Monday, 2018-12-24

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ant_homederRichard, you were trying to hide the dirty core2 part ;)00:32
ant_homebut this was your initial goal, isn't?00:32
ant_homesdk 32b00:32
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Jack3k3hey folks, Im getting a very strange error, im doing "bitbake developer-image" and it finishes all the compilation steps fine but during the developer-image do_rootfs task it fails because opkg returned an error code of -1101:45
Jack3k3This is the full error
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Jack3k3well i did some modifications to get opkg to print full verbosity and I can find nothing that indicates where the failure is occuring03:13
Jack3k3ahh interesting, dmesg shows opkg is seg faulting04:05
Jack3k3looks like this is going to be a real pain in the ass to figure out04:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to integrated mender within lk-bootloader base-on Yocto Project <>07:27
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RPkhem: our current cross-canadian is three part (BUILD, SDK, TARGET)...08:38
khemcan sdk == arm ?08:46
nacknickif I want to compile ALL yocto with "arm" (not "thumb") how should I do this? I have ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm" in 'local.conf', and DISTRO_ARM_INSTRUCTION ?= "arm" in ''. The programs are compiled with 'arm', but '_start' function (for instance) is still compiled with thumb.09:20
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RPkhem: in theory09:40
RPkhem: I just checked and that libc override appears to be doing the right thing09:41
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RPkhem: its broken for the SDKs but ok everywhere else09:54
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khemRP: ok cool. btw. you need
khemRP: so this gets tested as well15:22
khemsince it will be required for new sequence to work15:23
khemon gold15:23
khemavoid double testing15:23
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RPkhem: Is that for 2.28 or 2.29 or both?16:00
khemvmeson: reproduced it on master-next16:08
RPkhem: thanks, added to -next16:25
khemthanks RP I have some doubts on that patch thats why I want it to be throughly tested17:07
RPkhem: it along with the other tweaks in -next are running on the AB now17:35
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RPkhem: build was green apart from some known issues unrelated to the toolchain23:22
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