our leakage detection no longer works.15:20
RPjeciak: it also means that operations that wouldn't work as a normal user would work in your build meaning if you hand a recipe you write to someone else, it could behave differently15:21
jeciakoh, this is very good example, thank you!15:22
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nayfego.bbclass installs files with ${GO} install ... `go_list_packages` and go_list_packages calls go list -f '{{.ImportPath}}' ...16:28
nayfeBut when I inspect target with following command, there are some duplicated files:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Ip address for wifi tethering using connman <>16:29
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nayfeWell  it seems I'll live with 10 copy/paste recipes for now :D16:51
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RPrburton_: mingw doesn't seem to want to work :/16:57
rburton_what's happening?16:58
*** rburton_ is now known as rburton16:58
RPrburton: will have to debug16:58
rburtonthat happened to me when the sysroot was win32 but i didn't have wine32 installed16:59
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rburtonneed to monkey-patch in the replacement subprocess exception that shows stderr too17:00
RPrburton: wine32 wanted to install all kinds of mutliarch i386 stuff (0.5GB worth)17:03
rburtoni guess it doesn't emulate 32-bit ia17:04
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rburtonso yeah, that's needed17:04
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rburtonlets just start with 64-bit sdk?17:04
*** cslcm <cslcm!> has joined #yocto17:05
RPrburton: isn't it still mingw32 though?17:05
cslcmHey. I'm currently having an issue with my yocto image on a raspberry pi 3 where processes fail to exit, they all turn into zombies17:05
cslcmanyone seen this?17:05
RPrburton: I guess not17:05
rburtonRP: i'll admit ignorance here17:06
rburtonis it called mingw32 because its the win32 api17:06
rburtoneven though its 64-bit17:06
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RPrburton: right. I'll try it17:08
rburtonof course is something else17:08
rburtonoh that's what we ship17:09
rburtonso the sdk name is wrong i guess17:09
rburtonmaybe renaming the sdks is something else to do17:09
RPrburton: possibly yes17:11
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RPrburton: that worked17:30
rburtonsuccess, ship it17:34
RPrburton: testing it on the AB now :)17:34
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RPrburton: success -
RPJPEW: ^^^ :)17:42
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RPJPEW: just need to work on the WARNING messages now ;-)17:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: compilation error: No suitable bison/yacc found <>20:00
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peniwizeI'm building the nvidia kernel module in yocto and I'm receiving this error:20:18
peniwizetest -e include/generated/autoconf.h -a -e include/config/auto.conf || (\20:18
peniwizeecho >&2;\20:18
peniwizeecho >&2 "  ERROR: Kernel configuration is invalid.";\20:18
peniwizeecho >&2 "         include/generated/autoconf.h or include/config/auto.conf are missing.";\20:18
peniwizeecho >&2 "         Run 'make oldconfig && make prepare' on kernel src to fix it.";\20:18
peniwizeecho >&2 ;\20:18
peniwizeIt's not clear why since the files exist.  Does anyone have any insight?20:19
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