Friday, 2018-11-23

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Dvorkinhow to add source subtree to the kernel recipe with .bbappend?06:43
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ernstpDvorkin: there is git submodule support:
Dvorkinernstp, thanks. I mean not from the git, but from the local folder08:30
ernstpDvorkin: not sure what you mean....08:31
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Dvorkinernstp, the additional source contains a lot of files and two patches to enable it. It is not ready to be included to some git so I'm having it in the local filesystem and I just need to copy it to kernel subfolder before kernel build.08:33
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ernstpDvorkin: if you're just developing I would recommend devtool modify kernel-recipe-name09:02
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Dvorkinernstp, thanks. I've thought about it09:10
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LetoThe2ndis there a way to detect in a recipe if the kernel has CONFIG_SMP set?09:34
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nayfeLetoThe2nd> maybe by reading .config in kernel staging dir?09:39
LetoThe2ndnayfe: feels dirty.09:40
nayfeindeed :)09:42
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nayfeHi, any GO recipe guru ? :)09:50
LetoThe2ndisn't that a paradox? </SCNR>09:51
nayfeI hate it! ;)09:51
nayfe I'm trying to create recipe for I manage to create it for one tool (ie mongoimport) but when I add a  new GO_INSTALL, it overwrites build/bin/main as every tools folder are named "main" see .09:52
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nayferecipe  here
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kuzulisHi folks. How to avoid an issue with 'rfkill' utility? In my case it by default blocks the bluetooth iface each time after the system reboot. To unblock it, need to call: rfkill unblock bluetooth... How it can be solwed in Yocto context?09:56
nayfekuzulis: maybe create a systemd/sysvinit service to kill it on system reboot?09:57
kuzulisnayfe: Yes, maybe. But it is strange that Yocto has not a pre-defined 'recipe' for that.09:59
kuzulisnayfe: Is it possible do not include the rfkill at all?09:59
LetoThe2ndwell if you don't need the utility, then don't install it.10:00
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kuzulisLetoThe2nd: How I can 'don't install it'?10:02
mcfriskare there any known race conditions in kernel external module recipes/bbclasses in sumo?10:02
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: well it certainly comes from some package. do not install that package10:02
LetoThe2ndkuzulis: oe-pkgdata-util is your freind here10:03
nayfeif you use systemd there is this line ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'wifi', 'rfkill', '', d)}10:03
kuzulisnayfe: Does this means, that a WiFi recipe depends on RFkill recipe?10:04
no_such_userMorning! Any folks know much about how the sstate cache works?10:05
kuzulisnayfe: I need in 'wifi'..10:05
nayfekuzulis> it means systemd will compile with rfkill option, but rfkill is maybe from busybox10:06
nayfebusybox_cfg(bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'wifi', True, False, d), 'CONFIG_RFKILL', cnf, rem) in busybox recipe10:07
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nayfeand same with bluetooth10:08
kuzulisnayfe: I don't understand, what does this means: "(bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'wifi', True, False, d), 'CONFIG_RFKILL', cnf, rem)" ?10:09
parthiHi everyone, I am using meta-mingw to create SDK for windows. The final SDK produced is always tar.xz compressed as in . Will it be possible to control the compression? I also wanted to use "--dereference" option to tar. Do we have some external variables to control this?10:10
nayfebusybox will add rfkill if wifi or bluetooth (next line) is enabled in distro10:10
kuzulisnayfe: And what is a best way to fix my issue?10:10
kuzulisnayfe: Ok, thanks. Let's say, that I now want to keep the rfkill utility.. Then, do I need to write an own recipe with a custom systemd service which will call 'rfkill unblock bluetooth' ?10:11
kuzulisnayfe: It is strange for me, why the rfkill blocks only the bluetooth, but does not blocks the wifi?10:13
nayfei know nothing about rfkill :)10:15
nayfedo you have a recent yocto/kernel version?10:15
kuzulisnayfe: No, I use kernel 4.1.x10:16
nayfenot that bad :)10:16
kuzulisnayfe: Just I din't see any Yocto layers which examples of rfkill-unblock service in my Yocto sources10:17
nayfekuzulis: you can check for simple systemd recipe10:18
kuzulisnayfe: Ahh.. PeakCAN!! A good choose! :) Many thanks.10:20
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no_such_userMorning... Is this visible? Just moved to a new irc client and not sure if working!10:32
nayfeno_such_user morning10:34
no_such_userAha! Thanks :-)10:34
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rburtonkuzulis: if you're using connman note that out of the box that disables comms until the user turns them on10:38
kuzulisnayfe: Is in that example, that service automatically started after reboot?10:38
nayfenop, it's just an systemd service recipe example10:38
rburtonkanavin: any idea why the libdnf upgrade would take 300s more to build?10:39
no_such_userSo, is anyone have a reasonable handle on using the sstate cache? It seems that it's advantageous to use a workflow that involves project specific sstate mirrors but not sure how much or how little to include in each mirrored cache... Should one use a single cache for each poky release or one per build / target?10:39
nayfekuzulis: but it is automatically called by systemd10:39
rburtonno_such_user: you can just share a single cache if you want10:40
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nayfeso you'll need to set nothing in ExecStart, and just put your unblock in ExecStop10:40
kuzulisrburton: Ok, thanks for info10:41
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RPrburton: how does -next look? I know there were AB fails but they were either odd (debian selftest only) or the PRAUTO thing on opensuse42311:01
ernstpmcfrisk: what are you seeing?11:08
rburtonRP: we need more regular builds of master to populate the buildhistory ;)11:15
rburtonRP: as the builds are faster now maybe we *should* have an actual automated master run at 2am11:15
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RPrburton: yes, we probably should do something like that11:20
RPrburton: called nightly?11:21
* RP hides11:21
rburtonif we kick it at 2am or so then you shouldnt be pushing and it will be done by morning11:22
rburtongood for keeping buildhistory fresh, and repeatedly running the qa to shake out random failures11:23
RPrburton: yes, I like the idea. Will disrupt some of armin's stable builds but I think we have the capacity to run both11:23
rburtonyeah, especially if nothing has landed, it will rush through in no time11:24
RPrburton: right. I've just run a master-next, see if this opensuse issue is resolved and see what state more patches are in. About half of -next has been through11:25
rburtonjust doing a test build now and have a pile to rebase again11:25
rburtoniptables is bust, so don't pick that11:25
RPrburton: I saw your reply, thanks11:26
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RPrburton: scheduler added for 1am11:33
la_croixAnybody around? I'm having trouble building scipy.11:43
la_croixIt says it's missing setuptools, but it's not11:43
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nayfela_croix did you check ?12:07
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la_croixnayfe I can try importing distutils too. I don't currently inherit setuptools, but setuptools3. Should I therefore inherit disutils3?12:09
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nayfebut sometimes you have to fix setup scripts with patches to get it work on yocto12:15
interruptguyHi everybody. How can I make a task signature depend on a file content. The file is part of SRC_URI and used inside the task, but the bitbake-dumpsig doesn't list it as dependency12:16
rburtoninterruptguy: if its part of SRC_URI then it changing will cause a rebuild12:18
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la_croixnayfe Adding distutils didn't help...12:20
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interruptguyrburton, My problem is related to do_install. I do use `install ...` and `sed ...` to change some stuff, so basically my file is a template. If I change the template content I can see a package rebuild but the resulting file from the template is not updated. However if I run `bitbake recipe-name -C install` I can see the results12:21
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la_croixI'm using cronie from recipes-extended. How should I add my own task during the build process? Specifically, I want it to run a python script under a particular user12:38
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nayfela_croix: with addtask12:42
rburtonla_croix: under a particular user? how is that going to happen?12:43
la_croixnayfe That will append to the crontab?12:43
rburtoninterruptguy: sounds like your task is broken can you share the recipe?12:44
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la_croixrburton According to the docs: cronie allows running a cron task as a particular user. I'm not wedded to using cronie, frankly, I just want to be able to add a task to the crontab of some non-root user12:45
la_croixTo clarify, this is not a build task, it's a regular cron task12:45
interruptguyrburton, I cannot share the recipe but I can provide a version that shows my situation. Do you have a preference how to share it?12:51
interruptguyrburton, and thanks for help12:51
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la_croixrburton Do I just need a recipe that literally edits the crontab (sed or similar) or is that bad practice?12:56
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RPrburton, kanavin: we have a problem - the dnf python issue has crept into master :(12:57
RP - I don't think its from anything in -next12:57
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Interfacing ft5x06 touchscreen with yocto <>13:03
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RPrburton, kanavin: perhaps dnf needs to inherit python3-native?13:09
RPhmm, it does13:10
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moritz_Hello everyone, trying to build a toolchain via bitbake -c populate_sdk. I get following error:13:14
moritz_make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'all'.  Stop.13:15
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moritz_Any advice ? I look into the recipe which contains after oe-runmake a "all-host" target13:15
mckoanmoritz_: did you specfy yje image at the end?13:23
mckoanmoritz_: bitbake -c populate_sdk imagename13:24
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RPmoritz_: a little more context would help like the name of there recipe which fails and the full error13:27
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rburtoninterruptguy: pastebin13:35
rburtonla_croix: oh right, just write a crontab then13:36
la_croixrburton ok, so I can just have a recipe that sticks a crontab into the correct place? (I'm asking mainly about best practice, etc)13:36
RPrburton, kanavin: easy way to reproduce the dnf problem, rename your host out the way13:36
cslcmAnyone know what might cause a strange artifact on a Raspberry Pi 3 yocto image - every process fails to exist, and instead turns into a zombie/defunct process13:36
cslcmfails to exit* rather13:38
cslcmnot fails to exist. haha13:38
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rburtonla_croix: yes13:57
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jofrIf I have MACHINE ?= "sumfink" in local.conf, doing a MACHINE="foobar" bitbake image_name should override it, right?14:02
jofrNext question: For building a virtualbox image, I set my MACHINE to qemux86 and append wic.vmdk to IMAGE_FSTYPES. But of course, that's incompatible (and fails to build) when my machine is set to the actual target (ARM) platform. Since I can't append from the command-line (?) how would I go about doing this? ...besides scripting the build and conditionally sed'ing my conf/local.conf14:09
rburtonjust put those lines in local.conf as they're specific to the build *you* are doing.  nothing else of substance should in there anyway14:10
rburtonyou could do a image_fstypes override in your distro if you always want a vmdk when building for x8614:10
jofrI could probably override my IMAGE_FSTYPES from the command-line like I do with MACHINE, but since it's appending and I don't know what else is in there... I can't..right?14:11
jofrSo would it make sense to have a IMAGE_FSTYPES_append_qemux86 in my image bb?14:11
rburtonwell, i'd do it in your distro conf14:12
rburtonbut image if you want14:12
jofrI don't have a distro.conf14:12
rburtonyou should14:12
rburtonlocal.conf should solely consist of a DISTRO assignment and setting TMPDIR etc14:13
rburtonand any other tweaks that are *yours*, not your products14:13
jofrOk. I actually don't put anything in there (except the defaults from oe-env) besides the MACHINE variable14:14
rburtonput it in the image then for now14:15
jofrI should read up on distro.conf14:15
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jofrI lied. I also put OE_TERMINAL in my local.conf  :p  But that's exactly the kind of "*my*" specific stuff like you mentioned.  :p14:20
rburtonRP: okay i admit i'm ignorant of how sstate actually works. does the docs cover how to write a new task that puts something in sstate14:23
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diego_rHi guys. I find it a bit odd that docs refer to a *single* service file for SYSTEMD_SERVICE while several recipes define multiple service files in SYSTEMD_SERVICE for a single package (see watchdog, cups, dhcp, bootchart, nfs-utils recipes).14:24
rburtondiego_r: patch welcome!14:24
diego_rIs multiple service file in a single SYSTEMD_SERVICE definition acceptable? How should be SYSTEMD_SERVICE interpreted in that case?14:25
diego_rrburton: sure, but I want to understand what should be fixed :)14:26
rburtonmultiple is allowed14:26
diego_ris it possible to enable a service and disable another one inside the SYSTEMD_SERVICE? In other words, is there a sane way to set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE for each service inside the SYSTEMD_SERVICE list?14:27
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RPrburton: probably not exactly. Easier is to take an existing example14:28
rburtondiego_r: no14:28
RPrburton: how is your meson magic? :)14:28
rburtonRP: flakey14:28
RPrburton: any idea how to edit a meson probject and make it inject the right RPATH into the binary?14:29
rburtonoh, rpath breaking again?14:29
RPrburton: basically dnf issue is missing RPATH in libmodulemd14:29
rburtoni thought we got that fixed a while back14:29
rburtonRP: #mesonbuild :)14:29
RPrburton: I barely know what meson is14:30
rburtonRP: so basically do_mytask[sstate-inputdir] = where-my-task-writes-files and [sstateoutputdir = where-i-want-them-to-end-up14:30
rburtoninputdir being something under workdir and outputdir being eg something under deploydir14:30
RPrburton: yes14:30
diego_rrburton: so multiple is allowed in SYSTEMD_SERVICE, but discouraged if you want to enable / disable one by one. Would that be ok to write in the docs?14:30
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RPrburton: I think you need to define a setscene task and addtask that iirc too14:31
rburtondiego_r: well you can't enable/disable per-service at all14:31
rburtonso no need for the disclaimer14:31
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rburtonRP: and that just has to call sstate_setscene (from image.bbclass)?14:31
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RPrburton: yes14:39
RPrburton: deploy.bbclass is a good example14:40
RPrburton: there is an SSTATETASKS += too14:40
diego_rrburton: if I'm reading the bbclass correctly: if SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is set to "enable" all services are enabled; if SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is set to "disable" all services are disabled. Is that correct?14:40
rburtonpatches welcome to extend that obviously14:41
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RPrburton: - basically everyone hacks meson to stop it manipulating rpaths15:04
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nayfeHey, any idea when meta-java thud branch will be up ? :)15:35
nayfeotavio mario-goulart ?15:37
RPrburton_: trying -next again with the meson fix15:39
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kanavin_homeRP: thanks for looking into this16:13
RPkanavin_home: np, just hoping it fixes the problem!16:14
kanavin_homeRP: then I can try to get perl-sanity closer to working shape. not sure if it's a good idea... :)16:23
RPkanavin_home: as long as your own sanity doesn't suffer! :)16:23
kanavin_homeRP: I worry that it actually might :)16:24
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no_such_userIf Im writing some housekeeping scripts that need to know the state of variables set in the build (eg MACHINE, DISTRO etc) is there a "right" way to do this? Should I execute "bitbake -e" in my script and parse the output, or write my script and wrap it in a bitbake recipe?16:29
RPkanavin_home: so do I, perl cross isn't fun16:35
rburton_no_such_user: -e works fine for most people16:40
rburton_no_such_user: the alternative is to write your housekeeping scripts in python and then they can just poke at bitbake's data store using the tinfoil api16:40
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no_such_userrburton_: Ah, thanks! Id not considered the python approach - is there any particular simple example worth looking at?16:57
rburton_verify-bashisms is python and pokes at the data store16:58
no_such_userrburton_: That's cracking, thanks!17:00
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