Saturday, 2018-12-01

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khemRP: posted the patches, please add them + musl v2 patch01:11
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c0leI trying to build a fido based project on "Debian stretch". The default gcc (6.x) on debian stretch is causing build failures for -native recipes. Is there a way to force bitbake to use another installed compiler. I do have gcc 4.9.x also.10:03
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake Recipe for a python3 repository that provides a CLI as a binary <>10:40
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Dvorkinkhem, about patches: looks like some of our patches + yocto patches from standart/base are making kernel unstable. So I need not to apply them, but I don't see how can I switch them off11:42
DvorkinHow to easily build linux kernel without patches from kernel-meta ? I'm setting LINUX_KERNEL_TYPE = "tiny", but it doesn't help. The KTYPE is tiny, but all patches are applyed anyway11:44
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ak77__should does MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS cause packages to be installed? I had to add them to IMAGE_INSTALL_append_<machine>13:38
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RPak77__: I'd have thought it would but it depends whether the image in question uses that variable14:01
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ak77__RP: probably due to my image being built from core-image-minimal, altough I can't find where it exactly happens (or doesn't :))14:15
ak77__but, if MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMENDS is ignored.... and there is no MACHINE_RDEPENDS... how to include those14:15
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ak77__(essential - extra,... isn't this is getting ridiculous?)14:20
RPak77__: yes, I think minimal skips rrecommends14:27
RPak77__: I think it all comes from core-image.bbclass being used by non-minimal images and it includes packagegroup-base which pulls in packagegroup-machine-base14:31
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ak77__ok, I get it that _EXTRA_ stuff isn't needed for booting. but how to include them in image?15:05
ak77__one off-topic: is there a way for devshell to use existing terminal? problem I have is altough I run session over ssh -X, terminal is not shown15:07
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RPak77__: we can't reuse the existing terminal as which task would get to use it?15:27
RPak77__: if you're not using the standard machinery, correct thing to do is add to IMAGE_INSTALL15:27
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JaMaRP: Hi, what's " base: Dummy rebuild commit" ? just forcing everything to be rebuilt for test or do you plan to merge this one as well?16:12
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RPJaMa: not planned for merging, just to stress the autobuilder in the hopes of getting a particular selftest failure with debug16:44
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ak77__RP: devshell task?19:17
la_croixAnybody around? I need a bit of help with a kernel patch. Is it possible to do this: on my build machine, for deployment in an image that will run on a pi/19:17
ak77__RP: what is and what to use in standard machinery?19:17
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khemRP: I shouldnt be rebasing on top of master-next blindly :), rebuilding whole meta-openembedded is a huge ask20:41
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junlandQuestion for anyone that can answer: Is there any information about if other companys / groups are using Yocto to build / base for a general purpose Linux distro similar to RHEL or Debian?20:47
neverpanicDefine general purpose Linux? Are you looking for something you can install on your desktop/20:50
junlandMore akin to server's.20:51
junlandso basically RHEL or CentOS.20:52
neverpanicWhat benefit would you expect from that?20:57
junlandFrom using yocto? Just a lot easier (too me) to tweak stuff and then just get a bunch of srpms then build off of that.21:05
junlandi've tried looking into Koji and OBS but there's not a lot of documentation around it and seems a bit much.21:06
junlandThis is more of hobbyist / one-off type project that I had in mind so that's why im asking around, most people would just be just use plain debian or centos but i want to build a server os from the ground up.21:08
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RPkhem: sorry, I'm beating up selftest in the hope of better debugging23:57
RPkhem: I'm including musl/nfs-utils :)23:57

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