Saturday, 2018-11-24

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cleaning recipes after build in Yocto <>07:07
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otavionayfe: I have been short on time for meta-java, would you have time to prepare a "pull request" with the patches you consider good to go?14:02
otavionayfe: I could review and merge them14:02
otavioarmpit: how are you? is it possible for you to backport the to rocko and sumo? people using meta-browser is facing this very often14:07
Croftonotavio, armpit is on holiday with famly, may be slow replying14:09
otavioCrofton: ahh ok!14:13
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la_croixAnybody here? Yocto can't find my license file, and is refusing to build. This is my own custom recipe, so I'm not even sure why it insists on *having* a license file...18:26
la_croixRecipe: structure:
otaviola_croix: in this case, it will show on WORKDIR18:30
otaviotake a look at your workdir to see where it has been unpacked18:30
la_croixotavio it looks like it's not in the workdir at all..18:32
la_croixotavio Do I need to add it to the SRC_URI line?18:33
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otaviola_croix: yes18:35
otaviola_croix: if it is going to be an internal thing, you can drop the license like and use "CLOSED"18:35
la_croixotavio Ok, I'll give it a try, thanks.18:35
la_croixotavio Ah, so LICENSE = "CLOSED", and just drop the LIC_CHKSUM line completely?18:36
la_croixI'm getting an error ( ~1000 lines). I think the problem is that my adduser recipe creates a home directory for a user (kriminel). The basecode recipe then adds a subdirectory to that user's home directory, and puts a file in it. I tried adding DEPENDS = "adduser" to the basecode recipe, to ensure that the home directory has been created before basecode tries to populate it, but I get the linked error.18:44
la_croixotavio Thank you :)18:44
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la_croixotavio Any guesses on this error? I'm at a loss :/18:50
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otaviola_croix: check the docs for useradd class18:55
la_croixotavio I had a look, but it didn't help. I'm new to this18:56
otaviothere is a sample on skeleton dir18:58
otavioit shows how to do it18:58
la_croixotavio Yes, I copied that, that's where my adduser recipe came from18:58
la_croixotavio And it was working fine, until I tried to add this new recipe18:59
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