Tuesday, 2018-12-25

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Jack3k3is there a specific step in bitbake image builds where ownership is setup for the rootfs? My build failed to start up successfully because all of the files are owned by the uid of the process I used to do bitbake, not the root user00:02
Jack3k3Im trying to figure out what went wrong00:02
khemRP: cool. Lets push00:55
khema good christmas present to community :) reduced and simplified toolchain build sequence00:55
neverpanicJack3k3: That's normal, bitbake doesn't build as root, it only emulates the privileges.01:14
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Jack3k3neverpanic, that makes sense but the issue is the permissions/ownership in the actual image are mucked up, my boot process fails on the device because mount thinks my uid is 2017 (non root) which is the same uid bitbake had on my host for the build03:48
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nacknickHello! Is there anyway to use the exact same toolchain that bitbake uses to compile packages? How?10:33
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nacknickWhere do I find the compiler that yocto used to compile a specific package?12:26
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Croftonnacknick, bitbake -c populate_sdk image -name generates an sdk you can use to build apps for the image13:18
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nacknickCrofton, I'm not sure that I understood your explanation. Can you write an example?15:36
nacknickIn addition, I want to specify a toolchain for building a specific package. How should I do it?15:37
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