Friday, 2018-11-30

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yatesrburton_: are you in the uk?00:01
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yatesnever been except to sit on the runway at heathrow00:01
rburton_not our finest moment00:01
yatesand i was born there.. really. dad was USAF stationed there in 195700:02
rburton_what base?00:02
yatesi think?00:02
rburton_great name00:02
yatesis that near Kings Lynne?00:03
yatesthey stayed there too.00:03
yatesoh, sorry..00:03
rburton_not aware of that base but i used to live sort-of-near kings lynn, and yeah there's several bases still there00:03
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thebigjI am trying to customize Raspbian distribution. Can anyone share any good tutorial teaching customizing Raspbian using Yocto?07:34
thebigjPlease clear me if I am making any mistake in understanding the Yocto tool.07:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: DEBUG_FLAGS in Yocto is always used <>08:36
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mckoanthebigj: raspbian != yocto08:36
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thebigjmckoan: I agree with you. This is mainly because I landed on Yocto from Google search.08:40
thebigjmckoan: Thanks for clearification. :)08:40
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error occurred when run application with -platform eglfs <>09:06
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kanavinRP: cheers :)10:27
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la_croixCan anybody point me in the right direction to implement this: I currently have a wifi functioning on the pi, but no monitor mode. I have, in the past, got these instructions working on raspbian, but I'm not sure how to do it during the yocto build process11:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to include files in Cstom recipe for yocto build <>11:36
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laumannLetoThe2nd: hi, just wanted to thank you for your assistance the other day. Turned out I also needed to set the date to make SSL certificates work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯14:16
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yatesdoes yocto "tweak" CXXFLAGS to its liking when do_compile()ing C++ code? or am i free to set these flags in my own make file as i wish?14:44
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yatesmy current makefile builds up a nice list of options and sets CPPFLAGS, but if I disable that, then i have to duplicate all the flag settings in the recipe's CXXFLAGS += xyz, which seems like a maintainaability issue14:46
yates(noting that my makefile is used to compile in other environments, e.g., natively under desktop linux)14:47
yatesor am i missing something? some way to do this in a more sane manner?14:49
kergothoe exports CXXFLAGS and other similar variables. there are ways to allow such to be set in you rmakefile and still append or alter them14:52
kergoth?= and hten += is enough if it's set in the environment, but if it's being passed on the cmdline or otherwise forced iwth make -e (check your EXTRA_OEMAKE) then you might need constructions like "override CXXFLAGS += foo"14:53
kergothsee also the gnu make online manual, which is quite well done imo, i've often used it as a reference when working on my makefiles14:53
kergothalternatively, use a separate variable for flags that are required to build from those the distro/packager might want to set14:54
kergothi.e. the latter could set optimization flags, but the former flags required to compile14:54
kergothwhich is fairly common14:54
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yatesok, thanks for the ideas kergoth14:59
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kergothit's common for distro and packaging folk to need to set such flags. gentoo, debian, etc. pretty common practice, so there's value in supporting it15:00
kergothwe're no exception there15:00
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yateswhat's the difference between BUILD_CXXFLAGS and CXXFLAGS?15:07
yatesi read the man, but i don't get it15:07
yateswhat is "the build host"15:07
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rburtonyates: BUILD_* is for native15:42
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kergothaye, build host is the machine you're building on, not the board you're targeting15:57
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kergothHmm. I want vmlinux built and installed in my sdk target sysroot, but *not* installed in every freaking image by default, since I only want it for debugging. there's no clean way to do this, since kernel.bbclass uses rdepends for both kernel-image and kernel-base. suppose i can alter RDEPENDS_kernel-base to not puill in kernel-image, but explicitly pull in every image but vmlinux by default, only in the case where vmlinux is in KERNEL_IMAGETYPES but16:36
kergoth isn't the only entry in imagetypes.. or i could use a packagefunc to convert the aforementioned rdepends to rrecommends so i could use PACKAGE_REMOVE to remove vmlinux only from specific images..16:36
kergoths/built/built, deployed,/16:37
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rburtonkanavin: are you working on a meson upgrade?17:42
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DvorkinHow to easily build linux kernel without patches from kernel-meta ? I'm setting LINUX_KERNEL_TYPE = "tiny", but it doesn't help. The KTYPE is tiny, but all patches are applyed anyway17:53
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khemDvorkin: patches are not going to make your resulting kernel bigger18:37
khemits the config you choose18:37
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khemRP: I am not able to reproduce the exportfs crash, it seems AB testng is doing something more than bitbake -ctestimage core-image-sato-sdk19:14
khemI tried to run exportfs manually19:15
khemand it never crashed on me19:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Kernel compilation in Yocto, what to define? <>20:08
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yatesshouldn't the {S} directory change accordingly when bitbaking inside a devtool modify context?20:34
yatesit snot20:34
yatesstill pointing inside tmp/work20:35
kergothit uses externalsrc, which uses different variables to adjust it20:35
kergothi don't recall why offhand20:35
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yatesdo you mean ${externalsrc} points to the temporary src directory?20:36
yatesi.e., build/src/blah?20:37
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kergothno, i mean externalsrc.bbclass in oe-core20:40
kergothsee the contents of the class for details20:41
kergothdevtool modify just enables the class for the recipe in question20:41
kergoththere we go, does what i was asking about earlier, along with KERNEL_IMAGETYPES_append = " vmlinux"20:43
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yatesif i am NOT in a devtool modify context (i.e., normal build environment), and i do a "bitbake <recipe> -c do_compile()", will yocto always do JUST the do_compile, or might it do_unpack() (e.g.)?20:51
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kergoth-c doesn't s kip dependencies20:51
kergothso yes, it'll unpack and patch if necessary normally20:52
kergothexternalsrc obviously skips those20:52
yatesis there an option to perform an isolated task without dependencies (apart from using devtool)?20:52
yateskergoth: i had a look at externalsrc. my python-foo is very weak, and i'm not getting it. it looks like i must modify my recipe to account for the possibility that the build is external (e.g., conditional B settings and whatnot), which seems nasty...20:54
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kergothi don't see why you'd have to do that, or why your buildsystem would care where it's being built at all for that matter20:56
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yatesi don't see why yocto can't provide the top level src directory independent of mode21:01
yates${S} is not always as defined, which is not good.21:02
khemRP: finally I am able to reporduce it !!!21:03
khemI need to have / *(rw,no_root_squash,async,no_subtree_check) in /etc/export and then launch it like exportfs -a21:04
khemI wonder why this does not work with plain oe-core21:04
khemare there differences ?21:04
khembetween how core-image-sato-sdk is built for poky and for oe-core21:05
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yatesin my log.do_compile i'm getting positive integer numbers at the beginning and end of the the lines right after the compile command. what do they mean?
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yatesor are those from the compiler/preprocessor?22:05
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yateswhy is main not being picked up from the crt1 assembly code?
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yatesor rather from start.S22:27
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RPkhem: There may be an extra package for qemu images in poky22:31
RPkhem: glad you could reproduce though22:31
yatesnm, another brain-fart.22:38
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khemRP: Its a bug in nfs-utisl22:53
khemRP: I will send a fix + upgrade for nfs-utils22:53
RPkhem: sounds good thanks! Weird we didn't hit it before then?22:55
khemRP: we did not hit it since musl implemented freeaddrinfo lately see
khemexportfs passes null pointer which is valid for free but the new implementation does not use simple free and it was undefined behaviour anyway so exportfs is/was relying on ub from libc22:58
RPkhem: ah, hmm23:01
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