Thursday, 2018-12-27

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khemRP: 3.31.1 ( point release )01:48
khemits essentially 3.31 + bug fixes01:48
khemmainly all ARC changes are now in 3.31 branch01:48
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xperia64I'm using petalinux and having trouble overriding a variable set in petalinux-features.conf, which seems to be included after my petalinuxbsp.conf (local.conf) according to bitbake07:46
xperia64specifically trying to blacklist nodejs from being built as an mraa dep07:48
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ak77why does compiling of (e.g.) luajit for raspberrypi (32bit) requires gcc multilib on host ?10:43
ak77one would expect that that would be part of the build system,10:43
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RPak77: that seems odd11:33
ak77RP: it's specified in so it's ok.11:34
ak77RP: it was overlooked by co-worker and we started to wonder why is that necessary11:34
RPak77: I'm still not convinced we should need that11:35
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RPak77: doesn't look like its in the suse/fedora depends11:38
ak77RP: luajit was failing due to missing sys/types.h11:50
RPak77: a -native recipe?11:52
RPak77: I guess we have a reason for listing it there...11:52
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RPkhem: patches are being tested on the AB in -next btw13:09
ak77RP: I am not sure. I think it wasn't native.14:02
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ak77is it possible to get package name inside the recipe (without .ipk) ?14:35
ak77full name, or should I do ${PN}_${PV}14:35
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naknickIs someone here familiar with Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) distribution?14:36
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ak77will thud include systmed 240 ?15:21
ak77I'm looking forward to use systemd-resolved on musl15:22
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RPak77: thud was released so no, it wasn't in thud15:30
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khemluajit is special case, where it needs 32bit native compiler to generate 32bit data configs for itself when cross compied for 32bit target15:53
khemyou will have same issue when you build on 32bit host and target 64bit arch15:53
khemjust the nature of beast15:53
khemcan we fix it, sure but it will be a major surgery15:54
khemRP: cool, I have added git versions of gcc/glibc/binutils, I think it is quite useful, where we find errors in packages and discuss them pre-emptively rather than doing it when we do major upgrade15:56
khemit will also give recipe maintainers a chance to see how their recipe is doing with latest master of toolchain upstream15:57
RPkhem: we should wire that into poky-bleeding16:03
khemand build it once a week16:04
RPkhem: exactly, something like that16:05
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pnHey all, I know I can define the u-boot defconfig as UBOOT_CONFIG. How can I use the in kernel defconfig? Is adding "defconfig" to SRC_URI only option?16:35
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* armpit hehe, kernel version 4.20... wonder what code name it will get16:59
kergothpn: it actually depends on the kernel recipe, unfortunately. there's no single mechanism by which defconfig gets copied to .config. kernel.bbclass will do it in do_configure if .config doesn't exist and defconfig is in workdir, so some rely on that17:01
kergothsome obey a DEFCONFIG or KERNEL_DEFCONFIG variable, otehrs don't17:01
kergothsome support fragments, some don't17:01
kergothit's something we need to work on, there are open issues in bugzilla17:01
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pnkergoth: Thanks. Could you please share the bugzilla ID?17:29
kergoth is one of them. not sure if there's anything regarding defconfig usage consistency or a variable for it offhand17:33
yoctiBug 8191: enhancement, High, 2.99, bruce.ashfield, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , apply kernel config fragments to arbitrary kernels17:33
kergothkhem: huh, is rather interesting. another musl based distro, but uses suckless and bsd tooling17:34
kergothwonder what the licensing is for its components17:34
pnkergoth: Thanks17:35
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khemkergoth: its GNU-free effort17:53
moto-timonice  of eclipse to line up moving oxygen to archive during my vacation18:04
kergothkhem: pretty interesting, i bet there are folks that'd like a gnu-free embedded option18:18
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khemkergoth: yes, having a non-android system which can do no-GPL userspace is interesting proposition19:05
khemkergoth: creating meta-bsd is in my list of things to do.. btw. I already have recipes for runit/s6 as init system19:06
kergothThere are still some companies that are a tad gun-shy on the gpl even now19:06
kergothah, nice19:06
khemyeah lawyers make good money with GPL :19:07
khembut I see on GH new projects are using either MIT or Apache-2.0 more than GPL now a days to create new projets19:08
khemso devs are not worries about someone running away with their code anymore I guess19:09
khemor maybe the sheer competition to find users for your software is driving it too19:09
kergothcompanies can definitely comply with the letter of the gpl without being good citizens anwyay, by posting crappy tarballs and stuff. there's less tangible company benefits to being seen as a participant in open-source communities.. those benefits probably s till apply to non-gpl projects19:11
* kergoth shrugs19:11
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linuxwizHi, I'm trying to build core-image-minimal for a Raspberry Pi 3. bitbake gets to the very last recipe and fails. The error is "core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Function failed: do_rootfs". The log file says "No match for argument: packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh", but that package group has in fact been built. Google doesn't reveal anything useful. Any thoughts?20:54
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xperia64Is it possible to "freeze" a variable in local.conf to prevent later layers from overriding it?21:39
kergothyou can use overrides for that purpose21:41
kergothi.e. FOO_forcevariable = "1"21:41
xperia64so for BINDINGS_pn-foo, BINDINGS_pn-foo_forcevariable = "1" should be added?21:44
kergoththat wo uld do, bitbake does support using multiple overrides21:46
kergothit's far from clean, though. those layers should be improved21:47
xperia64this is xilinx's stuff, so it's a bit hard to touch in general21:48
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