Sunday, 2018-12-23

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ranranhello when changing distro_features, do we need a clean build (doing everything from start including fetching) ?06:28
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aminHi there, Is there any way to add python 3.6 recipe?06:54
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khemranran: no06:58
khemamin: look into mailing list or patchwork there are patches for python 3.7 in flight06:59
ranrankhem: hi, what is the required steps  after changing distro_features in local.conf ? Thanks07:00
khemjust rebuild image you were building before07:00
ranrankhem: see here
ranrankhem: it states that  clean build is needed07:01
khemrm -rf tmp07:03
khemthat should be enough07:03
aminI need python 3.6, is there any way like binary (deb, rmp, ipk) to add it?07:05
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khemdont thing so07:16
aminkhem: I couldn't find python 3.7 patches07:20
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nacknickHello. I followed the instructions here: and try to build for RPI3-32Bit. For some reason, after writing the image to sd card, nothing goes up on RPI. I did not change anything, just downloaded and built. Does anyone have any idea why it does not work?13:49
neverpanicnacknick: Grab the prebuilt image from, run on it and see where it differs?13:51
nacknickneverpanic, I could not find "image-minimal" on that link, anyway I tried to run the prebuilt 'agl-demo-platform-crosssdk-raspberrypi3.ext4.xz' and it does not do anything on RPI as well13:58
neverpanicWell, if that's an ext4 image, I'd expect some kind of bootloader alongside with that.14:00
nacknickneverpanic - So how should I fix it? Should I add bootloader? How?14:04
neverpanicnacknick: Did you flash the *.ext4.xz or the *.wic.xz file?14:07
neverpanicBecause sounds like you should be flashing the .wic.xz file14:07
nacknickseems like I did a mistake. let me check it again14:09
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: cmake error in falkon compilation in yocto-krogoth <>14:54
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nacknickneverpanic, just tried to write 'agl-demo-platform-crosssdk-raspberrypi3.wic.xz' to sd card - same issue15:36
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JaMakhem: please let me know if you see some new musl related failures with recent meta-qt5 (5.12.0 upgrade), it's in master-next now17:27
JaMaotavio_: ^17:27
khemJaMa: OK I will rebase yoe/mut on top of it17:29
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khemJaMa: first problem18:19
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JaMakhem: strange, will check19:33
JaMakhem: should be fixed now, sorry19:41
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khemJaMa: next
derRichardhow do i get a working go compiler in my sdk's toolchain?21:20
khemderRichard: try adding it via TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK  = "go-crossdk"21:23
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is the recommended way to organize Yocto project repository(-ies)? <>21:26
ant_homekhem, what is bleeding edge for both oe? yoe/mut or master-next?21:35
khemant_home: master-next21:36
derRichardkhem: i tried that already.21:37
derRichardERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'go-crossdk'21:37
khemyoe/mut and master-next are close enough,21:37
khemderRichard: go-crosssdk-${SDK_ARCH}21:38
ant_homeah, so android-tools is a no-go for ppc*21:38
ant_homewas long standing in world-builds21:39
ant_homepoppler is also under care, sn't?21:39
khemant_home: I am just fixing what gcc9 is failing on21:40
khempoppler seems to be ok21:40
khemso if you can take care of that would be cool21:40
ant_homethat = firefox ? :]21:40
khemwell I mean anything you see in world builds21:43
khemwill help21:43
derRichardkhem: not really, i tried that too^^21:45
derRichardERROR: Task do_populate_sdk in /testing/src/meta-testing/recipes-testing/images/ rdepends upon non-existent task do_package_write_rpm in /testing/src/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-devtools/go/go-crosssdk_1.11.bb21:45
ant_homekhem, the log for x86_64 lost the tail21:46
ant_homederRichard, I aqm xactly seeing errors with go recipes...21:47
derRichardbtw: this is thud21:48
derRichardant_home: on which release are you on?21:48
ant_homemaster-next with gcc921:48
ant_home  /home/jenkins/oe/world/yoe/sources/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-extended/go-examples/
ant_home  /home/jenkins/oe/world/yoe/sources/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-devtools/go/
ant_home  /home/jenkins/oe/world/yoe/sources/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-devtools/glide/
ant_homethere is smthg21:49
derRichardadding just go-runtime to the image works fine21:49
derRichardbut i'd like to build go programs also with the sdk :D21:49
ant_homeok, trying to catch th bugs21:50
ant_homeare you on x86_64?21:50
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derRichardi build on x86_64, target machine is x86_64 too (tune:m64 core2)21:52
ant_homehm, these go package QA are not in the logs of 20181220 for x86_6421:52
ant_homebpftool :/ sigh21:53
khemyeah bpf is too new for certain arches21:55
khemwe should have thought of accepting it before applying it21:55
ant_homederRichard, sorry but I can't help you with go, not my cup of tea, but you have Khem :)22:01
RPderRichard: don't you want go-cross-canadian?22:04
derRichardRP: hm, why canadian? host and build should be the same22:06
RPderRichard: you're after a go compiler to run in the SDK?22:07
RPderRichard: that is go-cross-canadian22:08
derRichardhmm, ok22:08
derRichardbut: ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'go-cross-canadian'22:08
RPderRichard: BUILD != HOST != TARGET (at least in the general case)22:08
RPderRichard: go-cross-canadian-XXX where XXX is your target arch22:09
derRichardokay, let me dig into that. i need to understand this first before i continue with copy&pasting stuff :(22:10
RPPN = "go-cross-canadian-${TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH}"22:10
RPderRichard: sdk is built for SDKMACHINE which may not be the same as the build host22:11
derRichardokay, now i understand. it is a canadian because host is x86_64 and build (sdk) is core222:13
RPderRichard: in our terminology, "BUILD_*" is the machine you build on (from uname), "SDK_*" is the SDK arch you want (from SDKMACHINE) and TARGET_* is from MACHINE22:14
RPderRichard: crosssdk runs on BUILD but targets SDK, cross-canadian runs on SDK but targets TARGET22:15
* RP wishes we needed fewer of these22:16
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derRichardRP: thx for explaining22:19
derRichardnow thinks make much more sense22:19
derRichardin my little world canadian always was crazy stuff "like building a arm gcc on powerpc which shall run on mips" ;)22:19
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RPderRichard: I have a recipe which builds a gcc which runs on arm targeting avr? :)22:28
RPnever was sure what to call it :)22:28
derRichardhehe :)22:30
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khemRP: that cross-canadian23:41
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khemx86 -> arm -> avs23:42
khemsince canada has 3-party system :)23:42
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