Saturday, 2018-12-08

RPHmm, the mystery sdk bug turns out to be one of my patches :(00:05
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rburton_RP: phew at least it wasn'tone of mine :)00:12
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RPJPEW: your bitbake patch isn't against master? :/00:14
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aehs29RP: found an interestnig multiconfig bug yesterday00:14
aehs29I will file a bug later00:14
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RPaehs29: I'm not entirely surprised there are some...00:15
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aehs29you need to build two separate DISTROs, one that INHERITS buildhistory for example, or something that has a post parsing event, you need to declare DISTRO on your main local.conf to that one that has the extra INHERIT, and one of your other confs should build the DISTRO that doesnt INHERIT that00:16
RPaehs29: they get the wrong events?00:17
aehs29and the INHERIT NEEDS to be on the distro.conf, if it is in local.conf it works fine00:17
RPaehs29: I can imagine why that could break00:18
aehs29RP: so it errors out becuase it tries to read variables that dont exist, e.g. BUILDHISTORY00:18
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aehs29RP: the interesting thing for me was that I was testing the INHERIT inside the local.conf and it didnt error out00:18
aehs29it needed to be inside the distro.conf00:18
RPaehs29: interesting. The event handlers aren't namespaced per multiconfig so can probably get confused :/00:19
aehs29otherwise it was parsed as well by the other multiconfs and the BUILDHISTORY variable existed00:19
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aehs29RP: yeah I will file a bug later today and take it myself00:19
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aehs29RP: also I have a patch that modifies the debug info, to show for which mc its doing something for, because that was making things even more confusing00:20
aehs29when multiconfig isnt being used it'll just show the default I suppose00:20
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aehs29another thing I meant to ask, was that when is the variable expansion happening?, can we keep the parsed files and reuse them for another multiconfig?, because at this point were parsing everything several times00:21
aehs29basically, can we keep the parsed files, and expand them depending on each multiconfig00:22
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RPaehs29: we can keep the ast for the files and I think we may already do so. There are things like immediate expansion during parsing though so its not that much of a win00:24
RPaehs29: our flexible structure is a nightmare for optimisation/caching00:24
* RP -> Zzzz00:24
aehs29RP: alright00:24
aehs29RP: night00:24
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aehs29RP: sent you the python fixes for both py2 and py301:32
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RPaehs29: where did you send them? :/11:06
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moto-timoRP: I built ~20 eclipse-plugin-neon and ~20 eclipse-plugin-oxygen jobs yesterday, no timeout failures. I still have doubts that we really solved the problem, but it looks like we are in a better situation.17:44
moto-timoRP: grr. just noticed this one:
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khemRP: sent a v3 of mdadm patch, it seems that I was too ambitious with cleanup21:00
RPmoto-timo: right, it failed when I ran that larger build :/21:26
RPmoto-timo: its as if system load somehow triggers it :/21:26
RPkhem: thanks21:26
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