Friday, 2018-12-28

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lei_hi ,Do you know how to config bitbake use python3 not python2 for build ? I have too PCS, one use each, i don't know why this happens, seems python3 is faster. thanks01:47
khemlei_: use master01:50
lei_khem: sorry, some more details on this ?01:53
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khemlatest master/trunk should support py301:59
lei_khem: oh i see,  thanks a lot. seems newer yocto makes py3 as default.02:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Linux Image Generation - Remove qemu Support <>08:45
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ak77khem: thank you for explanation (luajit)09:20
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yates_homeis there a package that contains bluetooth utilities like hciconfig, hcitool, etc?14:31
yates_homenm, hciconfig is already present.14:43
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khemRP: I am seeing a problem with SDK generated with master where it cant find some of target c++ headers see example
khemhere are logs
khemsomehow its not looking at right dirs when it comes to to look for include and include-fixed dirs, it somehow looks into nativesdk sysroot16:06
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RPkhem: the nativesdk sysroot ones are a red herring, that is just due to the compilers location16:20
RPkhem: why doesn't it find it in  /opt/yoe/2.6/sysroots/riscv64-yoe-linux/usr/include/c++/8.2.0 ?16:20
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khemRP: this is what native compiler has for include search paths
khemRP: let me see if I get same issue on x8616:58
dkcis there any reason why useradd has been patched to change the meaning of the existing "-P" option instead of adding a new custom option?17:28
khemdkc: OE implements its own useradd utility17:32
khemwhich is a python script17:33
dkcwhich is a wrapper over a commonly available tool17:33
dkcI mean, if OE makes me type "useradd" in EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS, I expect the command to behave like the one on my machine, seeing "-P" followed by something that doesn't look like a directory is very confusing17:35
dkcand documentation is scarce on this point, so I had to dig to find out the patch responsible for that:
khemthats reasonable expectation, although this is a cross tool unlike usual useradd17:37
dkcthat's a cross tool we are suppose to call if we want to create users, so switching options like that is imho not a sane thing to do17:40
khemRP: it works ok for x86_64 SDK
khemRP: so something specific to riscv in gcc probably multilib17:42
dkcanyway, this patch has been in oe-core for so long that changing it is not very feasible, just wanted to point that out17:42
kergothit's definitely not ideal, but as you say, a bit late now, but gets the job done. god, that statement applies to a lot of things actually :)17:51
khemRP: on x86_64 you see  /opt/yoe/2.6/sysroots/core2-64-yoe-linux/usr/include/c++/8.2.0/x86_64-yoe-linux in search path but for riscv you dont see  /opt/yoe/2.6/sysroots/core2-64-yoe-linux/usr/include/c++/8.2.0/riscv64-yoe-linux17:51
khemdkc, kergoth law of karma :)17:52
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dresserdHello,  I am looking for ideas on how I might be able to get a newer version of Python into my build.  Thud provides 3.5.6.  My application needs >3.6, but I'd prefer to use 3.7.  I have successfully built with the patches from patchwork on the specified commit, but I don't currently have the experience necessary to rebase those patches on the thud branch.   Are there any workarounds or methods I could use to include a newer python at18:21
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dresserdwould it be possible for me to integrate a python build from the patched commit into a  build based on thud?18:22
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khemdresserd: there are patches for upgrading python to 3.7 on mailing lists18:42
khemyou might want to try one of the latest revs18:42
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dresserdkhem:  Thanks,  I successfully built using those patches, but they are based on an older commit.  Could I build Python from that commit and then somehow integrate it into a build based on the thud branch?19:29
khemI think so19:30
khembut I think the patches are not upstream yet, I forget whats pending, but you might want to take the latest rev of the patch and then watchout for it getting integrated into master19:31
khemand maybe if you can help making sure it works for you19:31
dresserdThanks, I'll try it.19:33
aehs29hey guys ive been out for a while and trying to test out some patches, master is breaking for me (without any of my patches) and I just want to know if its a known issue20:05
aehs29libpcap cant find header files20:06
aehs29 fatal error: linux/types.h: No such file or directory20:06
aehs29nvm my local.conf was screwing with e20:08
aehs29khem: dresserd there was a cross compile / host contamination issue with python 3.7 IIRC20:10
dresserdaehs29: Thanks for the heads up.  I'd be willing to help test any fixes or patches.  Unfortunately, I don't have the experience yet to address those kinds of issues on my own.  Is anyone actively working on Python 3.7 support.  I'd expect Python to be widely used.20:16
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aehs29dresserd: it is widely used, there are several of us who are usually involved in python issues, but the latest patches for 3.7 were provided by Jens Reshack, I'm currently not aware of the status of his work on it20:24
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NeilSDoes smart packagemanage not exist in sumo?22:06
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khemNeilS: No, you should be able to use dnf instead22:18
NeilSSo would i be able to update existing devices using smart and then it just switched over to dnf and just works?22:20
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RPkhem: I think I saw something like this for AVR, its to do with gcc configuration for the arch :/22:37
RPkhem: I see you sent a patch :)23:01
RPkergoth: we can remove Feeder() but it turns out that just chunking the list of things to parse and sharing amongst the threads is faster in the corner cases...23:02
RPkergoth: is 0.2 in 2s faster for parsing a single recipe for example and 22s in 190s for oe-core recipes23:03
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kergothah, nice. i can't help but wonder if multiprocessing has come far enough to just rework using futures or a pool map rather than job and result distribution via queues23:06
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RPkergoth: I suspect it could be made to work23:12
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halsteadReboots complete and AB is ready.23:59

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