Tuesday, 2018-12-04

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junlandGetting this weird error with running bitbake using Icecream, I got both my config and the error in this gist: https://gist.github.com/junland/d932bd63ca2c871b99e64eda543ca2fe01:11
junlandwait maybe it has todo with this create icecc env script thing. hm01:14
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learningcAfter sourcing the environment of the sdk and typing "make myfile.c" , I get the message "Nothing to do". I removed the binary and repeated agaion. Why is it not working?01:38
khemlearningc: make operates on a Makefile, do you have a Makefile in your project ?01:55
learningcApparently, there is a way to use make without a makefile when using the sdk02:01
learningcSee this page: https://github.com/gumstix/yocto-manifest/wiki/Cross-Compile-with-Yocto-SDK02:01
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khemlearningc: yes you can do one offs so say if you want to compile foo.c into a binary you could do 'make foo' in same dir as foo.c02:07
learningckhem, I used to get it to work before. But somehow it got broken and I'm not sure why.02:09
learningcHow can I get it to work again?02:09
learningcI want to use this method to create some one off tests of apis02:10
learningcAh! I did not notice that I should not write the filename with .c.  I removed .c and now works02:13
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gnacIs there something that would affect the setting / resolution of our clock timers?02:29
gnacWhen running our image in VirtualBox, /proc/timer_list shows 1 ns resolutions.02:29
gnacwhen running on hardware, latest atom, we are seeing   .resolution: 1000000 nsecs02:30
gnacatom = e395002:30
learningcI have a shared library binary that I would like to use with the sdk create with Yocto. Is it sufficient to just copy mylib.so to my sdk sysroot/usr/lib/ folder?02:54
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robbawebbagnac: might it be a Linux kernel issue related to your SoC? I'm currently working on an Atom (CherryTrail) platform and /proc/timer_list shows resolution of 1 nsecs. I'm on a 4.9.% kernel. Built with Yocto.03:22
robbawebbagnac: cherrytrail z855003:23
robbawebbagnac: possibly a BIOS issue as well? I'm not sure if the BIOS handles initialization of the clock timers, but that's another difference I can think of between running in VirtualBox and running on hardware03:26
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gnacrobbawebba: yeah, I was thinking along those two lines as well. We have a patch to apply related to the platform and debugging support, might address other issues as well.05:33
gnacAlso going to look at the BIOS in the morning. thanks.05:34
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webreformerI want to do remote debugging using gdbserver. I tried to generate SDK environment and used remote debugging but  debug symbols are around 14GB and even on host machine it is not loading it.07:44
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webreformer> Reading symbols from /usr/lib/libcbe.so...07:46
webreformerwarning: the debug information found in "/usr/lib/.debug/libcbe.so" does not match "/usr/lib/libcbe.so" (CRC mismatch).07:46
webreformerI would like to know exact steps for cross remote debugging.07:47
webreformerAny suggestion or resources will be helpful. Thanks.07:47
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pepijndevosCan I make changes to a git recipe? Or do I have to push them first...07:51
LetoThe2ndpepijndevos: you can, as usual, just use EXTERNALSRC respectively the devtool magic that wraps it.07:53
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webreformerpepijndevos : devtool modify <receipe-name>08:01
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T_UNIXI assume that the official buildbot/ci runs massively parallel?08:41
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pepijndevosoh, thanks. I was unaware of devtool magic. The one time I tried to use devtool it failed, so I've been doing normal builds.08:48
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MarexOK, so I updated to linux-yocto 4.19 and now scc marks CONFIG_SOC_IMX53 in invalid.cfg09:03
Marexthat doesn't make any sense, since that config option ends up in the kernel .config09:03
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kanavinrburton: yep, I'm still at a loss as to how systemtap-native should be fixed - hints welcome10:31
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kanavinRP: right :)10:33
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eduardas_mhello, what is the proper way to deal with setting the license and doing a check with LIC_FILES_CHKSUM when the original source tarball does not come with a COPYING type license file?10:59
eduardas_mI am currently trying to properly define the licensing information for the mksh shell 56 release10:59
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: look into the sources, usually there are some copyright notices in the header11:00
LetoThe2ndthen you can checksum those snippets11:00
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: makes sense, but that kinda does not cover the case if someone changes the license for some source files and not others11:02
eduardas_mthough that might be very unlikely for some projects11:02
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: alternatively, you can checksum a part of README, INSTALL, whatever, that states the projects license as a whole11:02
LetoThe2ndi mean, it must be noted somewhere11:03
LetoThe2ndbecause if not, it must be considered proprietary.11:03
rburtoneduardas_m: if you're genuinely concerned that the licensing will vary per-file then the solution is to checksum all the source headers11:03
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd: funny thing is in the case of mksh it has neither, closest thing is the mksh.1 file11:04
rburtonotherwise i tend to just checksums the 'main' sources11:04
rburtonwell, that's what you'll have to checksum then.  might want to tell them to add a proper license statement too :)11:04
eduardas_mrburton: main.c it is then for now :) I probably should mail the maintainer about this11:06
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kanavinthis is the license for mksh https://www.mirbsd.org/TaC-mksh.txt11:09
kanavinit's basically bsd11:09
eduardas_mkanavin: poky common-licenses actually contains a MirOS license11:09
eduardas_mthat is what I intend to mark the recipe as11:10
eduardas_mthough the stuff on the main website lists more licensing info11:10
eduardas_mnot sure how that should be handled11:10
eduardas_mwell, the UCB and ISC licenses are also among common-licenses. I expect I can use multiple licenses for a recipe in Yocto?11:13
eduardas_mI do not ship the icons, so I guess I do not need to worry about those11:13
kanavinrburton: can you give this a spin on AB? http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/log/?h=akanavin/perl-sanity11:14
rburtonkanavin: as a sanity run, just fired it on x86-64. when that goes green we can hit the entire AB.  https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/73/builds/5611:16
rburtonkanavin: still concerned about the lack of perl-native though11:17
kanavinrburton: yes, a lot of places assume that, but I like having a single recipe11:17
rburtonusing it less is good, so the dpkg change is probably a good thing anyway11:17
rburtonbut intltool needs non-standard C perl modules11:17
kanavinthere is a perl-native, just not as a separate recipe file11:17
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rburtonkanavin: oh right, so why was stuff breaking then?11:22
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rburton(didn't really pay a huge amount of attention obviously)11:23
kanavinrburton: because RDEPENDS = "perl" only works for native recipes, when perl-native is a separate recipe11:24
kanavinrburton: otherwise you need to set RDEPENDS_class-native = "" and DEPENDS = "perl"11:25
kanavinwe do it in many places for python modules as well11:25
rburtoni thought the py stuff should have been sorted when the provides were syncronised11:25
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rburtonwell the less we build perl-native the better11:31
kanavinit's not a heavy build though11:35
kanavin Problem: package packagegroup-core-sdk-1.0-r9.0.qemux86_64 requires perl-module-text-wrap, but none of the providers can be installed11:35
kanavin  - conflicting requests11:35
kanavin  - nothing provides perl-module-strict needed by perl-module-text-wrap-5.28.0-r0.0.core2_6411:35
kanavin  - nothing provides perl-module-vars needed by perl-module-text-wrap-5.28.0-r0.0.core2_6411:35
kanavin  - nothing provides perl-module-warnings-register needed by perl-module-text-wrap-5.28.0-r0.0.core2_6411:35
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epistaxHey there I am use some direction. After going from a 3.x kernel on buildroot to a 4.x kernel on yocto, we can no longer get trace functional on an i.MX 6. We've double checked the device tree and we're unaware of anything that may need to be enabled in the linux config. If anyone could provide a link to a resource that'd be awesome.12:20
CroftonWhat kin dof trace?12:32
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epistaxI don't know what it's called exactly. The hardware trace. We're on the trace pins on the iMX RT with a Lauterbach EDM Trace debugger.12:34
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epistaxSorry, IMX 612:34
LetoThe2ndARM ETM. embedded trace macrocell12:35
epistaxThank you for that, knowledge is power!12:35
LetoThe2ndignorance is bliss!12:35
LetoThe2ndbut yes, AFAIK it needs to be enabled in the kernel config12:36
epistaxWe have PID_IN_CONTEXTIDR enabled, I'll poke around some more.12:37
LetoThe2ndeven moreso: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/Documentation/trace/coresight.txt12:39
epistaxThanks a bunch.12:42
LetoThe2ndgood luck && have fun12:42
rokmHi, Do I need add something more than KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD to make module to be loaded on during startup ?12:45
LetoThe2ndrokm: besides having it installed, usually not.12:46
rokmI added this but there are nothin in /etc/modulles-load.d12:46
rokmmaybe place is bad12:46
rokmI did it in core-image-base.bbappend12:46
LetoThe2ndshould rather go into your MACHINE conf file, IMHO.12:47
rokmbut it should not be any difference where I will add this12:48
rokmbut I will try in machine conf12:48
LetoThe2ndoh, it is a difference. things in recipes or recipe appends are only visible during that recipes tasks. whereas things in .conf files are globally visible12:48
rokmok I will chec12:49
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eduardas_mrburton: do you know who is responsible for ACKing first-time posters to openembedded-devel? the mksh recipe I tried to post there for inclusion in meta-openembedded did not appear13:14
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sveinseIf I change a variable in local.conf, does this have the effect that the signatures for all recipes change? Or only the ones that have used this var?13:24
sveinseLikewise for in a distro.conf, and for vars coming from the environment13:25
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_mac13_Hi, I've been trying to build minimal eSDK but on the last task I have this error Exception: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/work/build/tmp-musl/work/my-arm-machine-oe-linux-musleabi/priva-image-minimal/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/world-pkgdata/locked-sigs-pkgdata.inc' this occurs during do_populate_sdk_ext task13:33
_mac13_and my private-image-minimal.bb : IMAGE_INSTALL = "packagegroup-core-boot ${CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL}"  IMAGE_LINGUAS = " "  LICENSE = "MIT"  inherit core-image  IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE ?= "8192"  IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " u-boot-fw-utils"13:36
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_mac13_to build eSDK I use bitbake private-image-minimal -c populate_sdk_ext and I put this SDK_EXT_TYPE = "minimal" SDK_INCLUDE_PKGDATA = "1" to my local.conf14:01
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jostorI am trying to build node-red 0.19.5 for raspberrypi3. I am using this recipe: https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/recipe/67980/. I have modified the version from 0.18.5 to 0.19.5. This is working fine in sumo, but on thud I get an error:14:09
jostorERROR: Fatal errors occurred in subprocesses, tracebacks printed above14:09
jostorERROR: Function failed: sysroot_strip14:10
jostorIf I use version 0.18.5 node-red builds fine on both sumo and thud14:11
jostorComplete error log can be found here: https://gist.github.com/jostor/d0318ee399ced56b0ae168ae8a72d1a714:13
jostorDoes anyone know why this is failing on thud and not on sumo?14:13
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kergothwonder if we should look at pysh alternatives. oilshell's osh could be of interest. or https://github.com/idank/bashlex or https://github.com/colis-anr/morbig perhaps15:42
rburtonnot the last one, the depends are huge15:44
rburtonkanavin: well that perl build got a lot further15:47
rburtonkanavin: notably the galculator test is failing on testimage, maybe that needs a working perl15:49
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto15:51
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armpitYPTM: armpit is on15:57
RPjostor: thud probably had error handling added. There is a patch in master-next which improves that error message btw15:58
*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!86868b4a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:58
RParmpit: you're early? :)15:58
sjolley1YPTM: Bridge is with Zoom at: https://zoom.us/j/99089271215:58
armpit2 minutes15:58
sjolley1YPTM: Stephen Joined15:58
*** JPEW_ <JPEW_!cc4da372@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:58
JPEW_YPTM: Joshua Watt here15:59
TartarusYPTM: Tom Rini here15:59
vmesonYPTM: Randy MacLeod est la.16:00
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RPYPTM: Richard joined16:00
denixYPTM: Denys joined16:02
nickpongratzYPTM: Nick joined16:02
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*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~ttorling@fsf/member/moto-timo> has joined #yocto16:05
* RP notes he needs crossing/dotting :/16:05
moto-timoYPTM: Tim O.16:05
*** NeilSh <NeilSh!6140a676@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:07
aehs29YPTM: Alejandro joined16:08
richardgYPTM Richard G.16:10
NeilShi'm seeing this error "Error running gcc  --version:" which seems to come form def host_gcc_version(d): in utlils.py16:11
NeilShit doens't print the error proprerly first of all and then when i try to fix it it says it returned and error code 11116:12
vmesonNeilSh: have you installed gcc on your host as per: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.0/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.html16:13
NeilShany ideas?16:13
NeilShyea gcc is installed i had 5.4 I updated to 7.3 yesterday16:13
vmesonsearch for, "The Build Host Packages" for your distro16:14
vmesonYPTM: Randy MacLeod est la.16:14
NeilShall of this works with krogoth. I'm trying to update to sumo and i'm seeing this issue16:14
vmesonNeilSh: hmmmm, that's odd.16:15
*** cquast <cquast!~cquast@> has quit IRC16:16
denixNeilSh: HOSTTOOLS was added in between those, but native gcc should be whitelisted...16:17
*** Lewis_ <Lewis_!a5e1203c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:18
NeilShanything I can try?16:20
vmesonNeilSh: does the same thing happen on thud?16:22
denixonly Intel and Linaro test on real hw?16:25
jonmasonYPTM: Jon joined (better late than never)16:25
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add custom splash screen image in Yocto (the best way) <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53616788/add-custom-splash-screen-image-in-yocto-the-best-way>16:25
NeilShactually I believe I even saw it happen on morty. I can re-test and come back16:26
rburtonoh nuts yptm16:26
rburtonis it still on?16:26
NeilShi kind of just jumped to sumo. I'll check16:26
vmesonrburton: yes16:26
rburtonthat will teach me to sort the garden furniture out without looking at the calendar16:26
* moto-timo snickers at rburton16:26
rburtonyptm: on, but can't be around for long16:30
armpitrburton, you got all the actions16:31
eduardas_mjust wondering, how many other people using usrmerge actively for their distros?16:31
eduardas_mdo standard images get tested with this distro features enabled?16:32
rburtonthe yocto autobuilder doesn't test it, no16:32
eduardas_malso, to me it appears the feature lacks documentation in the megamanual16:32
rburtonpatches welcome!16:33
rburtonwhoever added the feature didn't document it, presumably16:33
vmesoneduardas_m: usrmerge testing is only done occasional at WR, I should add it as a standard item...16:33
eduardas_mvmeson: some things that use hardcoded paths instead of variables might get broken when usrmerge is enabled16:34
eduardas_mvmeson: it broke toybox for example for me16:34
sjolley1YPTM is over.16:35
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eduardas_mvmeson: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-devel/2018-December/197773.html16:35
eduardas_msubmitted fix to do it more properly for that recipe... does anyone go through meta-openembedded to check whether that is not the case for other stuff?16:37
vmesoneduardas_m: I don't know of anyone doing that. It hasn't been a priority yet so if you're keen, go for it.16:37
eduardas_mvmeson: thank you for letting me know. That clarifies the situation a bit.16:41
NeilShOk never mind.. morty is parsing at least. I'm going to incrementally move up and see which version it blows up.16:48
vmesonNeilSh: yay!16:48
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NeilShquick question.. what are the -next branches?17:24
halsteadmoto-timo, I'll watch for your ping here.17:26
*** seebs <seebs!~seebs@> has joined #yocto17:32
CroftonNeilSh, i assume work that is under test before merging to master17:32
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RParmpit, vmeson: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/80/builds/50 needs a bug filing and someone to look into it :/17:39
RP(new unseen failure)17:39
RPThe other selftest failure was one I thought I'd fixed but seems the patch isn't in -next for reasons I need to figure out17:40
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khemnm wrong window18:14
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ak77hello!, I did EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += " package-management ", rebuild the image, but Packages.gz are not there, what am I missing?20:27
*** dv_ <dv_!~dv@> has joined #yocto20:35
rburtonak77: what package manager did you pick?20:36
ak77rburton: ipk, ... now i found out about package-index20:37
ak77rburton: this is not done automagically20:37
rburtonwell, package-index builds the indexes in the work directory, not on the target20:37
ak77rburton: this is what I needed20:38
ak77rburton: so that, opkg update, okpg install will work20:38
ak77rburton: thank you, none the less20:41
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scottrifWhat meta-intel release is associated with upcoming Sumo (2.5.2)?21:40
scottrif19.0.0 ???21:51
scottrif9.2 ??21:53
cdgarrenI'm trying to build chromium-x11. It was working previously, and I'm not sure what I did to break it, but I'm getting this error in do_prepare_recipe_sysroot:21:55
cdgarrenException: FileExistsError: [Errno 17] File exists: '/home/cdgarren/yocto/build/tmp/sysroots-components/cortexa9hf-neon-mx6qdl/wayland-protocols/usr/share/wayland-protocols/unstable/alpha-compositing/alpha-compositing-unstable-v1.xml' -> '/home/cdgarren/yocto/build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-neon-mx6qdl-poky-linux-gnueabi/chromium-x11/67.0.3396.99-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/share/wayland-protocols/unstable/alpha-compositing/alpha-compositing-unstable21:55
cdgarrenAny ideas?21:55
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ak77i am looking at pypi class, but can't find if python package installer determines that the package is allarch ?22:21
linuxjacquesthis looks bad (thud): "checking sysdep dirs... configure: error: The e5500 subspecies of powerpc64 is not supported."22:22
frayyou want PPC64 support, work with GCC community.. they're slowly removing support due to NXP22:24
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to restrict a recipe to native and nativesdk only? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53622305/how-to-restrict-a-recipe-to-native-and-nativesdk-only>22:26
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rburtonak77: if you want a package to be allarch then set that yourself22:44
ak77rburton: ok22:46
rburtonthe class doesn't decide that for you because it can't22:46
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ak77if i want to PACKAGECONFIG something to all machines, but not qemu, is first PACKAGECONFIG_append = "xy" and next line PACKAGECONFIG_remove_qemuall = "xy" correct way?23:30
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