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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto cross compiling, creating symbolic link for "" <>01:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add same files to multiple PACKAGES <>06:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Trying to create sample linux mage with yocto prject but cause building error <>10:12
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la_croixIs anybody around? I have two recipes conflicting with each other, and I've no idea why14:36
Croftonwhat is the error?14:47
la_croixCrofton I have a recipe that adds a user (based on the example in the skeleton). It creates /home/USER/ etc. This has been working fine until now. I now have a new recipe that sticks some files into a subdirectory of /home/USER. When I try to build, I get the following: I tried adding DEPENDS = "adduser" to the latter recipe, but it had no effect14:50
la_croixCrofton The adduser: the new recipe:
Croftonwhat is the rror message?14:53
Croftonoh wait14:53
la_croixCrofton It's about 1000 lines, though14:55
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CroftonI'm not sure, but hopefully some other people look at it14:59
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la_croixCrofton Ok, thanks anyway :) I really thought that the DEPEND would fix it, but apparently not15:01
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Croftonlook slike proble is dir creted in two places, but not sure what should happen15:11
la_croixCrofton That's what I thought, but adduser should create /home/user/ and then the second recipe adds /home/user/code/...files... I don't see the conflict15:13
Croftonyeah I am confused15:15
Croftonlists the dir as the conflict15:15
la_croixCrofton Well, I'm glad i'm not the only one, lol15:17
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xtronbuilding qemux86-64 but it doesn't have /usr/lib64, I'm trying to replace x86-64 behavior from another target who has /usr/lib6415:56
xtronshouldn't 64-bit build have lib64 header and libraries?15:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto build fails due to conflict between recipes <>16:43
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la_croixCrofton If you're still around, it turns out adding DIRFILES = "1" to the second recipe fixed it17:28
la_croixAlthough, the chown -R foo ${D}/home/foo/code/ didn't work. It's all owned by root...17:31
Croftonthe chown is going to have issues since it is users ownership from build machine I think17:31
la_croixCrofton Hmm, it seems to have worked in adduser... /home/foo is indeed owned by foo17:32
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la_croixAnybody around? I have a chown line that doesn't work... In this recipe: The chown doesn't seem to actually do anything20:11
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bluelightningla_croix: the issue probably is the "kriminel" user doesn't exist in the environment in which the recipe is being built21:06
bluelightningla_croix: I'd recommend the useradd class for something like this21:07
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la_croixbluelightning Even though the adduser is a requirement of this recipe? I would have thought that that would mean that the user would exist by the time the recipe is created21:52
la_croix*by the time the recipe builds21:52
bluelightningla_croix: no, it's a lot more complicated than depending on adduser21:52
la_croixbluelightning Hmm, ok. So I need to populate *all* the files that should live in the home directory within the adduser recipe?21:53
bluelightningla_croix: oh hang on, so the adduser recipe is one you creaed yourself?21:54
la_croixbluelightning Yes, it's based on the example in meta-skeleton:
bluelightninghmm, actually that should work...21:55
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la_croixbluelightning I'm not doing anything totally stupid, then?22:14
bluelightningla_croix: I can't see anything amiss22:25
la_croixbluelightning Hmm, ok, I'll keep playing with it22:26
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