Friday, 2018-12-07

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angelo_tshi al, already asked, but maybe today is a better moment: i have 2 apps that needs to use (to link with) 2 different versions of a same library. How would be convenient to manage this in ycoto ?08:40
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T_UNIXhas anybody experienced freezes of bitbake invocation? I.e. `bitbake core-image` takes forever and won't proceed?09:47
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mihaiT_UNIX, and eventually times out?10:06
mihaiif you're using the same build directory for multiple machine configuration, check the size of the files under ./cache/10:08
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* RP is surprised but pleased to see sumo-next worked10:51
RPDidn't quite log everything but I've found those missing patches10:57
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T_UNIXmihai: single directory per build. Shared cache and download though. No timeout (not even eventually) :-/11:39
T_UNIXor maybe it's just takes exceptionally long (compared to all the other parallel builds).11:40
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acrapHi, folks!12:21
acrapI have an another newbie question :)12:21
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acrapCan I set PREFERRED_VERSION inside a recipe file? Or I have to use it only in configs?12:23
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rburtonacrap: setting it inside the recipe wouldn't achieve anything as the selection of versions happens outside of recipes12:58
acrapgot it12:58
rburtonyou're welcome to set it but nothing will change ;)12:58
acrap:) Thanks!13:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding net-snmp package to poky yocto fails <>13:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: am335x evmsk screen init:id"00" respawning too fast disabled for 5 minutes yocto sumo [closed] <>14:09
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yatesis there quick way i can see if a specific PN is in my project without actually runing bitbake PN?14:35
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rburtondefine project14:43
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RPyates: bitbake -s | grep PN ?14:47
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yatesrburton: an endless pit into which money, time, and resources are thrown...14:56
yatesRP: close enough - thanks!14:56
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* kergoth yawns15:12
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RPHow unhelpful: :(15:58
RPI'm half tempted to ban assertTrue and friends in our QA code15:58
rburtoneveryone who introduces a bad assert immediately gets the bug when it fails16:02
fraywhat I igured out is that assertTrue is only useful if included with a message explinign WHAT you checked16:17
frayin the layerindex checks, I added that stuff to the bitbake tests.. cause after a few weeks I forgot what i was checking16:17
kergoththat's one thing i like about pytest, it automatically includes context. i.e. the basic assert example at
fraySo assertTrue is fine.. but some kind of a check that a message is included is vital16:19
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RPfray: right, that is the real problem. The code is full of it though :(16:34
fray(for those of you following along, but don't know what we're talking aobut.. it's the difference between)16:35
frayself.assertFalse(self.layerindex.is_empty(), msg="Layerindex is empty")16:36
frayin the former case you just get an 'assert failed' message, in the later, you get a message that says WHY it failed16:36
RPrburton: something in -next is causing this, its reproducing :/16:36
RPfray: Its actually worse as people do assertEqual(result.exitcode, 0) and then you never see result.output16:37
RPand its output that would tell you why its failing16:37
rburtonRP: next not master?16:37
rburtoni hope it doesn't nee libart-lgpl!16:38
rburtonneed to see the build output16:40
rburtonhave i mentioned how much i hate that bit of oeqa?16:40
rburtonso much that i literally ignored it when writing a new sdk compile test16:40
frayRP yes, I expected that was what you were talking about.. but it's really the same problem.. an assert without ANY info16:42
rburtonRP: remember we have from oeqa.utils.subprocesstweak import errors_have_output16:42
rburtonwe should just monkeypatch that into selftest startup16:42
rburtonRP: building a sdk here, i've a hunch i broke this16:44
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RPaehs29: around?16:50
nate02I've built an esdk for my project, but I'm getting a Taskhash mismatch anytime I try and use devtool16:51
RPaehs29: - If I rerun create_manifest it simply removes that :/16:52
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nate02It's not causing a problem except that every devtool operation parse recipes, which really slows down the build cycle.16:53
RPrburton: why on earth do we need that class, its horrific :(16:53
rburtonRP: the assimp test i wrote just ignores it, rewriting the galculator test to be the same now.  side effect is it just throws an exception with the output in on failure16:54
RPrburton: Surely check_output or similar already does what that does?16:55
rburtonRP: no, it doesn't display the output.  you need that subprocesstweak to get that output too16:55
RPrburton: I'd swear it does if you have things setup right16:56
rburtonall the functions just raise the exception16:57
rburtonand that is    def __str__(self):16:57
rburton        return "Command '%s' returned non-zero exit status %d" % (self.cmd, self.returncode)16:57
rburtonkergoth: remember long ago we were talking about automatic transformation of .in files to replace strings like {prefix}16:58
rburtonjust discovered string.Template which is a cut-down formatting tool that uses $ to markup16:58
rburtonbut lets you escape easily16:59
rburtonso that's almost a better thing to use16:59
rburtonespecicially as you can change $ to eg @16:59
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RPrburton: ah, see bb.utils._print_exception()17:02
RPrburton: we hacked it17:02
rburtonyay bitbake17:03
RPrburton: I was sure we displayed it, I'd forgotten that was us :)17:04
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nate02having a problem with my eSDK. It parses recipes ever devtool operation. I assume this is because of the taskhash mismatch error it keeps throwing for do_patch. How do I find the source of this? Using pyro (bitbake 1.34.0)17:09
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rburtonRP: ok why does data_smart's __getitem__ pass false to getVar17:14
rburtonthat's really annoying for what i was planning to hack up17:14
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nate02not getting any mismatches when bitbaking or building the SDK only after it's deployed. Have done a full clean build not too long ago...17:23
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RPrburton: as the expand parameter? We always used to default not to expand17:45
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RPJPEW: I merged the persistdb patches as everything seemed fine, then we saw: :/17:49
rburtonRP: sure, but we changed getVar.  can we change the dict accessors too17:50
RPrburton: do we actually use them much?17:51
rburtonRP: arguably its a nicer way to get the data, and i want to hack up a class that needs dict accessors to the data store17:51
RPrburton: I suspect the answer is we can change but I'd like to understand if/where they're getting used17:51
rburtoni can write an adaptor object obviously17:51
rburtonhuh maybe i should have reverted that binutils change before building a sdk17:52
RPrburton: any luck finding the cause of the sdk failure?17:52
rburtonstill building!17:52
rburton98% done17:52
rburtonand i've rewritten the test case too17:52
RPrburton: I reran a failed build and it passed but there were other failures17:52
rburtoni wonder if it was the tmpdir move17:53
RPhalstead: sorry the current build is running into the maint window. It can be stopped if that helps17:53
rburtonmaybe its deleting stuff too early17:53
halsteadRP, It looks like it should finish soon enough. And I have the new hardware to keep me busy.17:56
rburtonRP: so something broke rm_work17:58
rburtonin that its not rm_working17:59
rburtonok fine it is sometimes18:02
RPrburton: -c populate_sdk by any chance?18:02
nate02anyone have any tips on tracking down the source of a taskhash mismatch?18:05
rburtonRP: yeah i just had that chain of thought.  it wasn't doing any cleaning of stuff that had been built18:07
rburtonpresumably because its all hooking on do_build18:07
RPrburton: right18:07
RPaehs29: fixes my problem...18:08
RPapart from annoying trailing whitespace in the json file18:08
Croftonyour whitespace obsession is an ongoing concern!18:10
JaMasomeone said something about whitespace? :)18:12
* Crofton trolls18:12
Croftongood day for channel role reversals18:12
* JaMa hides behind wall of tabs (and few spaces on top or before that)18:12
CroftonI should propose a talk on white sapce for the LF leadership thing18:13
* JaMa wonders what Trump thinks about tabs18:13
* Crofton needs a Trump tweet generator18:14
khemCrofton: "yocto changes whitespaces" is that good one ?18:26
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rburtonRP: autodiscovery of tests is great and all but i think we need a way of saying 'core-image-sato sdk test should be passing these tests'18:41
rburtonto catch stuff like galculator suddenly skipping because the sdk changed18:41
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JPEWRP: That's a rather random failure case...19:00
JPEWRP: Ah nevermind, I see the error now.19:05
kergothrburton, RP: I like dictionary access too, but I don't think the signature generation accounts for dictionary access. you'd have to add everything to vardeps19:06
rburtonfixable surely19:25
* zeddii_home wonders if there really hasn’t been any oe-core email for 6 or 7 hours. or if my gmail is screwing with me.19:29
kergothwe can hardcode the assumption that 'd' is a datasmart instance, i suppose. or add alot of false positives, since not everything accessed like a dictionary is a datasmart, and we can't determine that from the ast19:30
kergothwell, not easily19:30
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khemzeddii_home: still have sense of wonder in this social media world... I would suggest go ahead and tweet your frustation out and tag #gmail and #everything-sucks .. come on be one of us.. in the end its not your fault you know20:21
khemI am sick and I am trying to comeup with blaming something/someone for it20:22
khemthumb2 codegen sucks on llvm found another wrong-codegen today20:24
zeddii_homehehe :D20:24
zeddii_homeI’m just going to enjoy my oe-core mailing list silence, and check again tomorrow to see if it is empty. I checked the mailing list admin site, and I am still subscribed!20:24
khemI got muted on arm-linux ml because gmail was sending them bounces on my behalf20:25
khemso I unsubscribed completely from arm-linux ml20:25
* zeddii_home approves!20:26
zeddii_homeI just mark it all read periodically .. I should do the same.20:26
khemless stuff to delete at the end of day - I have zero mails inbox policy20:26
zeddii_homeI have a very short inbox policy as well. it’s my TODO list. and I completely fail on those lists .. so you are right, just unsub and worry about them again if they become a focus.20:27
khemyes, I was talking to Alpine maintainer and it seems all distro folks have to subscribe to so many MLs he was laughing out when I said I subsribe to so many mls20:28
khemthere should be more offline webby way to communicate20:28
zeddii_homeI can always search for topics if I need them. no need for a gmail copy most of the time.20:29
khemwe need gmane-ng20:30
khem is not as good, I could reply to threads from gmane without subscribing which is ideal for one of discussion20:31
khemCan someone donate CPUs to oe build servers plzzz.. ka6sox was mentioning its going to be < 500 USD20:35
khemTook 21 hr on abaco .. Took 13 hr on kwaj20:36
khemkwaj has new CPUs we need to upgrade other builder20:37
khemI am building on my own machine which is faster than these machines20:37
CroftonThey are getting pretty old20:44
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khemraspbian still uses thumb1 ISA wow20:51
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JPEWI use a very complex set of gmail filters... it works most of the time21:08
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Croftonkhem, binary compat21:12
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khemCrofton: yeah but it performs really well21:20
khemso I wonder if arm should have just stuck to thumb121:20
rburton_RP: left testsdk running for an hour in a loop, no failures.  will throw my rewrite at the AB, if it does fail it has better logging.21:26
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JPEWkhem: Having to switch to ARM mode to do something as simple as disabled interrupts is *so* annoying.21:29
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aehs29RP: ok let me check21:34
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JPEWRP: I sent something that I think will fix that persist_data problem... although I sent it to the wrong mailing list. Doh.21:55
JaMakhem: abaco might be a VM on the same HW as bonaire VM where I'm running LuneOS builds, yes both (all all 3) are rather slow21:59
JaMaand who knows what else is running on those boxes..22:00
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khemJaMa: I dont think its a VM but who knows22:39
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aehs29RP: patch coming up for the python issue23:46
RPJPEW: just saw the patch, thanks!23:46
RPaehs29: thanks. I'm curious how far out I was :)23:46
aehs29RP: pretty far haha23:47
aehs29RP: this is happening because we use directories on our manifest23:48
aehs29RP: and its hitting one of those corners where the strings matched where the shouldnt have23:48
RPaehs29: I wondered about that23:48
RPaehs29: I ran out of time to understand what was happening23:49
aehs29RP: plus sadly I havent had time to maintain the py2 version as much as the py323:50
aehs29RP: yeah the code on py2 is harder to understand23:50

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