Wednesday, 2019-01-02

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Display webpages with QtWebEngine on embedded device - ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR <>13:08
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kanavinRP: do you know when ross would be back?13:16
RPkanavin: I am not sure13:17
RPkanavin: I'd assumed today but it would seem not13:17
kanavinRP: I have got virgl patchset to a working proof of concept by the way13:18
kanavinRP: I'll send it as RFC when people are mostly back from holidays13:18
RPkanavin: nice. That should be an interesting development, brings back something we use to do badly :)13:18
RPkanavin: it'll wipe out my build time gains from the toolchain cleanup ;-)13:19
kanavinRP: I have written down some thoughts here:
yoctiBug 12938: enhancement, Medium+, 2.7 M2, Martin.Jansa, NEW , virglrenderer+spice support in qemu-native with accelerated GL13:19
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RPkanavin: hmm, some good questions there13:20
kanavinRP: yep, calling into host's /usr/lib/lib*GL* is probably less robust than writing to an X server socket13:22
kanavinRP: still, I think we are heading towards a reality where some kind of working GL is a 'must13:22
kanavin' for writing UIs13:22
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kanavintypically people build images and then transfer them to the NUC or even target boards for testing - using qemu would be less awkward13:23
RPkanavin: agreed. This is why we tried this a few years ago13:24
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kanavinRP: I have fixed a few things in perl-sanity that were found last time, can you try this branch on the AB?
RPkanavin: build triggered:
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kanavinRP: thanks, is that the 'quick' build?13:49
RPkanavin: yes13:50
RPkanavin: two builds running, one a -next and yours13:50
kanavinRP: I'd also like some package updates to get merged - ross had them in mut, and then nothing happened
RPkanavin: sorry, they go lost in the holidays. Queued in -next now13:56
kanavinRP: thanks :)13:59
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RPkanavin: few failures already :(14:33
RPkanavin: further than last time though I think?14:34
kanavinRP: yes, they are failures I haven't seen before :)14:34
RPkanavin: good and bad :)14:39
kanavinRP: is eclipse-plugin-oxygen failure unrelated?14:40
RPkanavin: yes, its failing everywhere. Waiting for people to return from vaction14:40
CroftonWe must outlaw vacation14:43
Croftonat least the last two weeks of the year14:43
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RPCrofton: +1 :)15:10
CroftonIf everyone os going to take two weeks off together, lets do it when the weather is better!15:11
RPCrofton: its actually been quite good for mtbs here ;-)15:11
kanavinRP: this error seems specific to the build host - would you be able to share the WORKDIR of perl-native and dos2unix recipes?
RPkanavin:  you don't have ssh access to them?15:17
kanavinRP: I can try - I have access to auh machine, but not sure if I can access autobuilders15:18
RPkanavin: looks like not that one :(15:18
kanavinseems like I do not:15:19
kanavinalexander@alexander-box:~/development/poky/meta$ ssh akanavin@autobuilder.yoctoproject.org15:19 Permission denied (publickey).15:19
kanavinRP: cheers15:24
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kanavinRP: seems like shebang length exceeded issue15:26
kanavinit's 127 right?15:26
RPkanavin: yes, I think so15:29
RPkanavin: we did have to work around that in the past from what I recall15:29
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kanavinRP: " The perl upgrade continues to be blocked on the fallout from meta-openembedded " - I have patches :)15:54
RPkanavin: I meant Jen's work - or did you fix that?15:55
kanavinRP: I didn't; our patches are actually independent.15:56
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RPkanavin: right. I was kind of leaning to upgrading, then looking at the cross switch15:56
kanavinRP: depends on who gets his patchset to a working state first I guess :)15:57
RPkanavin: :)15:57
kanavinthe idea of perl-cross is that there's a bit of pain right now, but future updates should be much easier15:58
kanavinif we stay with existing recipe, it will be lots of pain every time15:58
RPkanavin: I get it, one just seemed much closer than the other. That of course can change15:58
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kanavinRP: what is the repo with autobuilder configurations?16:26
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RPkanavin: yocto-autobuilder-helper ?16:26
kanavinRP: ah, config.json? I somehow assumed those were in separate files16:27
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RPkanavin: yes16:30
RPkanavin: its simple enough not to need separate files any more :)16:30
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding iptables to yocto causes image do_rootfs to fail due to wrong kernel version <>16:38
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khemHNY to all18:23
khemRP: I have runit (another init system) to contribute, I was wondering if oe-core is right place to maintain it or should it have layer of its own or maybe part of meta-oe18:25
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aehs29khem: same to you khem18:37
* armpit hmm, Honey to all.. khem you are sweet too 18:37
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kroonIn order to set some kernel CONFIG_xxx option, is there a bitbake variable one can set, or should one put them in a .cfg file and add it to SRC_URI ?18:40
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kergothkroon: the latter, assuming the krenel recipe supports fragments. not all do, so it depends on your MACHINE18:49
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kroonkergoth, ok, thanks18:52
kergothlinux-yocto supports them, and a few others on a case by case basis. you can assume it works for the former, for the latter you'll have toe xamine the kernel recipe18:53
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kroonstill, it would be nice to be able to just write a .bbappend instead of .bbappend+.cfg in this case19:10
kergothI'm sure you could roll your own metadata driven config file adjuster, but how exactly you inject it depends on the recipe19:17
kergothif the recipe uses a file://defconfig, it'd be trivial to inject the changes in a do_patch postfunc or do_configure prefunc, but otehrwise not so much.. the way the config becomes .config varies with recipe19:18
kroonyeah, I was thinking that specifically for linux-yocto* maybe it makes sense to add support for this19:20
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khemis there an elegant way to avoid .netrc and still have passwords20:13
khemflying around20:13
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neverpanickhem: a keyring API, e.g. libsecret20:15
neverpanicunfortunately not all tools in poky enable support for that, e.g. the subversion binary won't have it due to missing dependencies20:15
neverpanicPlus you'd have to somehow get a DBus session bus into the build environment for that to work, which probably means fiddling with BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE20:16
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* derRichard is a amazed by the horrid complexity of kernel .config management in yocto ;-\20:51
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kergothyeah, trying to securely pass passwords into the underlying fetch tools sounds non-trivial and fetcher-by-fetcher..20:58
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neverpanicIt's possible though, I've done it before with git, but gave up on SVN when I would have had to package more dependencies21:04
RPderRichard: its actually way better than it use to be :/21:07
derRichardRP: i'm migrating from a different build system to yocto and the old .config approach was "copy xy-linux.config for machine XY from directory configs/ to kernel's .config".21:10
derRicharddoing this in yocto seems to be more complicated that expected21:10
derRichardi thought KBUILD_DEFCONFIG_machine = ... is the way to go21:11
derRichardbut it expects the kernel config in the kernel tree21:11
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RPderRichard: file://defconfig in SRC_URI can do that iirc21:21
RPderRichard: then machineA/defconfig machineB/defconfig21:22
derRichardRP: aaah!! file://defconfig will search for a file named defconfig in <machinename>?21:23
kergothsearch the docs for FILESPATH21:24
kergoththat's how file:// does its thing21:24
derRichardkergoth: ok, FILESPATH is what i need to understand. thx21:24
RPderRichard: what kergoth said21:24
jonmasonyes, you can specify the defconfig that way.  I tried it out last month and it works21:25
jonmasonnow the yocto-kernel-cache takes a bit of a learning curve :)21:25
jonmasonRP: just sent out the (yocto-kernel-cache) config patches for qemuarma15 based system.  Since the v4.19 kernel recipe will need the SHA from that to work, would you like me to wait for it to be accepted to send out the qemuarm update patches or send out now as an RFC (to get eyeballs on them earlier)?21:28
derRichardkergoth: hmm, i'm reading
derRichardbut it does not mention the machine name21:29
derRichardor is the magic hidden in FILESEXTRAPATHS?21:29
jonmasonyou add it in the kernel recipe21:30
khemneverpanic: svn is not used so thats not going to be an issue21:30
jonmasonat least, that is what I did21:30
derRichardjonmason: ok, this should work21:30
derRichardlet me give it a try21:30
kergothderRichard: hmm, that's rather sparse. no, it's the base_set_filespath function that adds the subdir based on OVERRIDES to the search path for each entry21:30
kergothi'm surprised the docs are that sparse about it21:31
derRichardkergoth: TBH, i like yocto a lot but the docs are very sparse in general. they talk alot about obvious things but not about the neat tricks you can do and why/how they work.21:32
Croftonaehs29, you have any jtag/minized skills?21:32
RPderRichard: where we run into sparsesness of docs, could you file a bug please? Unfortunately its not obvious to us where this sparseness is :/21:33
kergoththis particular case is a serious gap, though. OVERRIDES is key to the whole project and was critical in the original design of bitbake. the entries in overrides are used for individual vars throughout the metadata, config file inclusions (though manually), and pulling files/patches/config files21:33
derRichardRP: sure!21:33
kergothyeah, a bug is a great idea21:33
derRichardi'm more or less back from vacation and have time ;)21:34
RPkergoth: we definitely need to fix it21:34
kergothbeing able to define metadata in such a way that more specific information/configuration is used in preference to less specific is one of the original key concepts to how this all works21:34
RPkergoth: doesn't mean our tech writer knows that :/21:35
kergothi absolutely *suck* at acquiring beginner's mind or reading docs like a beginner, it's really really helpful for new users to submit bugs about docs so those of us with more experience know what isn't obvious21:35
Croftonkergoth, you are not alone :)21:36
derRichardkergoth: happens all the time to me too. when you code something yourself everything is clear/easy :)21:36
RPderRichard: we've been doing this too long ;-)21:37
derRichardon the other hand, at least do have docs :-)21:38
RPderRichard: we do try! :)21:39
kroonDoes OE do automatic detection of shebang-interpreter runtime dependencies for scripts in packages ?21:39
RPderRichard: and if you file the bug it should get improved, we do have a process for that! :)21:39
RPkroon: the rpmdeps code does, I'm not sure it filters to all package backends21:39
kergothderRichard: an open source project that has a technical writer at all is novel to me :)21:40
derRichardRP: pushed that already to my todo list21:40
derRichardkergoth: lol, yes.21:40
kergothproject overemphasis on code contributions is one of my pet peeves21:40
RPkergoth: I remember the conversation where that came about...21:40
kergothnot an issue with this one thankfully21:40
* RP has fought for that a lot over the years21:40
RPit wasn't my idea but I did fight for it21:41
Croftonthe single most useful thing the Yocto Project has done is pay a tech writer21:41
Croftonwell user visible21:41
RPCrofton: layer model? there are a few others ;-)21:41
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derRichardhmm, is the hddimg image type gone? i get "No IMAGE_CMD defined for IMAGE_FSTYPES hddimg...". and indeed, i don't find a IMAGE_CMD_hddimg definition21:43
kroonRP, oh ok.. yeah, maybe the rpmdeps results isn't propagating to ipk packages then21:44
RPderRichard: hints at it btw21:44
RPnot that its at all obvious21:44
kergothhuh, pysh chokes on arithmetic expansion21:48
kergoththat's posix..21:48
* kergoth rolls eyes21:48
RPderRichard: - I filed it and added some comments, see if that helps21:50
yoctiBug 13112: normal, Undecided, ---, srifenbark, NEW , FILESPATH and FILESOVERRIDES documentation lacks key detail21:50
RPkergoth: its an open bug21:50
kergoth .. hmm. i wonder if mrsh is far enough along to write a quick python binding to libmrsh with cython and use that instead of pysh :)21:50
yoctiBug 11314: enhancement, Medium, Future, unassigned, ACCEPTED , shell parser: support $(( ))21:51
kergothah, they're missing other things, though they do have arithmetic expansion —
kergothoh, no, the *shell* is missing bits, but the parser isn't21:52
kergothall we'd need is the parser anyway21:52
kergothcourse it'd be yet another dep..21:52
RPkergoth: in some ways I like the devil we know :/21:53
* kergoth nods21:53
RPhas quirks but we know most of them :)21:53
derRichardRP: thx21:57
RPderRichard: Scott was going to ask me for a description anyway :)22:05
derRichardRP: what kind of bugs can i file to that bugzilla?22:09
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RPderRichard: issues with bitbake/oe-core or the Yocto Project infrastructure around the project22:15
derRichardhmm, can't i set hostname_pn-base-files in my image recipe? the hostname is still the machine name.22:18
RPderRichard: image recipes can't influence other recipes. You'd have to do that at the config file level (local.conf, machine or distro config)22:21
RPderRichard: we don't build a new set of packages for each image, a package has to work for all images22:21
derRichardtrue, now it makes sense22:21
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derRichardbtw: meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-extended/haveged/ is broken, it inherits update-rc.d, but does not offer a init.d file. hence update-rc.d fails at the post install phase and bitbake unhappy.22:29
derRichardPostinstall scriptlets of ['haveged'] have failed. If the intention is to defer them to first boot, ....22:29
derRichardis this also a issue for
kroonbluelightning, ping22:32
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RPderRichard: not for meta-oe, that would be best reported on the mailing list22:49
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