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RPjunland: Yocto Project is used by many of the embedded software vendors (Wind River, Mentor, Montavista, ENEA and so on) so its used heavily commercially as well as by hobbyists00:19
RPjunland: it allows ease of customisation but has a heavy learning curve so there are tradeoffs00:20
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junlandRP: Yea, I've been playing around with yocto for a couple of years. Just was wondering if yocto was being use to build images more server hardware rather than little devices.00:50
Croftonjunland, we've seen people doing that00:54
junlandAh okay. Looking thru the OE Layers site there is like 4 openstack layers. Which I think is pretty interesting for a project focused on embedded.01:04
kergothflexibility being such a high priority does mean it gets used in a wide variety of areas. embedded was just the original focus01:10
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junlandOh okay gotcha06:54
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khemRP: classes/waf: Fix builds when B != S seems to have a regression in meta-oe08:01
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RPkhem: ok, will hold that one09:27
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sirloinMornin guys! Perhaps someone could help me out. I recently updated to yocto-sumo and systemd 237 which now includes a service 'systemd-networkd-wait-online.service' which delays my system because there is no network at boot. How do I "cleanly" disable that service in my yocto build?10:10
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RPkanavin: do you remember anything about gpg memory allocation problems?11:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: am335x evmsk screen init:id"00" respawning too fast disabled for 5 minutes yocto sumo [on hold] <>14:15
la_croixI've build cronie into a yocto image, but I can't find its log files anywhere /var/log/syslog doesn't exist14:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cronie - python with subprocess doesn't run <>14:45
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khemwe upgraded build hosts to ubuntu 18.04 and seeing this new18:54
khemdont know if its due to that or something master-next brought it18:55
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RPkhem: we have 1804 workers and I've never seen that22:20
RPkhem: I'd lean to master-next, something making one of the versions "None"22:20
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zyradylHello :)23:26
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