Saturday, 2018-12-29

khemRP: yes, fixed it. I also see that we have three patches doing same things for different arches, I have squashed all three into one for gcc 900:19
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pnHey all, I have enabled "CONFIG_MODULE_COMPRESS" in my Linux Kernel and included "kernel-modules" to get it to rootfs. But yocto still complains in package_qa. How can I include compressed kernel module into rootfs?20:12
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khemwhats the error?21:33
pnkhem: That's the error I am getting. But it works perfectly fine without compression.21:39
aehs29pn: apparently your kernel recipe isnt setting FILES_$PN correctly21:43
pnaehs29: Thanks. But I am just inhering yocto classes. Should I explicitly specify for FILES_${PN} when kernel modules are in compressed form?21:47
aehs29pn: maybe setting compression is modifying where the modules are put after being built or something, check the difference between the ${D} directory with and without compresiosn21:48
pnaehs29: Between, here is my recipes and
aehs29pn: you may have to modify it, if the compression is changing something from the defaults21:48
pnaehs29: Yes the compression just changes the extension of the files i.e instead of .ko, I have .ko.xz (may be other compressions as well)21:49
aehs29do a diff between tree ${D} with and without the compression, then check what FILES is being set to and then you'll see if you have to modify it somewhow, but before simply modifying you should know why you are doing it21:49
aehs29pn: who knows, perhaps FILES has a pattern that doesnt match .ko.xz ...21:50
pnaehs29: I have searched around the poky code to check for "kernel-modules" and how it is handled. But unfortunately I couldn't figure out how it is copied.21:51
aehs29pn: it is very likely is caused because of what i just said, look at the kernel-module-split class21:56
aehs29pn: if this isn't specific to your configuration, please file a bug on bugzilla and send a patch for it21:57
pnaehs29: Sure, thanks. I will check that class.22:01
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